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Screaming Protesters Kicked Out Of Sessions' Hearing: "You Can't Arrest Me, I'm White"

"Say no to the Trump fascist regime.  We have to stop these motherfucking pigs from getting into power...."   ed note... (Pot calling Kettle Black)
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Clooney Says The U.S. Got "A Little Unlucky" With President-Elect Trump

"I think we’re going to be a little unlucky now.  We have to hope that [Trump] can do a decent job, because when the president of the United States fails, really terrible things happen.  I can only hope for the best."

Dear Self-Proclaimed "Progressives"... You're As Evil As The Neocon-Neoliberal Empire You've Enabled

Sorry, pal, you're evil. Self-righteous indignation counts for nothing in the strict accounting of real progressivism.

Why don't the "CRY BABY... SNOWFLAKES" Investigate HITLERY's Emails?

Democrats Call For Sept 11-Style Commission To Probe Russia

Democratic members of the U.S. Congress called on Monday for the creation of an independent commission to investigate Russia's attempts to intervene in the 2016 election, similar to the Sept. 11 panel that probed the 2001 attacks on the United States.

Hillary for prison, 2017.

Is Trump the Back Door Man for Henry A. Kissinger & Co?

by F. William Engdahl, New Eastern Outlook:
The term Back Door Man has several connotations. In the original blues song written by Willie Dixon, it refers to a man having an affair with a married woman, using the back door to flee before the husband comes home. During the Gerald Ford Presidency, Back Door Man was applied to Dick Cheney as Ford’s White House Chief of Staff and his “skills” at getting what he wanted through opaque means. More and more as Cabinet choices are named, it looks like the entire Trump Presidency project is emerging as Henry A. Kissinger’s “Back Door Man,” in the Cheney meaning of the term.
Long forgotten is Trump’s campaign rhetoric about draining the swamp. In October during his campaign candidate Trump issued a press release stating, “Decades of special interest dealing must come to an end. We have to break the cycle of corruption…It is time to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C…That is why I am proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again.”
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Activists Are Hoping To Turn Trump's Inauguration Into One Of The Biggest Riots In U.S. History

The election of Donald Trump has been perhaps the single most galvanizing moment for the radical left in modern American history, and they are working very hard to turn January 20th into a major political statement.

Healthcare Chaos Emerges After Trump Backtracks, Demands Immediate Repeal Of "Catastrophic" Obamacare

Backtracking on a position held as recently as yesterday (according to the WSJ), Trump today pressed Republicans to move forward with the "immediate repeal" of Obamacare, and to replace it very quickly thereafter, saying, “We have to get to business. Obamacare has been a catastrophic event.” The only problem is that there is no way to rush a replacement, and it could take as long as two years (or more).

Living Wage Idiocy And Free Money Experiments

The problem is not insufficient wages. The problem is fractional reserve lending coupled with a Fed hell-bent on creating inflation in a technologically deflationary world. Misguided minimum wages hikes, public unions, and political corruption all exacerbate the problem.

Obama Claims "Made America A Better, Stronger Place" Despite Being At War Every Day Of His 2 Terms

"We've made America a better, stronger place for the generations that will follow," is how President Obama sees his reign in a Facebook post ahead of tonight's farewell address...

Chuck Schumer Slams Republicans For Proposing $9 Trillion In New Debt

In an curious exchange in traditional roles, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed Republicans on Tuesday for advancing a fiscal year 2017 budget resolution which, while designed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also contemplates more than a $9 trillion increase in the public debt over a decade

GM Shares Jump 5% After Forecasting Higher 2017 Profits, Strong China Sales, $5 Billion Buyback

GM stock is surging after CEO Mary Barra, who is presenting at Deutsche Bank conference, gave good news to shareholders when she revealed the company's 2017 adjusted EPS forecast, which at $6.00-$6.50 was well above the consensus estimate of $5.73, and also substantially above the 2016 year end guidance which forecast the carmaker would make "at the high end" of a $5.50-$6.00 range.

Yea...Lower prices... and MORE WELFARE BUMS...

Wal-Mart To Cut "Hundreds" More Jobs Before End-January

Despite the proclamations from The White House and its lackeys that this is the best jobs recovery ever and we are at full employment, it appears all is not well at the world's third largest employer.

2017 Auctions Kick Off With Strong Showing By 3 Year Paper Courtesy Of Short Squeeze

Courtesy of the sizable short overhang coming into 1pm, today's sale of $24 billion in 3Y paper printed stronger than expected, coming in at a high yield of 1.472%, stopping through the When Issued by 0.6 bps, and 2 bps higher than the December 3Y auction of 1.452%.

The Extraordinary Size Of Amazon In One Chart

What has more value: all major publicly traded department stores in the United States, or Amazon?

Richmond Fed's "Uber-Hawkish" President Jeffrey Lacker To Retire

Just three months after Atlanta Fed president Dennis Lockhart announced he would step down as president, on Tuesday another FOMC member, the uber-hawkish president of the Richmond Fed, Jeffrey Lacker, 61, also decided to call it quits as well, and on Tuesday said he will retire as president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond on Oct. 1, after 28 years at the Richmond Bank.

Top Five Monetary Policy Issues To Watch In 2017

With a new year come new opportunities as well as new issues to take into consideration. Here are the five most important issues to keep an eye on in 2017.

Twitter still in the Shitter...

Twitter Sued By Families Of Terrorism Victims For "Providing Services To ISIS"

a lawsuit was filed against Twitter by families of three Americans killed during ISIS attacks in France and Belgium, claiming the social media platform played "a uniquely essential role in the development of ISIS' image, its success in recruiting members from around the world, and its ability to carry out attacks and intimidate its enemies."

Sessions Will Recuse Himself Of Any Probe Into Hillary Clinton, Does Not Support A Ban On Muslims

As the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing continues, Trump's nominee for attorney general said that he would recuse himself from any potential future investigations or probes involving Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while working as secretary of state, as well as any questions about her family’s philanthropic foundation.

Is Israel, Not Russia, To Blame For Hillary's Election Loss?

"Before anyone hyperventilates, I am not saying Israel was responsible. Nor am I stating Russia was not responsible. I am simply going to present “evidence” in the same fashion as the intelligence report did regarding allegations, innuendo, and a smear campaign aimed at news agency RT."

For Bill Gross, This Is The Only Thing That Matters For The Market Right Now

"This is my only forecast for the 10-year in 2017. If 2.60% is broken on the upside – if yields move higher than 2.60% – a secular bear bond market has begun. Watch the 2.6% level. Much more important than Dow 20,000. Much more important than $60-a-barrel oil. Much more important that the Dollar/Euro parity at 1.00. It is the key to interest rate levels and perhaps stock price levels in 2017." - Bill Gross

Despite OPEC Cuts, Iraq To Boost February Oil Exports To Record High

Iraq plans to raise crude exports from its southern port of Basra to an all-time high in February, Reuters reports, keeping exports high even as OPEC production cuts were supposed to take effect this month.

Job Openings, Hires, Quits And Layoffs All Rebounded In November

While too backward looking to be actionable (it reflects the labor situation with a 2 month delay), today's JOLTs report showed little in terms of changes for "Janet Yellen's favorite labor market indicator", however it did show a broad pick up in overall labor market activity as job openings, hires, quits and layoffs all rose in November.

Paul Krugman Flip-Flops...Again

Wholesale Sales Disappoint Sending Inventories-Ratio Back Into Recession Territory

November saw inventories rise more than expected (+1.0% MoM vs +0.9% exp) and sales disappoint (+0.4% vs +0.5% exp) and were notably revised lower. This sent the inventories-to-sales ratio back up again - stubbornly stuck in recessionary territory. Automotive inventories-to-sales jumped higher once again - back near cycle highs.

The Truth hurts...

Chinese Professor Fired After Criticizing Mao, Leading To Violent Protests

A Chinese professor has been sacked after he criticized Chairman Mao Zedong on his 123rd birthday in an commentary he posted online that sparked violent protests among supporters of Mao.

Live Stream: Key Things To Watch As Jeff Sessions Gets Grilled By Senate

A marathon of Senate confirmation hearings gets kicked off today starting with Jeff Sessions (R - Alabama), Trump's pick for Attorney General, starting at 9:30AM EST.  Sessions is certain to face fierce opposition from liberals who will undoubtedly bring up his "racially insensitive" comments from the 1980s and grill him on his views regarding voter I.D. laws and immigration.

The Mexican Peso Is Crashing (Again) To Record Lows

Well that was $4 billion well spent...

Trumphoria Sends Small Business Optimism Soaring Most Since 1980

Since Donald Trump won the US election, small business optimism has exploded higher (from 94.9 in Oct to 105.8 in Dec). At the most optimistic since 2004, the last 2 months have seen the biggest spike in hope since 1980's Reagan era spike. With 50% expecting a better economy - the third highest number in history - we do however note that expectations for earnings remain negative.

At Least 70 Killed Or Wounded After Taliban Set Off Twin Explosions Outside Afghan Parliament

At least 70 were killed or injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Afghan capital of Kabul, quickly followed by a car bomb nearby in what appears to be have been a coordinated operation, authorities said. The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.


from SGT Report.com:

In his 2016 Christmas speech, the most maligned man on the planet exposed the plot to destroy America and the West.

The 12:00 PM EST “Cap Of Last Resort”

by Andy Hoffman,, Miles Franklin:
I have a LOT to speak of today – culminating in something I should have memorialized years ago, amidst my heyday of publishing “primers” of the gold Cartel’s myriad, day-to-day operations. I’m having trouble choosing which “PM bearish, everything-else-bullish” topic to start with – but due to how smothering the never-ending “Russian hacking scandal” has been – spearheaded by CNN, “America’s least trusted media outlet”; and the fact that started watching the incredible USA Network Series, Mr. Robot; I’m commencing with an item I’m sure will get little press – other than on Zero Hedge, where I found it – but has a LOT of relevance to the world’s future path.
Which is, the arrest of two hackers for breaking into thousands of Italian email accounts – including ECB Chairman Mario Draghi’s, and soon-to-resign Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s. Quite obviously, the age of exponential technological advancement is upon us – like this month’s unveiling of Google’s “driverless cars”; to the point that not only will our lives dramatically change, but the means of them being violated will increase equally dramatically.
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Washington Post Publicly Admits Failure! Losing Fake News Battle

from WeAreChange:

Why Gold Could Soar Another 353%

from Casey Research:
Gold is on the rise again…
It’s climbed for two straight weeks, and it’s now up nearly 5% since December 15.
Many precious metals investors couldn’t be happier about this.
You see, gold stormed out of the gate last year. It had its strongest first quarter since 1986. By the end of June, it had risen 25%. Things were looking up.
Then, the market changed course. Gold plunged 18% in just four months. Last month, it hit its lowest level since last February.
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Who Owns the World’s Largest Gold Hoards? – Not the Central Banks!

by Ronan Manly, BullionStar:
It’s a common misconception that the world’s major central banks and monetary authorities own large quantities of gold bars. Most of them do not. Instead, this gold is owned by the sovereign states that have entrusted it to the respective nation’s central bank, and the central banks are merely acting as guardians of the gold. Tracing the ownership question a step further, what are sovereign states? A sovereign state is an entity with legal personality that is represented by one government. And with each government representing the people of that sovereign state, in essence, the large gold hordes managed by the central banks are in fact pools of gold owned by the state for the benefit of its citizens.
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Here’s a Unique Sign of Inflation

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
I remember the first time I ever saw a $100 bill.
It was back in the early 80s, I must have only been 5 or 6 years old.
My parents took my sister and I to a fancy restaurant, and I distinctly remember a man dressed in a dark business suit a few tables over paying his bill with a crisp $100 note.
He pulled it out of his wallet, slid it onto the table, and walked away.
I was dumbfounded. It was more money than I had ever seen in my young life.
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Obama Regime Moves To Federalize Elections — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
The ruling establishment has responded to Donald Trump’s election by laying the groundwork to federalize, and thus control, future elections. Read Tyler Durden’s report: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-06/stunning-last-minute-power-grab-obama-designates-election-systems-critical-infrastru
The federal government does not have the constitutional authority to administer elections, only to set the date. The Obama regime’s designation of elections as “critical infrastructure” seems to have no function other than to put in place a way to prevent voters from overthrowing an entrenched establishment, as the establishment fears the voters did when they elected Trump president.
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Obama’s Blunder; Trump’s Gambit

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning:
President Obama has conducted the most deleterious foreign policy of any U.S. president since Woodrow Wilson. This is not due just to a dead ambassador on the streets of Benghazi, a phony red line in Syria which led to 400,000 dead, two million wounded, and two million refugees, losing Egypt to Islamic radicals, or empowering a terrorist regime in Iran. Those developments alone are enough to rank Obama among the worst foreign policy presidents. Obama’s most egregious error is far worse – his inability to grasp the balance-of-power dynamics among the U.S., Russia and China. Yet, Obama’s blunder is Trump’s opening to rescue U.S. foreign policy from grave weakness, and restore U.S. leadership to the world.
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Craig Murray Reveals More Info on Clinton Email leaks: “This is a Washington Insider, it is not Russia”

by Alex Christoforou, The Duran:
‘Clinton email leak done by insider, not Russia’ – former UK diplomat tells RT
Craig Murray, a former UK diplomat and whistleblower speaks to RT to discuss the US Intelligence Community report that Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, meddled in last year’s US presidential election, through hacking and propaganda.
Skip ahead to the 6:50 mark to listen to Craig Murray (when pressed by RT’s Kevin Owen), give a bit more information as to the identity of the person behind the Clinton email leak…
Definitely on the American side. This is a Washington insider…it is not Russia.“
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