Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In Disturbing Twist, Canadian Bullion Dealer Offers To Pay Interest On Gold And Silver

Bend Over...

Canadian Oil Companies Have Stopped Paying The Rent

We’ve covered Alberta’s demise extensively over the past twelve months, documenting everything from soaring food bank usage to the alarming spike in property crime in Calgary where vacant office space sits collecting dust and condos go unsold even as housing prices soar in British Columbia and Ontario. Now, in the latest sign that the seemingly inexorable decline in crude will continue to weigh on Alberta's flagging economy, we learn that O&G companies have simply stopped paying rent for surface access to private property.

Where is the Silver Coming From?

from The Daily Coin:

We have documented the solar programs of both China and India and now we learn that Africa is also going solar. This is great news for a multitude of reasons, especially if you are a silver bullion enthusiast.
China has committed to producing enough solar energy to power 100 million homes by 2020 bringing online approximately 5 GW annually beginning in 2014. India has made the same commitment and both countries are way ahead of schedule. We have discussed this situation with our resident expert, Jeff Brown, China Rising, on a number of occasions. You can find the interviews providing the details of China’s solar silver demand, along with India’s solar program, here and here.
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“My God, The Banks Are PLANNING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY” — Andy Hoffman

by SGT, SGT Report.com:
Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin is back to help document the collapse. Andy says that negative interest rates are the last measure of desperate CRIMINAL banks, and it will allow the banks to do the unimaginable, “My God they are actually planning to hoard everyone into the banks and then TAKE THEIR MONEY, Hoffman says.”
Andy is so freaked out by these developments, that he recently even bought some Bitcoin!
Hoffman says, “The only way to prolong the system is to control it by getting everyone into the banks. I think people are terrified that they’re going to get their wealth taken, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

The Evil Empire Has The World In An Economic "Death Grip"

A decade ago John Perkins exposed the world to the ugly reality of Washington's "Economic Hit Men." Now he is back, exposing the fact that the evil empire has the world in the grip of a "death economy," concluding that "we need a revolution" in order "to bury the death economy and birth the life economy." But, as Paul Craig Roberts adds, don’t look to politicians, neoliberal economists, and presstitutes for any help.


by SGT, SGT Report.com:

V, THE GUERRILLA ECONOMIST from RogueMoney.net joins me to discuss the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia and the joy that morally bankrupt Liberals seem to find in it. We also focus on the coming cash ban in Europe and the United States – and NEGATIVE interest rates [NIRP] designed to turn all of us into absolute serfs. V says, the Banksters have decided to screw the American public. But their evil plans to implement NIRP while banning cash will surely result in the price of gold (and silver) going supernova.

Democrats Outraged After "Unprecedented" Decision By GOP To Deny Obama Supreme Court Nominee Hearings

This afternoon Senate Republicans went "all in" on a Supreme Court gamble, in which they vowed to deny holding confirmation hearings for any nominee from President Obama.  The unprecedented decision, made before the president has named a nominee, marks a new chapter in Washington’s war over judicial nominations according to The Hill. In a battle of superlatives, CNN adds that the "historic move outraged Democrats and injected Supreme Court politics into the center of an already tense battle for the White House."

Tom DeMark Warns If The S&P Closes Below This Level, It Could "Wreak Havoc To The Downside"

The S&P 500 is three trading days from reaching "trend exhaustion," according to infamous technical analyst Tom DeMark. "The foundation of the ongoing rally is suspect," warns DeMark, noting that if the market closes below these key levels in the next three days, DeMark warns "the decline is going to be sharp."

Truman Show USA - "Concerned Citizens" At Townhall Meetings Exposed As Paid Actors

Meet Adam Swart, CEO of a company called 'Crowds on Demand', which will stage rallies and demonstrations for almost any candidate or cause. "I have worked with dozens of campaigns for state officials, and 2016 presidential candidates," Swart told NBC4, adding that he won’t name any names. “I can’t go in to detail... if I did, nobody would hire us.”

"Schlonged": As Trump Dominates New Polls, Here Are 10 Unforgettable Images

The Economics Of "Free Stuff"

The perennial promises of free stuff from political candidates are front and center again now that we are ensnared in another US election cycle. Of course it’s true that There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, because somebody must bear the costs of the supposedly “free” stuff. Especially when the government is involved in doling out the gifts, all it means is that it was bought with money taken from others. Or, sometimes, the money is taken from the person receiving the gift, who thinks he’s gotten something for nothing.

Bring On "The Toilet Paper Rebellion": "Public Patience" With Venezuela's Socialist Paradise Wears Dangerously Thin

"So far, Venezuelan society has been patient, but will this continue to be the case?"

Nationalism And Populism Propel Trump

America is saying, “Goodbye to all that.” For Trump is not only a candidate. He is a messenger from Middle America. And the message he is delivering to the establishment is: We want an end to your policies and we want an end to you. If the elites think they can not only deny Trump the nomination, but turn back this revolution and re-establish themselves in the esteem of the people, they delude themselves. This is hubris of a high order.

Why Guggenheim Believes The 10 Year Treasury Will Drop Below 1%

"Central banks around the world, reacting to the same recessionary fears, are likely to cause long rates to sink materially lower than where we are today. I see the 10-year Treasury note falling to 1 percent, perhaps even lower, before year-end. According to technical analysis, the current target bottom for the 10-year Treasury note is 28 basis points!"

In "Dramatic Escalation," China Sends Fighter Jets To Disputed Islands

On Tuesday, multiple media outlets jumped at the opportunity to report that China has built radar facilities at Cuarteron Reef, Beijing’s southern-most South Pacific sandcastle. But that, as it turns out, isn't the big news. Just moments ago, GOP mouthpiece Fox News said China has now deployed fighter jets to Woody Island, where imagery from ImageSat International (ISI) showed two batteries of eight surface-to-air missile launchers in place earlier this month.

The Fatal Flaw That Has Doomed Our Economy

Money doesn’t have to be “hard” or “soft” or expensive or cheap. But it has to be honest. Otherwise, the whole system runs into a ditch. But the new money was a phony. It put the cart ahead of the horse. This was money that no one ever had to break a sweat to get. It was based on credit – the anticipation of work, not work that had already been done. Money no longer represented wealth. It now represented anti-wealth: debt.

Kyle Bass Returns Money To Investors After Throwing In Towel On Short Pharma Strategy

Last year, Kyle Bass - and a few other enterprising members of the 2 and 20 crowd - had an idea on how to make a fortune shorting pharma stocks. Spoiler alert: it didn't work...

Venezuela's Gold Liquidation Begins: Maduro Quietly Exports 36 Tonnes Of Gold To Switzerland

Venezuela has already started moving much of its gold reserve to Europe where it will be located closer to swap-provider and ultimate custodian, and liquidator, Deutsche Bank, by way of Switzerland. According to BullionStar, Switzerland has imported a net of 35.8 tonnes of gold from Venezuela in January 2016.

Stocks Slump As Bank Battering & Crude Crash Stall Short-Squeeze

Don't Show This Chart To Experian: Subprime Auto Delinquencies Hit Highest Level Since 2010

Don't look now, but the chickens may be coming home to roost in subprime auto, a space we've been warning on for years. As lenders continue to lower their underwriting standards in order to feed Wall Street's securitization machine, more and more dodgy loans have found their way into ABS collateral pools. Now, the delinquencies are piling up.

The Public Is Being Looted By Privatization And Deregulation

from Paul Craig Roberts:

The privatization movement and the deregulation movement have turned out to be failures.
Privatization in Britain under the Thatcher government had its origin in the belief that the absence of incentivized managers and shareholders with a stake in the bottom line resulted in nationalized companies operating inefficiently, with their losses covered by government like the big private banks’ losses today. Thatcher’s government believed that privatizing socialized firms would reduce the UK budget deficit and take pressure off the British pound.
Today privatization is a way that governments can reward cronies by giving them valuable public resources for a low price. When the UK government privatized the postal system, there were news reports that one postal property in London alone was worth the purchase price of the entire postal service.
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Turmeric able to ‘smart kill’ cancer cells… chemotherapy and radiation now medically obsolete

by Dr. Adem Gunes, Natural News:

Turmeric has long been one of the most prized spices from the East, but its benefits extend far beyond the wonderful flavor and color it lends to many recipes. The health-promoting properties of turmeric have been known for millennia, but only recently has it been discovered that the bright orange spice is also a powerful ally in preventing and curing cancer.
It’s been cultivated for more than 5,000 years in the tropics of Asia, where the brown-skinned root with the bright-orange flesh has been valued for the treatment of a number of conditions including “toothache, chest pain, urinary tract infection, flatulence, jaundice, menstrual discomforts, bruises, hemorrhage, and colic.”
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from The Burning Platform:

I know there are many people out there who don’t watch the daily drivel emanating from their 72 inch HD boob tubes. I don’t blame them. Most of the shows on TV are dumbed down to the level of their audience of government educated zombies. The facebooking, twittering, texting, instagraming generation is too shallow, too self-consumed, and too intellectually lazy to connect the dots, understand symbolism or learn moral lessons from well written thought-provoking TV shows. But there have been a few exceptions over the last few years. Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and Walking Dead are intelligent, brilliantly scripted, morally ambiguous, psychologically stimulating TV shows challenging your understanding of how the world really works.
The Walking Dead is much more than a gory, mindless, teenage zombie flick.
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Russia Will Win WW III by Using the Scissors Strategy to Conquer the United States

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Russia will employ what is commonly referred to as the scissors strategy to conquer America. However, the original strategy, first revealed by Russian defectors has been greatly expanded.
When World War III begins, my sources believe that Syria will serve as a deception and the Russians will employ a Sun Tzu strategy by drawing some US forces to Syria and then focus their attack in Afghanistan where the bulk of the US ground troops are stationed. They will be hopefully outnumbered and Obama and Russians will have neutralized the backbone of our ground forces.
The Scissors Strategy
In part two of this series, covered the disabling of Alaskan defenses and the buildup of Russian troops on the border and in Alaska was presented along with the presence of Russian “Fifth Column” forces.
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