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Panic cash withdrawals in Spain drain banks; Greece-style economic implosion now imminent

Spain appears poised to become the next Greece in the ongoing European Union (EU) implosion, as Spaniards are withdrawing record amounts of funds from Spanish banks to avoid a potential insolvency situation. According to the New York Times (NYT), the equivalent of $94 billion was withdrawn from Spanish banks in July, an amount that equals seven percent of the country’s overall economic output.
Though stronger overall compared to Greece in terms of economic diversity and debt levels, Spain is undeniably on a downward economic spiral that is sending many of its people and their money to other countries like England, Germany, and Singapore, where economic conditions are much more favorable. Just like in Greece, there is a growing fear among Spaniards that their nation could revert from the euro to its former currency, pesetas, which would greatly devalue their personal wealth.
“The macro situation in Spain is getting worse and worse,” said Julio Vildosola to the NYT. Vildosola, a former senior executive at a large multinational company, recently moved all his money — and is now in the process of moving his entire family — to a small village near Cambridge, England. “There is just too much risk. Spain is going to be next after Greece, and I just don’t want to end up holding devalued pesetas.”
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We Are Now Entering The Terrifying End Game

from KingWorldNews:

Today MEP (Member European Parliament) Nigel Farage warned King World News that “We are now entering the end game.” Farage also cautioned “We are storing up these huge problems for our children and grandchildren.” Farage also discussed gold, but first, here is what he had to say about the ongoing crisis: “What is really happening here is the eurozone crisis is so serious, and so dire, public opinion across Europe is turning so quickly in every country against the project, that what they are trying to do is seal and complete the project before everybody really wakes up to what’s being done in their name.
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Japanese Ministry of Finance To Japanese Bondholders: You’re Screwed!
09/24/2012 - 18:18
A terse official action plan for when the big S hits the fan.

In The News Today

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

It is...

Is gold heading to $4,500?
Commentary: Are gold fundamentals, technicals most bullish ever?
By Peter Brimelow, MarketWatch
Aug. 23, 2012, 2:04 a.m. EDT

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Gold makes its move. The bugs are rampant.
The yellow metal made life very difficult for commentators trying to keep a regular schedule on Wednesday.
MarketWatch’s Claudia Assis can hardly have hit the send button on her story headed “Gold ends lower as other metals gain”, which dealt with the close of floor trading — the December gold contract was down $2.40 — when the Fed minutes set the market roaring.
By the stock market close, gold had risen over $17 to stand 1% above Tuesday’s stock market closing level and at the highest since early May.
Gold shares, too, came surging out of negative territory to finish with strong gains. The NYSE Arca Gold Bigs Index (XX:HUI) closed up 2.21%, the highest since June 19 and up 17.2% since the recent low on July 24.
This late development followed a strong day on Tuesday, which saw a floor close in the CME December contract of up $19.90 (1.23%) and a 1.69% gain in the HUI.
This was enough to stimulate exuberant commentary by the Aden Forecast’s GCRU service, published early Wednesday morning: “AND….. THEY’RE OFF! The markets have taken off. The train has left the station, and another leg up in the bull market is getting started.”
“Whether it be gold shares on their own, compared to gold, versus bonds or versus the stock market, gold shares are rising from the dead.”
GCRU had a particularly kind world for silver: “Silver broke above its 75-day [moving average] for the first time in four months, showing impressive strength! Silver’s rise is the strongest it’s been since the rise earlier this year.”
GCRU’s prognostication: “Silver must break above $30 to confirm strength that could push it to the February highs near $37.”
The silver situation is exciting particular interest. Letter editors have noted that the metal had been achieving technical objectives earlier than gold during this move.
Furthermore, according to Bill Murphy at the LeMetropoleCafe website, rumors of large silver purchases in London have been followed by stories of delivery problems being experienced by London Bullion Market Association members.
Stories of this type, unfounded or not, could have an explosive effect on the thin silver market.
The gold action caught the attention of market veteran Richard (Dow Theory Letters) Russell.
Using a point and figure chart with a 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time cut-off, he noted: “Gold may finally be on its way to higher levels. Gold has risen to fill the $1,640 box, which is constructive. The next bullish action would be a rally to the $1,650 box. This would take gold clear out and above its consolidation base, and would put it in line to try for $1,680.” (By 4 p.m., gold had cleared $1,650).
Russell concluded his Wednesday evening note: “If gold takes off, the gold miners will look dirt cheap.”
The Got Gold Report last weekend quantified an expectation about the HUI: “A print above 445 would be very convincing to skeptics and set up a test of the 40-weekly moving average currently near 474.”
Wednesday’s close was 454.44.
And further? The Golden Truth website, reportedly written by a gold-market professional, says on Wednesday after a detailed chart discussion: “From both a fundamental and technical standpoint, the indicators for gold to make a run to new highs have not been this bullish in the 11-year bull market.”
At JSMineset, ultra-experienced old gold hand Jim Sinclair confines himself to republishing an Aug. 1 essay from technician Alf Fields: “The bottom line is that we now have a really strong probability that the correction which started at $1,913 on Aug. 23, 2011, has been completed both in terms of Elliott waves and also in terms of time elapsed.”
“If this is correct, the gold price should soon be expressing itself in violent upside action as it moves into the third of third wave, which is still targeted to reach $4,500.”

Jim Grant offers his Observations on QE to Infinity and the Great Levitation!

from Capital Account:

Welcome to Capital Account. The Fed was once credited with what came to be known as “The Great Moderation.” Decades of remarkably strong and steady economic growth coupled with persistently low inflation. However, when looking at today’s era of Fed policy, would this best be described as “The Great Levitation?” Our guest, Jim Grant, founder and publisher of Grant’s interest rate observer, talks about the global unintended consequences of Federal Reserve policy post-QE3 or better yet, “QE to infinity.” Could we finally get that runaway inflation that bond bears have been screaming about?
And as the Eurozone crisis reportedly spooks the markets, Germany continues to be the thorn in the side of the money changers. Germany’s finance ministry said leveraging the ESM to $2 trillion is not realistic. Also, after the Bundesbank voted against unlimited bond buying, President Jens Weidmann gave a speech warning about money printing, plugging gold as a medium of exchange. We talk to Jim Grant about what might have motivated his speech.
Plus, what happens when JP Morgan’s bullish iPhone5 GDP forecast collides with FedEx’s recently reduced bearish economic growth outlook? In today’s episode of “Loose Change” Lauren and Demetri talk about the iPhone5 indicator.

UK hospitals on the verge of collapse as socialized medicine fails

by J.D. Heyes, Natural News:

If you want to get a good look at the future of healthcare in America, compliments of the “Affordable Care Act,” the monstrosity reform law known not-so-affectionately known as Obamacare, look across the Atlantic to Great Britain. Because of that law, our system is set to become nearly as socialized a system of medicine as is the system in England, where top doctors are now predicting that a number of hospitals there are “on the brink of crisis,” the BBC is reporting.
That’s not politics, that’s reality.
According to the Royal College of Physicians, a trio of issues – rising demand, increasingly complex cases and falling numbers of hospital beds – is contributing to the destruction of the healthcare system there.
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A trip back to 1964 proves Silver creates wealth

from Silver Enthusiast:

How often have you heard people waxing nostalgic over what prices were fifty, thirty, even just ten years ago? When you hear things like “I remember when gas was a quarter!“, it’s a little skewed because you have to take into account what the current incomes were at the time and a host of other factors. Sure, they were making around $6,000 a year in 1964 when gas was indeed around a quarter (Google seems to suggest around $.27/gal), but there’s a lot of sites out there that can better illustrate the decline of the dollar. What I think would be more interesting is to illustrate the rise of silver relative to purchasing power. Stodgy minds in the media like Jon Nadler, Kitco’s omnipresent bearish mouthpiece, love to suggest that metals ownership is only worth a small place in your portfolio to preserve wealth. Looking back through 1964, though, paints a different story. As you know,1964 was the last time the US minted 90% silver coinage. Had you hung on to more of that face-value silver back then, your wealth would have increased substantially:
In 1964, ten dimes could often buy you 10 McDonald’s hamburgers on a promotion. ($.15/e or 10/$1)
If you kept those dimes in your drawer, they’d be able to buy you 20 hamburgers today.
(Silver value: ~$23 . Burgers: $.99/e)
To fill up a 12 gallon tank of gas, you’d have to fork over thirteen 1964 quarters to do it. ( $.27/gal)
If you left those quarters in the back seat and found them today, you could get 20 gallons for it.
(Silver value: ~ $75. Gas: $3.70/gal)
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A catalyst, a correction and the real “next leg-up” for gold

While much has been made about the impact of QE3 on gold prices, analysts say over the short term gold may need new inspiration, and there are a few muses waiting in the wings.
by Geoff Candy,

In its latest Precious Metals Daily note, UBS says gold is currently in need of inspiration. This view is supported by the fall seen so far in trade on Monday but, it does seem to fly in the face of the bullishness expressed by commentators in the days following the announcement of QE3.
The bank is quick to point out that the yellow metal has jumped over 2% higher post-QE3 but, it adds, the bulk of that was move done on the day of the Fed’s announcement.
“The desire to go higher is clear, but so is the hesitancy to aggressively chase the market upwards. Many are waiting for a deeper correction that would allow them to jump in at better levels.”
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Is Draghi’s Bond-Buying Dream Circling The Drain As ECB/Bundesbank Lawyer Up?

from Zero Hedge:
Following closely on the heels of our recent (now must read) discussion of the potential illegality of Draghi’s OMT, Reuters is reporting the somewhat stunning news that the ECB and Bundesbank are getting lawyers to check the legality of the new bond-buying program. Germany’s Bild newspaper – via the now ubiquitous unnamed sources – said in-house lawyers were checking both what proportions the program would have to take on and how long it would have to last for it to breach EU treaties (that specifically ban direct financing of state deficits). While Draghi – full of bravado – likely said whatever he felt was necessary at the time to stop the inversion in the Spanish yield curve, it is becoming clearer that, as usual, the premature euphoria (in the complacent belief that central banks can solve every problem with a wave of the magic CTRL-P wand) was misplaced. Bild goes on to note that this matter could be referred to the European Court of Justice – and the ECB/Buba were preparing for such an event. Of course, since every other rumor in recent months, most of which have originated in credible media, has proven to be a lie, it is likely this is also merely leaked disinformation to push the German case, i.e. anti-Europe.
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Get Your Fake Tungsten-Filled Gold Coins Here

In the aftermath of the recent stories about Tungsten-filled 10 ounce gold bars discovered in midtown Manhattan, there have been two broad sentiments expressed by the precious metals community: i) that this is as many have expected, and that of the physical inventory in circulation, much is fake (particularly that held in official hands, either via ETFs or in sovereign repositories which for various reasons still can not be publicly assayed) and ii) is the comfort that while it is relatively easy and cost-effective to use tungsten to falsify larger gold bars and bricks, those who own primarily gold coins are safe as for some reason, it is less economic, feasible or widespread to counterfeit smaller precious metal denominations. Sadly, while i) may be true, ii) is patently false. The proof comes courtesy of a firm called ChinaTungsten Online which proudly markets its broad "tungsten-alloy services" including, you guessed it, the gold plating of various tungsten formulations among them "gold" bricks, bars and, yes, coins. Oh did we mention a Chinese company openly advertizes its tungsten gold-plating and precious metals replication services, something which the tabloid media's CTRL-C/V majors openly mock as improbable conspiracy theory. Well, as they say, it is only conspiracy theory until it becomes conspiracy fact.

Deutsche bank issues call for purchase of gold and a return to gold standard/ Gold demand rises in India/German confidence levels sour/Catalonia may seek to secede from Spain/

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen: Gold closed down $13.20 to $1662.10.  Silver also fell in sympathy down 65 cents to $33.92. During the weekend, Deutsche Bank issued a report calling on investors to buy gold as an investment.  Not only did they pound the table for the purchase of gold but they also called for a return of the gold standard. Strange for a major bank!! Today we saw strong gold

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The Truth About The Housing Market

Dave in Denver at The Golden Truth - 6 hours ago
Many of us who have to follow the news closely every day as part of our jobs woke up this morning to headlines of Lennar, the big homebuilder, reporting supposedly robust earnings for the 3rd quarter. The stock was up over 2% in pre-market trading and the bubblevision news stations were doing cartwheels. But LEN stock closed down 1.5% from Friday's close and the Dow Jones Homebuilder Index closed down 1.14% from Friday's close. What happened? If you peruse LEN's detailed earnings release, some interesting data stand out. The headline shouts out that LEN's deliveries were up 28% ... more » 

SOLA 1.6 The Mask Of Sanity

from TruthNeverTold :

You Know You Are A Conspiracy Theorist If...

If you answer 'yes' to more than five of the questions below, you might be a conspiracy theorist.  You also may be on the government’s terror watch list.  Be very alarmed and report it to the authorities immediately should you discover your neighbors engaged in such uncivilized thought.

The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

These days every pundit and his barber are suddenly central banking gurus and monetary transmission mechanism experts, but while some of them may have an educated guess as to the reality of the matters at hand, none can envisage that which the Fed is able to.  What is almost never considered by most wanna-bees  is that no one in the world has access to as many economic and financial data sets, metrics, and indicators, and the synthesis thereof, as the United States Federal Reserve.  Ben may make mistakes, but he is no fool.  When he acts, he either sees present reason to do so, or he is bracing for a future shock. It is just a matter of time before markets lose complete faith in the recklessness of central planning Ponzi artists.

Now Taiwan Is Also Claiming The Senkaku Islands: 70 Fishing Boats Set Sail To Stake Claim

If you thought it was complicated when "only" China and Japan were disputing the recent escalation in property rights over who owns those three particular rock in the East China Sea, to be henceforth called the Senkaku Islands for simplicity's sake because things are about to get far more confusing, here comes Taiwan, aka the Republic of China, not to be confused with the People's Republic of China for the simple reason that the latter officially asserts itself to be the sole legal representation of China and actively claims Taiwan to be under its sovereignty, denying the status and existence of ROC as a sovereign state (yet one which benefits from US backing), to also stake its claim over the disputed Senkaku Islands. It has done so in a very confusing manner: by replicating what it thinks China did some days ago when an "armada" of 1000 fishing boats set sail in an unknown direction and which the trigger happy media immediately assumed was in direction Senkaku. It subsequently turned out that this was not the case and as we reported, "China's fishing season stops every year in June-September in the East China Sea, where the islands are located. This year, the ban was lifted on Sunday." In short the (PR)China fishing boat amrada was not headed toward the Senkakus. Taiwan however did not get the memo, and as NKH reports, "several dozen Taiwanese fishing boats have set sail for the disputed Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, to claim access to their fishing grounds."

Here Is How Much QEternity Has Already Been Priced In

With global growth slowing, global trade tumbling, and earnings revisions falling rapidly, equity market outperformance has been (as we noted earlier) based on the Fed/ECB's largesse. The unanswered question is - how much is now priced in? Given recent 'stability' post-FOMC, it seems the follow-through is not there (especially if we look at sectoral performance) and based on David Rosenberg's estimate of Fed QE's impact on stocks, we think we know why. In the last three months, the S&P 500 has 'outperformed' the Fed balance sheet by around 220 points - which equates to a pricing-in of around 11 months of additional QEternity.

Silver outperforms as gold also hits a 2012 high but the best is yet to come

by Peter Cooper, Silver Seek:
The reaction in the precious metals market to QE3 to infinity was fairly muted this week but Friday saw some important market action nevertheless, with gold and silver hitting new 2012 highs of $1,787 and $35 an ounce respectively.
But over the past month silver is the clear winner. Gold has gained roughly $100 to silver’s $5 an ounce. But that translates into a two-and-a-half times bigger price increase for silver than gold.
Trend spotting
This is a trend that ArabianMoney thinks is going to become a commodity investor’s best friend. We wrote about it in our paid-for investment newsletter last month that we are giving to would-be subscriibers on request for this month only (Email us:
The particular silver ETF we recommended in that newsletter is up 26 per cent in three weeks. It is our practice not to give such tips on this website and keep them for subscribers to our newsletter who also get a wide range of other investment ideas each month.
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Rest of World Begins to Catch Up to Daily Bell?

Douglas Carswell: Bad news for the big state … The West’s political and social model is in crisis – but emerging internet technology will make it possible to survive without big government … “Until August 1914,” wrote the historian AJP Taylor, an “Englishman could pass through life and hardly notice the existence of the state. [Government] left the adult citizen alone.” How different it is today. From the moment he gets out of bed in the morning, an Englishman’s life is overseen by officialdom. As he switches on a bedside light, the energy comes from a market supervised by the state. As he dresses, he does so in clothes imported according to official trade quotas. Government subsidises the sugar and corn in his cereal bowl. Walking out the front door, there’s a good chance he steps out of a house designed to conform to state specifications. Heading off to work, there is a one-in-five chance he is off to work for government. Out of his income, by far the largest bill he must pay is not the mortgage, nor the cost of food or clothes. Rather it is the bill he must pay for government. For every £100 he earns that day, £46 will end up going to pay for officialdom. – UK Telegraph
Dominant Social Theme: The government is here to take care of YOU.
Free-Market Analysis: Is the world finally beginning to catch up to The Daily Bell? And who is Douglas Carswell, the author of this article?
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California Proposition 37: The RIGHT TO KNOW What GMO’s Are in Your Food

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Mike welcomes the co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and GMO label advocate Stacy Malkan to talk about why it’s in everyone’s best interest to pass Proposition 37 in California. Visit to get involved & to learn more.

Cup Half Full! Government Polices Have Hurt Economy, But Saved Lives

Fewer people working means fewer people are dying at work
from Silver Vigilante:

The American workplace is getting a lot safer - or “more safe” in CNNese -  with far fewer work-related deaths than there were just a decade ago.  In 2011, 4,609 people died in work-related accidents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual report on workplace fatalities.  That is down 1.7% from 2010, when 4,690 people died on the job and 22% from the 5,915 who were killed in a work-related accident in 2001. The official story for the decline from the mainstream is that new OSHA regulations and possibly companies not willing to train new employees is to credit for the “more safe” workplace environments.
The US government has done its fair share to help the phenomenon. Rules and regulations over the last decade have put a damper on the economy, thus ensuring high unemployment levels. Less people in the workplace has resulted in less people getting hurt in the workplace. In contrast, in the early 80s fatalities were running about 7000 per year, many of which were in manufacturing.  Also responsible for the lack of fatalities in the US is a shift away from manufacturing jobs into services as factory jobs have been outsourced. A downturn in construction also accounts for the drop in workplace deaths.
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Dissident Thinker Guest Lecture Series: Russ Baker on Media, Journalism & Family of Secrets

from Dissident Thinker:

We spoke to award-winning journalist and author Russ Baker on the media and journalism today as well as cognitive dissonance and how the public digest the ugly truths of history. We also briefly touched on some topics from his book “Family of Secrets” and his website

The Fed’s US Land-Grab Hidden Within Purchase of Mortgage-Backed Securities

by Susanne Posel, Occupy Corporatism:

As of August 9th of this year, the banks are legally allowed to co-mingle customer segregated funds with their own if the financial institution is insolvent, under duress or in bankruptcy. In other words, the technocrats have made the theft that Jon Corzine committed a non-criminal offense.
The latest scheme of the banking cartels has been introduced as QE3, which is nothing more than a massive land-grab in the domestic US by the technocrats under the guise of purchasing the mortgage-backed securities through the Federal Reserve to alleviate the pressure the banks are feeling from the bait-and-switch they caused.
Essentially, as the Fed buys the mortgage-backed securities, the central bankers now own all those properties which were bundled and securitized. The experts are still coming to terms with how many homes, small business, small farms and other lands were mixed-up into this Ponzi scheme. The actual total numbers of victimized Americans are continuing to rise and are currently unknown. However, it is clear that as this monster grows, it will be the Federal Reserve at the helm, making sure that more Americans are displaced and foreclosed on.
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Cattle Now Being Fed Cookies and Candies Instead of Real Food

by Anthony Gucciardi, Activist Post

Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any stranger regarding the disturbing state of the agricultural industry, it most certainly has.
In an effort to slash costs and increase profits, livestock corporations have now begun feeding their cattle super cheap processed foods like cookies, gummy worms, chocolate, fruit loops and a whole list of candies. Fattening up the cattle thanks to a large percentage of sugar content and no real nutritional value, the disease-riddled cattle end up fetching a larger price for farm owners.
The fruit loops-fed cattle also may end up on your dinner table, harboring even more dangerous additives than even cattle fed a diet of corn. Before accounting for the new diet of cookies and candy, conventionally raised cattle meat contains oftentimes an excessive amount of antibiotics (now admitted to be harming human health internationally), artificial hormones such as Monsanto’s cloned growth hormone rBGH, resistant bacteria, genetically modified organisms (from corn) and other contaminants. Now, however, a few new problematic substances have entered the equation.
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Theodore Butler: Transparency

by Theodore Bulter Gold Silver Worlds:

I’ve gotten more mail than usual from subscribers recently, most with a common theme – I should publicize the real goings on in silver to a wider audience. Many suggested taking out advertisements in popular media sources, like the Wall Street Journal, accompanied with genuine offers of contribution. Others suggested I approach the big hedge funds to interest them in investing in silver. Not only do I agree with the suggestions, but I have been trying to extend the reach of the real silver story for quite some time. It’s kind of what I do.
I don’t think The Wall Street Journal would even accept an ad that accused one of their most important advertisers and sources of information, JPMorgan, of wrongdoing under any circumstances. But that doesn’t mean these subscribers’ suggestions were off-base. After all, I’ve been long convinced that as the facts in silver become more widely known, the manipulation will be brought to an end as investors will buy silver once they learn the truth. What could be better than reading about it in the mainstream media?
More importantly, these suggestions go to the heart of the concept of transparency, the issue front and center in current efforts to enact modern financial regulatory reform. It was the lack of transparency that largely led to our great financial crisis; from AIG hiding their exposure in credit default swaps to ratings agencies assigning phony credit ratings. Transparency would have exposed Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros. much earlier and with less collateral damage. It would be hard to describe Dodd-Frank without using the word transparency and for that reason it is one of the most used terms in CFTC chairman Gary Gensler’s public vocabulary. The word is up there with the most revered of financial words. Who (except for the banks) could be against making everything as open and honest as possible?
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