Wednesday, November 9, 2016

These Are The Celebrities Who Vowed To Leave America If Trump Wins

"Lock Her Up": NYSE Floor Traders Boo, Shout During Hillary Concession Speech

NYSE floor traders began chanting "lock her up!," as Clinton appeared on television screens around 11:35 am, when she urged her millions of disappointed supporters to accept the stunning defeat. "Ding-dong, the witch is dead," shouted another floor trader.

Trump Campaign Does Not Rule Out Special Prosecutor For Hillary Clinton - "All In Good Time"

"We haven’t discussed that in recent days. I think that it’s all in good time."

American Uprising

Everything is about to change...

Trumpnado Sparks Bond Bloodbath & Greatest Stock Market Rebound Since 2008 PPT Intervention

Trump Is Not Seeking Yellen's Resignation, But Won't Nominate Her For A Second Term

“He’s not urging her to resign at all,” Judy Shelton an advisor to Trump on monetary policy, told The Wall Street Journal. Janet Yellen’s term as chairwoman expires in February, 2018. However, while Trump won't seen her premature departure, Shelton suggested Trump wouldn’t nominate Ms. Yellen to a second term, and instead would name someone else to take the helm.

Morgan Stanley Begs To "Make My Portfolio Great Again"

"Every client overnight asked us the same question - "should I buy the dip?" with the futures hitting temporary shutdown circuit breakers as we are typing this around midnight New York time. We'd love to say yes, as we have been avid dip buyers over the past few years. But, our gut instinct is no."

"Rage Against The Machine" - Why America's Voters Rejected A "Rigged" System

"America needs a strong

China Is Suddenly Dumping Treasuries

The selling in the Yuan appears to be closely correlated to today's unprecedented liquidation in US Treasurys...

Carl Icahn Bought $1 Billion In Stocks During "Trump Crash"

While Donald Trump celebrated his surprise election win over Hillary Clinton and equity futures swooned in response, billionaire investor and Trump supporter Carl Icahn headed home to start trading. Icahn, left President-elect Trump’s victory party in the early hours of the morning to buy about $1 billion in U.S. equities, he said Wednesday in an interview with Erik Schatzker.

GM Slashes 2000 Jobs, Suspends 3rd Shift On Bloated Inventories, Slowing Sales

Who could have seen this coming? Just weeks after Ford idled four factories due to slumping sales and excess inventory, GM just followed by slashing 2000 jobs permanently and suspending a third shift at production facilities in early 2017.

Did The United States Just Elect A Monster?

No. Clinton’s team of cognitive scientists and professional persuaders did a terrific job of framing Trump as scary. The illusion will wear off - albeit slowly – as you observe Trump going about the job of President and taking it seriously.

Exit Polls Suggest Latinos Rallied For Trump Despite Rhetoric From Left

CNN Anchor:  "I can assure you that Donald Trump is going to get historical low numbers among Latinos.  It would be sweet, sweet justice if tonight it was the Latino vote that defeated Donald Trump."

Inside Germany's No-Go Zones: Part I - North Rhine-Westphalia

"...there are neighborhoods where colleagues hardly dare to stop a car -- because they know that they'll be surrounded by 40 or 50 men. These attacks amount to a deliberate challenge to the authority of the state -- attacks in which the perpetrators are expressing their contempt for our society."

Hillary's Concession Speech - "This Is Painful, And It Will Be For A Very Long Time”

“We still haven’t shattered that highest glass ceiling, but someday someone will, and hopefully sooner than we might think right now.”

Trump Victory Crashes Chinese Yuan To Record Low

After a brief few hours of rallying overnight as early indications tilted towards Clinton, the moment Florida was called for Trump, China's offshore Yuan started to crash. Just hours later it has dropped 5 big figures to a record lows of over 6.82/$ despite China's officials preferring him.

First "Trump Ten-Year" Auction Is A Near Debacle: Tail Spikes, Bid To Cover Tumbles

This was about as ugly an auction as we have seen in years, and if this is indicative of how the market will treat the Trump administration, we may find ourselves in an entirely new regime: one where the bond vigilantes take on not the Fed, but the president. Where have we seen that? Oh yes, in Italy in 2011. That particular episode resulted in the ouster of Berlusconi.

The Death Of Polling

This year’s pollsters gave an unanimously appalling performance, unworthy of our times...Unrepresentative of the mood of the country. Impotent in transmitting from survey design, to candidate's probability. Most exposed human bias and lack of mathematical confidence; also vigorously feeding into the spineless narrative from mainstream media who have subtly advantaged Hillary Clinton whenever possible.

Hillary Spent Nearly Twice As Much Per Vote As Trump... For Nothing

Will Trump Fire Janet Yellen? Here Is Wall Street's Response

One of the burning questions troubling Wall Street this morning is whether president elect Donald Trump plans on reshuffling the Fed, eliminating its so-called "independent" and perhaps going so far as firing or "requesting" Janet Yellen's resignation. to answer the question whether or not Yellen's role is in jeopardy, we went to the two most authoritative sources available: JPM and Goldman.

Paging Mark Cuban - US Treasuries Are Crashing As The Dow Soars 1000 Points After Trump Victory

The US Treasury yield curve is steepening at the fastest rate 2008. 2s30s has exploded 16bps as the long-end of the US Treasury curve crashes higher in yields as US equities are aggressively bid, back to overnight highs, crushing the forecasts of Mark Cuban and many others... "in the event Donald wins I have no doubt in my mind the market tanks."

About Those Polls - Rigged Or Just Clueless?

A reflection on just how wrong the pollsters were about this election cycle


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