Friday, November 18, 2016

Meet The Leftist Professor Who Wrote The 'Hit List' Of "Fake News" Sites...

Meet Merrimack College Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars, a 30-something self-identified feminist and activist who specialized in “fat studies” and is behind the effort to target and discredit legitimate news organizations... “Girls is meaningful to me mainly for one reason: Lena Dunham’s naked body,” 

Paul Joseph Watson Blasts The MSM: "You're The F**king Experts Of Fake News"

"Dear MSM: You're the fucking experts at fake news.  As WikiLeaks exposed, you're a public relations front for the Democratic Party.  You lost the argument.  You trashed your own credibility.  And now you're trying to resurrect it by claiming that everyone that beat you is 'fake news'.  Give me a break."

It’s Happening: They Are Shutting Down “Fake News” Websites to Punish Alt Media Hillary Opponents

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:
This election proved the power of the Internet, and of the people who used their voices to the fullest.
But now, they will pay for it.
Will it mean the end of free speech?
Clearly, the deep state was not defeated overnight, but a loose network of hackers, researchers, alternative media outlets and long-term constituents of the “vast rightwing conspiracy” did manage to overpower the establishment’s choice of Hillary for president – and managed to embarrass the mainstream media while they were at it.
Even if they won’t get everything they wanted under President-elect Trump, they proved that a number of leading websites, and quite a few underground blogs, aren’t just promoting fringe views, but have become influential and often damning, even to the most high profile players. The Internet, and in particular, the alternative media, counterbalanced the mainstream effectively in 2016, and defeated their narrative.
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Steve Bannon Interviewed: "It's About Americans Not Getting F—ed Over"

“I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist. The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f—ed over."

5 Times When The Mainstream Media "Created Fake News"... And People Died As A Result

While the powers that be are determining the fate of alternative media voices, it is worth keeping in mind all the disinformation and downright lies that have been perpetrated by the corporate news media – typically hand in hand with a political agenda. Whether it is lies that took us to war, or the perception that a deadly attack was carried out by a certain group, the impressions they create play a significant role in determining world events. Often times, that role is one of deception, ensnaring people into supporting deadly and costly actions – in spite of the true facts.

San Fran Home Sales Crash To Lowest Level Since 2008 As Pricing Reset Gets Underway

“The 35.7% decline in distressed property sales drove the overall decline in Bay Area sales to its lowest level since 2001.  The persistent trend of sluggish sales amidst rising prices has been the story for over a year now.”

Paid Protesters "Planning To Cause Chaos In DC" And Block Peaceful Inauguration For Trump

It may be that even with the post-election riots that have swept the country, we ain’t seen nothing yet. This country is fissuring. Its people are sharply divided, but more than that, covert finance is pushing things towards unrest and martial law.

The Serfs Have Rebelled – Europe Next?

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:
Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom described how personal freedoms are progressively eroded by the state in the name of the common good.
His warning is more associated with totalitarianism and dictatorships, than modern democracies, but the statist attitudes he warned about still apply today and lead to the same loss of personal freedom and increase of state control. In the main, the serfs are patient and tolerant of their masters, but in a democracy, the establishment behind the state risks being challenged. And that has happened twice this year, first with Brexit and now with Trump in America.
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Iowa Lawmaker Introduces "Suck It Up, Buttercup" Bill To Stop Student-Coddling At Universities

“I find this whole hysteria to be incredibly annoying. People have the right to be hysterical... on their own time.

From Consequences To Compromise

Do as I say, not as I do...

WOW! CNN Shows Assassination Attempt on Reagan While Discussing TRUMP (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
This is so irresponsible.
CNN played video of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan while talking about president-elect Donald Trump.
President Ronald Reagan was shot in March 1981 by deranged would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr.
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Trump Not Taking Salary as President – Media Attacks Him for “Violating Constitution”

from Mark Dice:

Jack Dorsey Exposed: How Twitter's CEO Restricted Advertising For Trump’s Campaign

Trump's Director of Digital Advertising and Fundraising explains how Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, personally restricted Trump's advertising campaigns on Twitter.

US Bond Market Liquidity Collapses: "It's Worse Than Brexit"

Two weeks ago we warned of the "unintended consequences" of Dodd-Frank which are likely to crush bond market liquidity. On the day of Brexit we got a glimpse of what can happen when the world's most liquid bond market suddenly isn't and as one veteran bond trader exclaimed today, US Treasury market liquidity is "worse than Brexit."

Obama Warns That Populist Uprising Could Trigger A World War

from X22Report:

On The Razor's Edge

While Hillary's loss may be good from some people's perspective, it may prove to be the worst thing that could have happened...depending on what Trump does as president. If he governs as a Republican, it is time to pack bags. Because the clock is ticking. We will have – at best – four years before something far worse than Hillary returns, with a vengeance...Bernie Sanders, for instance, or Michelle Obama, or – probably – something far worse than either.

This Is What The Market Thinks Will Happen To The "Trump Repatriation" Cash

"Tobias Levkovich’s US share-shrinker portfolio has risen sharply relative to the S&P following the US election. Clearly, the market thinks that much of the capital repatriated from overseas will be returned to shareholders.  This doesn’t bode especially well for those who hope policy changes will encourage a significant pick-up in US company capex."

Gold Holdings Slump Most Since 2013 As Barbarous Relic Tests '11' Handle

Gold ETF Holdings have collapsed by 1.93 million troy ounces in the days since Donald Trump's election. This is the biggest decline since July 2013, a period when gold prices plunged to $1200 before ripping almost 20% higher in the next few weeks.

European Union Orders British Press Not To Report when Terrorists Are Muslims

This is the moment where hate speech laws become a greater threat to democracy and freedom of speech than hate speech itself.

Weekend Reading: The Trump Effect

It has been interesting to watch market participants swing from “Trump The Terrible” to “Trump The Great” in relation to the markets and economy and he isn’t even in office yet. But while Trump certainly has an extensive list of actions for his first 100-days, there are many headwinds to actual policy implementation and ultimately their success.

Now That The Election Is Over, Will Republicans And Democrats Learn How To Love One Another?

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:
The 2016 election will be remembered as perhaps the most contentious election in modern American history, and things often got extremely angry and bitter on a personal level. If you spend much time on Facebook or Twitter you know exactly what I am talking about. The vitriol on social media has been off the charts, and there are some people that are actually unfriending anyone that supported the candidate that they were against. This election has also torn apart families, friends and even entire churches. Relationships that took decades to build in some cases are now permanently shattered because of fighting over Trump and Clinton.
Personally, I couldn’t imagine choosing never to talk to a family member or a close friend ever again because of a political disagreement. Trump and Clinton are only temporary, but your family will always be your family. Sadly, we live in a nation where strife, discord, bitterness and resentment are all running rampant, and unforgiveness has become a national pastime.
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20+ Other Uses For Soap

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:
To a chemist, soap is what you get when you boil down the sodium salts of fatty acids. To you and I, it’s just soap – known mostly for removing dirt from grimy hands or washing clothes and dishes.
Here are a few other uses for soap…
Keep your fingernails clean: While you’re working in the garden or potting plants, scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap to collect slivers underneath them. This will prevent dirt from caking under your nails and the soap washes out easily.
Keep bugs off plants: Soap works as an insect repellent and can protect your plants from being eaten by bugs. Mix soap with water until it’s sudsy, then put the water solution in a bottle and spray the underside of plant leaves.
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Craig Hemke – The Biggest Surprise of the Election Wasn’t the Election

by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:
What a difference a day makes… We went from the possibility of the election of Trump being the end of the world to instead being a major catalyst for a major stock market advance. Did anything that major really change? Craig Hemke thinks not and that you still need to be prepared. The debt is out of control and shows no signs of being tamed. And are the Chinese dumping US Debt? What’s next for gold and silver?
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Switzerland Considers Ban on Koran Distribution

by Virginia Hale, Breitbart:
Cities in Switzerland are considering banning the distribution of the Koran in an attempt to crack down on radical Salafists proselytising on the streets.
Swiss authorities have been pushed to act after the German government launched raids on 200 sites in a probe against Salafist group “The True Religion” on Tuesday.
Known for its controversial “Lies!” (or “Read!”, in English) programme, in which the organisation hands out German copies of a strict traditionalist version of the Koran, the group have also been active in Switzerland for several years.
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Bobby Casey: Don’t Trust Any Politicians! They All Suck! Diversify!

from WallStForMainSt:

5 Reasons Why Stephen Hawking Thinks Humanity Could be Doomed

by Jake Anderson, The Anti Media:
As Chuck Palahniuk once wrote, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone will drop to zero.” If you’ve listened much to Stephen Hawking over the last decade, you may get the feeling our own timeline isn’t going to be very long. In recent years, the celebrated cosmologist has come out with progressively more dire warnings for the human race.
In his latest observation, Hawking told Britain’s Oxford University Union:
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