Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Slams 'Fake News' Lies That Sweden's Mass Immigration "Is Working Out Just Beautifully"

"Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!"

Trumps Picks Retired General McMaster As National Security Adviser

In a brief statement from Mar-a-Lago, President Trump has confirmed retired Lt. General H.R. McMaster  as his national security adviser.

Why Its Big Bet On Westinghouse Nuclear Is Bankrupting Toshiba

Radical breaks from past designs sometimes work in industries that require little up-front capital, like Internet companies. It's now clear that they are deadly when it comes to nuclear.

Kim Jong Nam Assassination Caught On Tape

Chilling closed-circuit security footage has emerged of the killing of Kim Jong Nam last week, showing two attackers took less than three seconds to carry out the assault on the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

A Brief History Of US Intelligence

"Mission accomplished..."


This Oil Nation Aims To Colonize Mars

The UAE may not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks of space exploration, but it has big plans to colonize mars, and it’s got the oil money to do it.

Prospects For A Quick Obamacare Repeal Are Fading Fast

Trump:  "It's in the process, and maybe it will take till sometime into next year, but we are certainly going to be in the process.  It's very complicated."

Fumbling Towards Collapse

"...the real issue hidden in plain sight is how America - indeed all the so-called 'developed' nations - are going to navigate to a stepped-down mode of living, without slip-sliding all the way into a dark age, or something worse."

Russian Ambassador To UN Vitaly Churkin Has "Died Suddenly" In New York; Putin "Deeply Upset"

Vitaly Churkin, who served as Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations since 2006, "died suddenly" in New York, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced. Churkin was at the Russian embassy when he became sick with a “cardiac condition” around 9:30 am, and was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where he died.

About Those "Overly Optimistic" Trump GDP Forecasts, There's Just One Thing

While armchair and tenured economists took Trump to task last week over his reportedly "overly optimistic" GDP projections, it is worth recalling that in 2009 when Obama took office in the midst of a recession, the former president projected GDP growth of 3.5% to 4.5% for 2010-2014. He never even got above 3%.

"Fake Data": Economists Concerned Trump Administration Will Adopt 'Alternative' Economic Facts

"The worst thing he could do -- and I see this as a real danger -- would be to politicize the agencies that produce government economic data, to put people in place that will skew the numbers in his favor.  If that happens, the data will be useless, and we’ll essentially be flying blind when it comes to the true state of the economy.”

Was The Catalyst Fund Really The Catalyst?

"I want to believe that it was not, because the alternative, that liquidity has devolved to the point that a relatively small and formerly obscure fund can drive the entire market for days on end is quite scary as both a trader and investor."

The NY Times Asks "How Can We Get Rid Of Trump?"

A desperate cry for help from The New York Times: "is there any way out?"

German Minister Calls For 'Plan B': "Greece Should Pledge Gold, Real Estate For New Loans"

"...aid should only be given against a pledge in the form of cash, gold or real estate... We need a plan B."

Bill Gates Embraces "Tax The Robots" Socialist Idiocy: Four Questions For The World's Richest Man

Robots are taking human jobs. But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies’ use of them, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund other types of employment - such as taking care of elderly people or working with kids in schools, for which needs are unmet and to which humans are particularly well suited.

Mattis "We're Not In Iraq To Seize Anybody's Oil"

In the latest distancing by Trump administration advisors from recent statements by the President, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Baghdad on an unannounced visit on Monday to discuss the war effort against ISIS, and said that the US military is not in Iraq "to seize anybody’s oil."

The Week's Key Economic And Financial Events

In this holiday-shortened week, attention will be on the US FOMC minutes, housing data and consumer confidence. There will be GDP, PMI and inflation releases across the Euro Area as well as the latest Greek Eurogroup meeting. Look for GDP and public finances data in the UK.

Political Turmoil Returns To Europe: French-German Spread Blows Out To Five Year Wides

Despite a calm start to European trading, with local equity bourses posting solid early gains, European political fears have returned this morning, resultin in a blow out in French government bond yields, pushing the 10y yield now higher by 5bps and 5y up 8bps, as early losses extend after latest poll shows support for anti-euro presidential candidate Marine Le Pen rising in both election rounds.

Global Stocks Rise, S&P Futures Hit New Record High Despite US Market Closure

Despite US markets being closed in observance of Washington's birthday, S&P futures spiked during overnight trading, reaching new all time highs before fading some of the gains. Both Asian and European markets traded modestly higher after paring early gains.

Democrats Suggest Invoking The 25th Amendment Unless Trump "Gets A Grip"

After questioning President Trump's sanity earlier in the week, it appears Democrats have found another narrative to cling to - invoke the 25th Amendment unless Trump "gets a grip."

The Unthinkable Just Happened In Spain

As part of the epic, multi-year criminal investigation into the doomed IPO of Spain’s frankenbank Bankia, Spain’s national court called to testify six central bankers and one financial regulator. The previously untouchable now stand accused of authorizing the public launch of Bankia in 2011 despite repeated warnings that the banking group was “unviable.”

Holland's Wilders Slams "Moroccan Scum" As Paris Over-run By Antifa

Following the under-reported chaos in Paris this week, as muslims and Antifa took over the streets following allegations of police brutality, Holland's outspoken anti-immigrant, anti-EU party leader Geert Wilders promised to crack down on "Moroccan scum" who he said were making the streets unsafe and urged the Dutch to "regain" their country as he launched his election campaign on Saturday.

Greenspan on Gold: Three Stages

by Gary North, Lew Rockwell:
“When our friends get elected, they aren’t our friends any more.” — M. Stanton Evans
My deceased friend Stan Evans became deservedly famous for this law of politics.
This law applies to high-level appointments.
Back in the days when I was starting out in my career, Alan Greenspan wrote an article for Ayn Rand’s Objectivist newsletter. It was pro-gold standard. It has been reprinted all over the Web. Back then, only a handful of us knew about it. I reviewed it in 2007 here.
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Fight of the Century

by Doug Casey, International Man:
In March 1933, the Enabling Act was passed by the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament. Its purpose was to provide Chancellor Adolf Hitler with the ability to bypass the Reichstag. It allowed him (amongst other measures) emergency powers to legally wage pre-emptive war without any further parliamentary or presidential approval, or even discussion.
In January 2017, H.J. Res 10 was introduced to the US House of Representatives. Its intent was simple and straightforward:
This joint resolution authorizes the President to use the U.S. Armed Forces as necessary in order to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
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How A Real War On Terrorism Would Look And Why The US Isn’t Fighting One

by Ulson Gunnar, Activist Post:
Since 2001, when then US President George Bush announced his “War on Terror,” presidents and politicians both in the United States and among America’s allies, have repeated this phrase and have done their utmost to convince the public that indeed, the West was fighting a “War on Terror.”
Yet there is something disturbingly ambiguous about what exactly the “War on Terror” consists of, who it’s being waged against and how it could ever possibly be brought to a successful conclusion.
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Ex-CIA Ray McGovern: German Intel Clears Russia on Interference

by Ray McGovern, The News Doctors:
Mainstream U.S. media only wants stories of Russian perfidy, so when German intelligence cleared Moscow of suspected subversion of German democracy, the silence was deafening, says ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.
After a multi-month, politically charged investigation, German intelligence agencies could find no good evidence of Moscow-directed cyber-attacks or a disinformation campaign aimed at subverting the democratic process in Germany. Undaunted, Chancellor Angela Merkel has commissioned a new investigation.
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As Merkel’s Kryptonite of Inflation Suddenly Emerges, the Beleaguered German Chancellor Points to Draghi and the Euro

from Rogue Money:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has efficiently kept her office over the past decade by primarily ensuring that the German economy has been insulated from the most important economic data point in the minds of the people… that being inflation.
In fact with Germany being the most powerful EU nation when it comes to trade and economic growth, the deflation that has suffused the West since the 2008 financial crisis has actually been a bonus for Merkel’s administration and political party. So much so that even with her controversial policy of allowing millions of Islamic refugees and immigrants to come into Germany to feed off the welfare trough and raise the crime rate, it has only put a minor dent in her chances to win back the highest office in the oncoming elections.
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Why The Wall Street Journal’s Failed Fake News Attack on PewDiePie May Be What Finally Brings The MSM Down – Nathan McDonald

by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:
What in the world is going on? What is happening? 2017 is already shaping up to be a year when the world is turned upside down, spun around and jettisoned into deep space.
The mainstream media, the “lamestream media”, or call them whatever you like is losing their grip on reality. The reason why this is happening is simply because they are losing their grip on the narrative and they can’t stand it.
For those of us in the gold and silver industry, we are way ahead of the curve. We have been smeared by the financial media for decades. GATA has been targeted as conspiracy theorist, even though just about everything they have said has been proven true over the course of time, as have many other “theories” by prominent names in the industry.
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How to Grow Garlic From a Single Clove

by Amy Goodrich, Natural News:
Often described as the stinking rose, garlic’s culinary and medicinal uses date back to ancient times. In fact, the father of Western medicine, the Greek physician Hippocrates, once described it as a cure for a variety of medical conditions. And right he was. Over the years, modern science has backed up many of his ancient health claims.
From reducing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, to supporting bone health and protecting vital organs from heavy metal toxicity, garlic seems to do it all. It owes its strong medicinal health effects and pungent smell to a sulfur compound called allicin. This powerful phytochemical has been shown to be 100 times more effective than some antibiotics, without harming friendly gut bacteria. (RELATED: Learn more about nutritional medicine at
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