Thursday, March 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Probe

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he is recusing himself from investigations into Russian interference in American politics and contacts with associates of President Donald Trump, after the DOJ acknowledged he had contacts with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 campaign.

Why You Should Be Nervous About Janet Yellen’s Speech Tomorrow

"Alan Blinder, former vice chair at the Fed, said on Bloomberg Radio Thursday that Yellen won’t sound hawkish and she will want to leave open the possibility of standing pat in March... so March is far from a slam dunk even if officials collectively see three hikes this year."

Bank Of America Sets A Date For The Market's "Great Fall"

... we recommend buying S&P 500 puts for the second half of 2017.

White House Admits Kushner Had Previously Undisclosed Meeting With Russian Ambasador

Following The New Yorker's report that President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner met with the Russian Ambassador in December, The White House has confirmed the senior administration adviser (along with Mike Flynn) had a previously undisclosed meeting to "establish a line of communications."

" Wrong Way Gartman"

Dennis Gartman Stopped Out Of Long Crude Position

Gartman, who correctly called the recent market melt up, has once again reverted to his immensely valuable - and reliable - old self of calling key market inversion points with a several hour/day advance notice.

Dear President Trump, Here Is Why You Should Shut Up About The Market

It's not the economy, stupid; it's the market's "initial conditions" that matter...

Dow Dumps Below 21,000 As Fed Hawks Batter Bonds & Bullion

"The Attorney General Must Resign": Pelosi, Top Democrats Calls For Sessions' Immediate Termination

It took minutes, not hours, for top congressional Democrats to call on Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign on Wednesday evening after the WaPo reported that he had allegedly met with the Russian ambassador in the months before the election, meetings that Sessions did not disclose during his confirmation hearings.

Venezuela Is Down To Its Last $10B As Debt Payments Loom

Venezuela’s financial report for 2016 stated that roughly $7.7 billion of the remaining $10.5 billion in foreign reserves had been preserved in gold. Last year, in order to fulfill debt obligations, Caracas began shipping gold to Switzerland.

Peak Animal Spirits

The gap between people's perceptions of reality (as judged by consumer and business surveys of confidence) and reality (as judged by fundamental economic data) has never been higher than it is today. The problem with peak 'animal spirits' like this is... they always end badly.

Beware The Bakken

It’s the beginning of the end for the Bakken Shale play...

Fillon's Home Raided By Corruption Investigators; Campaign On Verge Of Collapse

One day after French presidential candidate Francois Fillon revealed that a judges are to place him a under formal criminal investigation later this month over allegations that he illegally employed his British wife and children at taxpayers’ expense, detectives raided his home in the capital’s elegant 7th arrondissement. At the same time, former French PM Alain Juppe was reportedly poised to replace Fillon as a result of the sprawling investigation.

Trump: "Total Confidence" In Sessions; Denies Knowledge Of Russian Meetings

Trump told reporters AG Sessions still has his "total" confidence despite undisclosed meetings Sessions had last year with Russia's ambassador to the US.

11 Quotes From Trump's Speech To Congress That Expose The Dismal Reality Of Obama's Legacy

After Tuesday night, nobody should have any more doubt that the U.S. economy has been in the process of collapsing... He detailed many of the most important problems that our nation is facing, and he explained his prescription for addressing those problems.

Silver Is Collapsing On Massive Volume

At exactly 1130ET (as Europe closed), someone decided to unload over $2 billion notional of silver into the futures pits...

President Trump Speaks On Rebuilding The Military - Live Feed

President Trump is due to deliver remarks aboard the not yet commissioned super-carrier U.S.S. Gerald Ford, docked at Newport News, Va. The focus of his speech is expected to be promote his vision and plan for the nation's military buildup.

Tesla Autopilot Crash Caught On Dashcam

A Tesla Model S ran into a highway barrier at a construction zone near Dallas, after it failed to recognize the roadway and merge into another lane. The result: an unhappy driver and a mangled car.

Flint Residents Now Have To Pay For Water They Still Can't Drink

The state of Michigan has declared that Flint’s drinking water “meets all federal water quality standards,” ending a program Wednesday that reimbursed residents for most of their water costs in the wake of the lead crisis. Yet Flint residents still can’t drink the water, and the announcement was met with outrage.

The Next Ponzi: $4.6BN Long-Term-Care Insurer To Liquidate In Pa; Biggest Healthcare Failure Ever

"After a long and difficult eight-year legal process, the Court's decision to approve the liquidation recognizes the companies' financial difficulties are too great to be remedied..."

SNAP Initiated With Sell Rating, $10 Price Target At Pivotal

Federal Officials Are Searching Caterpillar's Corporate Headquarters; Stock Plunges

Federal officials have executed search warrants at three Caterpillar, Inc. facilities in the Tri-County Area — including the corporate headquarters — Thursday morning. Company officials confirmed the presence in a statement without specifying which agency was performing the search or what the search was in regard to.

Fillon Caught Lying: Under Former Investigation, Refuses to Stand Down

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:
Francois Fillon, once considered the lead candidate in the French national election in May, just got caught in a lie.
Recall that Fillon pledged to drop out of the campaign if a formal investigation against him was announced.
Today, a formal investigation into “Penelopegate” was announced, but instead of dropping out, he attacked the judicial system.
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Russian Insider Blames CIA For High-Ranking Russian Bodies Hitting The Floor – Is Global War Now Closing In?

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:
Could ‘Deep State War’ Go Hot And Come Home To America?
YouTube videographer Inessa A has made an art over recent months of transcribing videos of Russian speakers into English. From Vladimir Putin to Maria Zakharova, the Director of Information and Press for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the informative videos she’s transcribed have helped to ‘awaken’ many Americans and in the first video below, we see a transcribed video from Russian political analyst Valeriy Piakin, who accurately predicted Donald Trump’s election, and his analysis of the very strange events over the past several months that have seen one high ranking Russian official after another ‘bite the dust’.
In this story from Zero Hedge that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday, ‘Tyler Durden’ asked if a ‘Deep State War’ was ongoing after a long series of Russian officials kept dying unexpectedly, topped off by the recent death of Russia’s Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin. Are the series of deaths just a ‘coincidence’?
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Sex Abuse Victim Quits Vatican Child Protection Panel Citing ‘Shameful’ Resistance

by Carol Adl, Your News Wire:
An Irish sex abuse victim has quit a Vatican panel set up by Pope Francis to deal with paedophile priest scandals over a “shameful” lack of co-operation
Marie Collins who was assaulted by a hospital chaplain when she was thirteen, accused Vatican bureaucrats of “resistance” to the work of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors and obstructing reforms backed by the Pope.
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How To Counter Leftist Violence While Maintaining The Moral High Ground

by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:
Social division is an undeniable reality of human existence; it is also not necessarily a negative aspect of human existence. The moment a society is forced or manipulated into blindly agreeing on everything is the moment that society begins to die and the future of mankind in general becomes rather bleak. Ideas need to be tested, they need to be scrutinized and they need to be verified, perpetually. That said, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing this.
Diving into a culture of zealotry is certainly the WRONG way. Zealotry requires a religious-like idolization of a particular idea or philosophy; it requires unverified faith and an unwavering devotion. Once people become zealots, they cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be debated, they cannot be dissuaded.
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You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When…

by SGT,  SGT

You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Silver plummets 70 cents in a FLASH as more than TWO BILLION DOLLARS of PAPER silver flood the market.
You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Gold drops $20 in a FLASH as mountains of fraudulent PAPER gold floods the market.
You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… Bitcoin skyrockets for the umpteenth straight day, breaking all time highs.
You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN System When… One Bitcoin is worth MORE than one ounce of Gold.  $1270 VS $1232.
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Art Market Bubble Bursting – Gauguin Collapses 74% To $22 Million

by Mark O’Byrne, GoldCore:
– Art Market Bubble Bursting?
– Russian Billionaire Takes 74% Loss On “Investment”
– $85 Million Gauguin Bought By Dmitry Rybolovlev in 2008
– Christie’s auctioned the work at its evening sale in London
– Global art sales plummet, but China rises as ‘art superpower’
– China soon to dominates global art and gold market
– Art price volumes doubled since 2009
– As currencies debase super rich seek out stores of value
– Gold remains accessible store of value for all
– Stocks, bonds and many assets at record prices
– Gold half it’s real price in 1980
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BREAKING! FBI Busted Paying To Sabotage President Trump—Man Responsible Goes In Hiding!

from Lisa Haven:

Bill O’Reilly: I’ve Never Seen an Ideology Collapse Like Democrat Party Today (Video)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the implosion of the Democrat Party in America
Bill O’Reilly: My theory is that critical mass has been reached by the far left in this country. And that they are doing damage to their own legacy and to the Democrat Party at a rate I’ve never seen in my lifetime. I’ve never seen an ideology collapse the way it’s collapsed.
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Andrew Hoffman – Upcoming Trumpflation Crash

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:
What’s Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:
Today’s article – the “strong dollar” Catch-22;
Cartel on the brink – gold and silver pushing up on 200 week moving averages;
Upcoming debt ceiling debacle, European elections, Fed meeting;
Trump’s speech – ALL platitudes, no substance;
The upcoming Trump-flation crash;
Record high Bitcoin prices – which is exactly what PMs will do, once the Cartel is inevitably defeated.
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Will Trump’s Talk Turn the Trump Rally into Lasting Gold or End in the Trump Dump?

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:
Trump is market magic. The Donald spoke, offering nothing he hasn’t said hundreds of times before in his campaign speeches, and the Dow parted its way through the 21,000 barrier without hesitation. The stock market’s rise from 20k to 21k also tied a record for the quickest 1,000-point gain. How long will this rampaging bull market last? Is 22,000 now an easy reach?
It apparently doesn’t matter that Trump offered no more specifics than he ever has about how he’s going to turn things around or that he has said it all innumerable times. The market heard the pep talk it wanted to hear and rose on the dreams of a rebuilt America.
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11 Quotes From Trump’s Speech To Congress That Show That The U.S. Economy Is In A State Of Collapse

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
After Tuesday night, nobody should have any more doubt that the U.S. economy has been in the process of collapsing. Donald Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress is being hailed as his best speech ever. Even CNN’s Van Jones praised Trump, which shocked many observers. Jones said that when Trump honored the widow of slain Navy Seal Ryan Owens that it “was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics”, and Jones believes that Trump “became President of the United States in that moment”. But Trump’s speech is not just being praised for that one moment. He detailed many of the most important problems that our nation is facing, and he explained his prescription for addressing those problems.
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from Scott Bernstein:
Make no doubt about it. NCMEC is a government front that exaggerates claims about what they do, statistics about success rates and their self-proclaimed nobility. Celebrities have come to their side to voice their support for NCMEC and if you like to drink from the Kool Aid, you will get poisoned also. The simple question is where are the children? Just ask the hundreds or thousands of parents who reported to NCMEC and ask them where their children are today?
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