Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Banks are toast, trillions more in bailouts coming, Embry tells King World News



Preparing for the Greatest Depression and a Greek Default



Hedging With Gold Against Imminent Economic Collapse



China Goes To TradeCon 2, Warns Currency Bill Will "Inevitably Lead To Serious Damage In China-US Trade Relations"

Update: the PBOC gets involved now too discussing the bill " It won't solve the U.S. economy and employment problems and will only seriously disturb Sino-U.S. economic and trade relations and will also disturb the efforts of the two countries and global community's joint efforts to promote the world economic recovery and growth."
Save this press release for the archives: it may well be the formal counter announcement of a trade war from China, which now realizes it has a batshit schizo trading partner, one who critically needs China to recycle its mercantilist dollars into buying America's one ply toilet Treasurys, yet one which is now blasting China for doing just that...

Guest Post: Putin's New Vision Of Eurasia

Many western politicians have harbored deep suspicions of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimorovich Putin since he first emerged on the Russian political stage in 1999. This is hardly surprising, given his KGB background, though those with longer historical memories will recall that Yuri Andropov came from the same organization and that the West grudgingly found a way to work with him. While the worst aspects of the Cold War faded away with the peaceful collapse of the USSR in late 1991, twenty years later, trying to figure out Kremlin politics remains as vital an exercise as ever, and the “Putin era” has provided Washington analysts desperately reinventing themselves to hang on to their jobs with rich fodder. Is Putin a democrat? Stalinist? Or something in between? Place your bets.

German push for Greek default risks EMU-wide 'snowball'

Euro Crisis Spreads and Puts the World Economy at Risk

DTE deal pulls out lights in Highland Park--Areas in dark after 1,400 street lights removed to settle bill

When?  (When will the next financial crisis happen?)

The Top 100 Statistics About the Collapse of the Economy that Every American Voter Should Know

Another version of the 'stump speech' on gold price suppression

Gold is not in a Bubble: It’s on its way to $10,000 an ounce

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