Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In the First 100 Days President Clinton Will Take Our 1st & 2nd Amendments

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:
In the first hundred days of office, President Hillary Clinton will gut the First and Second Amendment before commencing on her true agenda, which is the total and absolute destruction of America and everything that this country has historically stood for. This article deals exclusively with the loss of the First Amendment. Gun confiscation will be covered in a subsequent article.
How will President Clinton accomplish the task of destroying the First Amendment and what is her ultimate goal?
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Voting Machines Down Across the Country, Multiple States Reporting Issues

from DAHBOO77:

What Hath Trump Wrought?

Whatever happens today, Trump has made history and has forever changed American politics. Though a novice in politics, he captured the Party of Lincoln with the largest turnout of primary voters ever, and he has inflicted wounds on the nation’s ruling class from which it may not soon recover.

The Clintons and the CIA: Deep Relationship

by Jon Rappoport, The News Doctors:
Let us return to the period when Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas—and a 1995 book titled Compromised, by Terry Reed (former CIA asset) and John Cummings (former Newsday reporter).
Buckle up.
According to the authors, Bill Clinton was involved with the CIA in some very dirty dealings in Arkansas—and I’m not just talking about the cocaine flights landing at the Mena airport.
It seems Bill had agreed to set up secret CIA weapons-making factories in his home state, under the radar. But because Arkansas, when it comes to money, is all cronies all the time, everybody and his brother found out about the operation and wanted in. Also, Bill was looking for a bigger cut of the action.
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Machine Refuses to Allow Vote For Trump in Pennsylvania

Option stuck on Clinton/Kaine
by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:
Video footage posted on Twitter shows an African-American man attempting to vote for Donald Trump in Pennsylvania but the voting machine refusing to select any other option than Hillary Clinton.
“This is what I was talking about, they fixed it but it was on some nut sh*t at first,” the man tweeted, adding that a poll worker helped him fix the problem.
“LOL funny that the “errors” and “calibration” always favors the Statists. Things that make you go hmmmm….,” responded another Twitter user.
The African-American voter said he complained that the polling station appeared to be using old machines.
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Your Complete Guide To Election Day And Night: What To Watch For And When

If Trump is losing, we will know as soon as 7pm. If, on the other hand, he manages to win North Carolina, Ohio and Florida it could be a very long night. This is what to look for.

Remember FIRED Clinton Campaign Asset Scott Foval? He’s Back. And He’s PISSED at Hilary

“If voters start connecting our paid protesters & birddogging to the Baltimore Riots it could really hurt HRC… You shoulda gave me a better severance package.”
by SGT, SGT Report.com:
We met Scott Foval the former Field Director of Americans United for Change, thanks the Project Veritas hidden camera video number 3 which exposed the illegal dark money conspiracy between the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the AUFC for all the world to see.  And since the facts CAUGHT ON TAPE of the blatant criminality of Hillary Clinton, the DNC and AUFC could not be plausibly denied, Scott Foval – and Robert Creamer of Democracy partners, who visited the White House 342 times, and met directly with Obama 47 times – were fired.
Well, Scott Foval has decided that he will not go quietly into that good night and he has unleashed a torrent of scathing, juicy anti-Hillary, anti-DNC TWEETS for the world to read. Numbering some 161 Tweets in all as of this writing, we can tell you this is the must-read Twitter account of the week.  Here’s just a sample: “No one at the even likes you ” and how about this one: “Would it shock you if the same people who incited violence at Trump events were the same people starting riots to exploit

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Rickards: Trump Still Wins. Here’s Why…

by Jim Rickards, DailyReckoning:
I first issued a forecast that Trump would win the election before the Oct. 28 announcement by the FBI that the Hillary email investigation was being reopened.
That Oct. 28 announcement gave gold a tail wind, as it increased Trump’s chances of winning, but it didn’t change my basic outlook.
Likewise, yesterday’s announcement that the email investigation is “case closed” did not change my view. But it did hurt the price of gold, as markets revised downward their expectations of a Trump victory.
The two-day drawdown from $1,305 to $1,285 per ounce is a gift in the sense that it offers a better entry point for those who are not fully allocated to gold (I recommend a 10% allocation of investible assets).
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Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada Alleging "Intentional Coordination With Democratic Activists"

Reports are just starting to surface that the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit against the Clark County Registrar’s Office in Nevada for keeping polls open yesterday for two additional hours beyond their close time.

2 Florida Election Officials Fired For Not Adhering To "Procedure And Policy"

Two election clerks in Pompano Beach were reportedly fired and removed on Election Day. As Local10.com reports, Broward Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to keep the peace at the polling location after the disturbance.

Trump On Whether He Will Concede If He Loses: "We'll See What Happens"

In response to the one question every reporter present wanted to ask, namely whether he would concede if the networks call the election for Clinton, Trump responded: 'We'll see what happens.'

Julian Assange Issues Statement On The US Election

"In recent months, WikiLeaks and I personally have come under enormous pressure to stop publishing what the Clinton campaign says about itself to itself. That pressure has come from the campaign’s allies, including the Obama administration, and from liberals who are anxious about who will be elected US President."

Brexit Vs US Election Odds: Then And Now

"Wrong Way Gartman"

One Day After Biggest Rally Since March, Gartman Covers Shorts

"We covered in a great portion of our short derivatives position and we added to our long position in the shares of a foreign steel producer immediately upon the opening of trading on the NYSE. We did more of the same mid-morning and by the day’s end finished effectively market neutral."

68% Of Saudis Prefer Hillary Clinton As U.S. President

An poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies that included nine Arab countries revealed that 68% of the Saudis prefer that Hillary Clinton wins the presidential elections while 46% thought Donald Trump was bad.

"Massive" 'Smart-Money' Bond Short Completely Unwound

Given the now-balanced positioning in the bond market, what was a substantial headwind for bonds just 4+ months ago is no longer the case.

Indirect Bidders Tumble, Bid To Cover Lowest Since 2009 In Poor 3 Year Auction

With the election front and center on everyone's attention, today's sale of $24 billion in 3 Year paper was expected to slide under the radar as an afterthought, and perhaps that's a good thing because it was quite ugly. While the high yield of 1.034% stopped through the When Issued of 1.036%, the result of the notable selloff today across the curve as a result of early polling "data" which shows Hillary in the lead across battleground states, the internals were atrocious.

Can't stand to have someone undo their corrupt hacking and have a fair election...

U.S. "Military and Intelligence Experts" Gear Up For Election Hack - "It's All Hands On Deck"

"There is maybe a one in three chance of this happening but it's not insignificant.  There is a whole-of-government effort in cyber around the election.  It's all hands on deck."

Feeling The Oil Crunch: Saudi Arabia Cancels $266 Billion In Projects

Saudi Arabia’s governing economic body called the Council of Economic and Development Affairs (CEDA) has cancelled $266.7 billion in projects, the Saudi Press Agency said, and announced it would be settling much-delayed private-sector payments by year end.

Early Clues To Watch Out For On Election Day

Early voting in states like Florida and North Carolina, along with exit polling data on minority voter turnout, will be the keys to whether tonight will be nail biter or a blowout.

For Deutsche Bank, This Is The "Brexit Panic" Signal In Today's Election

Deutsche Bank has advised its sales and trading team to immediately report to their trading desks should Trump wins Pennsylvania and Michigan. So if Trump be is reported to be leading and/or winning the two key battleground states at 8pm, expect all volatility hell to break loose.

Now That The Presidential-Election Side Show Is Finally Ending...

Sadly, our self-serving Ruling Elite is only capable of resisting needed transformation by supporting a corrupt, sclerotic status quo. A new leadership class that actually understands the new mode of production may eventually emerge, but only after the corrupt, sclerotic status quo has deservedly collapsed under its own weight.

War On Cash Strikes India: PM Scraps Large Bills, Limits ATM Withdrawals To "Fight Corruption"

"Fake money and terrorism are ruining the nation's fabric... Come, let's all celebrate the festival of honesty"

Showed the wrong ends...

Deplorable? Two Topless Women Protest At Trump's Polling Station

In order to decry the deplorabe and irredeemable nature of Donald Trump and his supporters, two women decided to bare their breasts and chant anti-Trump slogans inside the polling station where Donald Trump will cast his ballot later today.

The Presidential Election Won’t Stop the MOTHER OF ALL DEFLATIONS

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:
Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter which party wins the presidential election as neither one will be unable to stop the coming MOTHER OF ALL DEFLATIONS. While it is frustrating to watch just how insane this presidential race has disintegrated into, I try to not to focus on it.
Why? Because the U.S. Government will become totally powerless to deal with the future financial and economic collapse. Furthermore, most institutions will also lose the ability to function when the system cracks. This really isn’t a matter of if or when…. IT’S HAPPENING NOW.
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Police State Elections, 2016

by Kurt Nimmo, Activist Post:
According to NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller, the threat of terrorism is a constant.
Following yet another empty threat by the Islamic State floated out on the amorphous social medium—somebody said terrorists should kill voters—Miller said the state has “come to a place where we take these things in stride and almost expect them.”
So there will be cops and a lot of them.
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Peak Autos: Toyota And Nissan Execs Admit U.S. Auto Sales Have Peaked On "Rapidly Growing Incentives"

It’s a peak and we don’t see a potential for further growth.  Incentives are rapidly growing in the industry, and we are paying close attention to it.”

Prepping for a Full On Breakdown? Stockpile These Foods

by Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition:
ReadyNutrition Guys and Gals, as you know we’re down to the wire just before the U.S. presidential election: an election that will shape the face of the country for a long time. But will we make it there? And if so, will we make it through it, and the transition period? With the contrived “Russian Cyber threat,” along with the very real threat of nuclear war, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, a true Cyberattack, an economic and societal collapse, or a grid down scenario, we have enough things to look out for. When things of this nature make the mainstream news media, it may be time to start preparing if you have not done so.
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