Thursday, October 22, 2015

Putin Just Warned Global War Is Increasingly More Likely: Here's Why

"The deterrent of nuclear weapons has started to lose its value, and some have even got the illusion that a real victory of one of the sides can be achieved in a global conflict, without irreversible consequences for the winner itself – if there is a winner at all."

US Dollar Dumped Against Asian FX As Releveraging Chinese Send Margin-Debt To 6-Week Highs

Chinese stocks are not as exuberant as European, Japanese (which are rolling over), and US markets at the open as they cling to unchanged for the day and week (despite margin debt rising to a six-week high). The main event in AsiaPac trading appears to be a huge re-entry into the EUR-ANY-EM-FX carry trade as The USDollar gets pummeled against Asian FX (despite EUR weakness). PBOC weakened the Yuan fix by the most in 8 days to its lowest in 2 weeks.

Communist Makeover of the United States is Underway — Glen Tate

Show starts at 1:15.
from Prepper Recon:

Author of the 299 Days book series, Glen Tate is back on the show today to talk about the threat of communism to the remnants of freedom in America. We cover gun control, wealth redistribution, and the impending economic collapse.

New FBI Report Debunks Mythical "War On Police"

Throughout the United States, Americans believe there is a “war on police.” A recent survey found 58% of Americans agree with this sentiment. A new, privately-funded billboard campaign hijacks the “Black Lives Matter” moniker to read “Blue Lives Matter,” highlighting powerful pushback from law enforcement sympathizers against activists. A deeper examination of the FBI's 2014 data, however, reveals that police are not only safe, but still running rampant in their liberal use of violence against the citizens they allegedly serve.

This Is What Happens After Three Years Of Negative Interest Rates

Property prices in Copenhagen have risen 40-60 percent since the middle of 2012, when the central bank first resorted to negative interest rates to defend the krone’s peg to the euro.

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Hillary Versus Herself on Benghazi

from Truth Stream Media:

Why Europe Is About To Plunge Further Into The NIRP Twilight Zone, And What It Means For Depositors

If you thought we'd seen the depths of NIRP, think again because as Deutsche Bank notes, the ECB, Riksbank, SNB, and Nationalbank will likely dive further into the monetary Twilight Zone in the months ahead. Only when rates become negative enough to spark a depositor revolt will we have reached the "real" lower bound, but at that point, it will be far too late...

US Issues Childish Ultimatum To Iraq: "It's Either Us, Or The Russians"

"I said it would make it very difficult for us to be able to provide the kind of support you need if the Russians were here conducting operations as well. We can't conduct operations if the Russians were operating in Iraq right now."

Yellen & Kuroda Live In A "Fantasy Fiat World Divorced From Actual Business Conduct"

Given what the Japanese have been subjected to in the past two and a half years of QQE, it is nearly criminal to suggest they need only more of it. None of it has worked as promised and stated, so what might have changed? Absolutely nothing except the arrangement of qualifiers and excuses that litter the same shared central bank speech delivered over and over of late. Kuroda says “robust”, Yellen proclaims “strong”, and both only confirm they live not of this world’s economy.

Treasury Warns Of "Humanitarian Crisis" In Puerto Rico If Congress Does Not Agree To Bailout

"Puerto Rico is not Greece"... but it increasingly looks like it will be in a few weeks, thanks to US taxpayers who are about to foot the bill for yet another creditor bailout.

Presenting America's New Debt Ceiling: $19,600,000,000,000

The only certain outcome from the melodramatic debt ceiling fight over the next several days, is the following: the US is about to have a brand spanking new debt ceiling, one that should last it until March of 2017: $19,600,000,000,000.

Paul Ryan Seals Republican Support, Declares Bid For House Speaker

One week ago he said he has no interest in the Speaker position, but so much can change in one week. Moments ago Paul Ryan sent out a letter to the GOP announcing he would run for speaker of the house. And since he had previously said said he would only enter the speaker’s race if he could lock up support from three wings of the fractious party, in the space of just 3 days this week, he appears to have done just that.

Back From The Future: A Presidential Address At The End Of The Fourth Turning

"We know now just how wrong everybody was....and to the rest of the world: we are done with you. Yes we wronged you but we were driven by vain men who harmed us as well as you. Even the interventions across the globe were nothing more than a way to loot the treasury. In the guise of democracy and freedom we brought war and death. We are sorry. I am sorry."

Too Big To Kick

T-12 days till US default...

China's Red Capitalism Is The New Black Swan

From the bowels of Australia’s iron ore mines to the top of Dubai’s pointless 100 story office towers, the entire warp and woof of the global economy has been distorted and bloated by the central bank money printing spree of the last two decades, led by the red credit machines of Beijing. Everywhere economies have succumbed to over-building, over-consumption, over-financialization and endless dangerous, unstable speculation. Stated differently, China’s red capitalism is the new black swan. There is nothing rational, stable or sustainable about it.

What Your High School Chemistry Teacher Never Taught You About Gold

The ‘money’ in your account doesn’t even really exist. There’s just enough of a thin layer of confidence in the system (at the moment) that this is a widely accepted practice. It seems rather strange when you think about it. Though for thousands of years, early civilizations had some pretty wild ideas about money. There are examples from history of our ancestors using everything from animals skins, to salt, to giant stones, as their form of ‘money’. Though we suppose these weren’t any more ridiculous than our version of money - pieces of paper that don’t even really exist, controlled by unelected central bankers.

In "Manifest Waste Of Time," Portugal Reappoints PM In Defiance Of Anti-Euro Left Coalition

In what amounts to a slap in the face for a coalition of Leftist lawmakers who are opposed to the austerity programs that some believe are responsible for painful economic adjustments, Portugal has reappointed PM Pedro Passos Coelho. This sets the country up for an intractable political stalemate and will serve to embed an enormous amount of uncertainty in markets going forward.

The Cost of Physical Gold vs. Futures

by Keith Weiner, Sprott Money:
Suppose you plan to buy gold, hold it 10 years, and sell it at the end. Is it more cost-effective to buy physical metal, store it, and sell it at the end? Or are you better off buying futures?
It’s easy to calculate the cost of physical metal. If you buy at $4 over spot, that’s about 35 basis points (bps). You will also pay for storage an insurance, say 30 bps per year. In 10 years, you sell it at the spot price. Your total cost is about 3.3%. If you started with enough to dollars to buy 400oz of gold, then at the end you would have dollars equal to about 386.8oz at the then-current price of gold.
Futures contracts are more complicated. When you buy, there is almost no premium (10 or 20 cents). However, there is a commission of around $0.25 an ounce. So initially, you get more gold.
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Negative Interest Rates Are Here

from Dollar Collapse:

Not so long ago, a bank was by definition a business that took deposits from customers, paid them for the use of their money, and lent the cash to other customers at a profit. But that’s not how it works anymore:
Big banks to big American companies: We don’t want your cash
State Street Corp., the Boston bank that manages assets for institutional investors, for the first time has begun charging some customers for large dollar deposits, people familiar with the matter said. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the nation’s largest bank by assets, has cut unwanted deposits by more than $150 billion this year, in part by charging fees.
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Bashar Al Assad in Moscow. “Discussed Joint Operations, Military Strikes against Terrorists”,

by Stephen Lendman, Global Research:

In a Wednesday Sputnik News interview, I said Putin and Assad can discuss anything any time by phone or other ways of communicating – daily if necessary.
Assad’s invitation to Moscow, making Western media headlines, shows solidarity between both leaders – committed to eliminate terrorism, defeat US regional imperial policy, as well as Putin’s respect for Syrian sovereignty and the right of its people alone to decide who’ll lead them, not America or any other foreign power.
Assad and Putin partnered against the scourge of US sponsored and imported terrorism in Syria. It’s virulent in Iraq. Washington wants it spread to Russia, Central Asia, China and elsewhere, part of its dirty scheme to advance its imperium.
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Killing Off Community Banks — Intended Consequence of Dodd-Frank?

from Ellen Brown:

The Dodd-Frank regulations are so lethal to community banks that some say the intent was to force them to sell out to the megabanks. Community banks are rapidly disappearing — except in North Dakota, where they are thriving. 
At over 2,300 pages, the Dodd Frank Act is the longest and most complicated bill ever passed by the US legislature. It was supposed to end “too big to fail” and “bailouts,” and to “promote financial stability.” But Dodd-Frank’s “orderly liquidation authority” has replaced bailouts with bail-ins, meaning that in the event of insolvency, big banks are to recapitalize themselves with the savings of their creditors and depositors. The banks deemed too big are more than 30% bigger than before the Act was passed in 2010, and 80% bigger than before the banking crisis of 2008. The six largest US financial institutions now have assets of some $10 trillion, amounting to almost 60% of GDP; and they control nearly 50% of all bank deposits.
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Two Conscientious Objectors from the Air Force Tell Their Story

from TomWoodsTV:

Jack Lew’s Debt Ceiling Limit Kabuki Theatre

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Spend and they will borrow or print money to fund it.  The debt ceiling limit currently is $18.1 trillion.  This number is 101% of the Government over-estimated GDP.  If you add in the $7 trillion of taxpayer guaranteed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage debt, the true directly funded level of Government debt is about $25 trillion, or 138% of the overestimated GDP.
The Treasury hit the debt ceiling limit earlier this spring.  Since then Jack Lew has been borrowing cash from various “pools” of dedicated Government spending accounts, like Social Security and the Federal Employee Pension Plan (but not the Congressional Pension Plan, of course).  Lew was on CNBC a couple days explaining that his “smoke and mirror” tactics are now exhausted and if the debt ceiling is not raised, the Government will default on obligations.
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Andrew Hoffman – The Battle for Gold and Silver and Earnings Horrors

from Financial Survival Network:

What Isn’t Imploding Now Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:
The battle for gold and silver’s 200 DMA’s at 1176 an 15.97 – wrote of it the past three days, culminating in today’s “PM manipulation primer”
– Collapsing economic data
– China, Japan, U.S.
– Debt ceiling 11/03 “terrible accident”
– Collapsing commodities anew
– “Unspeakable horrors”
– Worst earnings season since 2009
– Earnings down year over year
– WMT, IBM, NFLX, TSLA, etc.
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Dylan Ratigan Rant

from Bill Still:

Thoughts on the American Empire and Its Decline

by Patrick J. Buchanan, Lew Rockwell:
TThe American Empire is deteriorating. It’s been going downhill for decades. The descent is likely to continue, alleviated irregularly by policies that retard the decline or even reverse it for a time.
The general pattern set by declines of previous empires is occurring in this country. There have been at least 215 empires in the last 5,000 years. They have all declined and fallen, as will the American Empire.
The IDEA that there is an American Empire is not widely recognized by the general public. It’s not taught in the public school’s history books. Scholars still debate it. American leaders spread other myths like exceptionalism that obscure the concept and prevent the public from realizing it.
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Hillary Says Australia-Style Nationwide Compulsory Gun Buyback Program “Worth Considering”

from The Daily Sheeple:

Hillary Clinton, the self-proclaimed “progressive moderate,” (?) has been going out of her way to stump for gun control on the campaign trail lately.
On top of announcing her own gun control plan which includes the executive orders she’d sign if she becomes president, Hill’s latest comments regard implementing Australia-style compulsory gun control here in the U.S.
Via The Hill:
“I don’t know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work, but certainly the Australia example is worth looking at,” Clinton told a New Hampshire town hall on Friday…
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from NextNewsNetwork:


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