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This Is How Little It Cost Goldman To Bribe America's Senators To Fast Track Obama's TPP Bill

It took a paltry $1.15 million in bribes to get everyone in the Senate on the same page. And the biggest shocker: with a total of $195,550 in "donations", or more than double the second largest donor UPS, was none other than Goldman Sachs.

Either You Will Be Ruled By God, Or You Will Be Ruled By Tyrants!

from The Sleuth Journal:
The Bible is for the government of the People, by the People and for the People.” –John Wycliffe
Just in the month of May, we have seen the attacks toward America’s Christian heritage intensify. Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling was court -martialed for refusing to take down a paraphrased Bible verse on her computer. General Craig Olson stated at the congressionally supported National Day of Prayer Task Force that God guided him and strengthened his career and that he was a redeemed believer in Christ. Soon afterward, the anti-theists wanted to have him court–martialed. A high school principal was fired after he read the Bible and prayed with a group of students during a volunteer Christian group meeting. A Florida teacher humiliated a 12-year-old boy in front of an entire class after she caught him reading the Bible during free reading time. The good news is that, in each situation, they are contesting their rights and are fighting back (Jude 1:3).
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China Will Establish No-Fly Zone Over Islands If "Threatened"

"Whether we will establish an ADIZ in the South China Sea will depend on whether our maritime security will be threatened," Adm. Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of staff of the People’s Liberation Army said at a security event in Singapore on Sunday. China also claims its man-made islands in the Spratlys are primarily for providing "international public services." Its regional neighbors aren't so sure.

5 Signs That the World is on the Brink of Disaster

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

There are two types of people in this world: the glass-half-fulls and the glass-half-empties. The fulls see the silver lining to every gray cloud and the empties scoff at silver linings. It’s the yin and yang of human nature, and, like all such dualities, we’re all a little bit of both, depending on the situation.
But whichever side might be more dominant in you, one thing is for certain: locking ourselves away from the other perspective isn’t healthy. It’s too easy these days to get lost in the echo chamber of online opinions where we only ever read what we already believe to be true. The fulls believe everything is hunky dory because the websites they frequent and the people they talk to focus on the positives and downplay the rest. The empties are the opposite.
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How Obama’s Top Trade Representative, Michael Froman, Received Millions from Citigroup During the Financial Crisis

from Liberty Blitzkieg:
In a press release, the groups highlighted the links between Citigroup—which has lobbied extensively on the TPP, TTIP, and Fast Track authority—and Froman, who they note “received a more than $4 million golden parachute from Citigroup upon leaving the large financial institution to join the Obama administration in 2009.” In particular, the letter’s signatories are concerned that provisions in proposed trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) or the TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) would weaken or rollback existing U.S. financial regulations, for the benefit of big banks.
– From the Common Dreams article: Is US Trade Rep a Wall Street Crony? Groups Demand Transparency.
No one is pushing harder to pass the multi-national corporate giveaway masquerading as a free trade deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), than Obama’s top trade representative, Michael Froman. Therefore, we probably should know a little bit about him. What do you know? Probably not much.
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Markets Still Fooled as Fed Plays “Let’s Pretend “

from Peter Schiff:

China Renminbi SDR Basket Inclusion: G7 Agree In Principle

from The News Doctors:
On Friday, G7 finance ministers agreed that China’s renminbi inclusion into the International Monetary Fund’s SDR currency basket is desirable, but the technical requirements review must still precede renminbi inclusion. This isn’t exactly news.
The main takeaway is that German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s statement can be construed to indicate that the US position has moved further towards the embrace of the renminbi’s inclusion into the IMF’s SDR basket. The IMF held its informal board meeting earlier this month. In the fall, a formal review will proceed and a decision is likely to be announced.
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Weekly Update: Party Like It’s 1929

from Outsider Club:
The volatility of global equities was on the rise this week, with significant sell-offs on the major stock exchanges in the U.S. (Tuesday) and China (Thursday). This coincided with a downward revision of first-quarter GDP amid an array of other disappointing economic data. Funds continued to crowd into the bond markets, though the precious metals still traded flat.
Distinguished Spanish-American philosopher and writer George Santayana was probably the first to utter this prescient wisdom in the late 19th century; the insight has been repeated in slightly different forms many times since. In spite of these widespread references to the idea of humankind being damned to repeat its follies if the lessons of history are ignored, we ironically continue to make this same error time and time again.
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We Are Now Living In A World Headed Toward Bursting Financial Bubbles And Disaster

from KingWorldNews:
For the first time in its country’s history, Portugal sold 6 month T-bills at a negative yield. The 300 million euros ($333 million) worth of bills due in November 2015 sold at an average yield of minus 0.002%. A negative yield means investors buying these securities will get back less money from the government than they paid when the debt matures. To put this in perspective, the 10 year note in Portugal now yields just 2.38%, down from 18% a mere three years ago. Back in 2012, creditors grew wary of the countries referred to as PIIG’s (Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece) and their ability to pay back the massive amounts of outstanding debt. Consequently, creditors drove interest rates dramatically higher to reflect the added risk of potential defaults.
If a person had fallen into a deep slumber in the midst of the 2012 Eurozone debt crisis and awoke a week ago, they may make some reasonable assumptions as to why there was a collapse of Portuguese bond yields on the long end of the yield curve; and even displayed negative yields on the short end.
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USDA-Approved GMO Salmon Called Into Question for Being Disease Prone

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:
The infiltrated US Department of Agriculture may have given AquaBounty Technology’s (ABTX) genetically modified salmon a green light, but the Canadian government has issued a draft statement saying that GE salmon is not safe since it is ‘more prone to disease.’
If AquaBounty had their way – the company’s GE salmon would be the first ever approved GM animal approved for human consumption – but Food & Water Watch, the Center for Food Safety, Friends of the Earth, and Consumers Union (among other groups) are asking the USDA to reconsider in light of the 400-page risk assessment drafted by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
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ALARMING Rise in Cancer Deaths as Facts Reveal Billions in Profits!

from The Money GPS:

Will A Robot Steal Your Job?

Will a robot steal your job? It turns out that the answer depends on the prevailing macroeconomic conditions much more than people think.

In Denial: We Pursue Endless Growth At Our Peril

from Peak Prosperity:
As we’ve been discussing of late here at, humans desperately need a new story to live by. The old one is increasingly dysfunctional and rather obviously headed for either a quite dismal or possibly disastrous future. One of the chief impediments to recognizing the dysfunction of the old story and adopting a new one is the most powerful of all human emotional states: Denial.
I used to think that Desire was the most powerful human emotion because people are prone to risking everything in their lives – careers, marriages, relationships with their family and close friends – pursuing lust or accumulating 10,000 times more money and possessions than they need in their desire for “more.”
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No One is Safe in a Post-Antibiotic World

from Ready Nutrition:
Antibiotics are one of modern day’s greatest discoveries, but it’s failing us. By our own hand, we have abused this medical achievement by using it as a “fix-all”, and it has caused antibiotic resistance issues that spans across the globe. In fact, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest health threats of the 21st century. Superbugs, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), drug resistant Typhoid, and multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) are increasing throughout the world and have the capacity to cause worldwide health issues. Moreover, no one wants to even walk into a hospital for fear of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, that have been reported at hospitals around the country.
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Shocking Proof Of EXACTLY How Dems Want To Forever Change America In This Huge Way

from Western Journalism:
Conservative politicians and pundits, analysts, and authors have long warned that Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts want to grant amnesty to millions of illegals in order to greatly swell the ranks of loyal Democrat voters. The real purpose behind the plan to grant certain rights of citizenship to non-citizens, it’s argued, has far more to do with expanding and consolidating political power than with showing compassion for hardworking families seeking a better life in America.
Here at Western Journalism, we’ve written often about the “hidden agenda” behind the progressives’ insistent push to let many millions of illegals stay in the United States. In a recent opinion piece, L. Todd Wood observed: “Conservatives have known for a long time that all of this executive action, child immigration, and reduced deportations has served an agenda to increase votes for the Democratic party. If they can’t win in the arena of ideas, then give a bunch of illegal immigrants citizenship — and they will vote Democratic for life.”
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Will Bernie Sanders Take On Hillary? – Ralph Nader

from The News Doctors:
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is off and running after his formal announcement for the presidency this past Tuesday before 5,000 cheering supporters in Burlington, Vermont. He is starting from the region that launched the American Revolution and he is promising to“begin a political revolution to transform our country economically, politically, socially and environmentally,” with “the support of millions of people throughout this country.”
He will take on the corporate plutocracy and its servile political oligarchy with numerous assets. In his long, scandal-free elective career, from Mayor of Burlington to the House of Representatives to the U.S. Senate, Sanders can match his progressive rhetoric with a consistent voting record.
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Top 5 Diseases During SHTF

from ThePatriotNurse, via The Victory Report:


Saturday, May 30, 2015

OHIO Wal-mart Has Been Turned Into HIGH SECURITY ZONE

from BP Earthwatch:

  • Phoenix Capital...
    05/30/2015 - 12:50
    In simple terms, if the system is ever under duress again, money market funds can lock in capital (meaning you can’t get your money out) for up to 10 days. This is just the start of a much...

US-Trained Special Forces Chief Joins ISIS, Vows To Bring Jihad To Russia & America

Meet Gulmurod Khalimov, the US-trained and funded former commander of Tajikistan's special forces, who, as Reuters reports, has now gone to Syria to fight with ISIS. He has a message: "Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims...God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you." The big question is - was he 'recorded' as a moderate when America considered funding and training his elite special forces unit?

Creator Of Infamous "Hope" Poster Lashes Out At Obama, Calls Americans "Ignorant And Lazy"

The man who gave America "Hope", the poster, says he has none left.

What's Holding Back America?

Just a little more hope... and some change...

Jade Helm’s Role in the 90% Reduction in US Population As Predicted By the CIA and the Obama Administration

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
The Internet is filled with revelations of how the global elite want to depopulate humanity by 90%. Landmarks such as the Georgia Guidestones are at the top of the evidence list for proof of this agenda. There is an emerging body of evidence that the Georgia Guidestones are a correct representation of this idea.
How does Jade Helm factor into the plans of the global elite and their desire to reduce the global population by 90%? Jade Helm will be the new national police force which will usher America into it new and very ominous and new era.
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US preparing for war on China, Russia to save banks: Analyst

from PressTV:
The United States is preparing for a possible war against China and Russia aimed at preventing the collapse of the Western banking system, an American political commentator and activist says.
Michael Billington, Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review and author of Reflections of an American Political Prisoner: the Repression and Promise of the LaRouche Movement, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.
On Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned China to stop developing man-made islands in the South China Sea, vowing that the United States would not stop patrolling international waters and airspace in the Asia-Pacific region.
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When Betting on QE Suddenly Goes Wrong

from Wolf Street:
“As we can see with the bull market in China, once a bubble forms it has an internal logic of its own and it will grow until it has outgrown all of its surroundings,” wrote hedge fund manager Crispin Odey in a letter to his investors on May 28, after a fund in his $12.9-billion Odey Asset Management company had lost a breath-taking 19.3% in April alone and was down 18.2% year-to-date.
April was “bloody,” he wrote. Negative interest rates in Europe had created a bubble that would end “badly.” He’d been caught on the wrong side on multiple levels:
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Three Former SEC Officials Write Letter to SEC Chief Mary Jo White Asking Her to Stop Protecting Corporate Cronyism

from Liberty Blitzkieg:
In early 2013, before Mary Jo White was confirmed as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), I wrote a post predicting she would be a bankster codling fraud in the post, Meet Mary Jo White: The Next SEC Chief and a Guaranteed Wall Street Patsy. Here’s an excerpt:
Obama’s nominee to head the SEC, Mary Jo White, is just another gatekeeper appointed to make sure no one ever goes after the Wall Street crime syndicate. As I have written about many times in the past, Obama does not nominate anyone to a high position of power in government who will not behave like a good little lapdog for Wall Street.
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I’m Deeply Disturbed by the Anti-Freedom Trend Sweeping the West

from Sovereign Man:
I came across an interesting story from India recently.
In a landmark animal rights case, the High Court there ruled that birds can no longer be kept in cages.
The judges asserted that birds have a fundamental right to live with dignity and be free.
Incredible. If only we humans had the same fundamental right.
Many of us come from a country that claims to be free.
We grow up singing songs about our freedom, and we are told by our governments that evil men in caves hate us because we are so free.
This is powerful propaganda that starts practically from birth and stays with us for our entire lives.
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2015 Year of the Dollar Collapse? John Rubino Interview

from CrushTheStreet:

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts – Fed’s Policy Errors and Gross Mispricing of Risks: Nuts

from Jesse’s CafĂ© AmĂ©ricain:

“It took the Fed 95 years to build up a balance sheet of $1 trillion and only six years to go from there to the present level. The Federal Reserve was providing this stimulus to improve the growth of the economy,but it is my view that three quarters of the money injected into the system through the purchase of bonds went into financial assets pushing stock prices up and keeping yields low.
If I am right, the Fed contributed almost $3 trillion (some may have gone into bonds) to the $13 trillion rise in the stock market appreciation from the 2009 low to the current level, earnings increases explained $9 trillion (1.5 x $6 trillion) and other factors accounted for $1 trillion. You could argue that the monetary stimulus financed the multiple expansion in this cycle.”
Byron Wien, The Fed basically put $3 trillion into the stock market.
I think Byron is being generous with the contribution of earnings, which are increasingly questionable artifacts of dodgy accounting and stock buybacks fueled by cheap debt.
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US Mint to Lift 2015 American Silver Eagle Rationing

from CoinNews

Ordering limits attached to 2015 American Silver Eagle bullion coins end on Monday, June 1, the United States Mint announced in a memo sent to its network of bullion distributors called “Authorized Purchasers.”
AP’s include major coin and precious metals dealers, brokerage companies and other participating financial intermediaries who buy bullion coins in bulk and then resell them for a small premium over their melt value.
This year’s American Silver Eagles launched on Jan. 12, 2015 under a limited sales arrangement. The allocation system ensures that a number of Silver Eagles are always available to AP’s each week, eliminating extended sales suspensions amid periods of red-hot demand.
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Addicted To Debt, Deficit Spending, and QE

by Gary Christenson, Gold Silver Worlds:

You have probably heard the following phrase regarding alcoholics: “Or 1 is Too Many and 12 Are Not Enough”. It applies elsewhere.
  • One hit of “meth” is too many, but when you NEED it, 12 hits are not enough.
  • One shot of “mainlined” heroin is too many, and you know the rest of that story.
  • One burst of monetary heroin – quantitative easing – is too much if central bankers want a financial system that does not debase their currencies. But central banks around the world are “shooting-up” with increasing amounts of fiat currency created from nothing.
  • A government sale or “lease” of 100 tons of gold is silly, but after years of deficit spending, dumping 1,000 tons on the market is not enough to stabilize fiat currencies.
The Vietnam War in the US is often mentioned as a major cause of the inflationary 1970s. The war and spending escalated in the late 1960s after Johnson became President. The national debt increased about $20 Billion between 1967 and 1968, which was big money back then. But 11 years later the national debt increased by $80 Billion.
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Open Carry Bill Clears Texas Legislature, Governor Promises to Sign

by Adan Salazar, Infowars:
A bill allowing the licensed open carry of a handgun has passed the Texas legislature, with newly-elected Governor Greg Abbott promising to sign the repeal of a law that dates back to the post-civil war era. The controversial bill was backed by the National Rifle Association, as noted in the governor’s tweet.
“HB 910 removes the requirement that Concealed Handgun Licensees (CHL) keep their handguns concealed and gives them the option of carrying them either wholly or partially visible in a belt or shoulder holster,” the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action wrote last month.
“The House gave final approval on a mostly party-line 102-43 vote, drawing gleeful whistles from some lawmakers. A short time later, the Senate passed it 20-11, also along party lines, with all Republicans supporting it and all Democrats opposing,” reports the Associated Press.
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German Gold Buying: a Chart You Have to See

by Steven St. Angelo, SRS Rocco:
While EASTERN demand for physical gold investment remains strong, most of the folks in the WEST are bored with the barbarous relic as they continue to funnel their funds into highly inflated paper assets. However, the Germans seem to look at gold a bit differently… actually a lot differently.
Even though the Swiss continue to buy more gold on a per capita basis, German physical gold investment demand is the highest of all Western countries. How much higher? Let’s look at the chart below:
According to the World Gold Council, total German physical gold bar and coin demand during Q1 2015 was 32.2 metric tons (mt), Switzerland ranked second with 13.8 mt and the U.S. came in third at 9.9 mt. Interestingly, German physical gold investment increased 20% compared to the same period last year while U.S. gold coin and bar demand fell 12%.
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How Genetic Engineering Could Ruin the Human Race

by Joshua Krause, Activist Post:
It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like if everyone had access to genetic engineering. Whether it’s for curing hereditary diseases, making designer babies, or giving humans incredible abilities, we’re in for one hell of a strange future should this ever come to pass. And believe it or not, that world is closer than you might think. The technology for this is advancing at an impressive rate, and it won’t be long before you’re able to choose the genetic makeup of your children.
The latest advancement in this field is a gene editing tool called CRISPR. Get used to hearing that name now, because you’ll likely hear of it more often in the near future.
The hot new gene-editing tool is known by the acronym CRISPR, for “clustered regularly interspaced palindromic repeats.” It acts as a sort of molecular scissors that can be easily targeted to cut and modify specific genes.
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A Recession Within A Recession

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
On Friday, the federal government announced that the U.S. economy contracted at a 0.7 percent annual rate during the first quarter of 2015.  This unexpected shrinking of the economy is being primarily blamed on “harsh” weather during the first three months of this year and on the strengthening of the U.S. dollar.  Most economists are confident that U.S. GDP will rebound back into positive territory when the numbers for the second quarter come out, but if that does not happen we will officially meet the government’s criteria for being in another “recession”.  To make sure that the numbers for Q2 will look “acceptable”, the Bureau of Economic Analysis is about to change the way that it calculates GDP again.  They are just going to keep “seasonally adjusting” the numbers until they get what they want.  At this point, the government numbers are so full of “assumptions” and “estimates” that they don’t really bear much resemblance to reality anyway.  In fact, John Williams of has calculated that if the government was actually using honest numbers that they would show that we have continually been in a recession since 2005.  That is why I am referring to this as a “recession within a recession”.  Most people can look around and see that economic conditions for most Americans are not good, and now they are about to get even worse.
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Something Smells Fishy

Now what? The Fed says they are going to raise rates. The QE spigot has been turned off. The hedge funds are selling their buy and rent hovel investments, cash buyers are dwindling, the flippers who appeared in 2005 are back, Boomers are looking to sell and downsize, young people are already in debt up to their eyeballs thanks to the government doling out student loans like candy, the number of full-time good paying jobs continue to dwindle, and the rigged 37% price increase has priced millions of people out of the market.

Seymour Hersh And The Dangers Of Corporate Muckraking

In its original meaning, “muckraking journalism” was all about exposing the awful power that corporations, trusts, and monopolies exercised over people and the broader public interest. So why doesn’t Seymour Hersh, considered the premiere “muckraker” of the past few decades, turn his fearless muckraking guns on private corporate power?

For Greece, This Is What Hell Looks Like

So let's say that somehow Greece kicks every can left until the end of 2015. Surely Greece will be out of the woods then, right. Wrong. Because for Europe's most devastated country, it is only then that the debt nightmare officially begins.

Russia Wards Off "Provocative And Aggresive" US Warship In Black Sea

While we are used to hearing of the 100s of "close encounters" between NATO and Russian planes,but, as reported by state news agency RIA - citing an anonymous source in Russia's armed forces, Russian military aircraft were scrambled to head off a U.S. warship that was acting "aggressively" in the Black Sea. This appears to be the first reported ship-to-plane 'encounter' and, just as US and China tensions are escalating in the South China Sea, it appears US and Russian military 'discussions' are shifting from words and proxy-fighting.

"Ferguson Effect" Triggers Nationwide "Crime Wave"

The racially charged protests and demonstrations that have swept the country as a result of perceived police misconduct involving African American “suspects” has created what St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson calls “The Ferguson Effect”, whereby law enforcement are now more reluctant to use force to counter illegal activity for fear of prosecution or, more poignantly, for fear of finding themselves cast as the villain that catalyzes widespread civil unrest.

What Do Falling Corporate Profits Mean With Stocks Near Their Highs?

There have been 21 quarters since 1960 in which corporate profits were down notably from recent highs at the same time as stocks were making new highs. Without going into great depth of analysis, one can tell by the inauspicious dates that these circumstances have not worked out well in the past... the average drawdown over the 2 years following these quarters was -18.6%.

Russian Pivot: Greece Will "Probably" Join BRICS Bank, Official Says

Greece still has one card left to play in fractious negotiations with creditors: the so-called 'Russian pivot'. Over the course of difficult talks between Syriza and the troika Moscow has, at various times, sought to take advantage of the hostilities between Athens and Brussels by making a series of overtures including the possibility of Greece joining the BRICS bank. Now, at least one Greek official says the country will likely accept the invite.

Are All Central Bankers Idiots?

You can’t build a solid economy on the jelly of unaffordable housing, unpayable debts, and unsustainable asset prices. But that’s what we’ve got. The only way to get down to something more reliable... more real... and healthier... is to wash away the financial glop and goo that has accumulated during the last 30 years.

When, Not If

It's just a matter of time...

Hans-Werner Sinn Warns Europe - Don't Underestimate Varoufakis

Game theorists know that a Plan A is never enough. One must also develop and put forward a credible Plan B – the implied threat that drives forward negotiations on Plan A. Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, knows this very well. Many people in Europe seem to believe that Varoufakis, an experienced game theorist but a political neophyte, does not know how to play the cards that Greece has been dealt. They should think again – before Greece walks away with the pot.

The Bond Market Is Still Broken, JPMorgan Says

Successive rounds of government bond monetization have worked to destroy the Treasury, JGB, and EU core markets while the post-crisis regulatory regime has seen dealers back away from providing liquity in the secondary market for corporate credit just as the very same monetary policy that broke government bond markets has led to an explosion of new issuance from corporate borrowers, creating the potential for a self-feeding catastrophe in the event of sell-off in corporate bonds.

France's National Front Party Joins UK In Call For EU In/Out Referendum

Just days after David Cameron's "I promise a referendum" victory in the British elections, which JPMorgan warns now looks likely to happen as early as 2016, France's far-right National Front party has called for an in/out referendum on the EU at the same time as the UK holds its vote. As EUObserver reports, Florian Philippot, an MEP and the party’s deputy head wrote to French President Francois Hollande this week, "the time has come to ask everybody in Europe Yes or No - if they want sovereignty to decide on their own future."

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Fuckers... at the local Walmart installed facial recognition cameras inside and a tiny town in California...

Caught on Camera: Oklahoma Walmart’s Facial Recognition System

from HighImpactFlix:

The Assholes at your local walmart sell this kind of crap to you as "food" get what you pay for and deserve to pay the price for your decisions...

America The Obese: Is There A Multibillion Dollar Conspiracy To Make Sure Americans Stay Overweight?

According to Gallup, America is now fatter than it has ever been before.  But how can this possibly be?  After all, Americans spend an astounding 60 billion dollars a year on weight loss programs and products.  After putting so much time, effort and energy into losing weight, shouldn’t we be some of the healthiest people on the entire planet?

How to Survive a Banking Crisis

from Armstrong Economics:
Many in Spain are starting to figure out that the only way to survive is to get your money out of the bank. Accounts can just be frozen as they did to the Russians living in Spain, demanding they prove the source of their funds. Banco Madrid has had its funds frozen while the government tries to figure out if it will rescue the bank or not. Meanwhile, people who saved their money cannot get access to it. People are starting to wise up here and are looking at taking their money out of the banks and placing it in alternatives, such as real estate and stocks, or investments outside of the country.
Europe has routinely cancelled currencies in the past, and they will use that option again if they suddenly decide to move to electronic, perhaps in October.
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The Elites’ Goal of Cashless Society Has Started — Gordon T Long

from WallStForMainSt:

Bankers plan a secret London meeting to ‘END CASH’

from Hang the Bankers:
Economist Martin Armstrong claims there is a “secret meeting to end cash” set to take place in London before the end of the month involving representatives from the ECB and the Federal Reserve.
Armstrong, who is known for successfully predicting the 1987 Black Monday crash as well as the 1998 Russian financial collapse, expressed his shock that no news outlet has reported on this upcoming conference.
I find it extremely perplexing that I have been the only one to report of the secret meeting in London. Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University, and Willem Buiter, the Chief Economist at Citigroup, will address the central banks to advocate the elimination of all cash to bring to fruition the day when you cannot buy or sell anything without government approval,” writes Armstrong.
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10 Things We Had To Unlearn That Our Children Won't

How FIFA Makes (And Spends) Its Money

Following today's "successful" vote confirming Sepp Blatter's 5th term running the farce called FIFA, and amid soccer's governing body being investigated by US and Swiss authorities over claims of corruption, we thought a summary of just where the money comes from and (apart from the $150 million in bribes and kickbacks to 14 executives) where it goes for the Swiss-based entity...


Inflation acts as a pickpocket on the wallets of working Americans

A college degree might be your ticket. College earning power dwindles over the last 15 years.

Inflation is a very real thing.  The Fed continues to downplay the impacts of inflation to support their ongoing easy monetary policy.  What this has created is an inflated stock market and hot money chasing into other asset classes including real estate.  This wouldn’t be such an issue if your typical working American family was benefitting.  Instead, it is assisting larger financial institutions and big investors to pick up assets in all segments of the real economy and consequently crowds out regular buyers.  Inflation is the end outcome of all this kind of action.  More easy money chasing the same number of goods in the economy.  The way inflation is measured is odd and it also understates the impact being pushed onto younger Americans.  How is this the case?  The CPI gives very little weight to educational costs yet for many attending college, this is by far their biggest expense.  Let us look at inflation in various segments going back to 2000.
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TPP, Monsanto, Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski

All hands on deck for global, economic, corporate dictatorship
from Jon Rappoport:

There are dots to connect here. They’re real, and they’re spectacular.
Let me begin with a brief exchange from a 1978 interview, conducted by reporter Jeremiah Novak. He was speaking with two American members of the Trilateral Commission (TC), a group founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and his intellectual flunkey, Zbigniew Brzezinski.
NOVAK: Yes, but why doesn’t President Carter come out with it and tell the American people that [US] economic and political power is being coordinated by a [Trilateral Commission] committee made up of Henry Owen and six others? After all, if [US] policy is being made on a multinational level, the people should know.
RICHARD COOPER [Trilateral Commission member]: President Carter and Secretary of State Vance have constantly alluded to this in their speeches.
KARL KAISER [Trilateral Commission member]: It just hasn’t become an issue.
Source: “Trilateralism: The Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management,” ed. by Holly Sklar, 1980. South End Press, Boston. Pages 192-3.
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The War on Cash — Joseph Salerno

from misesmedia:

Governments, at least modern western governments, have always hated cash transactions. Cash is private, and cash is hard to tax. So politicians trump up phony reasons like drug trafficking and money laundering to win support for bad laws like the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, which makes even small cash transactions potentially reportable to the Feds.

How US And China Can Avoid A War (Spoiler Alert: The US Won't Like It)

To avoid a violent militaristic clash with China, or another cold war rivalry, the United States should pursue a simple solution: give up its empire.

Europe Has A Solution For The Unemployment Problem: Fake Jobs

Candelia is one of a number of so-called “Potemkin” companies operating in France. Everything about these entities is imaginary from the customers, to the supply chain, to the banks, to the “wages” employees receive and while the idea used to be that the creation of a “parallel economic universe” would help to train the jobless and prepare them for real employment sometime in the future, these “occupations” are now serving simply as way for the out-of-work to suspend reality for eight hours a day.

New York Investment Banker Jumps To His Death From Luxury Downtown Building

Yesterday, New Yorkers walking by the Ocean Luxury Rental apartment building at 1 West St around 10:40am, were greeted with a gruesome sight: a 29-year-old man had just jumped to his death from the 24th floor. Today, we learn that the tragic incident was merely the latest banker suicide, when according to the NY Post the still unidentified jumper was the latest in a long series of investment bankers who have decided to take their own life.

In Denial: We Pursue Endless Growth At Our Peril

Humans desperately need a new story to live by. The old one is increasingly dysfunctional and rather obviously headed for either a quite dismal or possibly disastrous future. One of the chief impediments to recognizing the dysfunction of the old story and adopting a new one is the most powerful of all human emotional states: Denial. But here we are, 40 years after the Club of Rome and 7 years after the Great Financial Accident of 2008, collectively pretending that neither was a sign warning of the dangers we face -- as a global society -- if we continue our unsustainable policies and practices that assume perpetual growth.

P2P King Has 'An Offer You Can't Refuse'

LendingClub is offering a "no collateral required" $35,000 P2P loan to those looking to refi their credit card debt. Does this prove the P2P bubble is official?

Banker BASTARDS and Governments...can't stand competition...

Ross Ulbricht, Founder Of Bitcoin Bazaar Silk Road, Sentenced To Life In Jail

Ross Ulbricht, the convicted founder of Silk Road, has been sentenced to life in prison for running the underground online drug bazaar. The punishment is a heavy price to pay for the 31-year-old, who had pleaded with the judge to spare him his old age and “leave a small light at the end of the tunnel

Robert Shiller: Unlike 1929 This Time Everything - Stocks, Bonds And Housing - Is Overvalued

Q. How else does this period of apparent equity overvaluation compare to equity booms in the past?
Robert Shiller: This time around, bonds and, increasingly, real estate also look overvalued. This is different from other over-valuation periods such as 1929, when the stock market was very overvalued, but the bond and housing markets for the most part weren't. It's an interesting phenomenon.

The End Of Markets: Central Banks Took Over Everything, Changed Everything

Central banks took over everything and thus changed everything; they cannot simply declare themselves successful and just give it all back. That might (stress might) have been possible had it actually worked, a true and robust economic recovery to smooth the shift, but the majority part of that November 2013 recoil was the growing acceptance, throughout 2014 and into 2015, that it was never coming in the first place.

A Generation Of Rate-Hike Rookies Makes Jeff Gundlach Nervous

Rates have been so low for so long, that many of the traders who will be on the front lines if and when the Fed ever does decide to start down the long path to normalizing policy have never, in their professional careers, seen a rate hike. “The experience that many investment operations have with rising rates for most of us is very low for some it’s nonexistent," Jeff Gundlach warns.

5 Things To Ponder: Is The Stock Market Rational Or Nuts?

Like Houston, the financial system has been flooded with liquidity over recent years which has ultimately only had one place to flow - the financial markets. That excess liquidity has sent prices soaring to record highs despite weakting macro economic data. While many hope that the Central Banks can somehow figure out how to keeps the rivers of liquidity from overflowing their banks, history suggests that eventually bad things will happen. Of course, for investors, that translates into a significant and irreperable loss of capital.

ENE News – US Gov’t Admits Melted Fuel Probably Burned Through Containment at Fukushima Reactors

This is China Syndrome.
from Citizen of Gotham:


from grindall61:

Jade Helm: The Psy Op

by Jay Dyer, 21st Century Wire:
For most consumers of alternative news and media, the lineup of the players constitutes the tyrants and their systemic control, and the enlightened underground, with both sides fighting the great battle of winning the hearts and minds of the rest of the public.
For the alternative news and information community, the possibility of large-scale psychological operations within alternative media itself are generally outside the spectrum of the possible.
Indeed, crowds today are sill cheering on Assange and his Vaudeville Whistleblower Roadshow with Bradley-Chelsea Manning, and more recently, finding themselves intellectually snowed-in by our last hero, Snowden.
Enter Jade Helm…
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Financial Insanity Grips The World

from Dr. Sircus, via The Phaser:

Rare is the person who is a realist. We collectively live in a world of pretend and extend. Every one of us wants our present civilization to continue, though for countless millions the world has already turned upside down as unemployment has soared and war and terrorism proliferate. The very structure of life in our world is threatened because madmen have undermined the financial system through the creation of debt instead of wealth. We have collectively borrowed against our children’s future until their very future is in doubt.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal thinks that insanity grips the western world. I have to agree and no one who reads the news would disagree. In the “The Sane Society” prominent psychotherapist Erich Fromm suggested that Western society as a whole was lacking in sanity; that the inequities and disharmonies of the entire society were pathological, not just the mental illnesses of people therein.
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WW3 On The Horizon, False Flags & Conspiracy Theorists

from TruthTube451:

Join Kev, Martin & Johnny Whistles as they host the fortnightly tough talk with guest Robbie Dee & Alex from Ukraine. Find out all the latest news from on the ground in Kiev and listen to the guys discuss the hottest stories on the planet right now.

Jim Willie — Exported QE Travesty: Meet the BLICS

by Jim Willie, Golden Jackass via Silver Doctors:
The aggravated global financial situation is working toward a series of powerful climax events. It cannot be saved. It is cratering. It is rotting from the inside. It is fracturing. It will fail. The fiat paper currency system and its many attendant systems are seizing up, being rejected, and are failing in what has begun to be the grandest financial event in modern history.
Last weekend, the Chinese announced the creation of a new 100 billion Yuan fund which will operate more like a window to convert sovereign bonds to Gold bullion in very high volume. The target is the ever-present toxic USGovt debt paper cluttering and contaminating the global banking system. The conversion to Gold bullion will be seen as a declaration of financial war. We are entering a new phase.
In 2006 my work warned that China will move from outsourced producer to trade partner, then to trade rival, finally to opponent in trade war. They are moving to executioner of the King Dollar.
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Prelude to WW3

from corbettreport:

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

You decide...I don't give a shit anymore... I'll be taking a dirt nap in a few years anyways...

Who Really Runs The World? — Fritz Springmeier

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Fritz Springmeier reveals who really runs the planet and how our politicians, kings, queens and communist dictators have sold their soul to these satanic elite.

mmmm… monsanto. Tasty!

from Dees Illustration, via Rense:

Upcoming Week Of Infamy?

from Yelena Peterson:

Make sure you buy and eat all that "food" from japan or anywhere from the Pacific Ocean at your local walmart...

Thyroid cancer rates in Japanese children living near Fukushima catastrophe skyrocketed by 6,000%

by Rosalina, Natural News:
An oversight committee looking at the health of folks living in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan near the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility has found that the thyroid cancer rate in young people has jumped by an astounding 6,000% throughout the region since the disaster first occurred back in 2011.
Reports indicate that, since January of this year, 16 new cases of thyroid cancer have emerged, bringing the total number of young people diagnosed with the disease to 103. Correspondingly, as many as 127 people have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having thyroid cancer, according to Japan’s Asahi Shimbun.
The Fukushima Voice reports that, as of March 31, all 16 identified cases have been confirmed as definitive papillary thyroid cancer, with an additional nine suspected cases. The figures represent reported cases from both the first round of initial screening, which included looking at 368,000 individuals 18 years and younger, as well as a second round.
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12th Whale Washes Ashore in California, At Least 600% More Whale Deaths This Year Than In Past Years

[Ed. Note: This mockingbird report speculates this death may be the result of a killer whale attack. We suggest the mockingbirds give the Fukushima radiation and Pacific genocide some consideration.
from US News:
POINT REYES STATION, Calif. >> Another dead whale washed ashore in Northern California, the 12th carcass that has appeared in the past few months and marks a higher-than-normal number of deaths but not a record.
The dozen whales have been found along nearly 300 miles of coastline and are of different species and various ages. In a typical year, one or two gray whales wash ashore, said Frances Gulland, the senior scientist for the Marine Mammal Center.
The most recent animal appeared Tuesday on a beach along the Point Reyes National Seashore, officials said. It’s badly decomposed and headless, making identifying the species and its age difficult, said Mary Jane Schramm, spokeswoman for the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.
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US-Trained Special Forces Chief Joins ISIS, Vows To Bring Jihad To Russia & America

[Ed. Note: It might be important to remind readers at this point that a recently released secret Pentagon report has revealed that the US “Created” ISIS as a “Tool” to overthrow Syria’s President Assad]

from Zero Hedge:
Meet Gulmurod Khalimov, the US-trained and funded former commander of Tajikistan’s special forces, who, as Reuters reports, has now gone to Syria to fight with ISIS. He has a message: “Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims…God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.” The big question is – was he ‘recorded’ as a moderate when America considered funding and training his elite special forces unit?
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4 Charts Show China’s Economy Falling While Stock Market Soars!

from The Money GPS:

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