Sunday, July 17, 2016

BREAKING: Access Blocked, Power Cut to Turkish Base Holding 80 US Nukes — During Military Coup

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:
Despite the Pentagon’s assertion NATO’s Incirlik Air Base remained unaffected by the attempted military coup in Turkey, the base has now been locked down — and power shut off.
Incirlik serves as a base of operations for the West’s fight against Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State), which have now been effectively halted as “local military authorities” appear to have forced the lockdown.
But a more ominous fact about the base must be noted: NATO houses the U.S.’ tactical nuclear weapons at Incirlik — as many as 80 nuclear bombs, though the total is considered classified information.
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1 Suspect Dead (2 At Large) After Killing 3 Cops, Wounding 4 More In Baton Rouge; Police Checking For Explosives - Live Feed

"A Gift From God" - Erdogan Arrests 6,000 In Historic "Systemic Purge", Incirlik Airbase Commander Detained

Moments ago, a Turkish government official said the commander of the critical Incirlik airbase, used by U.S.-led coalition jets to conduct bombing runs against the Islamic State, has been arrested.  Meanwhile, Erdogan's "counter-coup" this time with the implicit blessing of all western powers, is picking up speed as some 6,000 people have been detained in a government crackdown on alleged coup plotters and government opponents.

Morgan Stanley: "To Make Up For A 10% Drop In The S&P, Treasury Yields Would Need To Go… Negative"

Take a 60/40 portfolio constructed today from the S&P 500 and US Treasuries. To make up for a 10% decline in the equity market, Treasury yields would need to go… negative. Not impossible, but certainly a high hurdle! We think investors in European and Japanese bonds are seeing a clear example of this dilemma, with Bunds and JGBs simply unable to rally enough to offset recent equity market declines.

Illinois Obamacare Co-Op Goes Bust Leaving Tens of Thousands At Risk

The fact that Obamacare is a gigantic train wreck barreling uncontrollably into a brick wall is pretty much undeniable at this point.

John Kerry Blasts Turkey For Accusing US Of Orchestrating Failed Coup, Admits US Had No Idea It Was Coming

US Secretary of State John Kerry blasted Turkish public claims suggesting that American officials masterminded the failed coup attempt in Turkey, and warned its NATO ally that public suggestions of a U.S. role in the plot were "utterly false" and harmful to relations.  "Public insinuations or claims about any role by the United States in the failed coup attempt are utterly false and harmful to our bilateral relations."

Turkish Central Bank Pledges "Unlimited Liquidity" On Bank Run Fears: Wall Street's Take

On Friday, the Turkish Lira suffered its biggest daily drop in 8 years, and added to its woes after having lost more than 40% of its value since the end of 2012. So in an attempt to stabilize the financial system, earlier today, in a terse, 7-bullet statement, Turkey’s central bank vowed to provide "unlimited liquidity" to banks, while Deputy Prime Minister Simsek said nation’s macroeconomic foundations remain “solid.” Meanwhile, Wall Street's analysts chimed in on what they expect to happen in the coming days.

Jeb Bush Lays Out His "Vision" To Reclaim The Republican Party From Donald Trump

Having lost the presidential primary in dramatic fashion against Donald Trump, the man originally considered a frontrunned for the GOP candidacy, Jeb Bush, laid out his "vision" to reclaim the Republican Party from Donald Trump’s “nativist rhetoric."   Picking the Washington Post as his chosen op-ed venue, Bush said that Trump does not represent the future of the GOP or what it stands for.

Surging "Intercommunity Confrontations" In France Mean "Civil War Is Inevitable"

The global elite made a choice: they took the side against their own old and poor because those people did not want to vote for them any longer. They also made a choice not to fight Islamism because Muslims vote collectively for this global elite. No one knows if the truck terrorist, who plowed into the Bastille Day crowd in Nice killing more than 80 people, will be the trigger for a French civil war, but it might help to look at what creates the risk of one in France and other countries, such as Germany or Sweden.

Erdogan's Arch-Enemy Accuses Turkish President Of Staging Coup, Compares Him To Hitler

Fethullah Gulen, accused by Erdogan of orchestrating the attempted military coup that rocked Turkey, turned the accusation against his political rival suggesting that Erdogan’s ruling AKP party had staged the uprising. "There is a possibility that it could be a staged coup [by r Erdogan’s AKP] and it could be meant for further accusations” against Gulenists and the military, he said.

How Many Associates Suffered Mysterious Deaths Working For the Clintons?

by Michael Depinto, Freedom OutPost:
As the article below points out, with Hillary Clinton seeming more and more likely to be elected this November, one thing people should not be permitted to forget, so it’s incumbent upon those of us who know, to keep telling people about how time and time again, those who could have potentially threatened the success of the Clinton family, have died in unusual fashion.
Who could forget the mysterious Vince Foster suicide, or the convenient James McDougal’s heart attack? There are 44 more names on that list. If you want to dig really deep inside the deaths of many of these people you can visit a site called Arkancide. What about Suzanne Coleman? For anyone who has never heard of Coleman before, she’s was one of Wild Bill’s many alleged victims, and she’s dead. I’m just getting started.
Suzanne Coleman “allegedly” died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the BACK of the head while allegedly pregnant with Bill Clinton’s illegitimate baby. I’ll leave it up to you whether or not you believe she committed suicide with a baby in her belly, and by reaching the gun around to the back of her head. The audio below is from a radio interview with Citizens United’s founder Floyd Brown, and it deals with Coleman’s death.
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Dallas Shootings: Official Story Predictably Changes to ‘Lone Wolf Terror’

from Spiro:

Many Eyewitnesses Claimed there were 2-4 shooters involved in what is being called the worst police casualty incident since 9/11. Why is it in many of these mass shooting events reports of multiple shooters ends up being a ‘lone wolf’ with a ‘Manifesto’? There are many unanswered questions but the case will surely be closed as the lone wolf suspect already confessed right before he was blown up by police. Dead Men Tell No Tales.

3 Easy Cancer Prevention Strategies You Should Start Today

by Amy Goodrich, Natural News:
Allow me to scare you a little by saying that the World Health Organization expects a 70% rise in cancer cases worldwide in the next two decades. That is a seriously alarming number.
Cancer is real and something that you should avoid taking lightly. The good news is, with the right cancer prevention strategies, you can prevent this disease. You can do so by starting your healthy regimen today.
Here are three simple yet very powerful strategies that are sure to keep cancer at bay.
1. Eat healthily, eat organic
There have been many studies revealing that a diet high in fruits and vegetables is important to prevent cancer. It does not only strengthen the immune system but according to, it also helps prevent DNA damage caused by the formation of cancer-causing chemicals.
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Massive Geopolitical Tremors Put the Cartel – and History’s Largest Fiat Ponzi Scheme – at the Precipice

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
It’s late Friday afternoon – and after “Cliff High’s” prediction Wednesday that a “late afternoon” event would prompt an explosion of gold, silver, and Bitcoin this weekend, it’s difficult to not pay attention. Whether he’s “right” or not, we’ll see soon, whether due to an actual proprietary forecasting method or pure luck. As quite obviously, Precious Metal fundamentals are already so strong, they simply need a “match” to light the proverbial fuse. Which is why, last weekend, I essentially “called” the Cartel’s imminent demise – a call made far stronger by today’s COT report, released at 3:30 PM EST, showing COMEX “commercials” barely covered any of their record gold short position as of last Tuesday, and took their record silver short to a new, “off the charts” high. Which will surely grow much higher next week, if what just occurred an hour ago – causing gold, silver, and Bitcoin to surge in the thinly-traded post-NYSE hours – can’t be “managed” by Sunday night. Trust me, this never happens on a Friday night – much less, any night. And certainly, not lately, with the Cartel already on death’s door, as “Economic Mother Nature” and the “unstoppable tsunami of reality” bear down on it.
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by Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins:
Donald Trump, if you are reading this, it is time for you to read the handwriting on the wall. The same people who killed those cops last night will not rest until they do the same thing to you. It’s time to triple your security detail, hire food testers, and give the rest of your speeches from behind bulletproof glass enclosures. George Soros is after you, and he will not rest until he has you.
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