Monday, March 13, 2017

US Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 Prepare To Take Out Kim Jong-Un, Practice Tactical North Korea "Infiltration"

The US Navy's legendary SEAL Teaim 6, together with the Delta Force, a special mission unit of the U.S. Army whose main tasks include hostage rescue and counterterrorism, are practicing the removal of Kim Jong-un as well as the infiltration and destruction of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction, South Korean press reported.

Exposing The Clinton/Obama System To Discredit Donald Trump

"This article is a warning... in November 2016, a vast system of agitation and propaganda was set up in order to destroy the reputation and the authority of President Donald Trump as soon as he arrived in the White House. It is the first time that such a campaign has been scientifically organised against a President of the United States, and with such resources. Yes, we are indeed entering a post-Truth age, but the distribution of rĂ´les is not what you may think it is."

Turkey Says "Migrant Deal Has Ended", May Unleash Millions Of Refugees

The most troubling development from the latest diplomatic spat between Turkey and Europe, and one which has the potential to sway the outcome of the Dutch election which will be held in less than two days, is that in the final power play aimed towards Merkel, Turkey's deputy prime minister Kurtulmus exclaimed that since "Europe has not kept its promises on the migrant deal, for us that agreement has ended."

China Prepares Countermeasures Against South Korea Missile Shield

China is set to deploy anti-radar countermeasures which will neutralize the South Korean THAAD. The THAAD system consists of a sophisticated radar and interceptor missiles designed to spot and knock out incoming ballistic missiles.


by Geoffrey Grider, Now The End Begins:
The”plan” was for Hillary Clinton to step into the Oval Office, with her victory bought and paid for by “unseen forces”, and she would continue Obama’s assault on our government and more importantly, shield from public view the facts exposing Obama for the usurper that he truly is. A Clinton victory would have for at least a generation let Obama get away scott-free. But the sovereign God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob had other plans, and another candidate in mind. Donald J. Trump. And that candidate, now our president, is about to blow the entire mess sky-high.
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Hawaii High School Teacher: "If They Are Here In The U.S. Illegally, I Won't Teach Them"

"This is another attack on the President over deportation. Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else.  If they are here in the US illegally, I won't teach them."

A CIA Cyber False Flag

"It seems evident that the CIA is now a state within a state, an entity out of control that has even arrived at the point of creating its own hacking network in order to avoid the scrutiny of the NSA and other agencies."

Legal Marijuana's Social Impact On Colorado

Bottom line, retail marijuana legalization has had its fair share of pros and cons in Colorado, but it’s not been nearly as bad as critics had forecast.

"2017 Will Be A Tipping Point" - Why Some Think This Is The Next "Big Short"

"These malls are dying, and we see very limited prospect of a turnaround in performance" according to a January report from Alder Hill, which began shorting the securities. "We expect 2017 to be a tipping point." Indeed, cracks have appeared: prices on the BBB- pool of CMBS have tumbled from 96 cents on the dollar in late January to 87 cents last week

This Is What Happens When Private Equity Firms Run Out Of Things To Buy

What do you do when you're part of an industry that has levered up $100's of billions of dollars in investor capital and paid a handsome premium for pretty much every asset available all while "excess cash sits on the sidelines" because there are just no deals left to do at remotely attractive valuations?  Well, just as Investindustrial...

Where Do America's Subprime Borrowers Live

The two graphs show the percentage of the population with a credit score below 660 in each U.S. county in 2009 and 2016. Comparing 2009 and 2016, we see that the percentage of the population with a subprime credit score has decreased.

12 Million Americans Are About To Get An Artificial Boost To Their FICO Scores

Tax liens and civil judgments soon will be taken off people’s credit reports, the latest move to omit negative information from consumer financial scorecards, in the process artifically boosting the FICO score for as many as 12 million Americans. "It’s going to make someone who has poor credit look better than they should," said John Ulzheimer, a former manager at Experian and credit-score creator FICO.

Fasanara Capital: This Is The Bear Case For Oil

"We reiterate our view that Oil is defying gravity at current levels and is set to revisit lows in the not so distant future, due to overwhelming structural factors such as exponential technologies, shale oil/shale gas/nat gas, substitution effects. Long-term prospects have little bearing in the short-term for price-discovery, but do provide a magnet for prices over time."

China Suffers Worst Start To A Year For Retail Sales Growth Since 2002

With its credit impulse wearing off (and inflation spikes stalling any hopes of renewed stimulus anytime soon), it appears China's always-happy consumer is not so happy as 2017 begins.

China Prepares Countermeasures Against South Korea Missile Shield

China is set to deploy anti-radar countermeasures which will neutralize the South Korean THAAD. The THAAD system consists of a sophisticated radar and interceptor missiles designed to spot and knock out incoming ballistic missiles.

Cork Wine Bar Owners Explain "Why We Are Suing President Trump"

"We’re no strangers to competition. But there’s one business in DC that is not playing fairly: the Trump International Hotel and its dining establishments..."

Small-Caps Sharply Underperform S&P As EPS Downgrade Concerns Grow

Whilst the S&P 500 is only slightly off its recent all time highs, the smaller cap Russell 2000 performance is looking more problematic. That the Russell 2000 is underperforming the S&P 500 is notable, particularly as it flies in the face of particularly strong small business survey data suggesting better times ahead.

It Is Now "Blatant Racism" To Wear Red, White, And Blue

In today’s hypersensitive bizarro environment, where people are quite literally having mental breakdowns following the election of President Donald Trump, everything that used to be normal appears to now elicit howls of racism, xenophobia and sexism.

Trump Administration Asks For "Additional Time" To Prove Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower

Nine days after President Trump's now infamous "Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower" tweet, his administration has asked for more time to comply with a House Intelligence Committee request for evidence substantiating Trump's claims.

Risk-Ignorance Reaches 23 Year High As Short Interest Hits Record Low

Investors are willing to pay more for a given level of risk than at any time since 1994 and short interest has collapsed to record lows... "if The Fed follows through on its convictions, look for a flat yield curve and a recession to wipe out 50% of equity prices for the third time in the past seventeen years."

U.K. Parliament Gives Theresa May Approval To Start Brexit

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is set to trigger Brexitin the last week of March after securing the permission of UK Parliament to launch Article 50 and begin the two year EU divorce process.

When It Comes To Wall Street, Preet Bharara Is No Hero

The prominent U.S. attorney fired by Donald Trump this weekend has been justly acclaimed for his pursuit of political corruption. But his treatment of the Wall Street executives involved in the financial meltdown was far less confrontational.

Obama Lawyers To Make A Killing Taking On Trump

"There’s a unique threat to our democracy and Constitution that we see in the assault the president is mounting..."

Raising Interest Rates Can't End Well

"The economy looks to me like a type of Ponzi Scheme. It depends on both rising energy consumption and rising debt. Judging from the problems we are having now, it seems to be reaching its limit in the near term. Raising interest rates will tend to push it even further toward its limit, or over the limit. The world economy is operating at too close to 'stall speed'. The financial system is too fragile."

CBO: 24 Million Would Lose Health Insurance Under GOP Bill By 2026

  • 14 million would lose insurance by 2018, with the number risin to 24 million by 2026.
  • The budget deficit would be reduced by $337 billion over 10 years.
  • Premiums would rise by 15-20% in 2018-2019, however they would then decline by 10% than under current law by 2026.

White House Slams CBO Forecast: "It's Just Not Believable; The CBO Simply Has It Wrong"

"We disagree strenuously with the report that was put out," Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told reporters at the White House. "It's just not believable, is what we would suggest," and added that "we think the CBO simply has it wrong"

In Support of Competing Micro-States or “Startup Societies”

by Joe Jarvis, The Daily Bell:
There are many types of mixed drinks, dirty martinis being one of them. I love dirty martinis, but I don’t want them to be the only drink out there! Without trying all the other cocktails, how could I possibly know if dirty martinis are the best?
And when I’m on the beach in the sun, I want a Pina Colada! There are different drinks for different moods and occasions.
Likewise, places with vastly different histories, cultures, and geography have different needs when it comes to governance.
Maybe people never will settle on the best drink, or best government. Startup societies make that possibility perfectly fine. Diversity in beverages and governments is a good thing.
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Clinton Fired 93 US Attorneys in One Day, Trump Only 46

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:
Former President Bill Clinton asked 93 politically-appointed U.S. attorneys to resign in 1993, which didn’t prompt as much media outrage as when President Trump did it.
“Attorney General Janet Reno today demanded the prompt resignation of all U.S. attorneys, leading the federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia to suggest that the order could be tied to his long-running investigation of Representative Dan Rostenkowski, a crucial ally of President Clinton,” reported the New York Times on March 24, 1993. “All 93 US attorneys knew they would be asked to step down, since all are Republican holdovers, and 16 have resigned so far.”
“But the process generally takes much longer and had usually been carried out without the involvement of the Attorney General.”
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Rediscovering Community Wizard – Rob Kirby

by Rob Kirby, Gold Seek:
We all live in and with a debt based system, so in the spirit of Keynesianism – perhaps we might want to try “borrowing” something of very great value from the past.
Catherine Austin Fitts is former asst. sec. Federal Housing Administration [FHA] at HUD in the Bush I Administration. It was during her time in government that Fitts realized government finances needed to be re-engineered from the ground up – one locality at a time. When she left her post in government, she formed Hamilton Securities, which became a contractor to FHA.
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Gold In Uncertain Times: “The West Doesn’t Get It… They’ve Been Indoctrinated By Paper Money”

from ZeroHedge:
In this fascinating interview on RealVision TV, Grant Williams and Egon von Greyerz cover a very broad range of subjects from gold, wealth preservation to debt, interest rates, Brexit, the EU and much more.
The interview was recorded in London at the end of 2016 but the discussion is timeless and extremely relevant in regard to future events and risks.
The biggest risks ahead according to Egon is the global bond markets. He predicts rates going to very much higher levels like in the 1970s. That will lead to more money printing, faster currency debasement and the demise of the bond market.
Grant and Egon also discuss that in every period of panic and crisis combined with economic mismanagement, which we are seeing today, gold has always acted as insurance. The setup is now perfect for gold to act to protect wealth against the coming problems in financial markets and the world economy…”the Indians know this, the Chinese know this but the West doesn’t understand because they have been indoctrinated by paper money…”
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Kremlin Spokesman: Russian Ambassador Also Met with Clinton Campaign

by Katherine Rodriguez, Breitbart:
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said in an interview that Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, who met with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, also met with advisers to the Hillary Clinton campaign.
“Well, if you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind,” Dmitry Peskov told CNN’s GPS host Fareed Zakaria on Sunday. “There are lots of specialists in politology, people working in think tanks advising Hillary or advising people working for Hillary.”
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“They [Americans] are Invaders,” Says Syrian President in New Interview

by Vladimir Rodzianko, The Duran:
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has called the foreign troops in Syria “invaders” – stating that Russia is the only serious fighting force battling terrorists in his country.
Let’s be clear about something: Russia’s military is the only military that has been invited by Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government (the only recognized government in Syria and by the UN, last time I checked) and all other militaries present are there illegally and breaking international law.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does not consider the presence of US military personnel in Syria helpful in the fight against ISIS.
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