Thursday, October 22, 2015

Presenting America's New Debt Ceiling: $19,600,000,000,000

The only certain outcome from the melodramatic debt ceiling fight over the next several days, is the following: the US is about to have a brand spanking new debt ceiling, one that should last it until March of 2017: $19,600,000,000,000.

What Your High School Chemistry Teacher Never Taught You About Gold

The ‘money’ in your account doesn’t even really exist. There’s just enough of a thin layer of confidence in the system (at the moment) that this is a widely accepted practice. It seems rather strange when you think about it. Though for thousands of years, early civilizations had some pretty wild ideas about money. There are examples from history of our ancestors using everything from animals skins, to salt, to giant stones, as their form of ‘money’. Though we suppose these weren’t any more ridiculous than our version of money - pieces of paper that don’t even really exist, controlled by unelected central bankers.

In "Manifest Waste Of Time," Portugal Reappoints PM In Defiance Of Anti-Euro Left Coalition

In what amounts to a slap in the face for a coalition of Leftist lawmakers who are opposed to the austerity programs that some believe are responsible for painful economic adjustments, Portugal has reappointed PM Pedro Passos Coelho. This sets the country up for an intractable political stalemate and will serve to embed an enormous amount of uncertainty in markets going forward.

Nasdaq Futures Soar After Microsoft, Google, Amazon And AT&T All Beat, Surge

Draghi Dreams Extend US Stock-Buying-Frenzy To Best Since 2011

3 Things: Worse, Worst, Or Worst-er

"The basic assertion is the following: the U.S. economy is not showing signs of entering into recession, thus stocks are not at risk of falling into a sustained bear market. Unfortunately, this conclusion is not necessarily true. For history has shown on numerous occasions that you do not need to have an economic recession looming on the horizon to see U.S. stocks fall into a bear market."

Finance Professor "Invests" In Jim Cramer's "Buy Right Now" Portfolio, Loses Money On 72% Of Stock Picks

Curious how Jim Cramer's stock picks perform? One person decided to test them out in an audited environment. Here are the results...

"All Kinds Of Mayhem Will Let Loose" As Strongest El Nino In Decades Looms

September was officially the warmest ever recorded around the globe (the 7th time this year a month has set a record) as El nino is back in a big way. As Bloomberg reports, its effects are just beginning in much of the world -- for the most part, it hasn’t really reached North America -- and yet it’s already shaping up potentially as one of the three strongest El Nino patterns since record-keeping began in 1950.  Expect "major disruptions, widespread droughts and floods," warned a senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, adding that without preparation, "all kinds of mayhem will let loose." The last time there was an El Nino of similar magnitude to the current one, the record-setting event of 1997-1998, floods, fires, droughts and other calamities killed at least 30,000 people and caused $100 billion in damage.

AbbVie Stock Plunges After FDA Warns Of "Serious Liver Injury Risk" From Company's Hep C Treatments

It has been a horrible quarter for biotechs, and for AbbVie it just got worse.

Auto Loan Market "Reminds Me Of What Happened Right Before The Crisis", Top Regulator Warns

"Some activity in auto loans reminds me of what happened in mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the crisis. We will be looking at those institutions that have a significant auto-lending operation."

Trump Vs. Jeb

Trump embodies the American zeitgeist, circa 2015 – its virtues, its vulgarity, its inchoate mixture of common sense and incoherence. You may not like Donald Trump, for any one of a number of reasons, but anti-interventionists have to give him some credit for opening up the presidential debate to a critique of US foreign policy that hasn’t been seen or heard since the Ron Paul campaign.

Housing - There's No Way Out

The Fed has created permanent housing crisis from which there is no escape.

If you let the Banker Bastards get away with this... You will screw ALL future generations...


from NextNewsNetwork:

Gold Is Exceptionally Cheap At The Moment

from Gold Silver Worlds:

According to John Hathaway, senior portfolio manager at Tocqueville, gold’s needed financial market turmoil in order to receive the investment interest it deserves. As global equity markets fell in the 3d quarter, gold was bid during the same time period. Year to date, broad stock indexes are in the red, with the DJI declining for three consecutive quarters which has only happened 3 times in in 40 years.
Hathaway believest that precious metals can see more inflow, but more “damage to confidence” must occur.
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People are really starting to understand

by Simon Black, Sovereign Man:
I have a pretty bad travel habit of always waiting until the last minute to head to the airport.
Some people like to get to the airport three hours early. I’m not one of those people.
In fact, when I flew to Bogota a few weeks ago from Santiago, I arrived to the airport at 7:50am for an 8:25am flight.
That’s cutting it pretty close, and it doesn’t leave any room for error.
This morning I was in the same boat, leaving my hotel in downtown Denver at a time that left very little room for error.
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Total sellout: Illegal immigrants to be paid up to $35,000 by U.S. government, then granted right to vote

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The Obama administration’s incessant pandering to illegal immigrants is continuing unabated, as many will be eligible to receive tens of thousands of your tax dollars as a reward for breaking U.S. laws and sneaking into the country.
A new Congressional Research Service (CRS) memo obtained by Breitbart News reveals that, as a result of President Obama’s controversial executive amnesty, illegal aliens who were able to get a Social Security number and a work permit may be able to file amended returns with the IRS.
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West refuses to share intel on ISIS with Russia – MoD

from RT:

Presidents, Bankers, the Neo-Cold War and the World Bank

from Daily Reckoning:

At first glance, the neo-Cold War between the US and its post WWII European Allies vs. Russia over the Ukraine, and the stonewalling of Greece by the Troika might appear to have little in common. Yet both are manifestations of a political-military-financial power play that began during the first Cold War.
Behind the bravado of today’s sanctions and austerity measures lies the decision-making alliance that private bankers enjoy in conjunction with government and multinational entries like NATO and the World Bank.
It is President Obama’s foreign policy to back the Ukraine against Russia; in 1958, it was the Eisenhower Doctrine that protected Lebanon from a Soviet threat.
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Japan Confirms First Possible Fukushima Radiation Casualty

from Ready Nutrition:

It’s been over 4 years since the Fukushima Daiichi power plant was practically destroyed by a tsunami that devastated the surrounding area, but the propaganda campaign has never stopped. Neither the government nor TEPCO, has ever admitted to the full scale of this disaster. As far as they’re concerned, everyone who died in Fukushima was killed by the earthquake and the tsunami that followed it. They’ve always skirted around the possibility that the radiation from their crumbling power plant could wind up killing people for years to come.
That is, until now. On Tuesday, Japan’s health ministry became the first government agency in that country to even come close to revealing the dangers that are still lurking in the Fukushima Prefecture. One of the power plant’s workers has been diagnosed with leukemia, and the health ministry says it may have been caused by radiation.
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Viral Video Making “Cryptic Threats to Barack Obama” Plants Hidden Symbols in Viewers Minds

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The Internet is now ablaze with analyses of a creepy video that was revealed to have cryptic messages – including “images” encoded in layered audio tracks – some of which allegedly make death threats against President Obama.
It is not known if this bizarre video is an elaborate hoax or represents a genuine threat to the president, but the messages are certainly eerie. The sound track may be even more unsettling, with crunchy, jarring noise tracks, which analysts have found contain hidden elements as well.
Is this destined to become a social media meme, or does it represent a serious challenge to national security?
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Dollar Decline Cycle

from GoldSeek:
The US Dollar Index hit a low in 1995, a high in 2002, a low in 2008, and a recent high in 2015. Examine the following 20 year chart of the dollar.
Note that the vertical blue lines are 79 months apart and show approximate low, high, low, and high cycle extremes. I have noted the dates for the weekly low and high closes near the green and red circles.
Now look at a similar chart of the S&P from a month ago.
Dollar lows (May 95 and Mar 08) were separated by about a year from S&P lows (June 94 and March 09), and dollar highs (Feb. 02 and Mar 15) occurred near S&P highs (Aug 02 and May 15).
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