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Collapse Of The Western Financial System Looms As A "Strategic" Russian Default Is Possible

History may eventually decide the "New World Order" started on September 28, when Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama had a 90-minute face off at the UN in New York. Irrespective of spin – “productive” according to the White House, “tense” according to a source close to the Kremlin – facts on the ground accumulated almost immediately.

What Government Really Is and What it Does in Under 3 Minutes

from HighImpactFlix:

Is the US Economy Close to a Bust?

by Pater Tenebrarum,

Manufacturing Weakness

In light of an unbroken string of atrocious manufacturing survey data, we have decided to update a few of the charts we use to assess the economy. For a discussion of the details of the most recent manufacturing surveys see Mish (Empire State and Philadelphia) and Zerohedge (Empire State and Philadelphia). We would note to these data that the strong decline in new orders is especially noteworthy.
To begin with, we want to point out that there is at least one data series that strongly suggests that the economy is not yet in recession, namely private non-residential fixed investment (it has a long history as a confirming indicator).
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"The Fed's Days Are Numbered" Ron Paul On The Crucial Issue "They" Don't Want To Talk About

"All The Fed has is credibility" and, as Ron Paul expounds, by folding on a 25bps rate hike, it tells you how fragile this system is... built on a foundation of sand." Indeed, if stocks weren't held up, that would be another 'signal' of the fragility... "and that is why they created The Plunge Protection Team." By "manipulating the most important price in markets," Paul concludes, "we are at the climactic end of the 'system' that started in August 1971."

Chinese Economists Have No Faith In 7% Growth "Target"

"My expectation is that under President Xi's term, average growth rates are unlikely to exceed three to four percent. And that's not my prediction, that's the upper limit of my prediction."

Chinese Officials Say "Unnecessary To Be Anxious" About Economy As Margin Debt Rises Most Since June Bubble Peak

As everyone opined on China's 'goldilocks' GDP data all day long, perhaps the biggest news this evening was US Treasury's softer stance towards China's currency 'manipulation', as we noted earlier, saying Yuan is merely "below appropriate medium-term valuation," and sure enough offshore Yuan has strengthened since the report. China's 'official' mouthpiece Xinhua told the people it is "unnecessary to be anxious about China's economic growth." And finally, for the 8th straight day, Chinese margin debt rose today to its highest in over a month. This is the longest stretch of releveraging in 4 months - since the peak of the bubble. "Will they never learn?"

The 10 Jobs That Attract The Most Psychopaths

Presented with no comment...(and no surprise)

Syrian Showdown: Russia, Iran Rally Forces, US Rearms Rebels As "Promised" Battle For Aleppo Begins

Moving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World Religion

The global elite have never been closer to their goal of a united world.  Thanks to a series of interlocking treaties and international agreements, the governance of this planet is increasingly becoming globalized and centralized, but most people don’t seem alarmed by this at all.  In the past 30 days, we have seen some of the biggest steps toward a one world government, a one world economy and a one world religion that we have ever witnessed, but these events have sparked very little public discussion or debate...

Confused About The War In Syria? Here Are Your Western Media-Sponsored Conflict Diagrams

Step Aside Human: World's Second Biggest Mining Company Unveils Robot Trucks

In its attempt to evade the shackles of conventional fixed and variable costs, Rio Tinto has decided to begin eliminating humans from its "workforce" altogether. According to the Chinese state media, Rio Tinto has started using automated, driverless trucks to move iron ore in its Pilbara mines, controlled from an operations center 1,200 kilometers away in Perth.


from Breitbart:

President Barack Obama is refusing to meet with Hillary Clinton while he and his allies are urging Vice President Joe Biden to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, according to author Ed Klein.
On Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, Klein told guest-host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow that Obama and his allies—Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett—have “been searching for months for an alternative to Hillary.” According to Klein, they first approached
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 14% to challenge Clinton. When she declined, they approached former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and realized that “he didn’t have the stuff.”
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Fill In The Blank: Jamie Dimon Says "Banks Got _______ In The Financial Crisis"

Deflation = Debt + Demographics + Disruption... But Mostly Debt

"The only way to get velocity to pick up in a benign way is to write off the debt by a meaningful amount. That would have helped in the 2008 global financial crisis if more losses had been imposed on creditors.  But that obviously did not happen in 2008 as the policymakers demonstrated that they did not believe in capitalism. Otherwise, the only other way velocity picks up is by an unhealthy hyperinflationary surge reflecting a loss of confidence in central banks, an outcome that becomes more plausible the more extreme the resort to quantitative easing."

"Shadow Convexity" Means The Death Of Modern Portfolio Theory

The entire global financial system is leveraged to the 'Modern Portfolio Theory' concept that stocks and bonds are always anti-correlated. It is impossible to estimate how many trillions of dollars are managed according to the simple 60/40 mantras but let us just assume something north of $1.4 trillion and something south of "more money than God."  However, the truth about the long-term (132-year) historical relationship between stocks and bonds is scary.  The last three decades of extraordinary anti-correlation has been an era of falling rates, globalization, accommodative monetary policy, and very low volatility of CPI. With the global economy now at the zero bound, those days are over.

Swedish Nazi Creates "Accommodation Centers" For Refugees As Turkey Insists "We're Not A Concentration Camp"

Submitted for your consideration: 1) "A man from northern Sweden who has praised Adolf Hitler on Facebook and participated in Nazi demonstrations has answered a call from Sweden's Migration Agency for volunteers willing to offer accommodation to refugees," 2) "I said this to Merkel too. No one should expect Turkey to turn into a concentration camp where all the refugees stay in."

Trump Extends Lead Over Jeb & The GOP Field, But Carson Looms

The Donald, crushing the hopes of the status quo, has extended his lead among GOP Primary voters with 25% of the support (up from 21% in September). However, the latest WSJ/NBC poll finds Ben Carson coming on strong with 22% support. Aside from Rubio (13%, up from 11%), and Jeb hovering at 8%, this leaves "the rest" of the crowd lagging horribly with Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and John Kasich looking to go the way of 'the Walker'.

Martin Armstrong Rages Against Socialism: "Government Has Replaced God"

Socialism violates the Ten Commandments which prohibits anyone from coveting what their neighbor has. Well, God must have had a bad day for he does not understand what is fair. If someone is smarter than others are, that is OK and God’s Will, but he should not have more material things. God obviously cannot be all knowing since Marx must be right. God clearly can’t understand what is fair.

In Latest Humiliation For Illinois, Fitch Downgrades State's Credit Rating To BBB+

Last week, beleaguered Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger admitted that, thanks to the bitter budget battle going on in Springfield, the state would miss a $560 million pension payment in November. Now, in a move that shouldn't exactly surprise anyone, Fitch has cut the state's GO rating citing the budget impasse. The move affects some $27 billion in debt.

IBM Reports Terrible Q3 Earnings: Worst Revenue Since 2002; Slashes Guidance

Moments ago IBM reported what can be defined simply as abysmal results.

US Treasury Folds? Softens Stance On Yuan From "Significantly Undervalued" To "Below Appropriate" Valuation

We presume the 'threat' of selling hundreds of billions of dollars of US Treasuries has prompted a softening in the "Currency manipulator" rhetoric from The US Treasuy department. Having previously said the Yuan is "significantly undervalued," today's report shifts the comment to stating that the Yuan is "below appropriate medium-term valuation." Of course, The US Treasury would know exactly how all of the world's currencies should trade in this centrally-planned world.

Best Alternative to Gold & Silver

from Junius Maltby:

VIX Tumbles To 2-Month Lows But Commodites Crumble After China "Good News"

Leading From Behind

Well we tried 'hope', now let's try 'change'...

Parasitic Fly Turns Honeybees into Flying “Zombies”

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Just in time for the season premiere of “The Walking Dead,” researchers have announced that zombie bees have been spotted in some Eastern states. They’re not going to eat anyone’s brain (sorry?), but there could be a connection between the mindless creatures and honey bees that have been abandoning their hives in disturbing numbers.
When the parasitic Apocephalus borealis fly encounters certain types of bees, it aggressively stalks them and lays its eggs inside of them. As the larvae grow, they consume much of the muscle and nervous system of the host bee, destroying the bees’ brains. [1]
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from grindall61:

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Zambia’s Currency Loses Half Its Value in 2015, Desperation Grows

‘God have mercy on currency’: Zambia holds national prayer day to hold Kwacha from record drop
from RT:
Sunday saw a nationwide day of prayer in Zambia as president Edgar Lungu called for a divine intervention to save the African country’s currency, Kwacha, from a record drop.
All football matches in the country were called off, with bars and restaurants forbidden from accepting clients for most of the day on Sunday.
The president’s call for a national day of prayer and fasting gained a wide support from Zambia’s churches, which conducted prayers all across the country for the mostly Christian population of 15 million people.
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SHOCKING: Cameron Launches His War On Truthers While Going Easy On Killers!

from TruthTube451:


by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Still think everything is fine with the economy? If Wal-Mart is any indication then you have to seriously question that belief!
Here is a Year-To-Date chart of Wal-Mart’s fantastical ride down.
In just the last 10 months Wal-Mart has steadily fallen from above $90 to now below $60 for a total loss of approximately 35%. And it had a one day crash of 10% on October 14th.
Considering that Wal-Mart personifies the “low end” of the market, supplying cheap products to an increasingly impoverished American public… this does NOT look good if even Wal-Mart is in trouble.
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