Monday, March 6, 2017

Wikileaks Releases Encrypted "Vault 7" Torrent, Will Unveil Password Tuesday 9am

Wikileaks has released an encrypted torrent file which reportedly contains information on the mysterious "Vault 7", and which at a size of just over 500 MB can be downloaded now at the following URL. The torrent will be made fully accessible to everyone tomorrow at 9am ET, when Wikileaks releases the decryption password.

House Republicans Release Plan To Repeal and Replace Obamacare: Key Highlights

The plan would dismantle the key aspects of ObamaCare, including subsidies to help people buy coverage, the law's fines on people who don't purchase health insurance, the expansion of Medicaid, and drop the plan to tax employer-sponsored plans. The bills can be found here and here.

Prisoners Explain Why A Pack Of Mackerel Is The Gold Standard Of Currencies In America's Prisons

"I'll never forget the day where the macks lost all their value almost overnight.  Someone had a huge amount of money macks and they got confiscated and the administration left them sitting in a bucket.  They essentially introduced hyperinflation.  They flooded the market with money macks."

Former CIA Analyst: Obama Gave “Green Light” For NSA, CIA to Sabotage Trump

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
Former CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson says that according to his sources, the Obama administration worked with the NSA, the CIA and Britain’s GCHQ to disseminate information about Donald Trump that was illegally obtained via surveillance before the election.
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Schlichter Warns "Watch The Liberals - All They Have Left Is Lies"

"Watch the liberals. Listen to what they say, because their lies and their slanders are a road map to their plans for the future. Straightforward from here, given the chance, they absolutely intend to impose the kind of quasi-fascist rule they falsely accuse Trump of contemplating. But their problem is that we now recognize their lies, and we see their endgame, and the collapse of the media gatekeepers means they can no longer keep us blind and isolated. "

Shocking Video Footage Of Sprawling California Tent City

"It is unsafe and unsanitary with loose dogs everywhere and human fecal matter scattered on the trail.  The area is disgusting and reeks of trash and feces."

How The Market Creates Jobs (And How Government Destroys Them)

The path to jobs that matter is the free market...

US Begins Deployment Of Controversial THAAD Anti-Missile System To South Korea

Well that escalated quickly. Just a day after North Korea's test firing of 4 missiles towards US bases in Japan, and hours after North Korea warned the world was "on the brink of nuclear war" due to US-South Korea "maneuvers," CNN reports the first pieces of the controversial US-built missile defense system (designed to mitigate the threat of North Korean missiles) arrived at the Osan Air Base in South Korea Monday night, according to the US military.

"The Reality Is, Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check"

"The reality is, half of Americans can’t afford to write a $500 check" - 57% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $500 unexpected expense, according to a survey from Bankrate.

These Are The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs

"...the system in place to govern corporations has failed in the area of executive compensation...."

There Is Just One Sentence In The Bill To Terminate The EPA

Mark Levin Issues Open Letter To CNN's Brian Stetler: "You Are Thoroughly Dishonest"

"Your ad hominem attacks about "right wing" radio host and conspiracy theory stuff ... incredible... Your lack of curiosity and dishonesty about such matters and in dealing with me demean you and your profession..."

Can Yellen Keep The Boom Going?

Yellen, like notorious previous Fed chiefs including Strong, Martin, and Greenspan, can now claim success in having prolonged and strengthened an asset price inflation which otherwise may well have been about to enter its severe end phase. If history is any guide, the result of that success is to be feared.

CNN Airs 'Spy Cam' Footage Of Trump Oval Office Meeting As If It's Perfectly Acceptable

Over the weekend, CNN aired 'spy cam' footage of a "fiery" meeting in the Oval Office in an attempt to further their 'dysfunction in the Trump White House' narrative.  But, while CNN was all to eager to spread their narrative, no one seemed to care to ask the obvious question of why it is suddenly ok to film private, and potentially classified, meetings in the Oval Office.

"Why Are They So Angry?"

Why indeed...

The Second Dumbest Kind Of Money Is Pouring Into Stocks - "With A Vengeance"

One of the traditional signs of market tops is individual investors finally succumbing to the lure of apparently easy money and pouring their savings into the stock market. In the past this dumb money flowed into equity mutual funds in general. But today it’s favoring exchange traded funds (ETFs)...

Government Spooks Can Use Mic, Camera On Trump's Phone (Even When He Thinks It's Turned Off)

"Trump needs to understand that the deep state is trying to destroy him, and that everything that he says and does is being monitored. So until Trump can completely clean house at all of our intelligence agencies, he is going to have to be extremely careful 24 hours a day."

Senator Grassley Launches Probe Into FBI Ties With British Spy Behind "Trump Dossier"

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for President in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends."

Here Are The Top 15 'Obamagate' Wiretap Victims

While President Trump started the discussion with his tweets over the weekend, but it should be clear that it is not unfounded that former President Obama would wire tap President Trump during the election process...

Mika Melts Down: "I Have Lost Hope Completely...This Presidency Is Fake And Failed"

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinksi:  "I had hope and an open mind and I have lost hope completely and my mind is closed.  This presidency is fake and failed."

Food Crisis - The Greatest Threat To Social Stability

"...this is no ordinary riot. Unlike a riot triggered by, say, a TV news clip of some policeman beating a seemingly innocent man, the trigger is ongoing and, more importantly, it is not, at its heart, anger-based - it is fear-based. And it is self-perpetuating."

North Korea Warns US-South Korea "Maneuvers" Are "Driving [World] Towards Nuclear Disaster"

"In the hearts of artillerymen, there was burning desire to mercilessly retaliate against the warmongers going ahead with their joint war exercises...driving the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war."

Of Course Big Brother Was Spying On Trump’s Calls – The Shocking Truth Is That They Spy On All Of Our Calls

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:
The mainstream media is all in an uproar over Donald Trump’s claim that Barack Obama personally ordered the phones in Trump Tower to be “wiretapped” just before the election. But nobody should really be surprised that the government was listening to Donald Trump’s phone calls. After all, the truth is that they systematically collect the content of all forms of digital communication, and this has been going on for many years. During Obama’s presidency, nobody really got too upset when it was revealed that the Obama administration was spying on friendly foreign leaders (including Angela Merkel), nobody got too upset when it was revealed that the Obama administration was spying on journalists, and nobody got too upset when it was revealed that the NSA was grabbing baby photos and nude selfies off of the Internet. But now that Trump has gotten extremely angry because the government was listening to his calls, maybe something will finally be done about all of this unconstitutional surveillance.
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Big Brother Wants To Eliminate ‘Fake News’ And IBM Has The Perfect Solution. Think ‘Minority Report’

IBM Patent: A.I. Fact-Checker with In-Call Actionability
by K. Renee, Northwest Liberty News:

File Date (@US Patent Office): January 19, 2017 Patent: 20170019535 Family ID: 57775256 Kind Code: A1 Applicant: International Business Machines (IBM)
Super Easy Explanation: A system that fact-checks live calls and takes action to “cause change” in any call that is “determined…as false”. [Abstract]
Now, to Break It Down a Bit Further:
Who’s Involved (initially) : telecommunicating from & an automatic program, ran on an artificial-intelligencia computing system.  What’s Happening :  The A.I. system “detects a fact statement made during a conversation” [0024]. It detects “alleged facts” by using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to identify a “defined grammatical construct” and “the presence of one or more keywords”. [0025]  “As some non-limiting examples” the system “can be configured to detect statements that include financial terminology…words referring to a location, an institution, an entity, and the like”. [0025]
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Worried You Might Buy Bitcoin or Gold

by Keith Weiner, Sprott Money:
The price of gold has been rising, but perhaps not enough to suit the hot money. Meanwhile, the price of bitcoin has shot up even faster. From $412, one year ago, to $1290 on Friday, it has gained over 200% (and, unlike gold, we can say that bitcoin went up—it’s a speculative asset that goes up and down with no particular limit). Compared to the price action in bitcoin, gold seems boring. While this is a virtue for gold to be used as money (and a vice for bitcoin), it does tend to attract those who just want to get into the hottest casino du jour.
Perhaps predictably, we saw an ad from a gold bullion dealer. This well-known dealer is comparing gold to bitcoin, and urging customers to stick with gold because of gold’s potential for price appreciation. We would not recommend this argument. Whatever the merits of gold may be, going up faster than bitcoin is not among them.
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‘Genocide’ In Yemen As Saudi Arabia, U.S. Grab 63% Of Oil Supply

by Baxter Dmitry, Your News Wire:
Saudi Arabia and the United States are carrying out a “genocide” while the world turns a blind eye, unaware that Yemen is being invaded for its vast oil reserves.
Observers have been puzzled why oil-rich Saudi Arabia, backed by their allies the United States, have set their sights on impoverished Yemen – however all is not as it seems in the region.
Saudi Arabian oil is drying up, and scientific research by international drilling companies show that Yemen’s unexploited oil reserves are greater than the combined reserves of all the oil-rich Gulf states.
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Stellar Performance by Marine Le Pen on 60 Minutes

by Mish Shedlock, Mish Talk:
Marine le Pen put in a stellar performance on 60 Minutes on Sunday.
Le pen came across as very presidential. The interview, in French but translated, is sure to boost her standing in the French presidential election on May 7.
CBS has a transcript of the interview at Marine Le Pen Says She’s Not Waging a Religious War.
Anderson Cooper: The polls say you can’t win.
Marine Le Pen (translation): Yes. They also said that Brexit wasn’t going to happen, that Donald Trump wasn’t going to be elected, wasn’t even going to be his party’s nominee. Well, they’re saying that less and less now. They are much more cautious, much more cautious now.
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France’s Death Spiral

by Guy Millière, Gatestone Institute:
In 1990, the “Gayssot law” was passed, stipulating that “any discrimination based on ethnicity, nation, race or religion is prohibited”. Since then, it has been used to criminalize any criticism of Arab and African delinquency, any question on immigration from the Muslim world, any negative analysis of Islam. Many writers have been fined and most “politically incorrect” books on those topics have disappeared from bookshops.
The French government asked the media to obey the “Gayssot law.” It also asked that history textbooks be rewritten to include chapters on the crimes committed by the West against Muslims, and on the “essential contribution” of Islam to humanity. All history textbooks are “Islamically correct.”
In hospitals, Muslims are increasingly asking to be treated only by Muslim doctors, and refusing to let their wives be treated by male doctors.
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Something Very Sinister At Play – Remember! Expert Warned: ‘Obama Switched Sides In War On Terror!’

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:
As A Banker And A Lawyer Try To Fly Out Of 9th Floor Windows In New York
“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
While everything in life is not a coincidence and random events unrelated to each other do occur, we try to notice when such patterns as mentioned by President Roosevelt do emerge, patterns such as we recently reported on ANP in the string of deaths of numerous Russian ambassadors within months of each other all across the planet.
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