Monday, November 7, 2016

How the Oligarchy Has Prepared the Groundwork for Stealing the Election...

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
In addition to the cyber manipulation of electronic voting (see ), Finian Cunningham explains a second method the Oligarchy has prepared that would allow the election to be stolen for Hillary. The groundwork that has been officially established indicates that a false flag cyber attack is the preferred method.
A Digital 9/11 If Trump Wins by Finian Cunningham
There are disturbing signs that a digital 9/11 false flag terror attack is being readied for election day in the US to ensure that Donald Trump does not win.
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"Burn This Email After You Read It" - Memo To Podesta Says To "Leave No Fingerprints"

"We want to be able to tap into CAP’s resources—and allow them to tap into ours—as it makes sense, but with a public-facing image that is independent of CAP (Please burn this email after you read it!)."

"Got It" - Hillary Agreed With Podesta Not To Distribute Confidential Intelligence By Private Email Account

Thanks to the latest Podesta email release, we learn that Hillary agreed with Podesta who advised her not to use "this channel" in discussing confidential, intel-based information, when she simply responded to his warning with "got it."

Wikileaks Releases 8,200 Emails From DNC Hack; Reveals Collusion Between CNN And Democrats

Moments ago, Wikileaks announced the release of another huge batch of hacked DNC emails, which it dubbed #DNCLeak2, contained some 8,263 previously unseen, hacked DNC emails going public for the first time.

Wikileaks Releases Part 33 Of Podesta Emails: Another 3,200 Emails Brings Total To 55,694

In what may be the final release of Podesta emails, moments ago Wikileaks dumped another 3,213 emails in its 33rd release of Podesta Emails, bringing the total number of emails released to 55,694 less than a day before the presidential election.

Trump Vs. Clinton: A Review Of The Latest Polls Heading Into Election Day

With less than 24 hours left before polls open we review the latest polling data from around the country.

Impeachment Process Starts On French President Hollande For Disclosing Classified Information To Journalists

French president Fran├žois Hollande whose approval rating is a scant 4% now faces impeachment for disclosing classified information to journalists.

Morgan Stanley Finds OPEC Jawboning Peaks At Times Of High Oil Shorts, Low Liquidity

"The group has repeatedly made bullish announcements about OPEC intervention during periods of low liquidity (e.g. US holidays), and whenever short positions become large. If prices continue to slip, the chances for bullish OPEC headlines grow, which could lift prices briefly even if there is no follow through." - Morgan Stanley

Giuliani Rages At FBI Decision "We Are Supposed To Be A Country Of Justice"

"So if she was completely reckless back in July, and now in November we are hearing that she had her maid print out classified material routinely, the new revelation makes the situation much worse...We are supposed to be a country of justice..."

Despite Massive Upward Revisions, Fed's Own Jobs Indicator Plunges Year-Over-Year - Flashes Recession Warning

Thanks to sudden upward revisions for the last 7 months in a row, The Fed's Labor Market Conditions Index "looks" better than it did before (with a 0.7% rise in October MoM). However, despite all the revisions, the October print leaves LMCI negative year-over-year for only the 8th time in US history.

Stocks Surge Higher But Remain Well Below Pre-Weiner Levels

With the entire world appearing to be 'fixed' thanks to FBI Director Comey's 'fold' again, we just thought it worth noting that US equities remain well below the levels before Comey dropped the Weinergate email note 10 days ago...

America's Ruling Elite Has Failed And Deserves To Be Fired

America's Ruling Elite is freaking out because a significant percentage of the American public is trying to fire them. The Ruling Elite has failed and deserves to be fired, and deep down, they know it--and this awareness of their self-serving failure fuels their panic and their loathing of the non-elite Americans who are trying to fire them.

Key Events In The Coming Presidential Election Week

The US election this Tuesday is the main focus of the week. The key economic release this week is University of Michigan consumer sentiment on Friday. There are several scheduled speaking engagements from Fed officials this week.

This will soon happen to you...

"The Money Has Vanished": Tesco Bank Halts Online Payments After Cash Taken Out Of 20,000 Accounts

Tesco Bank has halted online payments for current account customers after money was taken from 20,000 accounts. About 40,000 accounts saw suspicious transactions over the weekend, of which half had money taken. The bank said some accounts "have been subject to online criminal activity, in some cases resulting in money being withdrawn fraudulently".

Oil Tries & Fails To Reach $45 Overnight - Should Investors Take OPEC Seriously Anymore?

Between risk-on sentiment from Comey's latest bombshell and the earthquake in Cushing overnight, WTI crude prices rallied to $44.99 but as's Gregory Brew notes that in the midst of a week of bad to terrible news for oil prices, OPEC tried and failed to alleviate concerns that its meeting this November will, in fact, produce a meaningful deal on production cuts.

"Why You Should Vote For Me": Hillary, Trump Make Their Final Case

With less than 24 hours before polls open, Clinton and Trump both penned op-eds for USA Today laying out their final appeals to voters.

Wikileaks Servers Under "Targeted Attack" Since Latest DNC Leak; Sweden Set To "Grill" Assange

Doug Band Exposes Foundation's "For-Profit Activity Of President Clinton (i.e., Bill Clinton, Inc.)"

"On behalf of the Foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the President secure and engage in for-profit activities – including speeches, books, and advisory service engagements.  In that context, we have in effect served as agents, lawyers, managers and implementers to secure speaking, business and advisory service deals."

Finally some Good News...

Janet Reno, Former US Attorney General, Has Died

Janet Reno, the first woman to serve as U.S. attorney general and the epicenter of several political storms during the Clinton administration, including the seizure of Elian Gonzalez, died early Monday. She was 78. According to AP, Reno died from complications of Parkinson's disease.

Dow Futures Soar 240 Points, Global Stocks, Oil, Dollar Jump After FBI Clears Hillary Clinton

US Index futures, together with European and Asian shares surged after the FBI cleared Hillary Clinton one last time of her handling of emails as secretary of state which it repeated wasn’t a crime. Oil, gas rise, together with most industrial metals; the yen and Swiss franc retreated with gold, silver and other flight to safety assets.

Doug Casey’s Top Five Reasons Not to Vote

by Doug Casey, International Man:
Democracy is vastly overrated.
It’s not like the consensus of a bunch of friends agreeing to see the same movie. Most often, it boils down to a kinder and gentler variety of mob rule, dressed in a coat and tie. The essence of positive values like personal liberty, wealth, opportunity, fraternity, and equality lies not in democracy, but in free minds and free markets where government becomes trivial. Democracy focuses people’s thoughts on politics, not production; on the collective, not on their own lives.
Although democracy is just one way to structure a state, the concept has reached cult status; unassailable as political dogma. It is, as economist Joseph Schumpeter observed, “a surrogate faith for intellectuals deprived of religion.” Most of the founders of America were more concerned with liberty than democracy. Tocqueville saw democracy and liberty as almost polar opposites.
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America’s Ruling Elite Has Failed and Deserves to Be Fired

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
The sole output of America’s Establishment/Ruling Elite is self-serving hubris.
America’s Ruling Elite is freaking out because a significant percentage of the American public is trying to fire them. The Ruling Elite has failed and deserves to be fired, and deep down, they know it–and this awareness of their self-serving failure fuels their panic and their loathing of the non-elite Americans who are trying to fire them.
If you think this chart of soaring student loan debt is a sign of “success,” you are 1) delusional 2) protected from the dire consequences of this failure 3) getting your paycheck from this failed system. That in a nutshell is the state of the nation: those who are protected from the consequences of failure are loyal to the Establishment, as are the millions drawing a paycheck from systems they know are irredeemable failures.
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Hillary Clinton Directed Her Maid, Marina Santos, to Print Out Classified Materials

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:
Clinton’s personal maid had access to, and was asked to print, classified emails. Things are now getting more bizarre by the hour.
A few hours ago I printed a short blurb with a WikiLeaks email exchange between Human Abedin and Hillary Clinton. The exchange talked about a mutual acquaintance named “Marina” and my presumption was that this could have been the now infamous “spirit cooker” Marina Abramovic. Though my initial speculation could still be correct, a more likely suspect may be Hillary’s personal maid — Marina Santos.
The New York Post broke the bombshell story early this morning:
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Tiny Homes Banned In U.S. At Increasing Rate As Govt Criminalizes Sustainable Living

by Justin Gardner, Activist Post:
As the corporatocracy tightens its grip on the masses – finding ever more ways to funnel wealth to the top – humanity responds in a number of ways, including the rising popularity of tiny houses.
These dwellings, typically defined as less than 500 square feet, are a way for people to break free of mortgages, taxes, utility bills and the general trappings of “stuff.” They’re especially attractive to millennials and retirees, or those seeking to live off-grid.
But government and corporations depend on rampant consumerism and people being connected to the grid.
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ABOVE THE LAW: FBI Head James Comey Declares Hillary Clinton Will Not be Prosecuted

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:
After an announcement in recent days that he was reopening the email probe into Hillary Clinton based on 650,000 new emails, FBI chief James Comey announced just hours ago that once more, he will not recommend any charges against the most investigated presidential nominee in U.S. history.
As reported by the Daily Mail and several other news agencies, Comey said in a letter to Congress that FBI agents worked “around the clock” to review the massive amounts of emails that were discovered about a month ago on a computer used jointly by disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest aide.
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Come on Moody’s, Spare Us These Falsehoods: That $1.3 Trillion “Overseas Cash” is Already in the US

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
Moody’s turns into tax lobbyist for its biggest corporate clients.
Some falsehoods simply refuse to die. No matter how many times they get stabbed in the heart, and no matter who stabs them, they rise again in their full glory.
The falsehood that a vast amount of US corporate cash, including much of Apple’s $250 billion, is “locked away overseas” is one of them. We’ve known since May 2013 from the Senate subcommittee investigation and hearings into Apple’s tax-dodge practices that a big part of corporate “overseas cash” is actually invested in the US.
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Everybody Is Telling Me That Trump Is Going To Win – So Why Do I Have Such An Ominous Feeling?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
I hope that I am wrong. On Tuesday night we will find out who our next president will be, and I have a very ominous feeling about what is going to happen. But all around me there are people telling me that Trump is going to win. They tell me to disregard the polls because they cannot be trusted, and that very well may be true. They tell me that new voters and independent voters will overwhelmingly vote for Trump, and they tell me that it is obvious that Trump has more enthusiasm for his campaign because of the size of his rallies. I have even heard some people say that God told them that Donald Trump is going to win the election. Well, we will find out on Tuesday night who was right and who was wrong. Personally, I don’t know what is going to happen, but I am quite skeptical of Trump’s chances and I can’t shake this ominous feeling about what Tuesday night will bring.
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