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Trump Fires US Attorney Preet Bharara After Refusing To Resign...

IMHO...Typical democrat...Doesn't care about ANYTHING but themselves...

"I did not resign. Moments ago I was fired. Being the US Attorney in SDNY will forever be the greatest honor of my professional life."

When This All Blows Up...

"And so here we find ourselves, at the final torturous, grinding part where the final bubble top is formed. The über-bubble. The Greatest Of Them All..."

Assad Calls US Forces In Syria "Invaders", Loses Faith In Trump

In an interview with Chinese TV, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said U.S. forces in Syria were "invaders" and said he had yet to see "anything concrete" emerge from U.S. President Donald Trump's vow to prioritize the fight against Islamic State. "We haven't seen anything concrete yet regarding this rhetoric."

The A.I. Economy: "Why The Market Never Crashes"

"Things are not what they seem; it isn’t your granddaddy’s financial market. Real money no longer exists, and the rest of us are trapped inside of a system of debt slavery, fake news and bad info, and rule by fake money."

filed under dumb Bitches and the IDIOTS that vote for them...

Ex-CIA Boss Blames Millennials For Government Leaks

"In order to do this kind of stuff, we have to recruit from a certain demographic... and I don’t mean to judge them at all, but this group of millennials simply have different understandings of the words loyalty, secrecy, and transparency than certainly my generation did."

Judge Bars Enforcement Of Trump's Revised Travel Ban

In the latest legal setback for President Trump's attempt to change US immigration policy, a federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, William Conley, blocked Trump's revised travel ban on Friday, barring enforcement of the policy to deny U.S. entry to the wife and child of a Syrian refugee who was already granted asylum in the United States.

Widespread AT&T Outages Reported Across The U.S.

Two weeks after a massive Amazon cloud outage crippled numerous websites on the East Coast, this morning users of AT&T across the nation are reporting widespread outages in their cellphone service. This appears to be confirmed by the current data on reported problems with the cellphone carrier.

Restaurant Sales And Traffic Tumble

Same-store sales fell -3.7% in February, with traffic declining -5.0%  A macro view leaves little room for optimism. Same-store sales averaged -2.7 percent for the last three months. February’s results were among the weakest in the last four years. Consumers are spending, but they are being battered by rising inflation. Spending power has flatlined as wage gains are barely offsetting price increases.

Erdogan Calls Dutch "Fascists" After Turkish Foreign Minister Barred Entry

"Listen Netherlands, you'll jump once, you'll jump twice, but my people will thwart your game. You can cancel our foreign minister's flight as much as you want, but let's see how your flights come to Turkey now. They don't know diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are fascists." - Tayyip Erdogan

Jeff Sessions Asks All Remaining Obama-Appointed U.S. Attorneys To Resign

"As was the case in prior transitions, many of the United States Attorneys nominated by the previous administration already have left the Department of Justice. The Attomey General has now asked the remaining 46 presidentially appointed U.S. Attorneys to tender their resignations in order to ensure a uniform transition." - DOJ

The Conflict Within The Deep State Just Broke Into Open Warfare

The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle - it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation.

RED ALERT – NWO EUGENICS PLAN? 5G Cell Technology Will BLANKET PLANETARY LIFE With Ultra-High Microwave Frequency RADIATION

by Jonathan Landsman, Natural Health 365:
The 5G revolution is rushing toward us and it will bring a whole new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation.  And those who raise their voices against the danger to our health and our human rights to safety have been the subject of harassment, intimidation and attempts to silence them.
On July 14, 2016 the FCC voted to unleash 5G in the United States, approving sweeping Spectrum Frontiers rules to make spectrum bands above 24 GHz available for 5G.  Even though serious health risks are associated with the proliferation of cell phone technology, the attitude of the FCC seems to be ‘full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.’
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How This Idaho Oldtimer Constructed An Ideal “Underground Home for Less Than $50”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
This guy never took to living conventionally, or really, having anything to do with the grid that he didn’t have to.
Mike Oehler is a veteran in the DIY homesteading movement – writing the book on how he made his own underground home for cheap, less than $50 using found materials and his reservoir of ingenuity.
This house, dug into a hill and concealed underground, lends itself to camoflauge, self-sustainability, energy efficiently, prepping and survival.
Learn from his experience how to design for the best management of water flow, sunlight into your underground dwelling, and the best way to insulate naturally, and live as low cost as you prefer.
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The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Summer, Banks Will Crash,Currency Won’t Exist: Bix Weir

from X22Report Spotlight:

I Need to Tell You the Strangest Thing Doug Casey and I Learned in Ukraine

by Nick Giambruno, International Man:
This is not fiction…
It’s not a conspiracy theory…
It’s a plausible explanation for a mysterious event that actually happened.
On the evening of May 28, 1993, an enormous blast rocked the Australian Outback. It measured 3.9 on the Richter scale and sent shock waves out hundreds of miles. Truck drivers and gold prospectors in the area saw the dark sky light up with a bright flash.
I only heard about the incident a few months ago, when Doug Casey and I met a shadowy figure with deep connections to the US government in a café in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. He and his colleagues within the US military and intelligence community are 100% convinced that this strange event was actually Aum Shinrikyo—a Japanese doomsday cult—testing a nuclear weapon.
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A Fresh Idea or an Error Correction: a Draft Ban on Assistance to Anti-government Forces in Syria

Contributed by Sophie Mangal, Inside Syria Media Center SGT Report:

A law-in-draft has been introduced to both chambers of the US Congress: the Senate and the House of Representatives on prohibition of the assistance to anti-government armed groups in Syria. A member of the House of Representatives of the Congress from the State of Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard (the House of Representatives) and the Republican Rand Paul (the Senate) were the authors of the initiative. The draft law will be examined in parallel by both chambers of the Congress. Read More

Trump Administration Moves to Approve New Arms Sales to Saudi Arabian War Criminals

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
This week’s episode of “Empire Gone Wild” features our freshly inaugurated dear leader, Donald Trump, who appears determined to enthusiastically continue the Obama administration’s policy of recklessly arming Saudi war criminals.
First, here’s a little background from The Washington Post:
The State Department has approved a resumption of weapons sales that critics have linked to Saudi Arabia’s bombing of civilians in Yemen, a potential sign of reinvigorated U.S. support for the kingdom’s involvement in its neighbor’s ongoing civil war.
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Ron Paul: Testimony in Support of Arizona Honest Money Bill, HB2014 on 03-08-17

from Tenth Amendment Center:

Is Alexa Working for the CIA? Video Shows Owner Asking Amazon’s Smart Assistant if it is Connected to the Intelligence Agency – Causing it to Shut Down Repeatedly

by Stacy Liberatore, Daily Mail:
With the CIA’s ability to ‘breach almost anything connected to the internet’ made public, many citizens have begun questioning their devices.
A clip has surfaced showing an anonymous woman asking Amazon’s Alexa a series of questions – starting with ‘would you lie to me’ and finishing with ‘Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?’
The virtual assistant swiftly responded to the first question, but shutdown after it was interrogated about its connections with the US government agency.
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Trumpcare: Different Plan, Same Problems

by Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital:
With his widely followed, and positively reviewed, address to Congress last week, President Trump showed how easy it could be to unite Washington around a big-budget centrist agenda on health care, immigration, taxes, infrastructure and the military. But the continued accusations surrounding his campaign’s alleged Russian connections, and the President’s conspiratorial responses, have insured that the battle lines have only hardened. However, anyone with even a casual concern with ballooning government debt should take notice just how easily both parties in Washington would agree to vastly expand the gushing red ink if a political truce can be brokered. Those fears should galvanize around the newly-issued Republican replacement for Obamacare. If such a monstrous bill could successfully navigate Congress, we would find ourselves stuck deeper in a deficit deluge than we can possibly imagine.
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SEC Rejects Bitcoin ETF, But Bitcoin Price Rally Can Still Be Ahead

by Olusegun Ogundeji, Coin Telegraph:

As the news of the Winklevoss exchange traded fund not being approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission sinks, the CEO of CryptoCompare, which brings the latest streaming pricing data of cryptocurrencies, hints at what could have been responsible for the rejection.
Charles Hayter states in an email that the SEC does not like Bitcoin being unchained from all regulation and the rejection move is, in essence, a form of consumer protection.
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The Mystery of the Treasury’s Disappearing Cash

by David Stockman, DailyReckoning:
As of October 24, the U.S. Treasury was flush with $435 billion of cash. That was because the department’s bureaucrats had been issuing debt hand-over-fist and piling up a cash hoard, apparently, for the period after March 15, 2017 when President Hillary Clinton would need to coax another debt ceiling increase out of Congress.
Needless to say, Hillary was unexpectedly (and thankfully) retired to Chappaqua, New York. But the less discussed surprise is that the U.S. Treasury’s cash hoard has virtually disappeared in the run-up to the March 15 expiration of the debt ceiling holiday.
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Research Continues to Prove Vitamin D’s Critical Role in Disease Prevention

by Vicki Batts, Natural News:
Vitamin D has become quite the heavily researched nutrient: last year 4,388 studies were published according to listings on PubMed. And in 2015, another 4,356 studies were published too. That’s nearly 9,000 studies in just a two-year period! And the majority of these findings point to one thing: vitamin D plays an integral role in the prevention of many diseases and conditions.
Some of these studies may prove to be quite influential regarding future research, medical policies and even public opinion. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that frankly isn’t appreciated nor recognized often enough for its benefits, so this onslaught of new research is quite promising.
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