Sunday, July 17, 2016

29-Year-Old Black Male Dead After Killing 3 Cops, Wounding 3 More In Baton Rouge "Cowardly" Ambush

Three police officers were shot to death and three others wounded in Baton Rouge on Sunday, after officers in Baton Rouge responded to a call of shots fired when they were attacked by at least one gunman. Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden said three officers had died in what he described as "an ambush-style deal." One suspect is dead and police said they are seeking more than one suspect.

"Why They Didn't Fire Is A Mystery" - Coup Pilots Had Erdogan's Plane In Their Sights And Did Nothing

At the height of the attempt to overthrow Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, the rebel pilots of two F-16 fighter jets had Erdogan's plane in their sights. And yet he was able to fly on. "At least two F-16s harassed Erdogan's plane while it was in the air and en route to Istanbul. They locked their radars on his plane and on two other F-16s protecting him. Why they didn't fire is a mystery."

MH-17: Russia Convicted By Propaganda, Not Evidence

Today is the second anniversary of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and we still do not know the explanation. 

Italy Tasks JPMorgan With Creating A €50 Billion Bank Bailout

JPMorgan has been appointed by the Italian government to work on plans to set up a bank to buy troubled loans from the country’s lenders at approximately 20% of face value. The gross notional size of Italy's Bad Bank #2 would be €50 billion. As part of JPM's plan, the government would acquire some of the bad loans at a price of 20 cents in the euro.

Grant Williams: The Rising Danger Of A Bidless Market

"Through life, behavior is reinforced by consequences. And since 2008, everything possible has been done to avoid the consequences... and now we've got a bunch of people now who are essentially paid to believe central banks...we will see all the unintended consequences of these actions come out when people want to hit a bid and there's not a bid there. It could get ugly."

Obama Delivers Statement On Baton Rouge Cop Shooting

Just hours after the latest deadly police shooting in the US claimed another 3 lives, and moments after the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association, Steve Loomis, accused Obama of having blood on his hands, wondering "how the hell did we ever become the bad guys in this country? I cannot imagine how we got here. It's the irresponsible reporting of the media", Obama is about to do what he does best: deliver another statement.

Cleveland Cop Responds To Baton Rouge Shooting: "Obama Has Blood On His Hands"

"It's absolutely insane that we have a president of the United States and a governor of Minnesota making the statements they made less than one day after the police-involved shootings," said an emotional Cleveland Detective Steve Loomis. "How the hell did we ever become the bad guys in this country? I cannot imagine how we got here. It's the irresponsible reporting of the media. And the irresponsible statements of people that are credible like the president of the United States."

Trump Narrows Clinton's Lead But Latest Polls Show Voters "Hate Them Both"

The last few weeks have seen Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump reduced notably from over 8pts to below 3pts as her poll numbers tumbled post-Comey. While variance (discussed here) across the polls remains yuuge, Clinton remains the clear winner among African-Americans and younger Americans while Trump leads among whites and men; but as one pollster noted with regard the unfavorables, "Let me summarize the poll into four little words: 'They hate them both'."

"The Credit Ponzi Is Dead" - Brexit Or Not, The Pound Will Crash

Status quo, as our generation know it, established in 1945 has plodded along ever since. It is true that it have had near death experiences several times, especially in August 1971 when the world almost lost faith in the global reserve currency and in 2008 when the fractional reserve Ponzi nearly consumed itself. While the recent Brexit vote seem to be just another near death experience we believe it says something more fundamental about the world.

ISIS Mouthpiece Urges 'Black Community' To Join Islam, Fight US Government

"Day Of Rage" Continues: Milwaukee Cop Ambushed While Sitting In Car

Following a week during which President Obama focused on trying to reduce tensions and helping build trust between police and the communities they serve, it appears he failed as Friday's "Day of Rage" is spilling over...

Dear Chancellor Merkel, When Does Turkey Join The EU?

Dear chancellor, when do you admit you totally and completely screwed up in multiple ways?

The Turkish Witch-Hunt Begins: Erdogan Begins Arresting Government Critics

Shortly after the Turkish police asked “citizens” to report those who support terrorism & crime, the first casualty of Erdogan's witch hunt was unveiled: a former university rector who had no involvement in the coup, but was a government critic, tweets that he is being arrested.

Five Revelations From the 9/11 Joint Inquiry’s 28 Pages

by Kevin Ryan, Washington’s Blog:
The missing 28 pages from the U.S. Congressional Joint Inquiry into intelligence activities related to 911 were finally released to the public. These pages do not reveal a lot of new information but what is new strengthens lines of investigation that need to be followed-up. Here are five examples.
The 28 pages say a lot about two men—Omar al-Bayoumi and Osama Bassnan. The pages hint at the idea that Al-Bayoumi and Bassnan, who sponsored some of the alleged hijackers in the U.S., were Saudi intelligence agents or assets. Although this is not new, the pages also mention that both of them worked closely with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). That should bring investigators back to the WTC security company Stratesec, which held its annual meetings in SACM offices.
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New Hampshire Gov. Covering Up Child Molestation at Husband’s School Which Has Visits From the Muslim Brotherhood

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
New Hampshire governor, Hassan. She is accused by political opponents of covering up child molestations which were carried out in an academy run by her husband who served as the Principal at the time of the allegations.
His name is Andy Martin and he is a Republican candidate for Congress in this upcoming election and has made very serious allegations of impropriety against New Hampshire’s Governor.
Mr. Martin is accusing Governor Hassan of covering up the sexual molestations which took place at Phillips Exeter Academy. And Martin is quick to point out that the academy is run by Principal Hassan, the husband of Governor Hassan and the Governor is engaged in a major cover-up and of course is involved in a major conflict of interest.
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THE CLINTON BODY COUNT: How Many Associates Suffered Mysterious Deaths Working For the Clintons?

by Michael Depinto, Freedom OutPost:
As the article below points out, with Hillary Clinton seeming more and more likely to be elected this November, one thing people should not be permitted to forget, so it’s incumbent upon those of us who know, to keep telling people about how time and time again, those who could have potentially threatened the success of the Clinton family, have died in unusual fashion.
Who could forget the mysterious Vince Foster suicide, or the convenient James McDougal’s heart attack? There are 44 more names on that list. If you want to dig really deep inside the deaths of many of these people you can visit a site called Arkancide. What about Suzanne Coleman? For anyone who has never heard of Coleman before, she’s was one of Wild Bill’s many alleged victims, and she’s dead. I’m just getting started.
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from The Next News Network:

Toni-Anne Barry for ATR reports Sixteen Obamacare co-ops have now failed. Illinois announced that Land of Lincoln Health, a taxpayer funded Obamacare co-op, would close its doors, leaving 49,000 without insurance.

Death By Guns Contrasted Against Death By Vaccines

by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:
Please be forewarned. I’m going to go where no one probably has gone before or probably will attempt to go again. However, after reading statistics about gun deaths in the USA and how they are spun in order to gain gun control and negate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, I feel perhaps something’s just not quite cricket, so I’d like to know if readers think the same.
Furthermore, if one Constitutional Amendment is negated, that sets the stage that all can be lost! Ever think of that? Do we want that?
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