Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ron Paul Sums Up Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winning President Obama In One Short Sentence

"...Sounds about right for a president who bombed 7 nations and became the first in U.S. history to be at war every single day of his eight year administration..."

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Has 14 Days To Start World War III

by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:
Barack O’Bomber was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize before he even became President. And he hasn’t had one day of peace in his eight years.
And, he now has 14 days left and appears to be trying to foment World War III with his remaining opportunity.
Long ago O’Bomber accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, but didn’t do anything to either justify or deserve it. More recently he’s actually done a lot to repudiate it.
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How Dare one of their own tell the truth...

Santelli 'Meets The Press': "You Picked Sides... On Election Night, I've Never Seen You So Unhappy"

"What's going on here is really so politically driven... I never saw you so unhappy as on election night... you picked sides, everyone picked sides... people in charge of intelligence are political as well here..."

Slavery finally outlawed in Kentucky...

Union Servitude Ends In Kentucky: State Kills Prevailing Wages, Passes Right-To-Work

In a major setback for organized labor, Kentucky passed right-to-work legislation and repealed the state’s prevailing wage law.

Neera Tanden Reveals "Hillary Will Never Run For Elected Office Again"

Just days after rumors emerged of Hillary Clinton potentially running for New York City mayor, Hillary Clinton confidante Neera Tanden told CNN that she doesn't expect Clinton to run for New York City mayor... or anything else, ever again.

The Surveillance State Did Not Disappear With The Trump Victory: "It Is Still Lurking And Completely Intact"

It hasn’t stopped, that sled of paradigm shift: it is still creeping forward.  If we are not vigilant, the machine that has come into creation this past decade will tighten its own screws and proceed on the course to global governance quietly, while no one notices. It is not so much giving the people what they want, as making them believe they’re getting what they want.

TrimTabs Says "Insatiable" ETF Buying Is Unlike It Has Anything Ever Seen, Issues A Warning

“Investor appetite for U.S. equities is seemingly insatiable,” said David Santschi, chief executive officer of TrimTabs.  “U.S. equity ETFs have had inflows on all but six trading days since the U.S. presidential election, and the buying volume has been by far the strongest we’ve ever seen.”

Martin Shkreli Suspended From Twitter For "Harassing" Female Teen Vogue Essay Writer

While hardly considered an "alt-right" personality (despite his professed support of Donald Trump), Martin Shkreli today encountered the full fury of the Jack Dorsey social media apparatus scorned, when his Twitter account was suspended. The suspension, reported first by The Verge, is allegedly in retaliation for Shkreli's "targeted harassment" against freelance reporter Lauren Duca.

It's The Debt, Stupid - Massive Borrowing Binge Producing Fake Recovery

Taken together recent economic data paint a picture of a global economy that’s finally returning to the kind of solid growth and steady, positive inflation that most people consider both normal and good. Unfortunately, the reason for the improvement is emphatically not good: In 2016 the world borrowed a huge amount of money and spent the proceeds. The result is “growth,” but not sustainable growth.

ANOTHER AMERICAN KNOWN WOLF? Fort Lauderdale Shooter Known to FBI, Worked for Security, Amid Backdrop of Mass Drills

by Shawn Helton, 21st Century Wire:

Another shocking active-shooter incident rocks America. This time, according to Florida’s Broward County Sheriff’s Department, thirteen people were shot, including five dead, after an apparent shooting rampage took place at Fort Lauderdale’s Hollywood International Airport.
At the moment, there is still no clear motive for the shooting attack and no evidence linking the suspect to terror. However, officials have yet to rule out the possibility of terrorism.
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MUST WATCH: Crisis Actor BUSTED Playing 2 Roles in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting False Flag Event

from Peekay Truth, via Human Melody:

Why Did The US Gov’t Pass a Law That Makes Staged Hoaxes & Crisis-Acted Movies LEGAL?

In light of the many false flag operations we’ve seen in recent years, we advise that you watch & share this.
from pocketsofthefuture:

Debt Surge Producing Fake Recovery

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
What do the following headlines have in common?
US wages grow at fastest pace since 2009
Euro area economy ended year with strongest growth since 2011
Surge in home prices is beating the one in mortgage rates
Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace in Two Years
German Inflation welcomed back
Obviously they’re all favorable, with the possible exception of German inflation – though even that is “welcome”. Taken together they paint a picture of a global economy that’s finally returning to the kind of solid growth and steady, positive inflation that most people consider both normal and good.
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Audit the Fed Legislation Introduced – Will Trump Back It?

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
The majority of power and influence that exists in our world today lies within the grasp of five wealthy families and their descendants, many of whom were complicit in the creation of the Federal Reserve. That has led to a devaluing of real money, replacing it with fiat currency and untold wars and corruption. Now, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, along with Representative Thomas Massie, are following in the footsteps of Ron Paul and have introduced legislation that would audit the Fed.
The Hill reports:
Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) have re-introduced legislation to “Audit the Fed,” after a similar effort stalled in the last Congress.
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