Monday, April 3, 2017

Confirmed: Susan Rice "Unmasked" Trump Team

Bloomberg has just confirmed that Susan Rice repeatedly requested to "unmask" Trump aides picked up on intercepts of other people

NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pizzagate At State Department (VIDEO)

from The Sleuth Journal:
The DC pedophile ring has been around far longer than most people can imagine, and while today it has somehow been given the status of ‘fake news’ and relegated to the crazy conspiracy theory level, there was a time when even the mainstream media was reporting on it.
In this case, NBC News at one point had reported that a top State Department official had instructed investigators to cease investigation into sexual misconduct by State Department personnel and at least one ambassador. And who was in charge of the State Department at that time? None other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
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Trump Admin Cracks Down On Visas For Coders

As Nasdaq reaches ever record-er, record highs, it seems the ability to create a "Hello World" app is no longer enough to warrant an H1-B visa according to new guidelines from the Trump administration.

Why Are Stocks Unhappy: RBC Looks Below The Surface Of Today's Selling

US stocks today are all about watching for sub-index level signs of ‘April Effect’ commencement (as per Friday afternoon’s “Big Picture” note).  There will be certain buy-side ‘performance pain’ IF the market was to see a perpetuation of the ‘recent’ April ‘momentum-unwind’ phenomenon.

The Auto Industry Is About To Drive Off A Cliff, Again

We knew cheap money would be too much for auto executives to refuse and oversupply was a sure bet! So will be the industry's return to the Washington "substance abuse center".  Expect the industry to be back at the government feeding trough asking for help.

Rand Tumbles After S&P Downgrades South Africa To Junk: Full Text

While CDS markets had largely priced in a downgrade (with levels approaching those of Brazl), FX markets seemed surprised when moments ago S&P downgraded South Africa to junk, cutting it from BBB- to BB+, in the aftermath of last week's sacking of finance minister Gordhan by president Zuma.

Musktopia Here We Come!

It ought to be sign of just how delusional the nation is these days that Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X is taken seriously.

Gorsuch "Nuclear Option" Could "Fundamentally Transform" The Senate Forever

"If we continue on the path we’re on right now, the very next time there’s a legislative proposal that one side of the aisle feels is so important they cannot let their base down, the pressure builds, then we’re going to vote the nuclear option on the legislative piece.  That’s what will happen. Somebody will do it."

As Quota Compliance Tumbles, Is The End Of OPEC Near?

Among the 10 members bound by production caps, compliance weakened to 89 percent of pledged reductions from 104 percent, raising the question: Is OPEC, which has far exceeded the average life of cartels, on the brink of failure...

Tesla Shares Hit Record High

Tesla shares just hit a new all time high above $292, surging over % on the day, following Sunday's report that first-quarter vehicle deliveries jumped 69% from a year ago to a quarterly record of 25,000 vehicles, and bouncing back from delays in the previous quarter.

MUST READ: Econ 101– Silver Market Manipulation

I hope this helps you to understand the forces that are aligned against you as a silver investor. However, do not despair. No fraud can last indefinitely and no institution built upon a foundation of lies and deceit can stand the test of time.
by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:
Some say that everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. I suppose that’s true to some extent. However, to fully understand the forces at play in Comex Digital Metal, it might be good to review some of the basic economics that are often taught in introductory Econ classes at your local college or university.
Let’s start with a chart. It doesn’t really matter which one and, in fact, I just chose this one at random. Below is a one-week chart of the stock of Coca-Cola. Note that KO had some ups and downs last week but was mostly sideways in a price range.
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Horrifying New Study Shows People Willing to Hurt Complete Strangers Just to Obey Authority

by Justin Gardner, The Free Thought Project:
For the state to make war, it must convince the populace that killing other people is just and necessary. Many different rationalizations have cropped up over the millennia – from controlling resources to exterminating races to “fighting terrorism” – but murdering strangers requires a particular obedience to authority.
Fifty years ago, psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted the Milgram experiment, which measured the willingness of study participants to hurt others, even when it conflicts with their personal conscience, in the interest of obeying authority. The results, published in 1963, showed that a very high percentage of participants were willing to follow orders and cause serious injury to others.
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McDonald’s New ‘Fresh Beef’ Burger Accidentally Reveals Another Problem

by Carey Wedler, The Anti Media:
Amid continuous bouts of bad press and slumping sales, fast food giant McDonald’s has put significant resources into revamping its brand. It has experimented with all-day breakfast, salad options, and various new additions to its menus all around the world, including chocolate drizzled fries. In its latest attempt to counteract bad publicity, McDonald’s announced this week that starting next year, its popular Quarter Pounder burger will be made with fresh beef.
This might leave some wondering what kind of beef they were using before. The restaurant chain was, like many major fast food companies, using frozen patties. According to a company press release, however, McDonald’s will now “serve fresh beef, prepared when ordered, in all Quarter Pounder burgers across the majority of its restaurants.” Hawaii and Alaska will not be included in the new program “because of the distance and the logistics involved in shipping there,” according to McDonald’s spokesperson Becca Hary.
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Matt Drudge: “There Is A Crisis On Many Fronts… I Suspect There Is Sabotage”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
Top news reporter Matt Drudge crashed the Michael Savage show this weekend to discuss the state of affairs in Washington D.C.
Drudge recently Tweeted his discontent with the Republican Party, going so far as to say that “Republicans lied about tax cuts” and that he wants his “vote back.”
On the Michael Savage show, Drudge doubled down on his frustrations:
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The First-Ever ‘Codeword’ Leak

by Porter Stansberry, Casey Research:
Today, we need to share an urgent message with you from our longtime friend, Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry. If you’ve never heard of Porter, he’s known for doing some of the most significant work in the financial newsletter business.
What you’re about to read is deeply troubling—and there’s a good chance you won’t believe it. (Even Porter admits he thought it was another conspiracy theory at first.) But the fact is, right now, a secret civil war is being waged in Washington D.C.
Porter just received the terrifying details from one of his confidential sources—the “Metropolitan Man.” This man is one of the most powerful and connected men in the world… He pulls all the levers of power in Washington—completely behind closed doors. Here’s what you need to know…
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It’s Official, Pentagon Will Now Keep Troop Count In Iraq And Syria Secret

by Annabelle Bamforth, Activist Post:
The U.S. Central Command recently announced that troop numbers in Iraq and Syria will no longer be reported to the public. In its announcement, CENTCOM spokesman Army Col. John Thomas declared that “capabilities, not numbers,” should be the area of focus, and the public will be given general estimates of troop sizes in the future.
Jason Ditz of points out that the Obama administration was already less than forthcoming about the number of soldiers sent to these areas by utilizing a variety of tactics, including “deliberately omitting large numbers of troops from the official count by labeling them ‘temporary.’”
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What Is America Going To Look Like When Stocks, Home Prices And Even Used Cars All Crash By At Least 50 Percent?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
Have you ever thought about what comes after the bubble? In 2008 we got a short preview of what life will be like, but most Americans seem to have come to the conclusion that the last financial crisis was just a minor bump in the road toward endless economic prosperity. But of course the truth is that the ridiculously high debt-fueled standard of living that we are enjoying now is not sustainable, and after this bubble bursts it will be an extremely painful adjustment for our society.
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