Friday, October 16, 2015

US Rejects Hospital Bombing Investigation, Instead Smashes into Hospital in Tank, Destroying Evidence

from Washington’s Blog:

After changing its story many times, the US now admits that it intentionally threw bombs, for more than an hour, at the now famous Doctors Without Borders hospital, proving accurate the assessment of DWB staffer Meinie Nicolai, who said the US attack was “a premeditated massacre.”
Since initial US claims that the protected DWB hospital was a “Taliban stronghold” and so forth have been debunked as stupid, the US now claims it targeted the hospital because one man, a “Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence spy”, was inside.
However, Glenn Greenwald points out that the US puppet government in Afghanistan has had it out for DWB for some time because they treat patients indiscriminately, whereas US allies like Israel, for example, discriminate between patients, treating Al Qaeda fighters while targeting members of the UN-recognized Syrian government: “Israel has opened its borders with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to Nusra Front and al-Qaida fighters wounded in the ongoing civil war, according to The Wall Street Journal.”
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They're Baaaaack....

"Own For $0 Money Down!", as seen on the SE corner of S Fort Apache and W Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas, Nevada this morning...

Is Obama Mentally Ill? Experts Weigh In

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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The Mentally Ill Leading the Mentally Ill...

Did Obama Telegraph A "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card For Hillary On National Television?

"Injecting politics into what is supposed to be a fact-finding inquiry leaves a foul taste in the F.B.I.’s mouth and makes them fear that no matter what they find, the Justice Department will take the president’s signal and not bring a case."

A Quick (And Crucial) History Lesson For Stock Pickers

from The Victory Report:

US Oil Rig Count Tumbles 7th Straight Week, Lowest Since July 2010

The US Oil rig count is now down over 63% from its highs in October 2014. Last week's 10 rig decline is the 7th straight weekly drop, pushing the count below 600 for the first time since July 2010. Crude prices are modestly higher on the news...

Gold ETF Holdings Surge Most In 9 Months

Amid the best 4-day gains in gold prices since January, Gold ETFs have seen a surge in holdings in the last 2 days. The 412,000 try ounce increase in physical holdings at GLD is the largest in 9 months and lifts the total to 3 month highs at 22.5 million troy ounces (or 700 metric tons).

Obama Withdraws Aircraft Carrier Support From Middle East Just As Russia Unveils Its Syrian Airbase

The US aircraft carrier, CVN-71, USS Theodore Roosevelt is currently on its way out of the Persian Gulf, leaving just the LHD-2 Essex Amphibious Warfare ship group to defend the Persian Gulf and more importantly, leaving the hotly contested middle east without U.S. carrier-based air support for the first time in years.

End The Fed

There are two parties to robbery – the taker and the takee. We have seen what happened to the victims. They are too busy picking through trash bins to go to the Walmart website. But what about the takers? They are busy too – lobbying… eating foie gras and caviar… and offering to save the world with increasingly radical monetary policies. It is time to undo the Fed’s control of the financial system. Let takees get the interest they are entitled to. And let the takers get what they’ve got coming to them.

Goldman Sachs Fires Analysts For Cheating On "Compliance" Tests

Just because no one has ever manipulated, fixed, or otherwise rigged any markets yet, doesn’t mean they won’t try, which why it’s nice to know that honest firms like Goldman are on the job when it comes to watching for any kind of nefarious shenanigans.

Twitter Jumps After Steve Ballmer Confirms He Bought 4% Stake

When @Steven_Ballmer tweeted last night about acquiring a 4% stake in TWTR, many thought he was either hacked or the account was bogus. It appears, given Bloomberg headlines that this has been confirmed. A 4% stake makes him a bigger holder than Jack Dorsey who owns 3.2%.

Yellen's "Favorite" Labor Indicator Tumbles: Job Openings Drop Most Since 2009

Bottom line: despite being two months backward looking, today's JOLTS report provide the latest batch of weak news coming from the US labor market, which likely explains the ongoing levitation in stocks which have officially given up on the "rate hike is good for stocks" narrative, and fallen back to what has worked for the past 7 years, namely terrible economic news being great news for risk assets.

Did Obama Just Set Off A Global Nuclear Arms Race By Signing The Iran Deal?

"He told me, 'Your worst enemy has achieved this right to enrich. It's a right to enrich now that your friends are going to want, too, and we won't be the only country,'"...

VIX Fat-Finger-Frenzy Sums Up The New Normal Markets

It's Option Expiration.. and that can mean only one thing - ridiculous and disjoined entirely illiquid jerky moves in equity markets (and their respective derivatives)...

With Traders "Completely Lost", Here Are The Consensus And Contrarian Trades

Credit Suisse has released a reported titled "Client perspectives: lost and bearish" in which it lists the 12 bricks of the global wall of worry and adds that "this is the first time that we have come across so many people who say they are completely 'lost' in the current environment." So, to help out those who just have to be in this market yet share the same total confusion, here is BofA listing what the two key trading camps in the market: "the consensus" and "the contrarians" are doing.

Rate-Hike Looms As The Fed's Much-Watched Consumer Confidence Bounces

Thanks, we presume, to a resurgent stock market (because almost every macro and micro fundamental data item has been a disaster), UMich Consumer Sentiment rose from 89.0 to 92.1, bouncing after 3 straight months lower. Both current situation and futures expectations rose (the former to near cycle highs). Good news right? Be careful what you wish for however, as The Fed's Bill Dudley previously noted this consumer confidence data is a must-watch for The Fed in its rate-hike decision-making.

NATO Member Turkey Shoots Down Drone Of Unknown Origin On Border With Syria

Options Market "Crash" Indicator Hits Peak Panic, Surpasses Record Highs

Since we first exposed (and explained) the Black-sh Swan-link nature of the options market's Skew Index, the mainstream media has lept to various conclusions (from ignore it, like everything else, to 'wow'). However, what is crucial to comprehend is that the soaring Skew is occurring at the same time as a collapsing VIX. However, what we have seen over the last two days is somewhat unprecedented - VIX has continued to collapse into option expiration (and we know the pattern that occurs after opex) as SKEW has soared to new all-time record highs.

Blackmail? Germany Considers Bailout "Concessions" If Greece Keeps More Refugees

The European Commission will release €2 billion to Greece in the coming days to help the country manage the current migration crisis, a top Commission source told MNI Friday, but as German daily Wirtschaftswoche reports, the German Government is considering 'helping' Greece more financially – but only if Athens is more involved in the refugee crisis.

QE "Barbell" Returns: Biggest Junk Bonds Inflow In 8 Months; Most Gold Buying In 7 Weeks

The cross asset whiplash events, coming at a furious pace unseen since 2009, continue, and while the late September surge driven by a historic short squeeze served to massively boost equities, other risk assets were also impacted. Case in point: junk bonds, which after becoming one of the most unloved asset classes in 2015 due to their exposure to energy assets, took advantage of the latest vicious squeeze in crude, and notched their biggest inflow in 8 months, even as gold just saw its biggest "QE-on" buying in the past 7 weeks.

Nasdaq 100 Facing Key Challenge For Stock Rally

The ability of the Nasdaq 100 to overcome nearby resistance would be one of the first price-based signs that the current stock rally may be more than just a mean-reversion bounce.

Russia, Iran Begin "Promised" Assault On Syria's Largest City In Final Bid To Restore Assad

Iranian forces backed by Russian air power have officially begun the assault on Syria's largest city. A victory at Aleppo would effectively restore the Assad government just weeks after Moscow began bombing runs from Latakia. As Reuters notes, "the assault means the army is now pressing insurgents on several fronts near Syria's main cities in the west, control of which would secure President Bashar al-Assad's hold on power even if the east of the country is still held by Islamic State."

How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?

It’s getting harder by the day to tell young people that we live in a nation that values freedom and which is governed by the rule of law without feeling like a teller of tall tales. Unless something changes and soon for the young people growing up, there will be nothing left of freedom as we have known it but a fairy tale without a happy ending.

The Problem Isn't Student Loans - It's Higher Education

Forgiving skyrocketing student debt won't solve the real problem which is the soaring costs imposed by a cartel that is failing to prepare students for the economy of tomorrow.

The Worst Economy of Our Lifetimes… Andy Hoffman Interview

from VisionVictory:

Bear Market Plague Ignites Massive Global Recession

from Outsider Club:

A corrupt house of cards can’t stand forever…
A system built on cheap lies and piles of worthless paper “assets” under the control of just a few fiercely egotistical oligarchs can only function for so long.
The time is nigh. Year’s end will mark a climatic moment in this ongoing war for your wealth.
Bear Markets Galore!
The bear market plague has already spread far and wide: a deadly epidemic with no cure in sight. Even the strongest among us harbor little to no immunity… economies across the board are in danger.
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There are no markets anymore, just interventions — in 20,000 words

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
Perth Mint research director Bron Suchecki today calls attention to an erudite but exceedingly long analysis of modern markets by Christopher R. Cole of Artemis Capital Management in Austin, Texas, whose central point seems to be that for years now central banks have undertaken pre-emptive market manipulation, purchasing a substantial portion of their own nations’ bond and equity markets and effectively placing a put under them.
Cole writes: “As markets now fully price the expectation of central bank control, we are now only one voltage switch away from the razor’s edge of risk” — the “voltage switch” being a reference to the mechanism that barely prevented the explosion of a nuclear bomb in the crash of a B-52 bomber in North Carolina in 1961.
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Obama Abandons Scheme To Train Nonexistent Syrian Moderates

from Ready Nutrition:

The Defense Department publication Stars and Stripes (S&P) headlined “Pentagon plans new approach to train Syrian rebels.” More on this below.
Fact: None exist. Anti-Assad forces are virtually all imported death squads from scores of other countries – US armed, funded, trained and directed, including ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Jabhat Al Nursa elements among others, used as proxy foot soldiers to terrorize Syrians, part of Washington’s scheme to replace Assad with a pro-Western puppet.
S&P lied claiming the Pentagon plans “a new approach to equip Syrian rebels…relying more on…Kurdish forces in” northern Syria.
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Exclusive: Inside Syrian city cleared of jihadists by Assad troops

from RT:

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Hillary Clinton: The Killing Of Ghaddafi And The Destruction Of Libya

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

While Clinton’s demented reaction to Ghaddafi’s death was revealing, her actual contribution to it was not only immoral and illegal, it was treasonous.
Remember, it was Hillary Clinton, along with her State Department staff such as Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland who were out in front building up the case for war against Libya, a “UN Resolution,” and support for the terrorists attempting to overthrow the Libyan leader.
In fact, in an article entitled “Hillary’s War: How Conviction Replaced Skepticism In Libya Intervention,” the Washington Post’s Joby Warrick describes how Clinton provided yeomen’s service in the effort to build an “international coalition” against Libya and Ghaddafi and how she worked overtime to see to it that the nation with the highest living standards in Africa was reduced to a burning desert of rubble and savagery.[1]
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