Friday, November 11, 2016

What Donald Trump's Proposed Tax Cut Means For You

Now that Trump is president, both individual and corporate tax-payers are taking a second look at Trump's proposed tax regime to see how it will impact their bottom line. Here is a quick primer.

The Clintons And Soros Launch America's Purple Revolution

Not only must Trump have to deal with Republican neocons trying to worm their way into his administration, but he must deal with the attempt by Soros to disrupt his presidency and the United States with a Purple Revolution

This Trophy Of Mainstream Media Arrogance Can Be Yours For Only $250


from InfoWars:
The Clintons, the #NeverTrump GOP faction and their minions aren’t going to relinquish their power and exit the political underworld so easily, says Clinton insider Larry Nichols.
“If Donald Trump doesn’t go all the way, he’s a fool,” Nichols said on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “They’re not planning to go away and disappear. These people are like the plague: you may get a case solved but unless you kill the plague it’s not going to go away.”
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Huma Abedin Said To Suffer Emotional Breakdown

Clinton's closest aide, Huma Abdein broke down and wept openly as she returned to campaign headquarters where she and her aides ran doomed bid to elect Hillary Clinton.  It is unclear what Abedin, 40, will do now that her boss's political career is over; she has never worked for anyone else

A Visit To Trump's America

"In this gentleman’s world view, it was not black versus white, rich versus poor, feminism versus patriarchy, illegal versus citizen; rather, it was those who produce nothing believing themselves entitled, without appreciation, to the goods produced by others versus those who actually produce."

ObamaTrade Is Dead: White House Abandons TPP As EU Halts Trade Talks After Trump Victory

It appears the entire 'ObamaTrade' farce is collapsing under the weight of its secrecy and corporatocracy in the immediate aftermath of Trump's triumph. First this morning, Bloomberg reported that EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said EU-U.S. negotiations on a free-trade agreement are on hold, and now WSJ reports that the Obama administration on Friday gave up all hope of enacting its sweeping Pacific trade agreement, denting American prestige in the regions at a time when China is flexing its economic and military muscle.

The Generation of Pussies...

A Few Cold Hard Facts For Snowflakes

"When everyone gets a trophy, you don't know how to lose..."

Deutsche Warns Of Imminent "Domino Impact" For Stocks From Bond Carnage, Soaring Dollar

Sharp turn taken by commodities, after U.S. bond market “took down” EM assets Thursday, will add to EM pain, Deutsche Bank strategist Alan Ruskin writes. There’s signs that higher bond yields, “knock” of stronger USD are having a “domino impact,” taking down weakest risky assets first before moving on to next weakest.

Lena Dunham Wants You To Know That She "Was Miserable On Election Night"

At home I got in the shower and began to cry even harder. My boyfriend, who had already wept, watched me as I mumbled incoherently, clutching myself. "It wasn't supposed to go this way. It was supposed to be her job. She worked her whole life for the job. It's her job."

Weekend Reading: Markets Experience A "Trexit"

Yes, you just experienced a “Trexit.” The question is now what happens next?

Trump Says May Keep Parts Of Obamacare

One day after his first and only meeting with Barack Obama, Donald Trump suggested he may take a more flexible view of what to do with Obamacare. “Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview.

Trump Triumph Sparks Dow's Best Week In 5 Years As Currencies Crash, Bonds Blow-Up, & Commodities Carnage

Memo To Trump: "Action This Day!"

“Action this day!” was the scribbled command of Prime Minister Churchill on his notepads in World War II. This should be the motto of the first months of a Trump presidency.

What Happens Next?

Are stocks still cheap?

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Donald Trump's Victory

The graphs below provide evidence that despite the narratives of the Federal Reserve, media pundits and most policy wonks, the economy is failing most Americans.

The Biggest Unanswered Question of This Election

from Casey Research:
“How will a Trump presidency affect my money?”
A lot of investors are asking themselves this question. That’s because stocks didn’t do what they were “supposed” to do when Trump won.
Heading into Election Day, basically everyone thought stocks would plunge if Trump beat Hillary. Some of the world’s top investors even predicted this.
But the exact opposite happened. Yesterday, the S&P 500 jumped 1.1%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 1.4%.
Today, the S&P 500 is up another 0.2%. The Dow jumped 1.2% and closed at a new all-time high.
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MSM Told People How to Think, and it Backfired

from RT America:

Phase 2: The Trump/Sanders Solution

by Bix Weir, Road to Roota:
Phase 1 is complete: Against all odds Donald Trump was elected President. GREAT JOB Good Guys but Phase 2 is JUST as important. Maybe even more important. A Trump/Sanders solution in the White House to unite the left and the right!
As many of you have seen – Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane are all over the news these days and the message is exactly what I expected…a willingness to work with Trump!
I still believe the plan of the Good Guys is to implement a Trump/Sanders Solution to heal our country. I’m not sure what form it will take but appointing Sanders as Chief of Staff would be my guess. It’s a big enough gesture to calm the masses.
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EU Reaction to Trump: What’s With the Face?

by Grete Mautner, New Eastern Outlook:
On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s victory has literaly shocked all those who were conducting poll after poll both in the US and in Europe. The fact that Trump was able to correctly understand the aspirations of ordinary Americans, both from rural and industrial regions, was hard to comprehend for various political circles on both sides of Atlantic. Now he’s riding a wave of discontent that was unleashed by the failed policies of the Democrats.
This development has taken most European politicians aback since they were already forming a line to pledge their obedience to Hillary Clinton and the neocon crowd along with her. Target confusion is the best way to describe the events that are unravelling now in the EU, since the assessments of the situation in the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America have always been made around here in a way that would please Washington, and what European politicians are supposed to tell now? It’s also unclear should the EU carry on its blatant propaganda war against Russia, China, Iran and other adversaries of Washington or not.
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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Pledge to Work With Trump on Economic Issues

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
Since the article I published earlier today had a more negative tone, I want to end the day on a more positive note. As I explained in yesterday’s piece, I want Trump to be successful because our fellow countrymen and women need him to succeed. This isn’t an episode of Game of Thrones, this is real life and millions of Americans are in deep pain.
In order to be a truly great president, Trump needs to unite as many Americans as possible around his agenda. On the positive front, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have both pledged to work with Trump in order to help our less fortunate fellow citizens get back on the right track. I really hope this happens.
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Powerful Satanic, Pedo Enemies: A Prayer for Donald Trump

by Henry Makow and Jason Charles, Makow:
If Trump aims to keep his promises, he will need our prayers. Why? He has royally ticked off the establishment in both the political and the demonic realms, and that’s no joke.
Wikileaks and internet journalists  have  uncovered the demonic, occult, and child trafficking networks connected to the Clinton campaign heads.  (Watch the video below. Prepare to be horrified.) This may stretch as far as George Soros and Barack Obama. 
If Trump is what he says he is, he faces the risk of assassination. Pastor Jason Charles offers these words of advice: Protect yourself, Mr. President. 
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The Clinton Foundation’s Days are Numbered

from TRU News:
Clinton Foundation officials now face a potentially devastating barrage of investigations by Congress, federal regulatory agencies, state attorneys general and perhaps a probe by a special prosecutor, according to federal law enforcement and philanthropy regulation experts.
The months ahead could determine what kind of future, if any, the Clinton Foundation can have as Congress and the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump take what is certain to be a tough look the ethical and legal issues that have swirled for years around the troubled charity.
Former President Bill and Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state, have been accused repeatedly of turning the foundation into a tool for personal enrichment by using it to market official government favors, access and influence to wealthy individuals, corporations and foreign governments.
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