Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DNC Asks Entire Staff For Resignation Letters...

New DNC Chair Tom Perez:  "What we're trying to do is culture change.  We're repairing a plane at 20,000 feet. You can't land the plane, shut it down, and close it until further notice."


by Lily Dane, The Daily Sheeple:
The US Department of State posted a Tweet that makes one wonder if they are A) being sarcastic, B) trolling everyone, C) oblivious, or D) all of the above.
The Tweet is in reference to the arrest of protesters at an unsanctioned rally in Moscow. Some 8,000 people protested the alleged corruption of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which had been reported weeks earlier by opposition activist Aleksey Navalny.
Around 500 protesters, including Navalny, were arrested at the rally on Sunday, reports RT.
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The Robots Win: Blackrock Bets On Computers Over Human Stock Pickers, Fires Dozens

The writing had been on the wall for a long time, and on Tuesday it finally hit the world's largest asset manager, where in the war between passive-investing robots and active-investing humans, the humans lost.

Russia Threatens To Leak Things Obama Asked Moscow To “Keep Secret”

by Joshua Caplan, The Gateway Pundit:
The Western media missed an oh-so juicy nugget out Russia recently that should have set off alarm bells in Washington.
Asked about the current state of U.S.-Russia relations, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova gave a long winded answer that can be read below. In her answer, Zakharova suggested Russia may “publish leaks” about “secrets” the Obama administration asked the Russian government to keep private. The shocking statement can be found in the second to last paragraph of Zakharova’s answer highlighted in both bold and italic.
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Equity Research Faces "Major Disruption" As Study Finds "Less Than 1%" Of Reports Are Actually Read

"About 40,000 research reports are produced every week by the world's top 15 global investment banks, of which less than 1 percent are actually read by investors."

Great News...Let the games begin...

Theresa May Signs Brexit Letter: What Happens Once Article 50 Is Triggered?

Moments ago, Theresa May signed the letter to European Council President Donald Truk which will invoke Article 50 and Trigger Brexit. Here is a summary of what happens next now that Article 50 is triggered.

How The Left Learned To Love States' Rights

Over the course of approximately six hours, the Left in the United States made a spectacular, 180 degree turn on federalism and states’ rights without even recognizing it.

And Now Fake Consumer Confidence Too: Gallup Says Confidence In The Economy "Tumbled"

"Americans' confidence in the U.S. economy tumbled along with the Dow Jones industrial average last week. Though still in positive territory, Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index (ECI) dropped six points to a score of +5 for the week ending March 26. This is the lowest weekly average since the presidential election in November." - Gallup

RBOB Tumbles After Lower Than Expected Gasoline Draw

After an early spike on Libya production fears and OPEC production cut extension hope, WTI and RBOB faded all day on dollar strength ahead of the API data. The trend of builds in Crude and draws in gasoline and distillates continued but the gasoline draw was notably less than expected and has sparked selling in RBOB.

Billionaire Slashes Asking Price For Beverly Hills Mega- Mansion By A Third, Or $66 Million

Billionaire Jeff Greene has put his Beverly Hills home “Palazzo di Amore” back on the market last Friday, asking  $129 million. This amounts to a $20 million cut from when the home was last listed two years ago, and a whopping third, or $66 million, discount off the original price of $195 million in 2014.

4 Factors Driving Oil Prices This Summer

Uncertainty is dominating today’s oil markets, with production cuts, ballooning inventories and a rising rig count all adding to oil price volatility. And as the summer driving season approaches and oil companies return to their projects here are four key factors to watch closely.

Gold Slammed Below $1250 After Fed Fischer 'Dovish' Comments

Confirming just two more rate hikes in 2017 and plenty of uncertainty and fear over productivity growth, a 'dovish' Stanley Fischer sparked an instant reaction in USDJPY (spiked above 111) and Gold (slammed below $1250) as stocks moved to the day's highs and bond yields rose (30Y over 3.00%)...

Report: FBI’s Facial Recognition Database Is ‘Out of Control’

by Charlie Nash, Breitbart:
The facial recognition database used by the FBI is “out of control,” according to a new report by The Guardian.
“Approximately half of adult Americans’ photographs are stored in facial recognition databases that can be accessed by the FBI, without their knowledge or consent, in the hunt for suspected criminals,” reported The Guardian on Monday. “About 80% of photos in the FBI’s network are non-criminal entries, including pictures from driver’s licenses and passports. The algorithms used to identify matches are inaccurate about 15% of the time, and are more likely to misidentify black people than white people.”
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from InfoWars:
“The time has come to defeat globalists,” she said.
The European Union will disappear, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told a rally on Sunday, promising to shield France from globalisation as she sought to fire up her supporters in the final four weeks before voting gets underway.
Buoyed by the unexpected election of Donald Trump in the United States and by Britain’s vote to leave the EU, the leader of the eurosceptic and anti-immigrant National Front (FN) party, told the rally in Lille that the French election would be the next step in what she called a global rebellion of the people.
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Welcome To The Third World, Part 22: Whites Are Dying “Deaths Of Despair”

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
“White privilege” is such a commonly accepted pillar of American society that it’s become material for comics. As Chris Rock tells his audience in the following clip, “There ain’t a white man in this room who would change places with me. And I’m rich!”
But what if that turned out not to be true? What if the collapse of the middle class brought on by the past four decades’ debt binge is hitting the “used to haves” harder than the “never hads”?
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Welcome to the U.S. Auto Market aka the ‘Trade-in-Treadmill’

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
Most of you reading this are probably aware the U.S. auto market is a train wreck waiting to happen, but a recent report by Moody’s really puts the industry’s insane lending practices into perspective.
Reuters reports:
As U.S. auto sales have peaked, competition to finance car loans is set to intensify and drive increased credit risk for auto lenders, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report released on Monday.
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Stock Market Catalyst for Chaos

by Michael Pento, Market Oracle:
Up until very recently, stocks had been humming along without so much as a minor speedbump and volatility was becoming a distant memory. However, it now seems prudent to once again remind investors that this extremely overvalued market is headed for an epic crash. The Cassandras, myself included, have been wrong about this warning for what seems like a long time. Nevertheless, much like those who warned of a housing bubble a few years before the bottom completely fell out, reality is destined to slam into the current triumvirate of asset bubbles, and those sounding the alarm will be proven correct again.
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