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This Is The "Big Weather Pattern Change" That Is Sparking NatGas' Massive Rally

"Fed Policy Is Toxic," Michael Burry Warns "The Little Guy Will Pay" For The Next Crisis

"We are right back at it: trying to stimulate growth through easy money. It hasn’t worked, but it’s the only tool the Fed’s got. The biggest hope I had was that we would enter a new era of personal responsibility. Instead, we doubled down on blaming others, and this is long-term tragic..."

Timeframe For Coming Economic Crisis — Mike Maloney

from Mike Maloney:

Marc Faber Dials In From Thailand, Sees Another Recession

“I think 10-year USTs are quite attractive because of my outlook for the weakening economy. Actually I believe we’re already entering a recessionin the US. Given the weakness in the global economy and the deceleration of growth in the U.S., I would imagine that by next year the Fed will cut rates once again and launch QE4."

The Plutocrats Are Winning (Don't Let Them!)

The $1.15 trillion spending bill passed by Congress last Friday and quickly signed by President Obama is just the latest triumph in the plutocratic management of politics that has accelerated since 9/11...proof that Washington can work. Mainstream media didn’t stop to ask: “Yes, but work for whom?” Instead, the anchors acted as amplifiers for official spin - repeating the mantra-of-the-hour that while this is not “a perfect bill,” it does a lot of good things. “But for whom? At what price?” went unasked. Secrecy today. Secrecy tomorrow. Secrecy forever. They are determined that we not know who owns them.

Wall St. Predict 2016 WORSE Than 2015 as Global Economy Sinks Like Titanic!

from The Money GPS:

JP Morgan Employees Said To Steal $400,000 From Eight Dead Clients

Can Donald Trump Do No Wrong?

It appears that no matter what he says, does, or is alleged to have said or done, The Donald's rating continue to rise. As Bloomberg notes in the following chart of his 'success' so far, Trump's controversial comments appear highly correlated with his poll standings as the latest poll shows his support is now larger than that of his next three rivals combined...

Turkish, Greek Jets Engage In Dogfight Over Mediterranean

According to eKathimerini, Greek and Turkish jets just got into a dogfight over the Aegean Sea on Tuesday when Ankara's warplanes violated Greek airspace nine times. Two of the Turkish planes "were armed."

Nothing "Schizophrenic" About Today's Abysmal 5 Year Auction

We were fully expecting not only a tail, but a whopping tail in today's weak market. And that is precisely what we got when moments after we learned that the When Issued was trading at 1.774% before the 1pm announcement, the 5 Year printed at 1.78%, a tail of 1.1 bps, a mirror image of yesterday's squeeze into the auction!

The Dark Side Of A Record $5 Trillion In Mergers: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Imminent Layoffs

The winners from a $5 trillion M&A bubble: Wall Street bankers will make hundreds of millions in M&A fees. The losers: hundreds of thousands of workers who are about to be laid off, pardon, "synergized."

"Fed Policy Is Toxic," Michael Burry Warns "The Little Guy Will Pay" For The Next Crisis

"We are right back at it: trying to stimulate growth through easy money. It hasn’t worked, but it’s the only tool the Fed’s got. The biggest hope I had was that we would enter a new era of personal responsibility. Instead, we doubled down on blaming others, and this is long-term tragic..."

"2016 Will Be No Fun" - Doug Kass Unveils 15 Surprises For The Year Ahead

My overriding theme and the central drama for the coming year is that unexpected events can take on greater importance as the Federal Reserve ends its near-decade-long Zero Interest Rate Policy. Consensus premises and forecasts will likely fall flat, in a rather spectacular manner. The low-conviction and directionless market that we saw in 2015 could become a no-conviction and very-much-directed market (i.e. one that's directed lower) in 2016. There will be no peace on earth in 2016, and our markets could lose a cushion of protection as valuations contract. (Just as "malinvestment" represented a key theme this year, we expect a compression of price-to-earnings ratios to serve as a big market driver in 2016.) In other words, we don't think 2016 will be fun.

Google's Enterprise Value Quietly Surpasses Apple

For the first time since early 2014, "no brainer" Apple's Enterprise Value has fallen below that of its tech giant super-hero nemesis Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google). Since early July, Apple has lost a stunning $112 billion of 'value' while Alphabet has added over $150 billion. In September we asked "have we reached peak Apple?" it appears, for now, the answer is in.

Asia's Largest Commodity Trader Was Just Downgraded To Junk: Collateral Calls Next?

"Moody's downgrades Noble Group to Ba1; outlook negative.... "The downgrade of Noble's ratings reflects Moody's concerns over the company's liquidity," says Joe Morrison, a Moody's Vice President and Senior Credit Officer. The Ba1 ratings also reflect low levels of profitability and consistent negative free cash flow from core operating activities, which exclude proceeds from asset sales."

Inbetween Rounds Of Golf Obama Sends His Condolences After Deadly Winter Storms Slam US

In the aftermath of the first deadly winter storm of the year, a dazed and confused nation suddenly finds itself in need of leadership. Unfortunately, it won't get it: "Obama offered condolences for those who lost their lives and for those who lost their homes in the tornadoes." He then spent the next 6 hours golfing and was "all smiles."

Trump Just Turned The Tables On Hillary By Pointing Out 1 Huge Thing About Bill She Won’t Want To Hear

from Western Journalism:

After Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of “having a penchant for sexism,” the billionaire candidate turned the tables on her by reminding the former First Lady of Bill Clinton’s sordid record with women. Hillary has described her husband as her “secret weapon” and has announced that he will be joining her on the campaign trail in Iowa.
The former secretary of state’s remarks about Trump came in response to a question by the Des Moines Register over the weekend, when the candidate was asked about the businessman’s description of her as getting “schlonged” in her 2008 run against Barack Obama.
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Treasury Curve Collapses To Flattest In 8 Years

This was not supposed to happen. The spread between the 2Y Treasury yield (which is soaring 7bps today) and 10Y (higher by 3bps) has plunged back below 120bps. The current cliff-edge has been support for the curve four times in the last 8 years but with GC rates blowing out to 7 year highs, one wonders if the size of the moves means we break to new regime lows.

If You Want To Limit The Power Of The Super-Wealthy, Stop Using Their Money

Everyone who is convinced that the current status quo is permanent and unbreakable should consider what happened to the super-wealthy private landholders of the Western Roman Empire. When the empire's power to coerce broke down, the super-wealthy vanished into the dustbin of history. Few believed that possible in 475 AD, but history isn't a matter of belief. Believing it isn't possible doesn't stop history.

Young Americans' Confidence In Economy Surges As Hopes Of "55 And Older" Shatter

Consumer Confidence among Over-55 Americans is at its lowest since September 2014. On the other hand, confidence among the Under-35 generation is its highest in 9 years (as the lowest income earners saw the largest surge in confidence in history - from 44.2. to 73.4). The 'optimism' gap between young and old Americans has never, ever been greater, which is ironic since it is the 55-and-older generation who have record jobs (while those 25-54 have collapsed since the great recession).

In The "Year When Nothing Worked", This Handful Of Traders Made Billions

While most hedge funds will be glad to close the books on a year in which they once again dramatically underperformed a market which hugged the flatline courtesy of just a few stocks (even as most stocks posted substantial declines) and where "hedge fund hotels" such as Valeant suffered dramatic implosions, a handful of traders generated impressive returns for their investors and made billions by going against the herd.

2016 Is An Easy Year To Predict

No year is ever easy to predict, if only because if it were, that would take all the fun out of life. But still, predictions for 2016 look quite a bit easier than other years. This is because a whole bunch of irreversible things happened in 2015 that were not recognized for what they are, either intentionally or by ‘accident’. Things that will therefore now be forced to play out in 2016, when denial will no longer be an available option. Simply put, 2016 will be the year when a lot of ‘underlying wealth’ evaporates.

The 5 Stages of the Silver Stacker

from TruthNeverTold:

Will The New Swiss Referendum Reign in the Banking Beast, or Create a New Monster?

from The Wealth Watchman:
As we head into 2016, the global financial system continues to teeter all around us. Years of virtually zero-percent interest rates in the US, along with stagnant rates the world over(accompanied by chronic unemployment), have made many do a complete rethink of what money and currency is, what it should be, and how it should be created.
These questions must be considered by any populace longing to be free, and who wish to determine their own destiny. For too long, the oligarchs in our world have called the shots, and determined those things for us, without ever asking us if that’s what we wanted. That’s why when I recently read this headline about how a European country is attempting some very serious banking & monetary reforms, I was very encouraged.
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from The Daily Sheeple:

For decades the concerns surrounding the fluoridation of our water supply have been derided as absurd. If you tried to claim that fluoride might not be an appropriate substance for maintaining dental health, you were called a quack. Or worse, if you tried to suggest that fluoridated water was actually harmful to overall human health, you were called a conspiracy theorist.
You really couldn’t broach the subject without being compared to General Ripper from Dr. Strangelove. If you think fluoride is bad for you, then surely you must think its presence in our water supply is part of a communist plot to sap your precious bodily fluids.
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If you give up cash...the banker bastards with the help of your government will do the same...only legally...

Thieves draining VISA and other gift cards before you can use them

from The Victory Report:

A Federal Judge Just Shamed The DEA For Fabricating Sham Cases To Justify War On Drugs

by Justin Gardner, The Free Thought Project:

Since the War on Drugs began in earnest under Nixon and Reagan, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has ruined millions of lives for nonviolent, victimless behavior. The DEA’s drug crusade is not limited to the homeland either, as it also has sole responsibility for pursing international drug investigations.
After 9/11, among the many travesties of the Patriot Act was a little-known section that gave the DEA powerful new abilities, under the guise of “narco-terrorism.” The agency says that these new pursuits are promoting national security, and it uses the purported success to lobby Congress for more funding.
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Will Iran, China, Russia Push US Dollar to the Brink of Extinction?

from Sputnik News:

Iran is moving forward to get rid of the US dollar as a means of payment, independent researcher Timothy Alexander Guzman points out, adding that Washington has obviously shot itself in the foot by imposing sanctions on Moscow and Tehran.
The supremacy of the US dollar is in danger: more and more countries around the world are seeking to replace the American currency, independent researcher and writer Timothy Alexander Guzman notes, pointing to a series of Russo-Iranian agreements aimed at stopping mutual settlements in US dollars with foreign countries.
“This past March, Iran and Russia signed an agreement to jointly create a regulation committee to ‘oversee interbank financial transactions between the two countries.
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