Thursday, November 3, 2016

AP To Clinton Campaign: We Are Preparing To Report FBI Has Thumb Drive, But Can Be Steered Away

FBI Agents View Hillary As The "Antichrist Personified"

"The FBI is Trumpland... [Clinton is] the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel... the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump... What you hear a lot is that it’s a bad choice, between an incompetent and a corrupt politician..."

Wikileaks Releases "DoJ, FBI, Huma Special" Podesta Emails

Leaked Emails Expose Podesta Pissed At CNBC's John Harwood For "Honest" Reporting

Podesta/Palmieri: "No, he is not joking. He and I are both put off by your piece..."
Harwood: "...when my bosses asked me to write what I learned, humor seemed more honest and appropriate than anything else... The value of the event, to me, was seeing you guys."

Republican Holds Up Handcuffs For Hillary On Live TV

“Hillary Clinton inauguration jewelry”  #HandcuffsForHillary

VIXplosion Slams Stocks To Longest Losing Streak Since Lehman

Americans Fleeing Expensive, Over-Taxed Metro Areas In Pursuit Of Affordability

"In California the cost of housing is so high. The numbers didn’t make sense."


The Economist Endorses Hillary: "America's Best Hope"

"Fingers crossed" indeed... for the establishment.

3 Things: Gross-ly Wrong, Math Of Loss, S&P Warning

For Janet Yellen, the “window” to lift interest rates appears to have closed which is a policy nightmare for the Fed, the economy and you.

Wikileaks Warns Of An "FBI-DOJ Podesta Email Special" Release At 4PM EST

Choose Your Reality: Same Candidates, Different Worlds

Comparing campaign coverage on CNN and FOX News last night was like seeing two different realities...

Nigel Farage Warns Of Untold "Public Anger" After UK High Court Decision As Deutsche Now Sees 2017 Elections

"I worry that a betrayal may be near at hand. Last night at the Spectator Parliamentary Awards I had a distinct feeling that our political class, who were out in force, do not accept the 23rd of June Referendum result. I fear that every attempt will be made to block or delay the triggering of Article 50. If this is so, they have no idea of the level of public anger they will provoke."

This Is What Gold Does In A Political Crisis, "Trump Might Actually Win" Edition

Now it’s completely possible - maybe even probable - that come November 9 the establishment holds onto power, in which case the panic will subside and capital will flow back out of precious metals. But that won’t matter long-term for at least two reasons...

For Crispen Odey The "Endgame" Arrives After Assets Plunge 60%

Assets under management at Crispin Odey’s flagship European hedge fund have plunged 60% this year after clients demanded their money back as the theta on his bearish bets burns, and as yet one more manager fought the central banks... and lost.

Secret Recordings Fueled Mutinous FBI Investigation of Clintons Despite DOJ Orders To "Stand Down"

"Sources described an "avalanche of evidence" in case and barring obstruction they'd likely continue to push to try for an indictment"

Healthcare Stocks Crater: DOJ Preparing Massive Probe Into Generic Drug Price-Fixing

Generic drug-maker stocks are collapsing following headlines suggesting the Justice Department's probe into collusion and drastic price increases will see the first charges brought by year-end.

Passive Negligence

"You're only passive... until you're not..."

Trump Wants Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee To Serve As Treasury Secretary

Six months ago, Steven Mnuchin became finance chair for the Trump campaign. Having succesfully helped to raise 10s of millions of dollars for the campaign, the former Goldman Sachs partner and Soros Fund management employee is now positioned for something much larger as Donald Trump reportedly told his aides today that he wants Mnuchin to serve as his Treasury Secretary.

Wikileaks Reveals Potential Rigging Of Primaries By Clinton Campaign As Early As 2014

“We may need allies to help in this process but we’re going to look at each state one step at a time, limiting as much as possible the perception of direct intervention by the principals.”

A Warning About Market Liquidity From Interactive Brokers

Equity Derivatives Flash Brexit-Like "Panic Signal"

Equity market implied correlation is flashing a 'panic' warning according to BMO quant Mark Steele as the little-known derivative indicator suggests traders fear a major 'high correlation' event and are aggressively hedging systemic risk.

The FBI's White Collar Crime Unit Is Probing The Clinton Foundation

The investigation into the Clinton Foundation has now taken a “very high priority,” according to Fox News, which has also learned that it has been proceeding for more than a year, led by the White-Collar Crime division.


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