Sunday, July 31, 2016


by James Perloff,
It has been my personal belief for some time that the oligarchy that runs America has opted for Hillary Clinton as the next U.S. President. One clue to this was, after her stint as Secretary of State (which gave her an important “foreign policy expertise” credential), CBS began running the series Madam Secretary, which was clearly designed to portray her in a flattering light on a weekly basis. Another hint was Hillary’s previous term as U.S. Senator representing New York (giving her an important “can work with Congress” credential). Prior to that, Hillary had never been a New York resident, but that state has long been used as a launching pad for Presidential candidates.
Though they have some “acceptable” qualities, Sanders is too anti-banker to suit the Rothschilds, and Trump is too pro-2nd Amendment and anti-immigration. Shillary—er, I mean Hillary—is the only viable candidate who fits the Establishment agenda 100 percent: pro-gun control, pro-Israel, pro-“War on Terror,” pro-Federal Reserve, pro-GMO, pro-mass immigration, pro-population control, pro-Internet censorship, and according to some analyses she’s receiving more contributions from Wall Street than any other candidate.
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PAY TO PLAY: The DNC Ends Amid Controversy, Empty Seats & White Noise

by Shawn Helton, 21st Century Wire:

t was a tough week for the Clinton ‘change makers’ as Bernie Sanders delegates staged a mass walkout after a series of email leaks disclosed that a Clinton lawyer gave the DNC strategy adviceon how to sideline the Sanders campaign.
There were also claims of white noise machines used to quell any anti-Clinton dissent inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.
‘Help Wanted: Actors Needed’ – Putting aside the fact that today’s US presidential conventions have turned into celebrity show business promotional events (pop star Katie Perry, Ted Danson, and even British actor Orlando Bloom et all), there’s another more disturbing controversy emerging – this time over a Craigslist adstating that, “actors were needed for a national convention” – prompting critics to suggest empty seats had to be filled prior to the end of the convention and that the July 27th ad was at the behest of the DNC.
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Trump: Upcoming Presidential Debates Are Rigged to Favor Hillary

from TheDailyTrump:

Hillary Officially Accuses Russia Of Hacking DNC As Assange Says She Conspired To "Subvert An Election"

"We know that Russian intelligence services hacked into the DNC and we know that they arranged for a lot of those emails to be released and we know that Donald Trump has shown a very troubling willingness to back up Putin, to support Putin."

New Documents Prove Hillary Clinton MURDER COVER-UP

Records indicate Foster didn’t really die from one .38 caliber gunshot… but two gunshots! The other shot was on the right side of his neck, made by a “Small caliber” bullet hole.
from The Political Insider:
Twenty-three years ago during the Clinton administration, Deputy White House Council Vincent Foster was found dead in his car. This scandal shocked the country, and raised massive questions about just how dangerous the Clintons are.
Foster’s apparent suicide was quite suspicious. Two investigators – Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr – separately concluded that Foster shot himself and died, due to suicide.
But over time, major questions have been raised about what may have really killed him. Now, recently discovered evidence blows the case wide open!
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Harry Dent: Next Great Depression is Coming; Has Been Delayed Too Long

from CrushTheStreet:

Harry is back to reiterate his call for massive deflation and stock market crash. This is what he’s been saying for years despite the slow progression and often opposite appearing reality (stock market & gold rallying). The long-term trends make sense that we’re overdue for another great depression but it’s really up to the world financial system whether it holds together or crashes and when is up in the air.

As Russian Navy Engages in Joint Exercises with Beijing’s Fleet in the South China Sea, Chinese State Media Uses Term “Alliance”

from Rogue Money:
For every action by a weakening hegemon trying to hang on to the illusion of ‘full spectrum dominance’, there is an equal and opposite set of reactions. Jeff J. Brown, a Francophone American expat living in Shenzhen from Oklahoma, has taken note of the upgrading in Chinese state media from describing Beijing’s relationship with Moscow as a “close partnership” to “semi-alliance”.
Up till now, both Russian and China have eschewed the concept of an “alliance”. Why? Because of all the historical Western empire baggage that goes with it, including sometimes secret, frequently broken treaties, treachery, double dealing, back stabbing and all the other perfidy that goes with it. Not to mention, potentially unenforceable or unwise commitments to militarily attack an enemy of an ally, regardless of how stupid or absurd it is. Just recall the insanity of World War I, to put things in perspective.
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"We're Here To Help?" Feds Go Door-To-Door In Florida Demanding Urine Samples Amid Zika Outbreak

Officials have said that at least four people in Florida have contracted the Zika virus and warn that the virus now appears to be spreading domestically either through contact with mosquitoes or direct human-to-human transmission. In an alarming development, according to CNN, federal, state and local officials have been deployed to canvas neighborhoods in Florida. The stated purpose is to ask questions, request urine samples and determine the spread of the virus...What if a resident does not comply?

The Real Reason Behind The Surge In Populist Anger: Central Banks

"The rise of populism in America is a byproduct of inflationary policies that have helped trigger a dramatic increase in consumer debt, declining real wages and rising prices for food and housing since 1999."

Thousands Of Germans Demand Merkel's Resignation; Protest "Open Door" Immigration Policy

Caught On Tape: Veteran Skydiver Jumps Without Parachute From 25,000 Feet, Caught By Net

In a first of its kind jump, a daredevil skydiver on Saturday became the first to jump from a height of 25,000 feet (7,620 meters) without a parachute, landing in a net in southern California.  Luke Aikens, 42, who has 18,000 jumps under his belt, completed the jump in Simi Valley, landing in a net measuring 100 feet by 100 feet.

Turkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To NATO's Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation Of Second Coup

All roads in and out of NATO's critical Incirlik Air Base located in Adana have been closed as Turkish Minister of European Affairs cautions that it is just a "safety inspection" while local newspapers speculate that a second coup attempt may be underway. According to Hurriyet, 7000 armed forces with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked off the airbase.

DoD Admits US Global Hegemony Threatened By China, Russia In "Persistently Disordered World"

"Rising powers including for example, China, Russia, India, Iran, or Brazil have increasingly expressed dissatisfaction with their roles, access, and authorities within the current international system... The future world order will see a number of states with the political will, economic capacity, and military capabilities to compel change at the expense of others..."

Doug Casey on “Brexit”

by Doug Casey, International Man:
On June 23, the UK had a referendum in which 52% of voters opted to leave the European Union. I applaud Britain for leaving the corrupt, costly, and dysfunctional EU. It may be the best thing that’s happened to Europe since the end of World War 2. And, I think, it signals the start of some major new trends.
In principle, the idea of the European Union sounded good. All the signatory countries joined a customs union so goods and people could flow freely.
The idea was to both increase general prosperity and decrease the chances of another war. It sounds very libertarian—in principle. But in practice it turned out very differently. And may wind up doing the opposite of its intended purpose.
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Is It Just A Coincidence That Vicious Lightning Storms Hit Philly On The Day Of Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech?

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:
To quote Hillary Clinton, what a remarkable week it has been at the Democratic National Convention. Supporters of Bernie Sanders almost rioted several times, most protesters were kept in a “free speech cage” well away from the convention, a handful of delegates decided that it would be a good idea to hoist a Palestinian flag on the floor of the convention on Monday, and there were rumors that there was so little enthusiasm that seat fillers were being hired for Hillary Clinton’s big speech on Thursday night. But there was some extra excitement on Thursday afternoon when vicious lightning storms forced those working in media tents just outside the Wells Fargo Center to evacuate. The following comes from CBS News…
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Title should say...17,359 productive citizens (the opposite of the free shit army)get tired of getting screwed out of their life savings...finally give up...

17,359 Americans Have Renounced Their Citizenship Under Barack Obama

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
Another 508 people renounced their US citizenship last quarter according to documents published this morning by the Internal Revenue Service.
This brings the total number of US ‘renunciants’ under the Obama administration to 17,359.
It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a government’s tax policy is so oppressive that it drives people to permanently divorce themselves from their country.
Now, it’s easy to dismiss these people as traitors and cowards, and to say “good riddance, we didn’t want you anyhow.”
But consider that many of these renunciants are what I call ‘accidental Americans’.
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Amazon Dot CON: The Bezos Con Grows With Revenues

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
The mainstream financial media headlines reporting Amazon’s Q2 earnings release were shamelessly pathetic: “Amazon crushes Street forecast,” “Amazon beats again in Q2 thanks to cloud services.” It was beyond nauseating. The entire spectacle reminds me of the tech bubble, when companies like Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Intel would intentionally “guide” Street analysts into publishing a low consensus forecast the CFOs knew could easily be topped with accounting gimmicks.
Bezos applies all the traditional accounting gimmicks plus he’s created his own, specifically with regard to his definition of “free cash flow.”
I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this. I’ve wasted most of my evening untangling AMZN’s numbers as reported in its 8-K filing. Let’s just say that if you dissect AMZN into its “product” and “AWS” components, the results are underwhelming.
Nothwithstanding the fact that AMZN intentionally guides the Street to low-ball estimates ahead of its quarterly earnings report, as you can see from the graphic below, which I created by dissecting and rearranging the sales and operating income numbers from AMZN’s 8-K filed today, AMZN’s growth numbers are underwhelming
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First Central Banks Die, Now Government Statisticians. Next Up, the Gold Cartel

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
As if Hillary didn’t have enough “going for her” – assuming her goal is the biggest landslide defeat in U.S. history – the Democratic Party just admitted its server was hacked, setting the stage for additional “smoking gun” revelations. Worse yet, a list of (likely, just a small part of) her planned tax hikes is now public, of roughly $1 trillion over 10 years. Including a huge increase in income taxes; a “fairness tax” on the rich; and a big increase in the death tax. And that doesn’t even include her Bernie Sanders-like desire for free college tuition (FYI, Sanders quit the Democratic Party on Wednesday); which, if legislated, could cost as much as Obamacare.
And did I mention that the Social Security Administration just admitted it is bankrupt – “coincidentally,” simultaneous with the introduction of a Congressional bill titled, I kid you not, “SAVE UP,” to “bail-in” Social Security with higher taxes? In other words, as I’ve been screaming from the rooftops for years, particularly as we are in the early stages of what will be the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression (with much more debt, and an imploding currency to boot), it won’t be long before we become the Socialist States of America – with European-style tax rates that will destroy the vast majority of your savings. Which is why the urgency to cash out IRAs; and get out of the system – or “GOTS, as Jim Sinclair calls it; has never been more powerful.
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Collapsing U.S. GDP Growth Belies Rosey Forecasts

from Peter Schiff:


from Only Prices Matter:
The last time we discussed gold on the site was a few weeks back in this post; therein we suggested a break-down in USDZAR was at hand and that should history hold, it would help propel and/or coincide with additional upside in the metal.
However, the above was merely a tactical, nearer-term call.
Strategically, it’s been even longer since we updated our longer-term framework for gold.  In fact, it’s been three months since we did that in this post.  In that May piece we suggested the metal continued to track favorably vs. our bullish expectations, but in the near-term it faced a major test having rallied nearly +25% off its Dec-15 low, a historical demarcation point whereby cyclical retracement rallies were either snuffed out with a resumption of a secular bear beginning afresh, or, the same moves continued higher, indicative of a new secular bull being underway.
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4 Firearms Myths That Bad Guys Believe And You Shouldn’t

by Mike Ox, SHTFPlan:

Ox here with 4 myths about firearms accuracy that bad guys believe and you shouldn’t
MYTH 1.  You can’t shoot accurately with a (fill in the blank) pistol.
Normally, I hear this argument about subcompacts, pistols/revolvers with long heavy triggers, or pistols that have a long double action for the first round and a single action thereafter.
The fact is that all of these make firing fast and accurate groups more difficult, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for poor performance.
If you have a sub-compact pistol or revolver that shoots large groups, I challenge you to put it in a gun vice, shoot a few rounds with it at 10-15 feet, and see just how precise and accurate it really is.
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One Trader Explains Why He Is "Unplugging"

"My doctors were very clear on this: Unplug before life pulls the plug on you. And I’m listening. ... But perhaps this is the larger message: It’s time to focus on real life not cyber life. And after all, how many years of one’s life can/should one spend day in and day out on cyberspace? Adios Twitter, it’s been real. I’m unplugging..."


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