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America Is Exhibiting All of the Signs of a Failing Empire

from Washington’s Blog:

The American Empire Is Quickly Declining
Consummate insider Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson – former chief of staff to Colin Powell, and now distinguished adjunct professor of Government and Public Policy at William & Mary – notes that the U.S. is exhibiting all of the signs of a failing empire, including:
  • Relying on massive military force (and using gigantic complexes to support it) as the be-all and end-all of power, and belittling diplomacy
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The Problem Explained In 110 Words

"...declining velocity of money requires an ever rising level of monetary stimulus, which further depresses velocity of money, and requiring even further QEs. Also as countries compete in a diminishing pool by discounting currencies, global demand compresses, as current account surpluses in these countries rise not because of exports growing faster than imports but because imports decline faster than exports. This implies less demand for the global economy."

Russian Air Force destroys 29 ISIS camps in Syria in 24 hours

from RT:
Russian warplanes in Syria have bombed 29 terrorist field camps and other facilities of the militant group Islamic State in the past 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.
Our aviation group over the past day has destroyed two militant command centers, 29 field camps, 23 fortified facilities and several troop positions with military hardware,” ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Saturday.
The Russian Air Force conducted 64 sorties and hit a total of 55 targets, he said.
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Fruit vrs Man...

Obama gets ANGRY at Steve Kroft for pointing out how Putin is EMBARRASSING him

from The Right Scoop:

Obama had another interview with 60 Minutes, and to Steve Kroft’s credit, he actually made Obama face up to the failures of his foreign policy in the Middle East. Of course, Obama’s ridiculous myopic arrogance won’t let him see what’s plainly obvious, and instead he gets visibly annoyed that Kroft would dare question his brilliance.
Kroft’s question put it as gently as possible, but even then Obama couldn’t accept it. Outside of Obama’s insular universe, the rest of the world knows that Putin is embarrassing and humiliating Obama and by extension, the United States.
Meanwhile Obama sticks to his story that Putin invading another country is a sign of “weakness.” Now that is what you call an incredible delusion.

Has America Been Set Up As History’s Ultimate Bumbling Villain?

from The Sleuth Journal:

The high priests of academic and “official” history love a good villain for two reasons: First, because good official villains make the struggles and accomplishments of good official heroes even more awe-inspiring. And, second, because nothing teaches (or propagandizes) the masses more thoroughly than the social or political lessons inherent in the documented rise and fall of the world’s most despicable inhabitants. We get shivers of fear and excitement when we discuss the evils and the follies of ancient monsters like Nero, Attila the Hun, Caligula, etc, or more modern monsters, like Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and so on. We take solace in the idea that “we are nothing like them”, and our nation has “moved beyond” such animalistic behavior.
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"The Heart Of The Economic Disorder Is A World Financial System That Has Gone Rogue"

"Europe has seen nothing like this for 70 years – the visible expression of a world where order is collapsing. The millions of refugees fleeing from ceaseless Middle Eastern war and barbarism are voting with their feet, despairing of their futures. The catalyst for their despair – the shredding of state structures and grip of Islamic fundamentalism on young Muslim minds – shows no sign of disappearing. Yet there is a parallel collapse in the economic order that is less conspicuous: the hundreds of billions of dollars fleeing emerging economies, from Brazil to China, don’t come with images of women and children on capsizing boats."

The End Of ISIS? Iraq Air Force Claims It Struck Islamic State Leader's Convoy

Now that Obama is "debating" handing over the mess he created in Syria to Putin who in less than two years will have successfully expanded the Russian sphere of influence in both east Ukraine (and certainly the Crimea) and Syria - two nations where Samantha Power's plans for a CIA-led government overthrow have gone spectacularly bad - it means one thing: ISIS, as a pretext for US "humanitarian intervention" in the region, a CIA-created terrorist organization that must be wiped out, no longer needs to exist. Which is why it was hardly surprising to read moments ago an Iraq military statement alleging that the country's air force has hit a convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

CIA Hands Over Syria To Russia

Another sad chapter in the CIA's book of failed government overthrows comes to a close, leaving the Syria "rebels" that the CIA had supported for years, to fend for themselves, and handing over Syria to Putin, who has once again "won" or as the administration would prefer to spin it, "has hung himself."

The Endgame Takes Shape: "Banning Capitalism And Bypassing Capital Markets"

"We believe that the path of least resistance would be to effectively ban capitalism and by-pass banking and capital markets altogether. We gave this policy change several names (such as “Cuba alternative”, “British Leyland”) but the essence of the new form of QE would be using central banks and public instrumentalities to directly inject “heroin into blood stream” rather than relying on system of incentives to drive investor behaviour."

"Carpe Chaos" - ISIS, Israel, Iraq, & Syria: It's All Part Of The Plan

Israel lacks a national motto. If its leaders are looking for a Latin one, “carpe chaos” would be an apt and honest choice. “Seize the chaos” is half of Israeli foreign policy in a nutshell (the other half being the instigation of that chaos in the first place). But “Seize the chaos” is not a new doctrine: neither is it limited to Israeli halls of power. A veritable “carpe chaos” manifesto was written in 1996 for a Washington think tank by David Wurmser, an Israel-first neocon who would later play a key role in the Bush administration’s drive to the Iraq War. And now that Russia has been drawn into the Syrian war, where its bombers and troops operate at cross purposes with American bombers and proxy fighters, the chaotic sea threatens to become a thermonuclear lake of fire engulfing the whole world.

There's No Correlation Between Gun Ownership, Mass Shootings, & Murder Rates

Claims that new gun laws are commonsensical can't be true if the relationship between gun laws and murder rates require us to adjust for half a dozen different variables... In fact, by looking at the data, we could imagine any number of other factors that might be more likely a determinant of the murder rate than gun ownership.

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Obama Is Considering Gun Control Through Executive Order

After yesterday's not one, not two, but three campus shootings, which come a week after the latest mass killing at Umpqua Community College left 10 people dead, it was only a matter of time before the administration would pick up where it left off shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting of December 2012. The time has arrived, and according to The Hill after Obama's failed efforts to implement any form of gun control in early 2013 fizzled, the lame duck president is preparing to do what he has been threatening to do for a long time, by issuing a new executive action on gun control.

How Much Longer Can Our Unaffordable Housing Prices Last? (Spolier Alert: Not Much)

This globalization of regional housing markets is pricing the middle class out of housing in areas that also happen to be strong job markets. Many commentators are concerned that a nation of homeowners is being transformed into a nation of renters, as housing is snapped up by hedge funds and wealthy elites fleeing China and the emerging markets. But will current conditions continue unchanged going forward?

and the Sheeplez sleep...

"It's Over For Me" Matt Drudge Warns Public "You're A Pawn In The 'Ghetto-isation'" Of The Web

The very foundation of the free Internet is under severe threat from copyright laws that could ban independent media outlets, according to Matt Drudge. "I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge, warning web users that they were being pushed "pawn-like" into the cyber "ghettos" of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Death Of Cognitive Dollar Dissonance & The Remonetization Of Gold

“Capitalism is not primarily an incentive system but an information system.” Prices are the information. And the price of time itself is the single most valuable piece of information. Time, as we intuitively know, is money; they are two sides of the same coin. Mess with time and money, and you mess with everything else. Yet as with central planning in general, the central planning of either money, or time, cannot possibly work. Hayek warned the economics profession of precisely this in the 1970s. They didn’t listen, ensconced as they still remain within their interventionist Keynesian paradigm. Well that paradigm is about to be blown apart, time and money are about to return to the market, where they belong, and real, sustainable economic progress is about to restart once again.

What The "Real F**king News" Would Look Like

Tired of the same old government-directed, politically-correct mainstream media diatribe of 'everything is awesome', good-guy-bad-guy, "this is what to think" news? Well this angry 'reporter' exposes what the real news would sound like...

This is funny...WTF are they going to do...discuss it for a decade... and pass a strongly worded resolution...


from NextNewsNetwork:

If I was a Politician or Banker...I would be trying to ban pieces of rope or string and street lights...

Dems Just Met At The Capitol To Demand More Gun Control, But There’s One HUGE Problem…

from Western Journalism:

In the aftermath of the shooting at a college in Oregon, Democrats have once again jumped to pushing pro-gun control policies. So, on Thursday, they arranged a hasty meeting before the press on the steps of the Capitol to propose more anti-gun laws. But even as they assembled to push an anti-gun message, they were surrounded by armed guards, sparking calls of hypocrisy.
As the 27 Senate Democrats gathered on the steps of the Capitol for their anti-gun press conference, surrounding the politicians were a cadre of armed officers from the U.S. Capitol Police which joined the regular, heavily armed police detail that patrols the Capitol grounds.
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Global Debt DISASTER as Nations Begin Selling Most Valuable Assets!

from The Money GPS:

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared

by Jeremy Malcolm, Activist Post:

Today’s release by WikiLeaks of what is believed to be the current and essentially final version of the intellectual property (IP) chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) confirms our worst fears about the agreement, and dashes the few hopes that we held out that its most onerous provisions wouldn’t survive to the end of the negotiations.
Since we now have the agreed text, we’ll be including some paragraph references that you can cross-reference for yourself—but be aware that some of them contain placeholders like “x” that may change in the cleaned-up text. Also, our analysis here is limited to the copyright and Internet-related provisions of the chapter, but analyses of the impacts of other parts of the chapter have been published by WikiLeaks and others.
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from Breitbart:
All of NBC’s shills and all of NBC’s lies couldn’t makes Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers rise. In fact, in the week after NBC turned its entire news and entertainment divisions over to the Hillary Clinton campaign, a new Reuters poll shows that her “support tumble[d] from 51 percent of Democratic support to just 41 percent.”
When NBC News dreamt of how this week would end for Their Girl, it just wasn’t supposed to be like this.
With unelectable, self-proclaimed socialist and rape fantasist  Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 16% on the rise, and Joe Biden waiting in the wings like a predatory Eve Harrington as Margo Channing stumbles over her lines, NBC News decided it was time to come to the rescue.
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While We Sleep, Corporate Execs Strip-Mine America

from Wolf Street:

Nothing shows how America’s reins are held than our out-of-control corporations, enriching their executives at the cost of the future of their businesses — and ours. Here’s another status report on this sad but fixable story.
The Q2 Buybacks Report by FactSet is, as usual, sobering reading. During the 12 months ending in June, companies in the S&P 500 spent $555.5 billion repurchasing their shares. For the first time since October 2009, buybacks exceeded free cash flow (cash flow after capex); they’re borrowing to buy back shares.
For the past two years buybacks have run at the fantastic rate of about $120 billion per quarter — the same rate as in 2006-2007, with tech companies the leaders. In 2014 they spent 95% of their profits on buybacks and dividends (building the future is somebody else’s problem in corporate America).
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The Sandy Hook School Chorus – WHERE ARE THEY??

by Wolfgang Halbig, Rense:
How can you lose 26 children, their chorus teacher and all the parents and dignitaries who flew with them to the Feb 3, 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans?
We know the National Football League paid all the expenses and CBS Sports was part of issuing a GAG ORDER on these people to never talk to the news media about their trip. Why?
Is this not America where children are supposed to enjoy a trip such as this. This is a once of a lifetime experience and they are told to shut up.
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from AutismNewsDotCom:

Eustace Mullins (1923-2010), discusses one of his best-selling books; ‘Murder by Injection’ exposing the unholy dynasty of the big drug companies, the medical establishment, the Rockefeller syndicate and the evils of the cut-slash-and-burn cancer racket that has killed millions in the name of ‘fighting cancer.’


by Doug Casey, International Man:
I’d like to address some aspects of the Greater Depression in this essay.
I’m here to tell you that the inevitable became reality in 2008. We’ve had an interlude over the last few years financed by trillions of new currency units.
However, the economic clock on the wall is reading the same time as it was in 2007, and the Black Horsemen of your worst financial nightmares are about to again crash through the doors and end the party. And this time, they won’t be riding children’s ponies, but armored Percherons.
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Top Advisor To Sovereign Wealth Funds Says Gold And Gold Stocks To Shock Investors By Becoming The New Momentum Plays

from KingWorldNews:
With the price of gold surging nearly $20 on Friday, today a top advisor to the most prominent sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and institutional funds in the world, told King World News that gold and gold stocks are going to shock investors by becoming the new momentum plays.
October 10 (King World News) – Michael Belkin: “I’ve been long the U.S. dollar for about 18 months. I’m now increasingly short the dollar. We could get a shakeout in the dollar and that could really bring the gold price alive. The gold price itself keeps getting whacked out of left field. You get these entities smacking the gold price down in the middle of the night in order to send a message to the markets. I don’t think that’s going to work (anymore).
Global investors are now getting squeezed out of their long equities and long junk bonds, and so a lot of these hedge funds are down big on the year. They (hedge funds) are desperate for gains and as gold and gold stocks start to rise, I believe that gold stocks will turn into the new ‘momentum class.’
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