Monday, July 25, 2016

Furious Sanders Supporters, Angry Media, Blistering Chaos Marks First Day Of Democratic Convention...

Democrats were delighted to watch as last week's scandal-plagued Republican National Convention lurched from one fiasco to another until.... the Democratic National Convention appeared to crash and burn in a disoragnized launch among angry supporters, blistering temperatures, sheer chaos, and a fractured organization that has left Republicans stunned in amazement at a Democratic party seemingly torn in two.

Clinton Cash: "Devastating" Documentary Reveals How Clintons Went From "Dead Broke" To Mega Wealthy

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation.

DNC Day 1: Debbie Doesn't Do Philly But Bernie Meets Michelle - Live Feed

After the turmoil of last week's RNC, this week' Democratic Nation Convention is off to an even more chaotic start (no matter what the surrogates desperately try to say). Wasserman Schultz resignation and decision not to 'gavel in' the convention is over-shadowed by the increasingly loud voices of Bernie (who will speak tonight) supporters booing any mention of Clinton-Kaine, but according to the mainstream media, Michelle Obama's headline speech tonight will bring the party together.

Al Gore Gets Last Laugh As Kerry Confirms ManBearPig Bigger Threat Than ISIS

It turns out Al Gore will have the last laugh on the eminent danger of ManBearPig.  In a recent trip to Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed Mr. Gore's worst fears that ManBearPig is just as big a risk to international peace and freedom as ISIS.

With G20 Over, FX Market Chaos Resumes: Yen Surge, Yuan Purge

Once again the 'fake' FX stability of pre-geopolitical-events has ben shattered now that the G-20 meetings ended with their usual un-fanfare of nothingness (and rising discord). After exuberant status-quo-supporting weakness in the Yen and stability in the Yuan (against the dollar), that's all coming unglued rapidly in the last 36 hours as USDJPY tests back to a 104 handle and Yuan resumes its weakening trend...

"30 Seconds To Midnight"

The neoconservatives in Washington have replaced nuclear disarmament with a new nuclear arms race. All of the hard work and accomplishments of previous US administrations to ease tensions and to reduce the stockpiles of nuclear weapons has been thrown away by the psychopaths who control the government in Washington. “Today, the danger of some sort of a nuclear catastrophe is greater than it was during the Cold War,” warns former US SecDef William Perry, “and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger.”

The Blind Leading The Clueless

"The fact that solutions never seem to arrive seems to be less relevant than the fact that a new solution is underway. In this manner, the viewer, no matter how badly his life is being affected, continues to sit tight and be hopeful, for, surely, better days are just around the corner. Incredibly, the average viewer seems to be able to consume endless quantities of this propaganda, year after year, and never say to himself, 'Something’s radically wrong here'."

Vancouver Finally Cracks Down On Chinese Home Buyers With 15% Real Estate Tax

The British Columbia government finally took our advice to stem hot money inflows into real estate by announcing a 15% transfer tax on foreign nationals who buy real estate in Metro Vancouver.  Finance Minister Mike de Jong unveiled the tax, which will take effect on August 2nd, after recent housing data revealed that foreign nationals spent more than $1 billion on British Columbia property between June 10 and July 14, or a mere $28.6mm per day.

Brazil’s Top Newspaper Caught Manipulating Poll Data In Favor Of New President

After the story broke, the evidence began to mount that Folha de Sao Paulo had deliberately omitted this information from its published version. When the press questioned the newspaper for its decision, Folha’s executive director Sérgio Dávila stated “the prerogative of the paper [is] to chose what it believes is ‘most journalistically relevant’ when it decides to publish a poll.”

"Central Bankers Are Killing Capitalism" Odey Warns, Moving Politics "Fast To Extremes"

"Central banks do their master’s bidding and governments tell them ‘stop recession at any price’... So what we have now is a world in whi ch the Have-nots are rising in number and, thanks to the workings of central banks, see the Haves still seemingly enjoying themselves on the back of rising asset prices. It is no wonder that politics are moving fast to the extremes."

Oil Set For Bigger Drop As Historic Gasoline Glut Forces Early Switch To Winter Blends

Refiners are shifting to yet another desperate attempt to delay the inevitable market equilibrium point by switching from summer to winter blend as demand for the former has disappointed. The problem is that by doing so early, stocks of winter blend will fill that much sooner, and absent some miraculous surge in demand in the winter months, the moment when the price of oil tumbles has merely been postponed for a few months while assuring that the drop - when it comes - will be much more acute.

Thunderstorm Sparks Massive Spike In New York Elctricity Prices Amid Heat Wave

Amid day 5 of a heat wave expected to last through Thursday, local New York electricity generators had been dealing with the increased demand(to help power air-conditioners) until, as Bloomberg reports, the agency that oversees New York’s power system issued issued an alert in advance of a thunderstorm that cut the amount of electricity allowed to be carried across transmission lines feeding the city. This sparked a massive surge in New York electricity prices from $40/MwH to over $1000/MwH.

Kaine Implies Hillary Should Be Prosecuted For Mishandling Classified Information

“I can’t take classified information I get as a senator and give it to somebody with no consequence. Freedom of speech has reasonable limits.”

Terrorism Engulfing Europe

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
n Bavaria Ansbach, there was apparently a bomb attack on Sunday The Bavarian interior ministry told Reuters. “At present we stand, it is not an accident.” It summarized the evidence that it is a “deliberately provoked explosion.” This followed the two Hong Kong men who were left critically injured after battling an Afghan teenager armed with an ax and a knife as they tried to save other family members during a horrific attack on a passenger train in southern Germany. Then there was in Reutlingen an attack with a machete that killed a pregnant woman and injured two others. The man was arrested a few minutes later nearby. The suspect had previously quarreled with the woman in the area of ​​the central bus station. The arrested person was a 21-year-old asylum seeker from Syria. He was already known to the police because of multiple encounters.
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Silver is the Best Performing Commodity of 2016

from Hang The Bankers:
Silver has surged over 40% since the beginning of 2016, making it the number performing commodity of 2016.
But is the surge of the precious metal just the beginning of things to come?
Historically the price of silver tends to track the price of gold as both are seen as monetary metals.
Silver is often more volatile, however, experiencing larger up and downswings with market movements. Essentially, silver could be explained as gold on steroids.
Despite coming out of the ground at a ratio of 9:1, the price ratio of silver to gold currently sits at around 65:1.
With today’s price of silver at AU$26.5p/oz and gold $1755p/oz, we would have to see silver at around $195p/oz to see that ratio balance out.
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Questions Surrounding The Munich Shooting

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:
Days after the German mainstream press attempted to portray the Munich shooter both as an ISIS fighter and a right wing extremist, more information has come to light surrounding the history of the shooter and his motives. But, the more information reported by the mainstream press regarding the incident, the more questions that arise in connection to the incident itself.
To be clear, there is not enough evidence to clearly label this attack as a false flag or as a lone nut incident. Still, there are a number of questions that need to be answered and there are a number of aspects to this case that need to be addressed as potentially more than merely striking coincidences. We must avoid the temptation to label every attack as a false flag but we must never ignore the signs that we are witnessing one.
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Celebrating 45 Years of Phony Money

by Bill Bonner, Acting Man:
$300 Trillion in Debt
DUBLIN – After our trip to Las Vegas, we spent one night in Baltimore and then got on another airplane. Standing in line, unpacking bags, getting zapped by X-ray machines – it has all become so routine we almost forget how absurd it is.
While armies of TSA agents pat down grandmothers and Girl Scouts, ex-soldiers take aim at the police… nutcases run down tourists with delivery trucks… and a fellow with a grudge against gays nearly wipes out an entire nightclub.
We feel so lucky. It is not every generation that gets to witness so many grotesque things at once. Stocks are at an all-time high. Bond yields are at an all-time low. And never have so many people owed so much to so few.
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Breaking: Trump Plans To Fight Back If Hillary Steals Election

from The Alex Jones Show:

Trump isn’t going to roll over, he knows HRC is crooked. If they miscalculate and steal this from Trump? Stone has a plan to counter it! AJ wants to see everyone wearing the Clinton Rape shirt out at the DNC.

Why This Could Be the End of Europe as We Know It

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:
The world’s biggest economy is unraveling.
Regular readers know we’re talking about the European Union (EU). The EU is an economic union made up of 28 countries. It was put together after World War II to keep European countries from going to war with one another.
Over time, it turned into the world’s biggest economic experiment. And, right now, that experiment is going awry.
As you probably heard, the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU a month ago. The “Brexit,” as folks are calling it, shook financial markets from London to New York City. It knocked more than $3 trillion from the global stock market in two days.
Then, things calmed down. Over the past three weeks, global stocks have regained more than $4.5 trillion. The S&P 500 and Dow just hit new all-time highs. Many folks now think things are OK in Europe.
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Waiting Through Prototypical Cartel Shenanigans, for the Next, Inevitable Precious Metals Upleg

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Frnaklin:

It’s Monday, and the Yen/dollar exchange rate is unchanged from Friday’s close.  Thus, gold and silver should be unchanged, too – right?  Which I say facetiously, as the premise I wrote about Thursday, based on 15 years of tick-for-tick Precious Metal experience, is again proven true.  Which is, the “trading relationship” between Precious Metals and the Yen/dollar – just like their fundamental relationship – is pure fiction.  At least, the ridiculous notion that the Bank of Japan’s attempts to destroy the Yen – with, say, “helicopter money,” is LOL, “bearish” for gold and silver.
Frankly, it doesn’t take rocket science to see that when the Cartel has the (temporary) upper hand – which, per yesterday’s article, in which I highlighted the “commercials”’ record short position, they are in desperate seeking – they create a “whatever is down” algorithm scheme, in which paper PM prices are conveniently linked to whatever the day’s “decline du jour” might be.
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How To Be Prepared When You’re Dead Broke

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:
f you’re ‘broke’, but breathing, while you may be strapped for cash – you’re still eating – because you’re not dead 😉
If you wish to become better prepared (for disaster, SHTF, etc..), although you’re short on cash, there are some things that you can do to help yourself for your preparedness:
(UPDATED and re-posted for your further comments and help towards others in this situation)
First, it’s not always about having the extra cash to buy preps, it’s often about your own awareness, ingenuity, creativeness, and adaptability to offset risks that come your way and/or to find unique solutions to problems (e.g. while being short of cash).
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