Thursday, November 3, 2016

Julian Assange Ends The Suspense: "The Source Of Hacked Emails Is Not Russia"

With countless hours of media accusations that the source of hacked Wikileaks Democratic emails including the Podesta files, is none other than Russian president Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange has decided to settle this particular loose end once and for all, and as RT reports, the Wikileaks founder "has categorically denied that the troves of US Democratic Party and Clinton emails released this year have come from the Russian government."

Biggest Election Fraud In History Discovered In The United States

by Jon Rappoport, Jon Rappoport’s Blog:
Okay. She finally did it. On Monday, Bev Harris (, the great investigator of vote fraud, appeared on the Alex Jones show and laid it all out. The GEMS vote-fraud system, “fraction magic,” the way the vote is being stolen. Not just in theory, but in fact. Listen to the whole interview and get the word out. Bev’s findings are staggering. Below the video is the original piece I did on this earlier this month.
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FBI Said To Move To "Likely Indictment" Of Clinton Foundation, Fox News Reports

According to Fox News' Bret Bair, the Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year, and notes that "The investigations will continue, there is a lot of evidence. And barring some obstruction in some way, [FBI sources] believe they will continue to likely an indictment."

The FBI's White Collar Crime Unit Is Probing The Clinton Foundation

The investigation into the Clinton Foundation has now taken a “very high priority,” according to Fox News, which has also learned that it has been proceeding for more than a year, led by the White-Collar Crime division.

Secret Recordings Fueled Mutinous FBI Investigation of Clintons Despite DOJ Orders To "Stand Down"

"Sources described an "avalanche of evidence" in case and barring obstruction they'd likely continue to push to try for an indictment"

More Collusion With Donna Brazile Revealed As Hillary Campaign Sought Advice On Prepared Debate Answers

More evidence of collusion between the Hillary campaign, Donna Brazile and CNN emerges in today's WikiLeaks dump.

Hillary Is The Perfection Of A Corrupt System

All the Clintons did is assemble the parts more effectively than anyone else. Exposing the Clintons' perfection of a corrupt political system won't change the conditions and incentives that created the Clintons' harvester of corruption.

Podesta Files Part 27: Wikileaks Releases Another 1,100 Emails, Total Is Now 44,218

In the final stretch of the presidential race which has just a few days left, Wikileaks continues its ongoing broadside attack against the Clinton campaign with the relentless Podesta dump, by unveiling another 1,114 emails in the latest, Part 27 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 43,104.

Equity Derivatives Flash Brexit-Like "Panic Signal"

Equity market implied correlation is flashing a 'panic' warning according to BMO quant Mark Steele as the little-known derivative indicator suggests traders fear a major 'high correlation' event and are aggressively hedging systemic risk.

Police Expand Investigation Of Democrat "Advocacy Group" In PA On Allegations Of Voter Fraud

Pennsylvania police investigation of Democratic "advocacy group" expands after officials "discovered some applications where individuals were registered to multiple addresses or where registrants' Social Security numbers did not match their driver's license numbers."

Egypt Stocks Soar, Bonds Rally On Currency Devaluation: "Now The Hard Work Starts"

Given our warning last week (as the black market pound crashed), the devaluation of the Egyptian pound (to 14/$) was not entirely unexpected, but as ECStrat's Emad Mostaque notes, the market was probably in the 11/$ range and so they have surprised to the upside. This will put significant social pressure on society and we could potentially see unrest as Sisi’s support continues to diminish. For now, stocks and bonds are soaring on the currency's crash.

China Prepares To Impose Curbs, "Capital Controls" On Bitcoin

Chinese officials are considering policies including restricting domestic bitcoin exchanges from moving the cryptocurrency to platforms outside the nation and imposing quotas on the amount of bitcoins that can be sent abroad

WTI Plunges Back To $44 Handle As CS Warns Of Contango "Big Red Flag"

WTI Crude has tumbled back to yesterday's lows (after the biggest inventory build on record) with a $44 handle.

FBI Opens Internal Investigation Into Its Own Twitter Account

The FBI’s Inspection Division will undertake an investigation the FBI's own twitter account."Candice Will, Assistant Director for the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, said she was referring the matter to the FBI’s Inspection Division for an “investigation.” Upon completion of the investigation, the Office of Professional Responsibility will be referred back to the Office of Professional Responsibility for “adjudication.”

Looks like these 3  people... are doing the same thing the police and military are doing...
I wonder how long and hard they had to look for a whole 3 people... are they from the media in costume? probably...

Armed Militias Prepare For Violence In Case Of "Stolen Election"

As the most divisive presidential election in recent memory nears its conclusion, some armed militia groups are preparing for the possibility of a stolen election on Nov. 8 and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton. While the "threeper" security force say they won't fire the first shot, but they're not planning to leave their guns at home, either.

Neera Tanden On TPP: "This Makes Hillary Seem Politically Craven At Best Or A Liar At Worse"

"Is Joel off reservation? Does he not get that this story makes Hillary seem politically craven at best or a liar at worse? Or if this is campaign position, can I object?"

US Factory Orders Rise YoY For First Time In 2 Years, But Down 17% From Highs

After 22 straight months of year-over-year declines, September saw US Factory Orders rise 0.6% from the year prior. The slightly better than expected 0.3% MoM gain (and upwardly revised August print of +0.4%) still leaves US Factory New Orders down 17% from the July 2014 peak of the cycle.

US Services Economy Slips From August Spike: "Employment Growth Remains Weakest In 3 Years"

On the heels of the major rebound in Manufacturing PMI data, the final US Services PMI for October printed 54.8 - the highest since Nov 2015 - following the massive spike in ISM Services in September (which reverted lower to match the PMI at 54.8). However, more signs of stagflation appear as business activity faded but prices paid soared.

Are Rising Rates Reaching Resistance?

It hasn’t exactly been a blistering pace, but yields have trended upward for the past 4 months. Presently, the TYX is nearing a convergence of 2 trendlines around the 2.65% level that may slow down the rise, at least temporarily.

Initial Jobless Claims Jump Most Since May To 3-Month Highs

The last four weeks have seen initial jobless claims rise over 7.7% (~19k), the fastest pace in 5 months, pushing to 265k, the highest level since the start of August. For context, while initial claims have been stable at near record lows this year, claims have not 'improved' since July 2015.

US Productivity Prints Consecutive YoY Declines For First Time In 23 Years

After a recession-signalling three straight quarters of decline, Q3 prleminary productivity data showed a huge 3.1% surge QoQ - the biggest jump since Q3 2014. However, the jump was not enough to regain annual gains as year-over-year productivity declined 0.04%. This is the first consecutive annual decline since 1993.

Wells Fargo Confirms SEC Probing Its Sales Practices

In the Legal Actions section of its just filed 10-Q, Wells Fargo confirmed that the bank is the object of an SEC probe, as well as various other government, state and local agencies are looking into its sales practices and reported that a "a number of lawsuits have also been filed by non-governmental parties seeking damages or other remedies related to these sales practices."

Jim Rickards: The Next Step Will Be Financial Repression

by Craig Wilson, DailyReckoning:
In a can’t miss conversation Jim Rickards joins Dr. Ron Paul on the Liberty Report to discuss his latest book The Road to Ruin. The two economic maven’s cover currency wars and when the looming financial crisis will be, what to expect… and most importantly, how to prepare.
Jim Rickards is a New York Times best selling author, economist and lawyer who has worked on Wall Street and advised the U.S federal government on international economic issues and financial threats.
Dr. Paul began the discussion with a pivotal question on timing and what’s in store for the dollar. Rickards remarked that, “The reason we haven’t had a big spike in interest rates is because the US banking system is now captive to the Federal Reserve. For every seller there is a buyer. The banks are being forced to pick up the slack. They are the buyers of last resort.”
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Probably can't be any worse then the trash that comes out of Hollywood now...I threw my T.V. away 21 years ago and have never regretted it for 1 moment...There is a reason it's called an IDIOT keep watching...

China TAKE OVER U.S. as Hollywood Will be China Owned! Massive Acquisitions!

from The Money GPS:

Demonizing Putin’s Russia

by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:
The level of suspicion and vitriol toward Russia has reached levels not seen even during the previous Cold War. This unprecedented and extremely dangerous rhetoric shows no sign of relenting so, this week, Professor Cohen seeks to explain and educate so that we all might have a better understanding of the Russian point of view.
This week’s program will take you back to your college days…or give you a sense of what college is supposed to entail. “Higher education” was never intended to be the indoctrination that it has become. Instead, college used to be where you were taught to think critically. There, you might also be exposed to perspective and background that challenges original assumptions and broadens your understanding of the world around you. Stephen F. Cohen is a scholar and college professor, and in this week’s program you’ll feel transported to his classroom for a one hour course on Russian history and Russian affairs.
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Silver Signals The Flight To Real Safety Is On Again

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
Gold is powering higher because the dollar is dropping. The dollar index is down 1.7% in the last 3 1/2 trading sessions. It’s down 2.3% vs the euro in the last 5 1/2 days, down 2.1% vs the yen in the last 3 days and down nearly 2% vs. the Swissie since Sunday night.
This is NOT about the political chaos connected to the U.S. election. That’s a sideshow distraction to the real problems going on behind the scene.
The U.S. economy is starting to collapse. This is becoming glaringly evident from most of the data, notwithstanding the highly manipulated economic reports like auto sales.
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Networks Caught Preparing Hillary Victory Announcements

from The Alex Jones Channel:

Alex Jones covers the revelation that local news networks are preparing Hillary victory graphics nation wide


from InfoWars:
The FBI reportedly found evidence of treason, money laundering and connections to child exploitation – including the infamous Lolita Express – on Anthony Weiner’s home computer, says former federal prosecutor Doug Hagmann.
“It involves Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Bill Clinton as well as Jeffrey Epstein,” Hagmann said on The Alex Jones Show Wednesday. “According to my source, these files exist – he did not touch these files so he doesn’t know what’s in them, but the fact that they exist on this computer suggest some sort of overlap here.”
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Changing the Culture of Wall Street Requires Ending Continuity Government in Washington

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
It’s more than a coincidence that at a time when the two leading candidates for the highest office in the United States are considered untrustworthy by tens of millions of their fellow citizens, the industry that has perpetually attempted to stack the political deck in Washington has also lost the trust of a majority of Americans.
This feels to many like having Wall Street’s one percent at the rudder for the past two decades has finally steered the ship of state into a toxic sink hole that is devouring the credibility of the United States at home and abroad.
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