Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Carson Block: "The Possibility Of US Default Is Greater Than Anyone Seems To Realize"

In an ideal world, all sides would come together and not play politics with the debt ceiling again. Clearly that’s not the world in which we live. America’s partisan divide may now be so wide that a default will occur... 

What Do These CEOs Know That We Don't?

"...the people at the top of the corporate food chain who have privileged information about their businesses are NOT buying. As the Journal summarized, “These markets know no fear.” There’s an incredible amount of complacency despite obvious warning signs."

Startled Reporter Asks Why Yellen Hiked With GDP And Real Wages Sliding: Here Is The Response

"What happened between December and March? GDP is tracking very low. Measures of labor compensation are not threatening to boost inflation any time fast. The consumer is not picking up very much. Fiscal policy [is uncertain]. And yet, you have to raise rates now..."

Tesla Announces $250MM Common Stock, $750MM Convertible Offering, Musk Buying $25MM; Stock Surges

In what will hardly come as a surprise, Tesla - which burned half a billion dollars in the fourth quarter - just announced it is raising capital in the form of a $250 million common stock and $750 million convertible offering

Dutch Election Exit Polls: Prime Minister Rutte Wins, Wilders' Freedom Party Slides

In a setback for Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders, the first Dutch exit polls are out and his PVV, or Freedom Party, has only won 19 seats, tied with the Christian Democrats and Democrats 66 party, both of which also got 19 seats; the outcome is in line with polls that were predicting a sharp drop off in support for Wilders in recent days. The winner: prime minister Mark Rutte's VVD, or Liberal Party, with 31 seats.

Rate Hike Hammers Dollar; Stocks, Bonds, & Bullion Soar

The U.S. Border Tax Would Hit Texas Hard

The border tax plan would basically transfer around $1 trillion from the companies importing goods in the big importing states to the less competitive Midwest. And Texas, being one of the top international trading and importing states alongside California, Florida and New York, would likely lose.

Russian Spy Ship Returns Off US East Coast, Just 20 Miles Away From Georgia Sub Base

Exactly one month after it was spotted next primary east coast US submarine base in Delaware, a Russian spy ship has reappeared off the U.S. eastern seaboard, sailing just 20 miles south of the U.S. Navy submarine base at King’s Bay, Georgia, and heading north.

Intelligence Sources Reveal: Obama Used British Agents For Trump Wire Tap Surveillance

"Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command... He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice... He used GCHQ."

The Next "Big Short" Tumbles To 13-Month Lows As Dept Store Sales Crash

This arcane financial instrument appears to be quickly becoming 'ground zero' for the "next big short" of this bull cycle.

Janet Yellen Explains Why She Hiked In A 0.9% GDP Quarter: Live Webcast

Putting the Federal Reserve's third rate hike in 11 years into context, if the Atlanta Fed's forecast is accurate, 0.9% GDP would mark the weakest quarter since 1987 in which rates were raised, according to Julian Emanuel at UBS. We look forward to Ms. Yellen explaining her reasoning - Inflation no longer "transitory"? Asset prices in a bubble? Because we want to crush Trump's economic policies? Because the banks told us to?

What The "Dots" Say: Fed Keeps 2017, 2018 And Long-Run Rate Outlook Unchanged, Raises 2019

Here is the answer to the biggest question of the day: where (and when) does the Fed see rate hikes in the future.

Stocks, Bonds, & Bullion Surge As Fed Hike Sparks Dollar Dump

The lack of uber-hawkishness in the dot-plot appears to have been enough for dollar-buyers to desert the trade in the short-term. The reaction to The Fed's 3rd hike in 11 years is buying bonds, buying stocks, and buying bullion...

Fed Hikes Rates For 3rd Time In 11 Years, Sees Two More Rate Hikes In 2017

For the third time since June 2006, The Federal Reserve has hiked rates by 25bps (as 100% expected). If GDP forecasts for Q1 are correct, this will be the weakest economy since 1987 in which rates were increased.

Here Are The Five Main Things To Watch At Today's Fed Meeting

Much is at stake in today's Fed decision, where Janet Yellen is expected to raise interest rates by another quarter point, provide guidance on the pace of future rate hikes, and share its outlook on the economy and whether it is behind the inflationary curve. Here are the main things to look for in today's FOMC decision.

Mea Gulpa - Flint Official Dodges Jail Time, Only Has to Write Apology Letter

This former official dodged jail time in the Flint water crisis, just has to write an apology letter.

Saudi Prince Crushes Liberal Meme: Trump Is "True Friend Of Muslims"

Leftists may be about to suffer their biggest cognitive dissonance seizure yet. Despite being told by the Obamas, the Clintons, Soros, and the mainstream media that Trump "is a racist islamophobe," none other than Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proclaimed Trump a "true friend of Muslims," claiming the leader's immigration ban does not target Islam.

Everything's Rallying Into The Fed Decision (Except The Dollar)

US stocks are up, Treasuries are up, emerging market stocks are up, oil is up, and high yield bonds are up ahead of The Fed's (foregone conclusion) decision this afternoon. However, if everything is so awesomely hawkish, why is the dollar dumping?

Package Containing Explosives Found At German Finance Ministry

A suspicious package found earlier today at the German Finance Ministry in Berlin on Wednesday contained explosives, police said, adding that the item was found in an area where mail is processed Reuters reports.

Merkel's Migrant Deception

As it now turns out, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was right about a "secret deal" all along...

GOP Chair Of House Intel Panel: "I Don't Think There Was An Actual Tap Of Trump Tower"

In the latest setback to Trump's allegation that Barack Obama had wiretapped the Trump Tower, on Wednesday the GOP chairman of the House Intel panel, Davin Nunes, said "I don't think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower."

Intelligence Sources Reveal: Obama Used British Agents For Trump Wire Tap Surveillance: “He Didn’t Use the NSA, CIA or FBI”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
While President Obama has vehemently denied issuing direct orders to the Justice Department or other domestic agencies to monitor President Trump during the 2016 election campaign, it is common knowledge that the National Security Agency has the ability to access video and audio from any number of devices in real time. In fact, according to Edward Snowden and documented in the recently released Snowden motion picture, U.S. spy agencies can simply flip a switch to watch or listen in on anything going on in a particular room by turning on a particular device’s cameras and microphones.
Here’s how it works:
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Disturbing Video Catches 3 Cops Jump an Unarmed Man in Gang-Style Beatdown

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:
Columbus, OH — A video uploaded to Facebook Monday night is going viral now, after showing three police officers brutally attack an unarmed man who was doing nothing but standing there.
The video, uploaded by Mellena Jackson, has over a half million views and is causing a firestorm of blowback. According to Jackson, the man was upstairs interviewing for a job when he was asked to come back later, but police intervened and things got violent.
“They said he was upstairs for an interview and they asked him if he could come back tomorrow and he started rolling his cigarettes up and the police asked him to leave. Maybe they could have felt threatened by the fact his hands were in his pocket and after watching the video I seen that he threw a cigarette after they assaulted him,” Jackson wrote on Facebook.
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This Might Just Be the Coolest and Most Convenient Way to Extinguish a Fire

by Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition:
Regardless of whether or not you’re a prepper, arguably one of the most important safety devices you should have in your home is a fire extinguisher. Fire presents a possible danger no matter where we live, and having a handy device to put out the flames is a must. And it doesn’t just make sense from a safety perspective. It makes a lot of financial sense too. Most fire extinguishers cost less than a hundred dollars, but can prevent thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.
However, most people aren’t aware that there is an alternative to the classic red fire extinguisher that we’re all familiar with. Since the fire extinguisher design hasn’t changed much in decades, you might think that there isn’t room for improvement, but there is. Behold, the Elide fire extinguishing ball:
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Extremes To The Extreme

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

[Yesterday, just] one day before the Ides of March; when not one, not two, but three potentially explosive “PM bullish, everything-else-bearish” factors are “scheduled” to occur.  During which, Andrew Maguire claims the wholesale physical gold market – where the world’s largest buyers, like Central banks and sovereign funds, play – has never been tighter; with massive unseen buy orders at the $1,200/oz level.  Will this in fact “break” the paper market in the next few months, as he anticipates?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  As for me, all I can say is that I’venever seen such extreme levels of, well, extremes, in the political, economic, and monetary arenas; which tell me, given all I’ve learned over a three-decade career, that what we are witnessing today is not only historically unsustainable; but unequivocally, nearing the “end of its rope.”
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U.S. Army Announces Troops Will Stay In Syria After ISIS Defeat

from The Anti Media:
As the Syrian conflict has dragged on for the better part of six years, foreign troops have continually played a major role in the fighting and in the conflict’s escalation, causing some to comment that Syria’s so-called civil war is really a proxy war between competing geopolitical interests.
The presence of foreign troops has consistently been a point of controversy for the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as only one foreign nation – Russia – was ever invited to bring troops into the country. In contrast, the forces of other nations – nearly all of which have long been seeking Assad’s removal – have waffled between claiming that their troops are in Syria to fight the Islamic State or to depose Assad, placing the Syrian president in an undeniably complicated situation.
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Hackers Stole My Phone Number – A Personal Story

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
On March 3rd, at approximately 9pm, hackers stole my phone number. I didn’t become aware of this until a little more than 24 hours later, but hacking attempts on my other accounts began right away. Prior to this nightmarish experience, I had never heard of this happening to anyone else; however, in the days that followed I quickly became aware of its rapidly growing popularity and frightening ease of execution. Pulling off this attack requires virtually no technical skills, rather it relies entirely on social engineering, persistence, and an incompetent telecom employee. If this can happen to me, it can happen to virtually anybody.
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“Obamacare Lite”: A Fiscal Fraud

by David Stockman, DailyReckoning:
Speaker Ryan’s Obamacare “repeal and replace” plan, as I’ve been predicting, is a complete fiscal disaster.
Not only will it add $1.1 trillion to the Federal deficit over the next decade, but, more importantly, it reforms exactly nothing.
It leaves Obama’s big Medicaid expansion virtually in place, swaps one kind of tax credit for another in the individual insurance market and leaves the huge, perverse tax subsidy — amounting to upwards of $350 billion per year — for employer plans completely untouched.
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What’s Next with America’s Enormous $20T Debt?

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
Thousands of years ago, as far back as 3000 BC, the ancient Egyptians had developed a highly advanced system of writing using hieroglyphic symbols.
The used hieroglyphs for numbers as well.
A single line, for example, represented the number 1. Two strokes represented 2. Nine strokes for the number 9.
Since the Egyptians had not yet invented the “zero” in 3000 BC, representing the number 10 required a new symbol– a sort of upside down horseshoe.
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