Monday, November 7, 2016

“Madame President,” Reads Newsweek Title, THREE DAYS BEFORE ELECTION! RIGGED! Ready To Ship

from How I See The World:

Latest Project Veritas Bombshell: Undercover Journalist In Full Burka Offered Huma Abedin's Ballot In NYC

Undercover Project Veritas Journalist:  “So I can vote as Huma Abedin, but just with paper ballot?”
Election Official:  “Whatever you want.”

"I Just Lost All Faith In Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System And In The Rule Of Law In The US"

"After yesterday’s announcement I have lost all faith in our deeply corrupt system of justice. America has become a lawless nation, and the rule of law is completely dead in this country."

The Establishment Will Get Its "F**K You" No Matter Who Wins

"...I go along with the argument advanced by others that it would probably be better for Hillary to win, because that way the right people (the gang already in power) will be blamed for the descent into the maelstrom and will be expeditiously swept away..."

THIS BREAKING BOMBSHELL WILL HORRIFY YOU: Multiple Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Brothers to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann

from Truthfeed:
HOLY SMOKES…. Before you read this, please take a deep breath and sit down as this information is chilling. To proceed with the appropriate caution, this story is developing and there is not yet confirmation yet that these reports are 100% accurate and will yield a conviction but take a look at the circumstantial evidence and decide for yourself.
Cassandra Fairbanks of reports
On Sunday evening, side-by-side images of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony next to police sketches of potential suspects in a 2007 kidnapping of a three-year-old girl took over the internet.
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Doug Casey’s Top Five Reasons Not to Vote

by Doug Casey, International Man:
Democracy is vastly overrated.
It’s not like the consensus of a bunch of friends agreeing to see the same movie. Most often, it boils down to a kinder and gentler variety of mob rule, dressed in a coat and tie. The essence of positive values like personal liberty, wealth, opportunity, fraternity, and equality lies not in democracy, but in free minds and free markets where government becomes trivial. Democracy focuses people’s thoughts on politics, not production; on the collective, not on their own lives.
Although democracy is just one way to structure a state, the concept has reached cult status; unassailable as political dogma. It is, as economist Joseph Schumpeter observed, “a surrogate faith for intellectuals deprived of religion.” Most of the founders of America were more concerned with liberty than democracy. Tocqueville saw democracy and liberty as almost polar opposites.
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Comey Saves The World - Stocks Soar Most In 8 Months

One Frustrated Millennial Explains "How I Went From Voting For Obama In '08 To Trump In '16"

"In 2008 I was a sophomore at Towson University. I had no health insurance because my father had lost his job... I was swept away by Obama’s promises of health insurance, breaks for college students, and capitalizing on the mishaps leading to the Iraq war... Eight years and $9 trillion-plus in debt later, I realize that I was fooled by yet another politician looking for my vote... I have seen out of touch Washington elitists and special interests send this country on a path to debt and ruins."

Anti-Trump Voters Across America Look To "Game" Election System By "Trading Ballots"

Through the website "Trump Traders," a 20-year-old biology student at got in touch with Marc Baluda, 44, a Republican corporate lawyer in California who opposes Trump's candidacy and planned to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Tens of thousands of voters, the vast majority seeking to prevent a Trump presidency, have signed up on "vote-swapping" exchanges in advance of Tuesday's Election Day. 

Artist's Impression Of Decision 2016

How can you vote for ...?

Ron Paul: Regardless Of How America Votes, Americans Want A Different Foreign Policy

"While we may not have much to cheer in Tuesday’s successful candidate, we have learned a good deal about the state of the nation from the campaigns... we now understand more clearly than ever is that the American people are fed up with politics as usual. And more importantly they are fed up with the same tired old policies."

"Burn This Email After You Read It" - Memo To Podesta Says To "Leave No Fingerprints"

"We want to be able to tap into CAP’s resources—and allow them to tap into ours—as it makes sense, but with a public-facing image that is independent of CAP (Please burn this email after you read it!)."

Student, Auto Loans Hit New All Time High Of $2.5 Trillion As Consumer Credit Jumps By $19 Billion

With the Fed releasing its quarterly update on both auto and student loans in its monthly consumer credit report, we have two new records: a new all time high in both car loans at $1.098 trillion, and a record for student loans, which just hit $1.396 trillion.

In Surprising Move China Replaces Finance Minister, Ending Hope For Reform

In a stark and unexpected development, one which could have significant consequences for the future of China's economic reform push, on Monday Beijing unexpectedly removed Lou Jiwei, its highest-profile finance minister in years. His removal raises questions about whether reform-minded officials are being sidelined as Beijing prioritizes short-term growth over major overhauls.

Trump Vs. Clinton: A Review Of The Latest Polls Heading Into Election Day

With less than 24 hours left before polls open we review the latest polling data from around the country.

Goldman Warns Of "One Of The Largest VIX Dislocations On Record"

The VIX has increased on nine consecutive sessions, a new record; and the term structure of SPX implied volatility is now steeply inverted, pricing in a potential wide swing over election week. However, as Goldman Sachs notes, although the VIX is up, the market hasn’t actually been moving that much and that has led to one of the largest VIX dislocations on record. In fact, VIX has overshot its typical beta to the SPX by 5 vol points.

John Harwood Does Not Believe He Is "Too Close To The Clinton Operation"

Wealth Of World's Richest People Rebounds By $37 Billion On Today's "Hillary Hope" Market Surge

The world’s wealthiest people became $37 billion richer on Monday as markets soared, undoing all November losses in one session. Their combined net worth on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index rose 0.9% from Friday’s close to $4.4 trillion in afternoon trading.

Obama Retracts Criticism Of Comey: White House Says "Will Not Criticize Or Defend FBI Director"

White House spokesman Earnest said he was "not prepared to defend nor criticize” Comey’s decision to announce on Sunday not to charge Clinton, and said that the White House was not given advance notice of FBI Director James Comey’s latest announcement on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Greenspan Predicts Bond Yields Rising As High As 5%

While the world has learned to take Alan Greenspan's forecasts with a grain of salt, earlier today the former Fed chairman was on Bloomberg TV with another bombastic prediction, warning of a substantial surge in US long-term interest rates, should inflation take hold: "I think up in the area of 3 to 4, or 5 percent, eventually. That’s what it’s been historically."

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Tepper Backs Hillary, Slams "Selfish, Father Of Lies" Trump

"Trump masquerades as an angel of light, but he is the father of lies..."

Impeachment Process Starts On French President Hollande For Disclosing Classified Information To Journalists

French president François Hollande whose approval rating is a scant 4% now faces impeachment for disclosing classified information to journalists.

Here’s What Happened When a Hillary Supporting MIT Professor Decided to Analyze Her Emails…

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
A few days ago, Cesar A. Hidalgo published a very important article titled, What I Learned From Visualizing Hillary Clinton’s Emails.
So who is Cesar Hidalgo?
César A. Hidalgo is associate professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab and the author of Why Information Grows: The evolution of order from atoms to economies. He has also lead the creation of data visualization sites that have received more than 100 million views, including,,,,,, and others (see for more details).
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Dallas “Pension Fund Panic” As Mayor Warns Of 130% Property Tax Hike To Avoid Collapse

from ZeroHedge:
Over the past year, the biggest casualty to emerge as a result of global NIRP (or close to it) monetary policy have been pension funds, which have had two choices: either suffer losses as yields on new fixed income investments barely cover (and in some case don’t), or scramble for duration (or outright risky investments like junk bonds and high beta stocks).
In August, we created the chart below as a simplistic illustration of the pension “duration dilemma.” The chart graphs how a pension liability grows in a declining interest rate environment versus the value of 5-year and 30-year treasury bonds. As you can see, a $1BN pension that is fully funded at prevailing interest rates would be nearly $700mm underfunded if interest rates declined 300bps and all of their assets were invested in 30-year treasury bonds. The result is obviously even worse if the fund’s assets are invested in shorter duration 5-year treasuries.
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What Will It Be America? The First, Second, Or Third World?

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
On Thursday morning, I wrote “global regime change,” regarding the sweeping political and social revolution the world is undergoing, the result of four-plus decades of cancerous economic decay, historic wealth disparity, and the relentless surge of the cost of living caused by four-plus decades of unprecedented money printing.  No matter where you look, people are dispirited, demoralized, and angry; which is why, in the last two years alone, historic votes, referendums, or other forms of regime change have occurred in nations as diverse as Scotland, Greece, Catalonia, Brazil, and the UK; with many more to come, such as next month’s potentially Europe-changing Italian Constitutional Reform referendum.
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Caught on Camera=> Postal Worker Caught Stealing Trump Signs

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
A postal worker was caught stealing a Donald Trump yard sign.
So now you know where your yard signs are going.
Check the mail carrier’s vehicle.
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FBI Clears Hillary for Mishandling Classified Emails – AGAIN

by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:
FBI Director James Comey released an official statement saying that with respect to Hillary, “we have not changed the conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” There would be no new charges regarding “mishandling” of classified documents. The real story will be the Clinton Foundation. That is what could lead to TREASON. It is the only possible avenue that I would see that could lead to charges against Hillary. As I stated earlier, there is no way to impeach a president for acts PRIOR to taking office. They would have to charge her, put her on trial, and imprison her BEFORE inauguration to stop her. That just does not seem likely even if Comey had the evidence. It means nothing since she has been nominated as the Democratic candidate.
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