Saturday, October 22, 2011

European Finance Ministers Driven To Despair As Reality Returns

As the sheer mathematical certainty of the event horizon that is Europe these days is slammed at light speed into the foreheads of the European cognoscenti, we finally see some actual frustration, foot-stomping, and 'throw-your-teddy-bear-out-of-the-pram'-ness. The Telegraph reports on some choice turns-of-phrase among the leading players, our favorite being:
"It was grim. The worst mood I have ever seen, a complete mess," said one eurozone finance minister.
But it only got better from there, with several of the major movers feeling the need to express their frustration (and what is German for Schadenfreude?).

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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Euroland has never looked less able to manage themselves than they do tonight.

The single currency is close to collapse
With Europe on the brink of a disaster, the euro must be reconstituted as an entity based on economic reality, not ideological folly.
By Telegraph View
7:49PM BST 21 Oct 2011

Yet again, Europe stands on the brink of abject disaster, apparently unable to resolve its differences. A monetary union that was meant to bring former enemies together, binding them to each other via irreversible economic integration, is succeeding only in tearing them apart. It is a crisis that this newspaper has consistently warned of since the single currency’s creation; it gives no pleasure to see our predictions come true.
With a meltdown in the sovereign debt markets fast metastasising into an all-embracing economic and political calamity, the Continent’s position has rarely seemed quite so imperilled since the days of the Second World War. Most worrying is that the Franco-German partnership which lies at the heart of the European project is fracturing as never before, with deep divisions over almost every aspect of the grand rescue plan.
It has already been conceded that this weekend’s meeting of EU leaders in Brussels – billed as the summit to end all summits – will be unable to agree anything of importance. Few have any confidence that a separate meeting on Wednesday will do much better. Whatever is agreed is almost guaranteed to fall short of expectations. Solutions that might have worked if enacted at an earlier stage are being rendered progressively obsolete by fast-deteriorating economic conditions and debt dynamics. Even Germany now seems to be slipping back into recession.
No longer is it possible to rely on the post-war assumption that, while Europe’s leaders may quarrel and disagree, they will always – in extremis – find a way through. Continental solidarity is being tested to its very limits, and the differences could be intractable.

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The single currency is close to collapse

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