Wednesday, December 31, 2014

American Bank Bail-Ins Are Beginning

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
It would appear that your bank is preparing to go on a bank holiday. No, not a vacation, but a holiday. After reading this article, you may find it prudent to check on the liquidity of your bank accounts and investment monies. Why? Because bank bail-ins appear to be commencing.
The Banks Are Not Our Friends
We are all concerned that one day we will attempt to gain access to our money in our bank accounts and and the banks will refuse to honor the request and keep the money. From an anecdotal perspective, it appears that the day that we cannot gain access to our money is now here. There are two instances that I am personally aware of, that the banks are failing to give their customers full access to THEIR money.
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Storm on the Horizon: Massive Layoffs Planned for Corporate Conglomerates in 2015

by Tess Pennington, Ready Nutrition:
2014 has been one long year of economic yo-yoing. Many are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that another year has come to pass, and a better one will be replacing it.
In fact, half of the U.S. population feel confident that 2015 will be better than it’s predecessor. The Gallup’s economic confidence index has hit the highest level since the last recession.
That said, Michael Snyder, writer for the Economic Collapse Blog says, “not so fast.” He warns that everyone should stop looking to the machine-driven media for false hopes in 2015. Snyder believes that we are in store for a much more dismal year than the media is letting on.
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Why Is The Fed Hiring An "Emergency Preparedness Specialist Familiar With DHS Directives"

Diversify With “Physical Precious Metals Stored Outside The U.S.” – Faber

by Mark O’Byrne, Gold Core:
Dr Marc Faber, respected economic historian and author of the respected monthly newsletter, the ‘Gloom, Boom and Doom Report’, has warned that 2015 is set to be very volatile, urged international diversification and owning “physical precious metals stored outside the U.S.”
In another insightful and witty interview with Bloomberg Television’s In the Loop, with Betty Liu, Erik Schatzker and Brendan Greeley, the ever charming and affable Dr. Marc Faber reaffirmed his long-standing preference for investing in emerging eastern economies, his lack of faith in the dollar and advised Americans to own gold.
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MARKET DATA PROVES: Overwhelming Public Demand For Silver Eagles…. Not JP Morgan

from SRSrocco Report:

According to global market data from the top Official Mints, sales of Silver Eagles  originate overwhelmingly from public retail investment demand rather than by one large bank… such as JP Morgan.  I say this in response to the allegation put forth by silver analyst, Ted Butler who believes JP Morgan purchased half of all Silver Eagles since April, 2011.
Ted Butler, who has made this claim over the past several months, does so again in his recent article, The Perfect Crime.  Butler states the following:
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UK Literally Runs Out Of Bricks In Scramble To Build Unprecedented Housing Bubble

"Every brick we can make has already been sold up to three months in advance – the UK brickmakers can’t supply demand at the moment," exclaims the CEO of one of Britain's largest brickmakers. With The UK's housing bubble spreading from London, The Telegraph reports that stocks of bricks have reached the lowest levels on record as homebuilders rush to take advantage of the surging demand for British property (which has seen realtors and economists worry is getting out of hand).

Despite Rock Bottom Prices Gold Exports Are Soaring

by Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple:
Most financial analysts have correctly observed that the price of gold has a direct correlation to the value of our money. Ever since the United States removed the gold standard, the precious metal has ceased to anchor the value of the dollar, and instead has become a safe haven asset for those who don’t trust a fiat currency that is backed by nothing. Thus, even though the United States has been off the gold standard for decades, the demand for gold still effects the price of the dollar, and vice-versa.
While these numbers don’t always perfectly correlate, it’s safe to assume that when demand for the dollar is high, people aren’t going to view their gold as a safe haven anymore. Many of these investors feel that the danger has passed, and good times are ahead for our economy.
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S&P 500 Closes 2014 Weak, Up 6th Year In A Row; Treasuries Triple Dow's Gains



The Renewed Push For Deeper North American Integration

from The News Doctors:

The globalist plan to incrementally merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union has been ongoing for years. While at times, the agenda appears to have seemingly stalled, current efforts to expand the trilateral partnership show that it is alive and once again gaining steam. With NAFTA as the foundation, the renewed push for deeper North American integration continues on many different fronts.
The Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), recently issued the report, Made in North America: a new agenda to sharpen our competitive edge. The CCCE is one of Canada’s most influential corporate lobby groups, with many of their proposals shaping the country’s domestic and foreign policy priorities. Throughout the years, they have pushed for deeper continental integration. With the 2015 North American Leaders Summit in mind, the CCCE offered a series of recommendations aimed at further expanding the trilateral relationship in areas such as border management, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and regulatory cooperation.
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Jim Willie: Shanghai Shock to Shatter the Gold Market!

by Jim Willie, via Silver Doctors:

The Quantitative Easing initiatives have been declared as stimulus and successful in sustaining the US financial system. While having been able to continue the debt floats, the many market props, providing coverage for USGovt debt securities and mortgage backed securities which nobody wants, the initiative is hardly stimulus.
The hyper monetary inflation does what we always learned it did, as in from school for 50 years, dole out its powerful corrosive effect.   The inflation lifts the cost structure, leads to elimination of profit margins, and forces businesses to shut down, thus taking equipment out of service.  The Jackass prefers to call the QE effect as killing capital, forcing retired capital, putting equipment on mothballs, often liquidated.   Neither the USFed nor the Wall Street partners ever refer to the capital destruction effect, because it contradicts their stimulus argument and false message. Theirs is pure propaganda in keeping with the urgent directive to save the banks that are too big to fail.  These are the financial crime centers of America.
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As Greek Default Risk Soars To 66%, Morgan Stanley Warns ECB May Be Unable To Launch QE

"The Greek political turmoil is likely to complicate matters for the ECB’s preparation of a sovereign QE programme. The prospect of the ECB potentially incurring severe losses is likely to intensify the debate within the Governing Council, where sovereign QE remains controversial. It could also make the start of a buying programme already on January 22 even more ambitious. In addition, the spectre of default could create new limitations on any sovereign QE design."

Should I Buy a House in 2015?

from Washington’s Blog:
No one can answer that question for anyone else, but it seems prudent to ask the question in the context of an Echo Bubble in valuations that appears to be deflating.
Readers often ask me if now is a good time to buy a house. This question has appeared in my inbox for the past nine years, as the Housing Bubble reached its climax, burst, and an Echo Bubble arose in its place.
It’s a tough question, as you know, for reasons that are inherent to buying and owning real estate, and to the uniqueness of every household’s finances and needs. So I always start by saying I can’t offer any advice or even suggestions, because everyone’s situation is unique.
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More Proof That as Gun Ownership Increases, Violent Crime Decreases

from The New American:

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe raised the ire of conservatives on Monday by proposing a package of gun control measures for the upcoming General Assembly. What irritated them most was that the governor claimed that these measures are designed to “keep people safe” from criminals. McAuliffe might better spend his time perusing the latest update from John Lott, showing that people are keeping themselves safe from criminals by obtaining their concealed carry permits.
Lott, the author of More Guns, Less Crime noted in a July 9 report for Crime Prevention Research Center that the number of citizens now permitted to carry concealed exceeds 11 million, up from eight million just three years ago. And even that number may be far too conservative:
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RBS Goes Medieval, Dares To Suspend Bonuses Of 18 FX-Rigging Traders

Ouch! 80% government-owned Royal Bank of Scotland is daring to go there... In the wake of a comprehensive review of more than 50 current and former traders who worked at the bank (and a $634 million fine), Bloomberg reports that RBS is suspending the bonuses of 18 FX traders. “We are undertaking a robust and thorough review into the actions of the traders that caused this wrongdoing and the management that oversaw it,” Jon Pain, RBS’s head of conduct and regulatory affairs, said, adding "no further bonus payments will be made or unvested bonus awards released to those in scope of the review until it has concluded."

AirAsia Wreckage Reveals Latest Plane Crash Mystery

from ZeroHedge:

Earlier today from Reuters we learned that “a body recovered on Wednesday from the crashed AirAsia plane was wearing a life jacket, an Indonesian search and rescue official said, raising new questions about how the disaster unfolded. Why is this surprising? Because  the fact that one person put on a life jacket suggests those on board had time before the aircraft hit the water, or before it sank. And yet the pilots did not issue a distress signal…”
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Hugh Hendry Embraces The Central-Planning Matrix: "I Am Taking The Blue Pills Now"

Hugh Hendry's Eclectica Fund has had a great Q4 (up 3.3%, 4.0%, and 5.0% in the last 3 months) despite portfolio risk being quadruple his 'old normal'. How did he achieve this? He begins... "There are times when an investor has no choice but to behave as though he believes in things that don't necessarily exist. For us, that means being willing to be long risk assets in the full knowledge of two things: that those assets may have no qualitative support; and second, that this is all going to end painfully. The good news is that mankind clearly has the ability to suspend rational judgment long and often... He who hangs on to truth has lost. The economic truth of today no longer offers me much solace; I am taking the blue pills now."

Rick Rule Reveals His Thoughts For 2015

from KingWorldNews:
Rule: “All of the mainstream media analysts are completely sanguine and I hope they are right. They hope and believe the additional consumer savings from lower oil prices will get us out of the economic malaise that our governments have gotten us into. That would be a wonderful end to the downturn. But notice, Eric, that I prefaced that with the word ‘hope.’….
“My suspicion is that 2015 will give us more of the same. Meaning the global economy is flat on its back and it will stay there for quite some time. 2015 will bring small pockets of prosperity, but the prevailing trend towards increased government and increased government debt will continue to strangle the overall economy.
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Gold & Silver Slammed Back Below FOMC Levels

from ZeroHedge:
Monday – Purge. Tuesday – Surge. Wednesday Purge.
Although on light volume, gold and silver prices are tumbling this morning, now trading back below the pre-Dec 17th FOMC levels (making sure that status quo-huggers can point to them being down year-to-date as proof all is well in the world)…
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Shocker! – High-Level Fed Committee Overruled Carmen Segarra’s Finding on Goldman

from ProPublica:
A committee that includes senior Federal Reserve officials reviewed and overturned a bank examiner’s finding that Goldman Sachs lacked a firm-wide policy to prevent conflicts of interest, according to a top Fed official.
Bill Dudley, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, disclosed the action by the “Operating Committee” in a little-noticed aspect of his testimony last month before the U.S. Senate. Dudley said the panel was part of a new effort by the Fed to raise standards across the board by comparing the practices and health of the nation’s banks against each other.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The American People Are Utterly Clueless About What Is Going To Happen As We Enter 2015

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
The American people are feeling really good right about now.  For example, Gallup’s economic confidence index has hit the highest level that we have seen since the last recession.  In addition, nearly half of all Americans believe that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was, and only about 10 percent believe that it will be a worse year.  And a lot of people are generally feeling quite good about the people that have been leading our nation.  According to Gallup, once again this year Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America and Barack Obama is the most admired man in America.  I don’t know what that says about our nation, but it can’t be good.  Unfortunately, when things seem to be going well common sense tends to go out the window.  A couple days ago, the Guardian ran an article entitled “Goodbye to one of the best years in history“, and a whole lot of people out there are feeling really optimistic these days.  But should they be?
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Chain Reaction of Problems Coming In 2015: “Collapse Will Be On A Scale That Is Many Magnitudes Greater Than 2008″

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:
If you’re like most Americans, then you are absolutely loving the price you paid this week for a gallon of gas. Just a couple of years ago it was not uncommon to see a $75 price tag for filling up your car. Today, you might be driving off for half that amount.
On the surface the recent drop in the price of oil has been a huge boost to America’s pocket books. But according to some analysts we shouldn’t be to quick to celebrate. The U.S. Oil and Gas industry has seen incredible job growth during the recession, with nearly 800,000 new jobs being attributed to domestic fracking and drilling expansion. At over $100 barrel, there was plenty of money to go around.
But with a sub-sixty dollar price point, it’s quite possible that all economic hell is about to break loose.
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Commodity Prices Are Cliff-Diving Due To The Fracturing Monetary Supernova - The Case Of Iron Ore

The worldwide economic and industrial boom since the early 1990s was not indicative of sublime human progress or the break-out of a newly energetic market capitalism on a global basis. Instead, the approximate $50 trillion gain in the reported global GDP over the past two decades was an unhealthy and unsustainable economic deformation financed by a vast outpouring of fiat credit and false prices in the capital markets. In short, when the classical Austrians talked about “malinvestment” the pending disasters in the global steel and iron ore industries (and also mining equipment and other supplier industries) are what they had in mind.

The Prison State of America

from The Burning Platform:
Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot formally complain about working conditions or safety hazards. If they are disobedient, or attempt to protest their pitiful wages, they lose their jobs and can be sent to isolation cells. The roughly 1 million prisoners who work for corporations and government industries in the American prison system are models for what the corporate state expects us all to become. And corporations have no intention of permitting prison reforms that would reduce the size of their bonded workforce. In fact, they are seeking to replicate these conditions throughout the society.
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The Outlook for the New Year

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
Dear Readers: The conflict that Washington has initiated between the West and Russia/China is reckless and irresponsible. Nuclear war could be the outcome. Indeed, Washington has been preparing for nuclear war since the George W. Bush regime.
Washington has revised US war doctrine in order to initiate conflict with a first strike nuclear attack.
Washington has discarded the ABM treaty in order to build and deploy anti-ballistic missiles that are intended to prevent a retaliatory strike against the US. Washington is engaged in a buildup of military forces on Russia’s borders, and Washington is demonizing Russia’s government with false charges.
As the Bush/Obama regimes dismantled the safeguards put in place in order to minimize the risk of nuclear war, no protests came from the American public or the media. Washington’s European vassal states have also been silent.
Washington’s drive for hegemony has brought nuclear insanity to the world.
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The Rigging Triangle Exposed: The JPMorgan-British Petroleum-Bank Of England Cartel Full Frontal

To all those wondering if everything is rigged, we have a very simple answer: Yes.

Data Shows Cops Kill Three People a Day in America

by Melissa Melton, The Daily Sheeple:
It was taken yesterday. Take a look at this screen capture of the recent news on police shootings in America:
The ten stories on this list range from December 21st to December 28th, 2014 and provide a snapshot of the average week in the American police state.
All of these stories are from different states as follows from top to bottom:
1. East Baltimore, Maryland
2. Jacksonville, Florida (deceased)
3. Texas City, Texas (deceased)
4. (Protest story from prior police shooting)
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Bonds & Bullion "Safety Bid" As Stocks Give Up Santa Rally Gains



Chris Powell – There are no free markets anymore, just interventions

from GoldSwitzerland, via The Victory Report:

Margin Debt/GDP Off The Charts = Stock Market Crash Coming? — Mike Maloney

from Mike Maloney:

Harvey Organ: Germany Repatriates 44 Tonnes of Gold, Leaves Behind a HUGE MESS OF DERIVATIVES!

from Silver Doctors:
The big news today came from the FRBNY where we witness $64 million dollars worth of gold leave the bank (and New York shores) to repatriate the last amount owed to Holland and most likely Germany has resumed her repatriation.
This gold is valued at $42.20 per oz and thus 1.516587 million oz (47.17 tonnes) leaves the bank.
We know that Holland was to receive its last 3 tonnes in November (they have thus repatriated 122.5 tonnes from the beginning of 2014). Since Germany is the only country that officially has asked for her gold back, you can safely assume that Germany has received 44 tonnes of her 1500 tonne hoard held in NY back to Frankfurt.
The repatriation leaves behind a HUGE MESS OF DERIVATIVES as there is approximately 100 paper obligations per one oz of gold repatriated!
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Spot The Difference

from Zero hedge:

With the S&P 500 having now tripled-and-then-some off the March 2009 lows, we thought it noteworthy to note that today, Bloomberg’s Commodity Index dropped below those financial crisis lows for the first time. As is evident from the chart, throughout history, the raw materials of ‘business’ and the stock of ‘business’ had high and positive correlations but since the Fed ended QE2, suffered equity weakness and then folded and re-engaged money-printing largesse with Operation Shift, the relationship between commodities and stocks has been utterly negative. Different this time? Or all smoke and mirrors? time will tell…

Richard Russell – We Will See Radical Events Collapse Global Currencies

from KingWorldNews:
Richard Russell:Warren Buffet was asked how he came to be one of the richest men on earth. He answered that, 1) he was lucky enough to be born in America, 2) he had good genes, and has lived to his eighties, and 3) he understood the almost miraculous power of compounding through time.
Turning to the present situation, copper has fallen to a four-year low, and oil has dropped into the fifties. The Fed has not been able to crank the economy up to its desired level of 2% inflation. The Fed, in its frantic effort to counter deflation by producing inflation, has turned almost everything into a bubble. Bonds are in a bubble, stocks are in a bubble, real estate is in a bubble. The Fed has created an “everything bubble.”
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Greek Turmoil Could Spread – Risk of Bail-Ins in U.S. and Globally

by Mark O’Byrne, Gold Core:
Greece’s financial markets are in turmoil again as a vote in parliament – failing to elect a new president – made a general election inevitable. Greek markets saw severe sell offs , with yields on Greek government bonds rising and shares prices collapsing 13% at one point yesterday and closing 7% lower on the day.
Greek bank shares collapsed by even more. Two of Greece’s largest banks, Piraeus bank and Alpha bank, shed more than 14% of their share value as concerns of bank solvency, bank runs and Cyprus style bail-ins reemerged.
Market reaction elsewhere was mixed with markets in low volume Christmas trading. Northern European stock markets, the FTSE, DAX and CAC, eked out small gains while southern markets saw renewed jitters.
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Meanwhile, The McDonalds Riots Continue

After a customer went berserk 2 days ago over 40 cents, it appears the McDonalds Riots are contagious...

Is Ukraine Hiding A Huge Radiation Leak At The Largest Nuclear Power Plant In Europe?

Two days ago we reported of the odd coincidence of a 2nd emergency shutdown at Ukraine's Zaporozhye Nuclear reactor - Europe's largest nuclear power plant - following our earlier fears of disinformation. Today, we get information of a leaked report sourced from three different place - unconfirmed for now (but RT is trying to verify) - that Ukrainian nuclear scioentists misled the public and a radioactive leak has been detected - citing the country’s emergency services claiming that levels of radiation are 16.3 times the legally permitted norm.

Saudi Facing Largest Deficit In Its History

The nearly 50 percent plunge in the price of oil during the past six months is expected to leave oil-rich Saudi Arabia with its first budget deficit since 2011 and the largest in its history. Oil is the principal, if not the only, resource in Saudi Arabia, so it’s clear that the price of oil has a strong influence on how the country’s annual budget is drawn up. Different analyses, however, provide different answers to how Riyadh has forecast the commodity’s value. Four of these reports say the Saudi budget is predicated on oil averaging $55 to $63 per barrel in 2015.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Understanding BIG BANG 2015.75

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
The Trading Money Center New York bankers did a brilliant sales job on policymakers, central bankers, and economists that the way to stabilize the world economy was to securitize everything. This combined with what they called the “Originate and Distribute Model” would lead to the promised-land in finance.  Indeed, financial intermediation has changed dramatically over the last two decades as banks have changed the historical model of banking. The new model adapted by banks has really departed from the long-established relationship model where banks channeled funds between lenders and borrowers to build the economy. In today’s Wild West banking, an important change in the way banks provide credit to corporations has altered everything. Banks have replaced the traditional the Originate-to-Hold Model where they historically originated loans and kept them on their balance sheets until maturity. This required knowing your client and indeed was what I call Relationship Banking. Over time, however, banks began increasingly to distribute the loans they originated giving birth to a more Transactional Banking establishment known as the Originate-to-Distribute Model. With this change, banks limited the growth of their balance sheets but maintained a key role in the origination of corporate loans, and in the process contributed to the growth of nonbank financial intermediaries. Hence, everything became the Securitization Model that truly has inspired then Wild West style banking of Transactional Banking that has led to trading for profit.
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Wall Street casino: The derivatives crisis

by PressTV, via Investment Watch Blog:
The derivatives market is the Las Vegas of the world’s financial super elite, worth anywhere between 2 to 8 quadrillion dollars compared to about 70 trillion dollars of world GDP. We look at the so-called financial innovations of Wall Street from Collateralized Debt Obligations to Mortgage Backed Securities.

When Fearmongering Goes Bad: Greece Scrambles To Prevent Deposit Run Goldman Warned About In Its "Worst Case"

Recall that just over two weeks ago, none other than Greek currency swap expert Goldman (alongside Jean-Claude Juncker who quite explicitly warned Greeks not "to vote wrong") came out with a Fire and Brimstone worst-case scenario which was nothing but an attempt at fearmongering designed to scare Greek MPs into doing Samaras' bidding, in which it said not electing the designated presidential candidate may lead to a worst-case scenario which involves a "Cyprus-style prolonged bank holiday." Basically what Goldman said is that unless Greece quickly folds back in line and does as the unelected Brussels eurocrats demand, there will be a Cyprus-style bank closure coupled with preemptied bank runs. Well.... oops. Because if that was the doubled-down bluff, then Greece just called it, and the "downside scenario" is now in play.

The 2.6 Billion Dollar Welfare Payment That The U.S. Government Gives To Wal-Mart

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
Should the federal government be spending billions of dollars to pump up Wal-Mart’s profits? I know that question sounds really bizarre, but unfortunately this is essentially what is happening. Because Wal-Mart does not pay them enough money, hundreds of thousands of Wal-Mart employees enroll in Medicaid, food stamps and other social welfare programs. Even though Wal-Mart makes enormous profits, they refuse to properly take care of their employees so the federal government has to do it. And of course this is not just a Wal-Mart problem. There are hundreds of other major corporations doing exactly the same thing. And they will keep on doing it as long as they can because relying on the federal government to take care of their employees allows them to make much larger profits. This gives these companies an enormous competitive advantage and it distorts the marketplace. If you love the free enterprise system, you should be aghast at this. Our big corporations have become the biggest “welfare queens” of all, and Wal-Mart is near the top of that list.
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Obamacare: How Screwed Are You?

by Rodney Lee Conover, The Daily Sheeple:
ObamaCare was never about healthcare, the poor, insurance, or anything else.
It’s about controlling the populace, paying off cronies, donors, supporters and expanding the size and authority of the central government.
You think they cared that no one could get on the website and actually sign up for ObamaCare before the 2012 election?
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U.S. new home sales fall for second straight month in November

from Reuters:
Sales of new U.S. single-family homes fell for a second straight month in November, a sign that the housing market recovery remains fragile.
The Commerce Department said on Tuesday that sales declined 1.6 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 438,000 units. October’s sales pace was revised down to 445,000 units from 458,000 units.
Economists polled by Reuters had forecast new home sales rising to a 460,000-unit pace last month.
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DIRTY SHAME: CNN’s Don Lemon Makes ‘Worst Journalism List of 2014′

by Shawn Helton, 21st Century Wire:
According to an end of the year list complied by Columbia Journalism Review, CNN’s host Don Lemon was named as one of the worst journalists of 2014. While this should come as no surprise, this latest stain on Lemon’s resume is further proof that major media outlets and their propaganda puppets have lost the plot.
The fact that CNN’s Lemon, received this disgraceful ranking from CJR is more than a little eye-opening when you consider that the the well-known magazine’s chairman, Victor Navasky, is a former editor and publisher of the decidedly leftist magazine The Nation. Perhaps Lemon’s review signals a shift in the propaganda machine at CNN and that he, like other lefty anchor hatchet-men (Martin Bashir) before him, have been exposed for their poor taste and lack of credibility in the field of journalism.
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

North Korea Trolls Obama: Compares US President To "A Monkey In A Tropical Jungle"

While North Korea had made it very clear that it had nothing to do with the Sony hack, it did demand a full UN-backed investigation, a proposal quickly shot down by none other than the US which always demands full "transparency" of all actions except when actions are its own, or when the resulting transparency would shine an unwanted light on the hypocrisy behind US national interests. Furthermore, in its first statements regarding The Interview, North Korea was actually quite cordial, and said nothing offensive regarding Obama. All that changed overnight when in its first official statement since its Internet went dark - something which if indeed North Korea did not hack Sony, as it claims, would be seen as a clear act of war if it were to happen to any other "developed" country - North Korea finally lost it and decided that the time to troll the US president has finally arrived, when, as the TV anchor says beginning 1:10 minutes in the clip blow, "Obama always goes reckless in speech and action like a monkey in a tropical jungle."

Civil Asset Forfeiture: The Final Stage Of Collapse Of Empire

This is the final stage of the collapse of the Roman Empire. When the state runs out of money, it historically attacks the people. In Rome, whole armies began sacking their own cities to get paid. The police are doing just that. Whatever they can confiscate goes to funding their own pensions. This is a national problem that will only get much worse going into 2020. We have nobody in Washington representing the people any more.

Air Asia Confirms Lost Contact With Indonesia Flight After Crew Asked For "Unusual Route", 155 Passengers On Board

An Air Asia Indonesia flight from Surabaya in east Java to Singapore carrying 155 passengers has gone missing, Air Asia has confirmed. As Bloomberg reported, the flight departed Surabaya at 5:20am local time and lost contact soon after... Contact was lost at 6:17 a.m. local time (23:17 GMT on Saturday), after the crew asked for an “unusual route.” The latest discussions are that the loss of contact could be weather-related.

Malaysian Prime Minister Forced To Defend His "Golf Diplomacy" With Obama

Amid floods that have forced 100,000 people from their homes, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been forced to defend his recent golf outing with President Obama in Hawaii. As The Hill reports, Najib has come under fire at home, cutting short his trip on Friday to return to Malaysia amid headlines such as the Malaysia Chronicle's "Stop Playing Golf, Najib," which appeared above images of the flooding and of Najib on the golf course with Obama.

Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Power Plant Suffers 2nd Emergency Shutdown In 3 Weeks

Following a reported "minor" accident three weeks ago, Ukraine's Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Europe's largest and the 5th biggest in the world, was shutdown. The 'glitch' it appears has reoccurred as RT reports, one of the reactors at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant has automatically shut down. Causes are still being investigated.

Spot The Odd One Out

Sometimes you just have to smile (but mostly just scream). Volatilities across all asset classes have crashed back towards complacent levels in the last few days as, apparently driven by utter confusion by The Fed, stocks have soared, vol compressed, and risk vanquished. There is, however, one asset that is back at near-record-high vol..

Caught On Tape: McDonalds Customer Goes Berserk Over A Fistful Of Cents

Half a century ago, Clint Eastwood killed a whole lot of people  for "a fistful of dollars." This Christmas, a particularly agitated customer nearly killed the staff at a McDonalds over the matter of a fistful of cents, or some $0.40 to be precise. The best part: it was all caught on tape.

Only War, Inflation And Financial Collapse Can End The Global "Plutonomy", According To Citi

China Bans Christmas And This Happens To Google Traffic

Very quietly and under the radar, authorities in China have cracked down on Christmas celebrations in China, deeming them "Western spiritual pollution." As CNMNews reports, for several years, a virtual rush to convert to Christianity has been underway in China, both in its Protestant and Catholic versions. The Department of Education this year issued a directive to limit Christianity’s appeal to young people, banning Christmas events and celebrations in schools and kindergartens, deemed “kitsch” and “un-Chinese”. The crackdown has also been spreading to universities and colleges nationwide. The result is nowhere more evident than in Google's traffic in China...

ISIS Claims 2nd Fighter Jet Downed Near Baghdad, Pilot Captured

While the US-led coalition claims that the first fighter jet was "not downed" by ISIS, the fact that ISIS is now claiming to have downed a 2nd fighter jet in Balad (north of Baghdad) and captured the pilot, suggests the west may not be being entirely honest (two 'crashes' in a week is perhaps more worrisome than 2 'shot down' in a week). What is even more disturbing is the fact that ISIS has taken to social media to ask how the first captured Jordanian pilot should die...

The Line Between Rational Speculation and Market Collapse

"Current equity valuations provide no margin of safety for long-term investors. One might as well be investing on a dare..."