Friday, February 12, 2016

The World's Top Performing Hedge Fund Just Went Record Short, Explains Why

"I spend most of my time, while looking at current prices, thinking about and trying to live six months to one year in the future....  What I can see now is that US growth is slowing, and that the market is likely to price in reduced monetary tightening." ... but... " The future for me is now more uncertain than at any time I can remember"

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America's Corrupt Media – How Reporters Took Direct Orders From Hillary's Staff

"A newspaper is a device for making the ignorant more ignorant and the crazy crazier." If you really want to know how weak Hillary Clinton is as a candidate, you merely have to appreciate that the U.S. media essentially acts as her own personal PR firm, yet the public still recognizes her as a dishonest crook. Brace yourself for the following story, it’s huge.

“This is a Clusterf**k! Silver Could Reach $2,000+ Within 24 Months!

by Eric Dubin, Silver Doctors:
I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the JPM silver “horde” doesn’t exist and that they’ve screwed clients ala Morgan Stanley (the only mega investment bank to have been officially busted in the last 50+ years for not having customer precious metal in allocated and segregated accounts). Ted Butler et al. have this wrong too. It’s not clear how much fraud we’re talking about, but hey, we’re talking JPM.
Gold is undervalued to the point of idiocy. But silver? Silver is in another universe. And this extended GSR makes it all the worse, because when people get over the fact that there ISN’T available above ground hordes of silver anywhere close to sufficient size to deal with a new Silver bull market, we could end up with a GSR below 10 VERY QUICKLY.
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The 8 Principles Of The Newer Normal

Is this what we have to look forward to?

Americans Have Never Been Fatter: Obesity Rate Rises To Highest Level On Record

In a continuation of a worrisome trend, obesity rates in the US continued to rise in 2015, hitting 28%. That's right America, nearly a third of you are grossly overweight.

They’re Coming: With Standoff Over, FBI Initiates “Mass Arrests of 2014 Bundy Ranch Protesters”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

SHTFPlan Comment: This is outrageous. Apparently, the round up is upon us. If this report is correct, it now appears that the resolution of the occupation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge is only a prelude, and that a major crackdown is underway to round up patriots. Cliven Bundy was arrested only a few hours ago, and now it appears they are going after everyone else who was involved. Provocateurs have now succeeded in misdirecting the patriot movement, and entrapping many well meaning patriots who did nothing but stand up to federal overreach.
While the list of 86 individuals has not been produced, it is clear enough that few, if any of them, actually committed any crime. Instead, they will be punished retroactively for supporting a situation that dared to challenge federal authority.
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Gold Soars, Stocks Sink Despite Biggest Oil Rally In 7 Years

Weekend Reading: Bull Struggles & NIRP

"A good player knows when to pick up his marbles..."

Raymond James Analyst Is Out With A Major Bearish Call

"If the market is to make a new high this rally must break through the resistance in the S&P 500 around the 1950 area on increasing volume. If it fails, then the decline will drop to the 1740 area which I have repeatedly said MUST HOLD or the markets are in a MAJOR BEAR MARKET that will test the lows reached in 2009."

Trump Was Right: Immigration Declines Sharply Since Start Of Deportation Raids

Last month, Bernie Sanders as well as dozens of other lawmakers on Capitol Hill were outraged to learn that the Obama administration was set to start deporting hundreds of Central Americans who came to the US fleeing violence. Donald Trump applauded the move. A month later we learn that the deportations have sharply reduced the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country.

Welcome To Obama's Recovery: Carrier Moving 1400 Jobs To Mexico

Watch as Carrier workers in Indiana discover who's really "peddling fiction"...

Martin Armstrong Warns "Systemic Risk Is Rising For All Markets"

The increasingly unstable footing that we find ourselves standing on is reflected in widening credit spreads that demonstrate that CONFIDENCE is indeed collapsing. We are on the precipice of what can only be described as a rising systemic risk for all markets.

This Is The NIRP "Doom Loop" That Threatens To Wipeout Banks And The Global Economy

Beware, we are now spiraling headlong into a collapse thanks to a nightmarish NIRP "doom loop" from which the global cabal of central bankers' gone full-Krugman will not allow us to escape.

The "Trade Of The Year" Just Returned 30% In Two Days


Artist's Impression Of Hillary's Inauguration

"...a special place in hell..." indeed

Caught On Tape: 800 Angry Farmers Storm Greek Ministry, Beat Cops With Shepherd's Sticks

Bloomberg Vs. Trump?

Republicans should give Mayor Mike every encouragement to enter the race. For though he threatens to spend a billion dollars of his own money to buy the presidency, his name on the ballot as a third-party candidate could send the Democratic nominee straight down to Davy Jones’s locker. With Bloomberg siphoning off millions of liberal votes, Democrats would not only lose red states they customarily write off, winning solid blue states would require a far steeper climb.

Jose Canseco Says "Everyone Should Be In Gold", Predicts $1,500 By Memorial Day

"not a surprise but everyone should be in gold"... "$1500+ by Memorial dAY"... "With gold minus storage cost becoming greater than cash returns could be a long rally. what else is there, bitcoins? think about it"... "Plus Psychology For Gold index growing with euro bank mess, nirP, falling oil, tanking stock markets, yellens slowdown hints."

What The BOJ's Final "Yentervention" Option Would Look Like

Japanese stock markets have crashed 15% (the "most since Lehman") and USDJPY plunging (most since 1998) since Kuroda unleashed NIRP and are down 11% since QQE2 was unveiled to save the world from an absent Fed. So with NIRP and QE (and jawboning) now 'useless' for Japanese monetary policy, there is only one option left - Yentervention.

Why The Federal Reserve Always "Happens" To Be Wrong

"The last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth." - Alan Blinder, former Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman

Are You Ready for a Crack-Up Boom?

by Bill Bonner,

Crack Up!
BALTIMORE – The Dow rose on Wednesday morning… after Janet Yellen made soothing remarks about a “gradual” return to normal interest rates. Then investors must have realized that returning to normal is not on the Fed’s agenda. The Dow finished the day down 99 points.
We haven’t seen normal central bank policy since the Nixon years. Normal is a currency backed by gold, not by PhD economists. Only briefly and episodically, over the last 2000 years, has the world flirted with pure paper or “fiat” money. Every time, the affair was over in a short time… and regretted for a long time.
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Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold & Silver

by Steve St. Angelo, SRS Rocco Report:

The markets have finally cracked and things are about to become a lot more interesting.  Thursday, the price of gold surged more than $60 and silver $0.60 as the markets crumbled.  Even though the markets recovered after some TWO-BIT announcement by OPEC stating that they were talking about “Cutting Production” again… I believe the worst is yet to come.
It has been quite some time since the gold priced shot up more than 5% in one day.  As I stated in past articles and interviews, we will continue to see a lot more days like today.
The huge spike in the price of gold sparked a surge in demand.  According to the Zerohedge article, Lines Around The Block To Buy Gold In London; Banks Placing “Unusually Large Orders For Physical“:
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How Big Pharma gets away with selling crystal meth to children: By renaming it ‘Adderall’

by David Gutierrez, Natural News:

In a recent appearance on All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, drug abuse and addiction expert Carl Hart of Columbia University made a shocking claim: There isn’t much difference between the demonized street drug methamphetamine (also known as meth or crystal meth) and the prescription drug Adderall.
It’s not the first time Hart has raised this idea. In a 2014 report, Hart and co-authors Joanne Csete and Don Habibi, also from Columbia, examined in depth the effects of meth on the brain, concluding that there is no discernible difference in the effects of any amphetamine, whether prescription or illicit.
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Food Freedom: Backyard Strategies You Can Try Today

from Ready Nutrition:

Food freedom – now that’s a loaded statement. Is there such a thing? How many of you go to the store every week to get produce and meat? I would venture to guess almost all of us. Over the last several years, a substantial amount of our wealth has gone into purchasing food staples like meat, eggs and dairy. Even though we were “technically” making our way out of the recession of 2008, prices still continued to steadily rise. I was even more frustrated when country of origin labels were removed and serious health-related superbugs were present in packaged meat.
For years, I have placed a lot of focuson finding ways to be more sustainable. I was tired of living a life in a dependency-driven system and wanted to make more sustainable choices.
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Are Americans Too Insouciant To Survive?

from Paul Craig Roberts:

When one looks at the deplorable state of the world, one cannot help but wonder at the insouciance of the American people. Where are they? Do they exist or are they a myth? Have they been put to sleep by an evil demon? Are they so lost in The Matrix that they cannot get out?
Ever since Clinton’s second term the US has been consistently acting internationally and domestically as a criminal, disregarding its own laws, international laws, the sovereignty of other countries, and the US Constitution. A worse criminal government has never existed. Yet, Americans remain subservient to the criminals that they have placed in power over themselves.
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The Three Phases of FEMA Camp Mass Arrests Under UWEX 16

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Jade Helm is back and it is back with a vengeance. Jade Helm 15 has morphed into Uuconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16).
UWEX 16 is strictly about fighting a civil war against rogue American troops who will, presumably, not go along with the imposition of tyranny under the banner of the UN flag with the complicit support of foreign troops.
In support of the anti-Guerrilla warfare/civil war scenario, the establishment will need massive amounts of detention facilities from which to place individuals and groups that are deemed to be a threat to the NWO. Any overt or covert support, either through material means, or through emotional support will land one in a FEMA camp. This article addresses the three phases of FEMA camp incarcerations. And when, not if, the roundups begin, you can count on them happening in three phases.
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