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Ron Paul Outside After Bill Passes Senate Finance Committee Silver and Gold as Money could end Fed

from Silver Report:

Haven't heard much from the Bitch...I wonder where it's hiding...

8 Signs Hillary Clinton Will Be Arrested And Charged Soon

by Baxter Dmitry, Your News Wire:
There are eight signs since the inauguration of President Trump that point to a coming prosecution for Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
Before I begin, let us review highly pertinent details to the case.
James Comey withheld a criminal indictment recommendation for Hillary despite the fact that he indicated under oath that Hillary broke the law. Based on the emails that were recovered from her server, more than 100 pieces of classified, secret and top-secret information were found. But the classified information that the FBI currently has in its possession is just one small piece of the puzzle.
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50 Million Americans Brace For "Crippling Blizzard" In Northeast

A major Nor'easter threatens to shut down travel due to heavy snow and strong winds from Washington, D.C., to New York City and Boston early this week, as weather forecasters on Sunday put the U.S. East Coast on a blizzard watch, warning some 50 million people of potential snowfall from 12 to 18 inches, coupled with wind blasts in some areas from Monday night into Wednesday.

Gary Cohn: "The Fed Is Doing A Good Job"; Trump "Respects The Powers Of The Fed"

"The Federal Reserve is an independent agency and they operate as such. They have their economic data, which they look at and they are trying to always modulate economic growth with inflation, with the work force. I think the Federal Reserve has been doing a good job in doing that. The Fed will do what they need to do. And we respect the powers of the Fed." - Gary Cohn

Global Leaders Rattle Their Sabers As The World Marches Toward War

We have entered a season where leaders all over the globe feel a need to rattle their sabers, and many fear that this could be leading us to war. Will Trump be able to show that he is tough without going over the edge and starting an actual conflict?

Consuming Our Future: Das Warns "The Model Was Always Doomed To Fail"

"Only lowering our living standards will achieve sustainable growth... Debt, energy consumption, housing affordability or superannuation – it’s all based on a financial system that’s in fact a completely fictional model. This model was always doomed to fail – eventually."

Oil Tumbles Below $48 As JPM Warns Of Possible Commodity Liquidations

Any hopes for an early rebound in oil following last week's torrid plunge in WTI and Brent appear to be dashed, at least at the open, when WTI promptly tumbled below $48/barrel. While there have been no materal adverse catalysts over the weekend, three factors are being mentioned by Sunday night trading desks as drivers behind the latest seloff.

16 Reasons Not To Live In California

 It has been said that "as California goes, so goes the nation."  That is why it is such a shame what is happening to that once great state...

Japan Begins QE Tapering: BOJ Hints It May Purchase 18% Less Bonds Than Planned

Japan appears to have quietly commenced its own monteary tightening because, as Bloomberg calculates looking at the BOJ's latest bond-purchase plan, the central bank is on track to miss an annual target, by a substantial margin, prompting investor concerns that the BOJ has commenced its own "stealth tapering."

Czech President Mocks Media, Declares Himself An "Agent Of Putin, Trump, China And Israel"

"I am an agent of Russia, and particularly of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin” he declared, speaking in Russian. “I should add that I am also an agent of the Chinese President. Lately also of the new American President. I am an agent of Israel, which I have been supporting all this time."

Peter Schiff Talks Trumpcare: Different Plan, Same Problems

"...the Republican replacement plan, which removes all taxes on individuals who don’t buy insurance, and all penalties on employers who do not provide insurance to their employees, will actually make the problem far worse."

Hedges Are "Pricing A World Almost Free Of Risk" Says BofA: Here's How To Trade It

There appear to be abundant potential sources of global market uncertainty: a CB policy miscalculation, the propensity for political surprises, unanticipated consequences of the first US rate hike cycle in over a decade and the feasibility of Trump’s economic  growth agenda, to name a few. However, risky assets for the most part remain euphoric, and the recent hedge mispricing has provided an opportunity for traders.

"Hey Google: How Do I Become An International Gold Smuggler?"

Harold Vilches, a 23-year-old Chilean, exported $80 million in contraband gold. It all started with a Google search...

What Does OPEC Do Next?

The hard lesson learned during the past few years is that due to technological advancements, U.S. shale oil producers can lower their breakeven prices and challenge OPEC’s market dominance.

The Deep State Dystopia To Come

"...wealth will be institutionalized. The concept of withdrawal will fade along with the fiction of ownership... A criminal corporate commonwealth, supported by a fiat dollar as global reserve currency enforced by threat of war and economic collapse, will be deaf to protest from below..."

Eric Peters: "If China And The World Bank Are Right, We're Headed For A Depression"

"China lowered its growth target again. As the World Bank warned that today’s strong global upswing in confidence and financial markets are not enough to pull the world out of a “low-growth trap.” If they’re right, we’re surely headed for depression."

Turkey Vows "Harsh Retaliation" Seeks Sanctions, As Dutch PM Says "Not Apologizing, Are You Nuts"

Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that his country will retaliate in the "harshest ways" to Dutch moves to bar the flight of the Turkish foreign minister and prevent the family minister from entering the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam, while Dutch PM Mark Rutte slammed Erdogan: "This is a man who yesterday made us out for fascists and a country of Nazis. I’m going to de-escalate, but not by offering apologies. Are you nuts?" he told a morning talk show.

Nassim Taleb's One Word Answer To What Trump Can Learn From Professional Economists


Silver Price Framework: Both Money and a Commodity

by Stefan Wieler, GoldMoney:
Silver price framework: Both money and a commodity
In this paper, we introduce a framework for understanding the formation of silver prices. Silver is both money (store of value) and an input commodity and thus the impact of both industrial and monetary demand need to be taken into consideration. We also introduce a silver price model that captures the relative price drivers under this framework, including the Goldmoney “energy proof of value” addition to the standard real-interest rate price model for precious metals. Silver prices are currently about 10% below predicted values, but more importantly, the model indicates that we are still near the bottom of this price cycle.
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Reality Check: It Ain’t The Economy Stupid, At Least Not The One Most Folks Think Of…!

from Rogue Money:
Trump euphoria is still alive and well, but in one venue it is nearly dead and gone. That “euphoria” component has lost it’s value as a motivator to the equity indices. Nothing negative there, as it was inevitable, but I for one see the equity indices of the the DOW, the S&P, and the NASDAQ from this day forward preparing their future resting places as acronym footnotes in paper history books. Whether you are “long” or “short” these acronym “hot-shots,” whether your bets are right or wrong in their directions, I suspect you are about to see your closing ‘positions/values’ be meaningless. “No gains in sight.”
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Audioblog #186-The Most Overdue Financial Crisis In History

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
For 27 years the staff at Miles Franklin has delivered excellence in many ways – knowledge, relationships, product offers and customer service. They understand the macro/micro economics and geo–political advantages to investing in precious metals to protect your wealth. The team at Miles Franklin build life-long relationships because they custom-tailor solutions for investing in precious metals to meet each individual’s needs and circumstances. Our brokers have or can acquire most any type of precious metal from anywhere in the world. Each and every order is managed and monitored from start to finish. We are licensed, bonded, and carry an A+ BBB rating.
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Money Metals President Stefan Gleason & Cong. Ron Paul Testify on Behalf of Gold & Silver Investors

by Mike Gleason, Money Metals:
Coming up on today’s program we’ll have a special report on some important new developments in sound money legislation at the state level. Be sure to stick around to find out which states are in the process of advancing the cause of restoring gold and silver as money. First, though, let’s take a brief look at this week’s market action in the precious metals.
Gold and especially silver succumbed to heavy selling in the futures markets this week. Gold is getting hit for a 2.8% weekly loss as of this Friday morning recording to bring spot prices down to $1,202 an ounce. Silver is suffering a 6.1% smack down this week and currently trades at $16.96. Meanwhile, platinum prices got pummeled by 5.8% as the automotive metal now sits at $943 per ounce. Palladium is holding up somewhat better than the other white metals and is down 3.3% since last Friday’s close to trade at $751.
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Former Secret Service Agent: ‘President Trump Isn’t Safe Anymore in the White House’ (VIDEO)

by Cristina Laila, The Gateway Pundit:
Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino went on a rant after an intruder jumped the fence at the White House on Friday night. He said the agency is being run by people who have no idea what they are doing. They are doing the same things they did 20 or 30 years ago, expecting different results.
Bongino: “Having been a former Secret Service agent guys, he’s just not safe anymore …it’s a great agency but it’s being run by a bunch of people who have no idea what they are doing..they are doing things they did 20 or 30 years ago, expecting different results.
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Will There Be ET Disclosure? The Pope, ET’s, the Brookings Report, Cydonia and Giza

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
The Deep State, Pizzagate, illegal wiretaps and alleged Russian hacking, my mind needs a rest. Each and every day for a year, I have championed the rise of Donald Trump and the potential demise of the globalist forces that have hijacked our government. However, for today, I turn my attention to a topic that holds a great deal of fascination to me and this topic can be encapsulated by one central question: Does mankind really know and understand their true history?
It could be the biggest history revisionist project of all time. Have the elite cut mankind off from their history? We know the globalists try and pervert religion and this is one of the reasons why the Christian Church is in such a mess today. Even the Pope has tried to pervert the message of Christ and the teachings of the Bible by comparing and claiming equivalance between Chistianity and Islam and this has given rise to the modern term “Chislam” which calls for the blending of Christianity and Islam. This is the biggest perversion of the Christian religion in history and the fact that the Pope is pushing the message is inexcusable.
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