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Trump "Exploded" At Media Execs During Off-The-Record Meeting: "It Was A F--king Firing Squad"


Mr. President Elect...Please Only Issue Press Credentials to Alternative Media...
Trump "exploded at media execs during today's off-the-record Trump Tower meeting according to the Post. "It was like a f—ing firing squad,” one source said. "Trump started with Jeff Zucker and said I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed…."

When It Comes To Fake News, The U.S. Government Is The Biggest Culprit

There’s the garden variety fake news that is not really “news” so much as it is titillating, tabloid-worthy material peddled by anyone with a Twitter account, a Facebook page and an active imagination. Anyone with an ounce of sense and access to the Internet should be able to ferret out the truth and lies in these stories with some basic research. Then there’s the more devious kind of news stories circulated by one of the biggest propagators of fake news: the U.S. government.

Equity Market Melt-Up Continues: Dow Futures Top 19,000, S&P Breaks 2,200

In the words of the great philosopher Buzz Lightyear, "to infinity and beyond." Oil's incessant liftathon - on hopes that a production freeze at record highs will seriously impact a record seasonal glut - appears to have sparked more panic-buying in stocks overnight as no news whatsoever has the machines incessantly bidding futures, pushing Dow futures over 19,000 and S&P futures over 2

Minimum Wage Protesters Call For "Day Of Disruption" In 340 US Cities

In what may be an early crisis test for the president-elect, on November 29, the nationwide campaign to increase the federal minimum wage in the United States has calling for a "Day of Disruption", namely strikes and civil disobedience, on November 29 in the latest push to raise the minimum wage in the US to $15.

Why America Called 'Bullshit' On The Cult Of Clinton

If you want to see politics based on emotionalism over reason and a borderline-religious devotion to an iconic figure, forget the Trump Army; look instead to the Cult of Clinton.

After Trump Win, Ad Agencies Admit They're Clueless On How To Market To Midwest Consumers

"A diversity hire can be a farm girl from Indiana as much as a Cuban immigrant who lives in Pensacola."

Japanese Troops Deploy To South Sudan Risking First Overseas Conflict Since World War II"

Although World War 3 was a virtual lock under Hillary Clinton, the election of Trump does not negate historical cycles or current geopolitical trends, and the world continues to move in a very dangerous direction...

Generational Wealth Transfers Create 1,700 New Millionaires A Day As Middle Class Continues To Suffer

Trump vowed on election night that "the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer"...but is it possible to reverse the growing wealth gap in the United States?

Canadian Bank Starts Charging Negative 0.75% Rate On Most Foreign Cash Balances

Effective December 22, 2016, BMO Nesbitt Burns will begin charging clients a market-rate negative interest charge of 75 basis points on cash balances of all foreign currencies held in their account, excluding U.S. dollars.

Venezuela's State-Owned Oil Company Misses Bond Coupon Payments Due To "Glitch", Bonds Tumble

Just a month after dodging a default bullet thanks to a last-minute bond swap, Venezuela's state-owned oil company PDVSA missed coupon payments due on its bonds, according to JPMorgan. However, PDVSA president Del Pino raged on Twitter that "the information about a PDVSA default spread by the enemies of the fatherland is totally false," but the bonds saw prices tumble despite his statement.

'Grey Champion' Assumes Command, Part 2

Seventy year old Donald Trump has assumed the Grey Champion flagstaff. In an increasingly chaotic world, normal working class Americans in flyover country were seeking a leader who could bring order, defeat the corrupt establishment, make tough decisions, and capture the zeitgeist of this moment in history. The ruling elite oligarchs and their fawning minions are infuriated the peasants have dared to resist. In their secretive secure spaces, the elites are plotting with one purpose in mind – this uprising must be quelled.

Trump Says He Will Issue Executive Order On First Day In Office Withdrawing U.S. From TPP

In a video message released moments ago by Donald Trump, the President-Elect announced that he has asked his team to develop a list of executive actions for his first day as president including a notification of intent to withdraw from the TPP, voiding Obama's "free-trade legacy."

Largest US Bitcoin Exchange Is "Extremely Concerned" With IRS Crackdown Targeting Its Users

Coinbase, the largest bitcoin exchange in the US, is "extremely concerned", and preparing to fight a proposed "John Doe" summons from the Internal Revenue Service seeking all of its U.S. customer records over a three-year period - a blow to the anonymity of bitcoin users everywhere.

"Everything Is Not Awesome" - Don't Be The Turkey

"Things have not suddenly become awesome over the course of the past week... It is very easy to be sucked into the gushingly positive narratives and often unsupported narratives put forth by the financial media. This is particularly true when the move in asset prices can make minutes seem like days and hours seem like months. Excessive market valuations, weak internal measures, and a deteriorating backdrop has historically been a “wicked brew” for investor outcomes."

Kanye Cancels Tour; Surrenders $30mm In Ticket Sales After "Complete Nervous Breakdown"

"There are fears he is having a nervous breakdown. He’s surrounded by all these crazy people, but there’s nobody he listens to or who can rein him in. He’s a mad genius, and he’s spiraling further and further out of control."

Kunstler On Obama's "Shit Sandwich" & Why 'Events' Are Now In Charge, Not 'Personalities'

America didn’t get what it expected, but perhaps it got what it deserved, good and hard. The kids on campus have gone temporarily insane over this domestic situation and some wonder if they’ll ever get over it.

The Percentage Of Stocks In A Bear Market Is Growing

More than one out of five developed market stocks )and more than two out of five emerging market stocks) are in a bear market (down over 20% from a high) in the past 200 days.

Trump Favorability Surges Post-Election

What a difference a week makes. The day before the election, Economist/YouGov polls showed 39% Favorable and 60% unfavorable towards Donald Trump (as it was oh-so-obvious that Hillary was about to break that glass ceiling). 9 days later, The Hill reports, Donald Trump's popularity has surged.

Surge In Illegal Border Crossings Forces Officials To Open New Texas Housing Facility

U.S. Immigration officials are currently so overwhelmed with an ongoing surge of crossings at the southern border that they have been forced to open a new temporary facility in Texas to accommodate for all the illegal alien border crossers.

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan Off Fukushima, Tsunami Warning Issued - Live Feed

A powerful earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of M7.3 on the Richter scale, since reduced to M6.9  has struck Japan, 156 miles from Tokyo. The epicenter of the earthquake, which was felt in Tokyo, was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of about 10 km, Japan's Meteorological Agency said

More Electors Get Death Threats From Hillary Voters

Texas member of electoral commission tells them to “go to hell”
by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

A member of the electoral commission in Texas says his colleagues are getting death threats as angry Hillary supporters ramp up the pressure before electors cast their vote on December 19th.
Hillary voters around the country are bombarding electors with emails, some of them threatening, in an effort to force them to vote against the outcome of the presidential election.
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Weekend Edition: Doug Casey on How to Solve the Migrant Crisis

by Doug Casey, Casey Research:
Today, Doug breaks down the growing migrant crisis. Doug says this crisis will be “one of the biggest problems in the next generation”…and below, he discusses how it can be solved.
[This essay was originally published in the October issue of The Casey Report.]
Let me start by saying I’m all for immigration and completely open borders to enable opportunity seekers from anyplace to move anyplace else. With two big, critically important, caveats: 1) there can be no welfare or free government services, so everyone has to pay his own way, and no freeloaders are attracted 2) all property is privately owned, to minimize the possibility of squatter camps full of beggars.
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The Great Con: Political Correctness Has Marginalized the Working Class

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
So when the protected class of well-paid institutional “progressives” speak darkly of “reversing 40 years of social progress,” what they’re really saying is we’re terrified that the bottom 95% might be waking up to our Great Con of identity politics and political correctness.
To understand the Great Con of political correctness, we must first grasp the decline of the working class (self-described as “the middle class”), i.e. those who must sell their labor to earn their livelihood.
Labor’s share of the national economy has been declining for 46 years:
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Update: CEO Who Threatened to Assassinate Trump with Sniper Rifle Is in Hiding (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Matt Harrigan at Packetsled.
Matt Harrigan is the CEO of PacketSled and Critical Assets is calling for an assassination. Call the police, FBI, and the Secret Service! RIGHT NOW!
Via Reddit The Donald:
Harrigan wants Trump dead.
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John Bolton Warns That Obama May Divide The Land Of Israel At The UN Before The Inauguration

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:
Is Barack Obama about to make the most catastrophic decision of his entire presidency? Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is warning that there is “a lot of speculation” over at UN headquarters right now about “resolutions that recognize a Palestinian state or that try and set a boundary for Israel based on the 1967 ceasefire lines”. Of course this would have to happen before the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th, because Trump has already made it quite clear that he will not support any UN resolution of such nature. Knowing that Trump is about to take office, advocates of the “two state solution” are putting an immense amount of pressure on Obama to support a UN Security Council resolution that would permanently divide the land of Israel while he is still in the White House, and at this moment we do not know what Barack Obama’s final decision will be.
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Rigged; Fake; And Shortly, Forever Discredited

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:
Care of WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Project Veritas, and countless other whistleblowers in the modern age of hacking and global information dissemination (not to mention, the Miles Franklin Blog), the world is on a rapid “learning curve” of the public and private criminality that has occurred for decades – and how they can make a difference by exposing it. Without a doubt, Hillary Clinton would have been President if not for the tireless efforts of, for lack of a better description, “good guys” who, from myriad facets of life, took it upon themselves to prevent perhaps the most dangerous, sociopathic “politician” in U.S. history from taking office. That, and Donald Trump’s politically brilliant scheme of repeating the buzzword “rigged” each and every day, until eventually it convinced enough marginal voters that the time for change is NOW.
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Trump Favorability Surges Post-Election

from Zero Hedge:

What a difference a week makes. The day before the election, Economist/YouGov polls showed 39% Favorable and 60% unfavorable towards Donald Trump (as it was oh-so-obvious that Hillary was about to break that glass ceiling). 9 days later, The Hill reports, Donald Trump’s popularity has surged.
Are Americans no longer ‘shy’ of admitting their support for Trump?
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How Collapse of TPP to ‘Open Door for China’ to Propose New Free Trade Deal

from Sputnik News:
Radio Sputnik discussed the potential collapse of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its consequences for the region, with Dr. John Short, political analyst from the University of Maryland.
“One of the key trends is the difficulty of getting free trade agreements passed in democracies at the moment. There is tremendous resistance to free trade agreements. It just seems like it’s often working against the interest of ordinary working class people,” Short said.
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So Much For Electing An Outsider

by John Rubino, Dollar Collapse:
During his run for the presidency, Donald Trump took the occasional break from insulting women and minorities to toss off some decent – even exciting – policy ideas. Term limits for congressmen and a ban on politicians becoming lobbyists, for instance, were straight from the Libertarian good-government Christmas list.
But best of all was the effective break-up of the big banks through the re-imposition of Glass-Steagall, a law passed during the Great Depression to separate taxpayer-protected commercial banks from free-to-fail investment banks.
Here’s an article published during the campaign noting Wall Street’s angst at the prospect:
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Trump Inauguration Day Protests Planned

by Stephen Lendman, Market Oracle:
Protesting Trump’s inauguration misses the point. I’ve explained many times. America’s criminal class is bipartisan, democracy pure fantasy.
Deep state duopoly power runs things – one-party state governance with two right wings, independents entirely shut out. Media scoundrels are press agents for wealth, power and privilege exclusively.
Election-rigging made Trump president. Power brokers decided Hillary was too scandal-ridden to serve effectively. Her deplorable public record defeated her.
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