Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote As If Your Life Depended On It... Because It Does...

Every other issue in this election pales by comparison to the no-fly-zone issue, which is virtually ignored, in favor of issues that are trivial by comparison. But a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for nuclear war against Russia, regardless of whether or not the voters know this. And a vote for Trump is a vote for the unknown. Could the unknown be even worse than Hillary Clinton? If so, would it be so only in relatively trivial ways?

Hillary for Prison 2016...

Remember FIRED Clinton Campaign Asset Scott Foval? He’s Back. And He’s PISSED at Hilary

If voters start connecting our paid protesters & birddogging to the Baltimore Riots it could really hurt HRC… You shoulda gave me a better severance package.”
by SGT, SGT Report.com:
We met Scott Foval the former Field Director of Americans United for Change, thanks the Project Veritas hidden camera video number 3 which exposed the illegal dark money conspiracy between the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the AUFC for all the world to see.  And since the facts CAUGHT ON TAPE of the blatant criminality of Hillary Clinton, the DNC and AUFC could not be plausibly denied, Scott Foval – and Robert Creamer of Democracy partners, who visited the White House 342 times, and met directly with Obama 47 times – were fired.
Well, Scott Foval has decided that he will not go quietly into that good night and he has unleashed a torrent of scathing, juicy anti-Hillary, anti-DNC TWEETS for the world to read. Numbering some 161 Tweets in all as of this writing, we can tell you this is the must-read Twitter account of the week.  Here’s just a sample: “No one at the even likes you ” and how about this one: “Would it shock you if the same people who incited violence at Trump events were the same people starting riots to exploit

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It Begins… Hillary Clinton “Spirit Cooking” Posters Pop Up in Los Angeles

by Jay Stone, The Gateway Pundit:

Los Angeles, CA November 6, 2016 — Concerns about “Spirit Cooking” and the Clinton camp’s pattern of bizarre sex scandals spilled into the streets of Los Angeles Monday morning.
Posters depicting Hillary of having the demonic“Jezebel Spirit” were seen at several locations, including near the First AME Church of Los Angeles, a historically African-American church.
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Podesta Email Exposes Ariana Huffington "Using Huffpo To Echo Hillary's Message Without Any Perceived Conflicts"

"She is enthusiastic abt the project but asks if she's more useful to us not being on the Board and, instead, using Huffpo to echo our message without any perceived conflicts. She has a point."

Wikileaks Election Day Special: Part 35 Of Podesta Emails Released

Yesterday, when Wikileaks released its second dump of Podesta emails, the so-called Part 34, we assumed that was it. We were wrong. Moments ago Wikileaks released an "election day special", dumping another 1,793 emails in Part 35 of its ongoing release, bringing the total to 58,375, and one which we can only assume is the definitive final release of Podesta emails.


by Tom Heneghan, Fourwinds10:

At this hour, the U.S. Military Flag Officers and U.S. Treasury officials have absolute proof that over $100 TRILLION of U.S. Treasury funds were laundered aka STOLEN by secret illegal CIA offshore proprietary accounts tied to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate with the assistance of none other than CNN cable news network and NBC General Electric.
We can also report that the U.S. Military Flag Officers are now in full possession of photographs, along with other ‘smoking gun’ evidence, detailing a massive Clinton Foundation financed pedophile ring, which involves both Clintons… Read More

Your Complete Guide To Election Day And Night: What To Watch For And When

If Trump is losing, we will know as soon as 7pm. If, on the other hand, he manages to win North Carolina, Ohio and Florida it could be a very long night. This is what to look for.

Shrinkflation Hits The UK: Toblerone Shrinks By 10%, Price Stays The Same

One of the oldest tricks in the inflationary book - shrinking the contents while keeping the size the same - has struck chocolate lovers in the UK's today, where Toblerone fans are crying foul after its maker announced the chocolate bar's shape and weight are changing to keep costs down.

Mexican Peso Surges To Final Debate Highs But FX Hedgers Pile Into Protection

While overnight vol in USDJPY exploded higher as it appears more than one person is drastically hedging ahead of tonight's decision, the most-sensitive of financial instruments to a possible Trump victory is rallying back to its highest since the final debate.

Early Voting Results In Key Battleground States Appear To Favor Donald Trump

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
If you want Donald Trump to win the election, then you have got to be encouraged by what you are seeing so far. Early voting has already been going on in a number of the most important battleground states, and up to this point the numbers seem to support the theory that Donald Trump is doing significantly better in key swing states than Mitt Romney did in 2012. As you will see below, the latest numbers released by Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Arizona all have good news for the Trump campaign. Without a doubt, I still have an ominous feeling about what is going to happen tomorrow night, but so far at least there are some encouraging signs.
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Trump, Clinton, And The Culture Of Deference

"Political correctness functions like a despotic regime. We resent it but we tolerate it."

Former Bank of America Banker Found Guilty Of Two Murders, Jailed For Life

The defendant was “so morally corrupted by pornography, drugs and alcohol, and a general life of debauchery with a huge salary to fund his depravity,” judge Stuart-Moore said. Jutting was considered “a high risk person” and “the repetition of the offence of murder is highly likely if he is given his liberty in the future,” he said.

Hertz Implodes After "Earnings Debacle": Shares To Open At 7 Year Low After Abysmal Results, Guidance

Hertz (HTZ) plummets in extended trading after 3Q EPS and sales miss analyst estimates. The car-rental company blames "a substantial depreciation adjustment, particularly on compact and mid-sized vehicles," near the close of the quarter, but also says rental volume was at the low end of expectations.

The Day Arrives: Global Stocks Higher, US Futures Lower As America Begins Voting

The day has finally arrived and as of minutes ago voters in eastern states have begun voting for the next US president. Polls are open in eight states, including battlegrounds Virginia and New Hampshire, as well as in New York, where Clinton votes at a public school in Chappaqua, Trump at a public school in Manhattan.

Florida, Florida, Florida: National Race A Dead-Heat As Polls Swing In Toss-Up States

Saudi-Iranian Fallout Could Destroy The OPEC Deal

While OPEC is officially communicating that it is ‘deeply optimistic that it could reach a deal to stabilize oil prices, and simultaneously scolding industry observers for being too quick to judge and express skepticism, behind closed doors, two of OPEC’s heavyweights and bitter regional rivals - Saudi Arabia and Iran - are reverting to their old ways of posturing with threats that neither will back down in the name of the greater (OPEC) good and let the other have their way.

After The Election, This Is What The Market Will Obsess Over

This "year of fear" won't end with the election...

"We The People" Against Tyranny: Seven Principles For Free Government

While Americans wander about in their brainwashed states, their “government of the people, by the people and for the people” has largely been taken away from them.

Newsweek Calls It: "Madam President Clinton" Hits The Shelves Due To A "Business Decision"

While for editorial purposes Newsweek "covered" its downside by preparing a "President Trump" edition, when it comes to its "business decisions" Newsweek has, as the "conspiracy fringe" accuses, already called the election.

NATO Places 300,000 Troops On "High Alert" In Readiness For Confrontation With Russia

Up to 300,000 Nato troops have been put on alert amid rising tensions between Russia and the Baltic states. Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of Nato, said the alliance hoped to speed up the response time of thousands of its troops to allow it to react to a combat situation more effectively.


from WeAreChange:

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Matt a computer programmer who’s allowing everyone to run there own election polls. Already 800,000 people in the U.S were independently polled and the findings contradict the main stream media polls.

Latest WikiLeaks Emails Suggest CNN Really Is the Clinton-News-Network

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
Yesterday, at 4:33 p.m., we checked at the digital front page of CNN to see how it was delivering the news that FBI Director James Comey had sent yet another letter to Congress (on a Sunday, no less). The letter indicated that the FBI had reviewed the additional emails from the private server of Hillary Clinton that were found on sext-addict Anthony Weiner’s laptop and that it had not changed its conclusions that Comey had expressed in his July statement. The July announcement from Comey found that Clinton had been “extremely careless” by transmitting information classified as Top Secret and Secret over a non secure server in the basement of her New York home while serving as Secretary of State in the Obama administration but that the investigation had concluded with no recommendation to charge her with any crime.
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Judge Napolitano: "Comey Knows His FBI Days Are Numbered" No Matter Who Wins Election

".. all of this within two weeks of the election, puts a thumb on the political scale that will tarnish the FBI’s reputation and in my opinion, most respectfully, prevents Jim Comey from staying on as FBI director no matter which of the two candidates are elected tomorrow."

Silver Prices and the Train Wreck known as National Debt

by Gary Christenson, via Gold and Liberty:

The U.S. National Debt is a “train-wreck.”  The official debt is nearly $20 trillion and the unfunded liabilities are $100 – $200 trillion, depending on who is counting.
  1. It can never be repaid. Implications are dire.
  2. Official debt doubles about every 8 years. Does $80 trillion of official debt in the early 2030s sound viable?
  3. Per Krugman there is no problem. Consider the source.
  4. Denial is not a winning strategy, but it does prolong the period before the crash.
  5. The losers in the crash will probably not be the financial or political elite. That leaves the rest of us.
This graph shows the US official national debt – log scale in $millions – for a century.
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Chapter 14: Election Eve

by Joshua Weiss, Importing Common Sense:

This election is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen, and not in a good way either. The media has twisted truths, colluded with candidates and driven false ideas down the throats of the American people all year long.  This election has been more of a circus act than anything, and I feel that most American’s feel the same way. These candidates are terrible candidates. Not only has one candidate been under federal investigation twice, another candidate seems to have more passion defending his words about Miss Universe than his plan on how to boost jobs in America. This whole election season has been a contest of who can sling mud the hardest, and anyone with half a brain honestly doesn’t care about that. Most people want to know about how each candidate plans to stabilize and grow the economy.
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Pope Francis is at it Again

from Antonius Aquinas:
As if there are not enough sufficient reasons for right thinking individuals to want a Donald Trump Presidency, one of the biggest is that it would be a direct and quite necessary rebuke and humiliation of the purported head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.
Bergoglio has once again injected his neo-Marxist self into areas where he has no right to interfere. Of course, this has never stopped this cretin from doing so before, especially when it comes to liberalistic causes such as climate change. Whatever happened to popes that preached the Gospel, spoke of the saints, or expounded on doctrine?
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THIS BREAKING BOMBSHELL WILL HORRIFY YOU: Multiple Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Brothers to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann

from Truthfeed:
HOLY SMOKES…. Before you read this, please take a deep breath and sit down as this information is chilling. To proceed with the appropriate caution, this story is developing and there is not yet confirmation yet that these reports are 100% accurate and will yield a conviction but take a look at the circumstantial evidence and decide for yourself.
Cassandra Fairbanks of WeareChange.org reports
On Sunday evening, side-by-side images of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony next to police sketches of potential suspects in a 2007 kidnapping of a three-year-old girl took over the internet.
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