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Who Does America Believe? 84,000 Votes Later, Here Is The Answer

Trump: Only "Stupid People Or Fools" Want War With Russia

"Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Only "stupid" people, or fools, would think that it is bad!"

Steven Mnuchin Donated To One Democrat In 2016 – The Woman Who Declined To Prosecute His Bank

While $2,000 is a small amount of money, the entire thing stinks. Kamala Harris should resign from her Senate seat immediately unless she can provide a reasonable explanation of why she let OneWest off the hook. Likewise, Steven Mnuchin should be replaced by Trump as Treasury Secretary nominee. Both are swamp creatures, and we should demand better than these two.

Confessions Of A Fake News Reporter

"...Knowledge of our ignorance is power; bliss in this age is unattainable. .."

Czech Government Fears Muslim "Super-Holocaust", Urges Citizens To Shoot Them Yourselves

On the heels of Czech President Milos Zeman's warnings of a possible "super-Holocaust" carried out by Muslim terrorists, urging citizens to arm themselves, WaPo reports the country's interior ministry is pushing a constitutional change that would let citizens use guns against terrorists if police are delayed or unable to make their way to the scene of an attack.


During the last 20 years of the Soviet Union, everyone knew the system wasn’t working, but as no one could imagine any alternative, politicians and citizens were resigned to pretending that it was. Eventually this pretending was accepted as normal and the fake reality thus created was accepted as real, an effect which Yurchak termed “hypernormalisation.” Looking at events over the past few years, one wonders if our own society is experiencing the same phenomenon.

Democratic Party 'Post-Election' Strategies

Denial is not just a river in Egypt...

If you can't hold it in your hand...You don't own it...Stupid Sheeplez...

Is A Bitcoin "As Good As Gold"?

The price of Bitcoin seems to have briefly exceeded the price of gold for the first time this week; however, this comparison is completely arbitrary. Gold remains the only true global money with a size and volatility comparable to that of fiat currency.

Russians Mock, Ridicule Charge They Helped Trump Win

"I don’t think the Russians believed for a minute that Trump could really be elected. They were convinced that U.S. elites would ensure that one of their own would win. They were amazed, even aghast, at what happened."

How The Mainstream Media Turned Al Qaeda Into A US Ally In Syria

Since 9/11, US corporate media have portrayed Al Qaeda as a monstrous organization whose existence justifies a global war without end. Who could have predicted that by 2016, these same media outlets would become Al Qaeda’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders?

Citi: "There Is Something Strange Going On... Something Doesn't Smell Right"

"We Regret The Error": CNN Apologizes To Assange For Pedophilia Accusation, Issues Retraction

"We've deleted a tweet that included a video clip from New Day earlier this morning. We regret the error"

Tiny Voices, Big Dust

My name is Lydia White Calf and I am still afraid but will no longer be silenced. I am a friend to the untold numbers whose voices I hear pleading with me to tell their story.
by Lydia White Calf, Juror, SGT Report:

For Masie
I don’t know how I kept my composure. I suppose I disassociated. I may have seemed there, proud, once proud and confident about life, to all those people in that hall. I was a professional. I was fastidious about my duties in life – as a mother, a wife, a human citizen. I respected my place life had given me deeply. I did – until that 5 day episode, when everything changed forever. The challenge now and here, however, is to tell this story, this truth – and involve myself as little as possible, and that is the great hardship I face writing these words.
It was 19 years ago, and time has played a strange trick. Something stopped living in life for me that week, and a vacuum has sucked from me 19 years as the twilight itself has demanded that I am neither among the living nor the dead. Today, however, I am stepping my foot into the life of the living so I can speak for those tiny voices who have long been in the world of the dead. One often hears “A dead man cannot speak”. Does one ever ask can a child speak? Can the children speak? Yes, they can, and they are speaking right now, right here and now to you through these words. They will be silenced no more. They ask all of you to hear them, to hear what happened to them. They ask as any child would, with utter innocence. So we must all hear them together, all of us who are living. It is time.
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Saddam Hussein’s CIA Interrogator Finally Reveals Truth About Bush’s Invasion of Iraq

by Carey Wedler, The Anti Media:
Last month, former CIA analyst John Nixon made headlines when he asserted that while he was interrogating Saddam Hussein after the 2003 invasion, the dictator warned him that the U.S. would fail in Iraq.
Now, Nixon has revealed yet another unsettling detail: the Bush administration knew they were going to take on Iraq on “day one” — before the 9/11 terror attacks even occurred. In fact, they viewed Iraq as “unfinished business,” according to the former analyst.
“We never really understood at that point what unfinished business meant, but we knew that they wanted to do something,” Nixon said in an interview with BBC Radio 4′s “Today Programme” this week.
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In Stunning Last Minute Power Grab, Obama Designates Election Systems As “Critical Infrastructure”

from ZeroHedge:
In a stunning last minute power grab by the Obama administration with just 14 days left in his Presidency, the Department of Homeland Security released a statement this evening officially declaring state election systems to be “critical infrastructure.” The statement from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson defines “election infrastructure” as “storage facilities, polling places, centralized vote tabulations locations, voter registration databases, voting machines” and all “other systems” to manage the election process…so pretty much everything.
I have determined that election infrastructure in this country should be designated as a subsector of the existing Government Facilities critical infrastructure sector. Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law.
I have reached this determination so that election infrastructure will, on a more formal and enduring basis, be a priority for cybersecurity assistance and protections that the Department of Homeland Security provides to a range of private and public sector entities. By “election infrastructure,” we mean storage facilities, polling places, and centralized vote tabulations locations used to support the election process, and information and communications technology to include voter registration databases, voting machines, and other systems to manage the election process and report and display results on behalf of state and local governments.
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Agenda 21 – How Would You Like To Be Forced Into A Human Habitat?

by Makia Freeman, The Sleuth Journal:
Agenda 21 is approaching. Communism is coming to America and the world, this time cloaked in green, not red. Private property is under attack. Land is being grabbed by stealth. The US Federal Government is claiming control over more and more land, and kicking rightful owners off their property through the use of Eminent Domain, a law letting the Government take land anywhere (and usually by undercompensating the owners too). The Government (through its numerous agencies like the EPA) is also laying claim to all waterways (including small streams) in America. Cunningly, all of this is being sugar-coated and done in the name of sustainability, “saving the environment” and with the use of other nice-sounding PR terms like smart growth. That’s right; the United Nations’ communist Agenda 21 has arrived, and green is the new red.
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A Short Course in Clearing Customs

by Doug Casey, International Man:
I probably enter and leave the US about two dozen times a year. By far the most unpleasant part of traveling—more than the delays, the endless hours in a flying cigar tube, and the irregular schedules it entails—is going through customs and immigration. The people working for these agencies are about the bottom of the barrel.
I suspect many, even most, people resent being herded like cattle into lines in order to be interrogated, have their baggage rifled, and have their government-issued papers stamped. But, in years of watching my fellow citizens being processed, I find it rare that any have other than an ingratiating smile for the agent. Clearly, most Americans are whipped dogs, ready and willing to have a cavity search performed on their person if some nothing-nobody in a uniform sends them to a back room.
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Dallas Police and Fire Pension Members May Have to Pay Back Funds

by Tanya Eiserer, WFAA:
Bernie Madoff.
It’s a name now often bandied about when talking about the failing Dallas Police and Fire Pension fund.
“The reality of it is that it was a Bernie Madoff type scheme,” says Lee Kleinman, a city council member and former pension board trustee.
The city has agreed to put in an additional billion dollars over 30 years, but they’re proposing a series of bitter pills to make up the rest of the nearly $4 billion shortfall.
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Black Magic Fraud to be Exposed in 2017 – Gold Up 300X

by Egon Von Greyerz, Gold Switzerland:
At the beginning of a new year it would be totally natural to forecast what the likely events and trends will be for 2017. A lot of experts around the world will predict a number of “new” events as if a lot of things will change just because we are entering a new year.
But sadly, I will disappoint everyone and not change direction in any single area that I have been talking about for many years. Trends don’t change because we are in a new year. The principal long term trends take a long time to develop and even longer to reach a turning point.
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Frank Holmes: Gold Rally Extremely Likely in January and February

by Mike Gleason, Money Metals:
Coming up we’ll hear from Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global Investors and author of the book The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing. Frank tells us where he thinks gold is headed in the near term, gives us a 2017 outlook for the metals and tells us why he believes the next 100 days will be very key in the financial markets. Don’t miss another great interview with Frank Holmes, coming up after this week’s market update.
Precious metals markets started off the New Year with a bang. After showing some life last week, the metals complex raced higher in the first trading days of 2017, led by the mining stocks. The HUI gold miners index registered a gain of 12% this week through Thursday’s close.
As for gold itself, spot prices currently come in $20 higher for the second straight week at $1,174 an ounce to post a 1.7% advance on the week as of this Friday recording. Silver is up 2.7% this week to trade at $16.47 per ounce. But the big winners so far in the early goings of 2017 are platinum and palladium. Platinum checks in this week with a 7.0% advance to bring prices to $969 an ounce. Meanwhile, palladium now trades at $755 after gaining a whopping $72 or 10.5% so far this week and this year.
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