Monday, October 5, 2015

Caught On Tape: Furious French Workers Attack Air France Executives, Rip Their Clothes Off


World Financial System Now At Maximum Risk Of Collapse As It Faces Catastrophic Debt Trap

from KingWorldNews:
Today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events warned King World News that the world financial system is now at maximum risk of collapse as it faces a catastrophic debt trap. He also discussed the staggering amount of gold buying from China, Russia, India and Turkey.
“Ever wonder why fund managers can’t beat the S&P 500? Because they’re sheep, and sheep get slaughtered.” — Gordon Gekko (Wall Street)
Egon von Greyerz: “Eric, the situation in the world could not be more precarious. Governments of every major economy are desperately considering how to save themselves from a disastrous debt implosion leading to massive sovereign defaults.
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It Doesn't Matter (Until It Does)

Stairways.. and Elevators...


Bill Holter, JS Mineset:
My commentary this week will be spotty as I am travelling. As my available time to write is limited, below is a comment from reader “J.H.” in regards to the theory of a “truth bomb” being released by Mr. Putin. My comments will follow:
Bill, just a thought. On several occasions you have indicated that at some point Russia (Putin) would be dropping a Truth Bomb aimed at the US. In light of the recent Russian actions in Syria I would submit that he has just done such.
Let’s look back to last week when Putin addressed the United Nations. He spent some time talking about the Syrian conflict, the Mideast instability and the fallout now enveloping Europe. He put much of the blame on the Western powers and particularly singled out America and implied it’s lack of leadership, motives, nor decisive actions as a root cause. At one point in the speech Putin asked “Do you realize now what you’ve done?” In doing this he asked America directly and Barack Obama specifically, for all the world to hear?
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Russia Escalates Syria Proxy War: Threatens Full Naval Blockade Of Syria

"Regarding the large-scale use of the Black Sea Fleet in this operation, I don't think it will happen, but in terms of a coastal blockade, I think that [is] quite [possible]. The delivery of artillery strikes hasn't been excluded; the ships are ready for this."

What Will Happen To Oil Prices When China Fills Its SPR?

Given that the oil market itself has around 2 million barrels per day of excess supply, Chinese SPR demand is providing a cushion, but not a huge one. Prices may drop when these imports are completed; however, it will not be catastrophic to the market. Considerations of the SPR in China seem overblown when compared to decreases in overall Chinese, Asian, and global demand, which should be the focal points of any investor’s analysis, and not just China’s SPR.

The Bond Market Isn't Buying The Euphoria In These Ten Stocks

Lashed To The Zero Bound - The Fed's Ship Of Fools

If you don’t think financial markets have been utterly destroyed by central bank intrusion then how can you explain Friday’s 460 Dow point reversal higher after the post-NFP low? It was pure machine rage triggered by another implied “lower for longer” Fed policy signal. In short, we are now in an exceedingly dangerous phase of the central bank end game. They continue to pour gasoline on the first of financial speculation, yet smugly insist all is clear.

Peak Manipulation: Resorting To Contradictory Headlines To Lift Stocks

When stocks absolutely and completely have to go up, there is only one thing for it: the spurious headline from Nikkei (aka the new owner of the Financial Times). It is 2am in Japan but still, after Thursday's headline that: BOJ IS SAID TO SEE LITTLE IMMEDIATE NEED FOR ADDING STIMULUS... It is now time for the diametrically opposite: BOJ MAY NEED TO EASE AGAIN WITH FED DELAY, NIKKEI SAYS. And sure enough, USDJPY jerks higher and US equities hit the day's highs.

Central Banks Now In "Dangerous Situation": "You've Thrown The Kitchen Sink At It, What's Next?"

"There’s a lack of faith in monetary policy -- you’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it, you’ve cut rates to zero, you’re printing money -- and still inflation is lower. I think this is a dangerous situation if people perceive that it has the responsibility and it doesn’t have the tools."

US Government Accused Of "War Crime" By Doctors Without Borders In Bombing That Killed 22

"Today the US government has admitted that it was their airstrike that hit our hospital in Kunduz and killed 22 patients and MSF staff. Their description of the attack keeps changing—from collateral damage, to a tragic incident, to now attempting to pass responsibility to the Afghanistan government. The reality is the US dropped those bombs. The US hit a huge hospital full of wounded patients and MSF staff. The US military remains responsible for the targets it hits, even though it is part of a coalition. There can be no justification for this horrible attack. With such constant discrepancies in the US and Afghan accounts of what happened, the need for a full transparent independent investigation is ever more critical."

Ron Paul: I Wish Nobody Was Bombing Syria

It may be tempting to cheer Russian military action in Syria, as it seems ISIS is finally suffering some considerable losses. But I cannot cheer the bombs, whether they are Russian bombs or US bombs or French or British bombs. I do not believe a terrorist group created by foreign intervention in the region will be solved by more foreign intervention in the region. Bombs represent a total failure of policy. They destroy a country’s economy and infrastructure.

Treasury Sells 3-Month Bills At 0% Yield For First Time Ever

"Investors" are so desperate to hold on to short-term paper that they paid $100 for a 3-month Treasury-bill at today's auction. That is a 0% yield - for the first time ever - lower even than the auction right after Lehman's bankruptcy in Nov 2008.

Punishing Cash: US ATM Withdrawal Fees Soar To All Time High

With the world's central planners (and their status quo hugging cronies) calling for cash bans (and rather ironically helicopter money at the same time), the soaring costs of getting one's own money appears to be a quiet form of capital control creeping up on the distracted American public. As WSJ reports, the average cost for using an automated teller machine that isn’t tied to a customer’s bank rose to a record $4.52 per transaction (with average “out-of-network” cost tops $5 and can rise to as much as $8 in some places.)

The US Shale Oil Industry Will Simply Vanish

Without government intervention the “invisible hand” of the world oil market will simply bankrupt US shale companies and with it destroys the US shale oil industry.

Dow Surges 650 Points Off "Dismal Jobs Data" Lows, Small Caps Up 5%!

Small Caps are up 5% off post-payrolls lows and The Dow is up over 650 points as the lower-for-longer, please-give-us-QE4 panic-buying ramp continues... and all this with no Bullard (for now).

Valeant Plunges 10% Amid Exposure Of "Astronomical" Price Increases

Just as we warned previously, the bloodshed was only just beginning at Valeant (and others). Having put all its peers to shame in terms of price hikes, VRX shareholders appear anxious that the 'no-brainer' may just become the poster-boy example to be made of by an anxious-to-show-some-action Congress...

On The Ropes: 60% Don’t Trust Media

from RonPaulLibertyReport:

A recent Gallup poll showed that six in ten Americans do not believe the mainstream media is trustworthy, a continuation of a steady decline in confidence over the years. The mainstream is in a panic — they want to control what we think. What are the reasons for the decline? What is the future?

Familiarize Yourself with the Frightening Symptoms of Starvation

from Ready Nutrition:

Everybody knows what happens when you don’t eat for a long enough period of time. We’re also familiar with many of the symptoms that occur along the way, such as mental fatigue, hunger pangs, fat and muscle loss, etc. However, many of us have never experienced true hunger, and we’re not familiar with many of the strange and horrific symptoms that are caused by long-term malnutrition. But if you’re a prepper, you better familiarize yourself with these symptoms right quick.
That’s because the symptoms of starvation are often a gap in the knowledge and experience of the average prepper. We prep specifically so that we’ll never experience hunger, and unfortunately, that means that many of us don’t prepare ourselves for being hungry. We need to remember that no matter how much food we stock up on, or how much food we can grow, or how superb our hunting and foraging skills are, we may still go hungry someday. Horrible things happen to the best of us, and we need to prepare for the worst rather than just preparing to avoid the worst.
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"The Bernank"... Wall St execs should have gone to jail"

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

How disgusting is this? Shameless prostitute, B.S. Bernanke is telling us at the end of 2015 that Wall Street banksters should have been sent to prison in 2008???
Are we really to believe that it took B.S. Bernanke seven years to figure this out? Like the Prostitute before him (Sir Alan Greenspan), we see Bernanke attempting to rewrite his own role in the disgusting crimes which he presided over. In this Revisionist version of history; B.S. Bernanke is a “devoted public official”, interested in law-and-order, rather than the sleazy criminal accomplice of these financial rapists that he actually was/is.
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Watch: This Is Why The Elite Are Moving Into Gold and Silver: “There’s Blood In The Streets”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The 18th century banking magnate Baron Rothschild laid the foundation for contrarian investing when he said, “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.” And if there were ever a time to take advantage of this advice, it may be right now.
For the last few years we’ve seen prices for gold and silver collapse to such an extent that mining companies around the world are cutting hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of jobs from their operations. It’s gotten so bad that many are moving into unrelated businesses just to stay afloat.
The following must-see video from Future Money Trends highlights why major investors are piling into resources as if their lives depended on it and explains a strategic approach that could pay significant dividends as prices for precious metals inevitably rise in coming months.
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A Useful Prep-Sheet on Syria for Media Propagandists

from The Burning Platform:

Here are some State Department talking points on Syria for cable news anchors:
1) Keep mentioning the barrel bombs. Do not mention how their use was pioneered by the Israeli Air Force in 1948, and how they were used by the US Air Force in Vietnam in Operation Inferno in 1968. Keep repeating, “barrel bombs, barrel bombs” and stating with a straight face that the Syrian regime is using them “against its own people.” Against its own people. Against its own people. Against its own people.
2) Keep mentioning “200,000.” (The UN estimates that 220,000 have been killed in the conflict since 2011.) Declare like you really believe it that this is the number of civilians the Syrian government of Bashar Assad has killed during the war. (Do not be concerned about any need to back the figure up. No one is ever going to call you on it publicly.)
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Right Now There Are 102.6 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have A Job

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:
The federal government uses very carefully manipulated numbers to cover up the crushing economic depression that is going on in this nation.  For the month of September, the federal government told us that 142,000 jobs were added to the economy.  If that was actually true, that would barely be enough to keep up with population growth.  Sadly, the truth is that the real numbers were actually far worse than that.  The unadjusted numbers show that the U.S. economy actually lost 248,000 jobs in September and the government added more than a millionAmericans to the “not in the labor force” category.  When I first saw that number I truly believed that it was inaccurate.  But you can find the raw figures right here.  According to the Obama administration, there are currently 7.9 million Americans that are “officially unemployed” and another 94.7 million working age Americans that are “not in the labor force”.  That gives us a grand total of 102.6 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.
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BOMBSHELL The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Is Reached

from FreedomFighter2127:

Killed for their faith: Tennessee lieutenant governor calls on all Christians to carry handguns as it’s revealed Oregon gunman slaughtered those who admitted religion

from Daily Mail:

  • The Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee has called for Christians to arm themselves after it was revealed the gunman who killed nine students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon this week asked his victims to state their religion before shooting them in the head.
    Ron Ramsey encouraged Christians who are ‘serious about their faith’ to obtain a handgun carry permit for protection.
    ‘The recent spike in mass shootings across the nation is truly troubling,’ he wrote on the Facebook post.
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BIS Warns of ‘Major Faultlines’ In Global Debt Bubble

from Gold Core:

In a stark warning, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of central banks, has said in its quarterly report that the turmoil that has shaken global stock markets in recent weeks showed how developed and emerging markets were exposed to the unwinding of financial vulnerabilities built up since the 2008 crisis.
The sell-offs rocking equity markets reflect the “release of pressure” accumulated along “major fault lines”, the BIS said, as it warned that investors should not expect central banks to be able to ride to the rescue and solve such deep-rooted problems.
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What Will You Tell Your Children When They Ask “Daddy, Why Did America Fall?”

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

“Daddy, when did America fall? When did we become a Third World Country?”
Someday, many of the young adults will be asked this question by your children who will be unable to find the answer in the Common Core textbooks of the future. What will you say? What will you tell your children about the time America officially became a third world country? You might want to consider the banker-bailout date of 2008 when describing the collapse of America to your future children. America has indeed collapsed and we are living through the “settling of the dust”and are entering the post-collapse period of our history.
In 1945, at the close of World War II, America produced 50% of the world’s goods despite only having five percent of the population. In less than 65 years, the bottom fell out of the United States of America. It is tragic, beyond words, what has happened to our country. The following recounts some of the reasons for our decline.
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National Guard Deployed and Curfews Ordered as South Carolina Is Hit by ‘1000-Year Rain’

from The Daily Sheeple:

South Carolina state officials have sent out a statewide alert calling for people not to leave their homes as the state is being hit by what Governor Haley has referred to as a “1,000-year level of rain”.
“Regardless of where you are in the state, stay home. Stay off the roadways,” Haley urged S.C. residents.
A state of emergency has been issued and flash flood warnings are everywhere across the state. Six hundred National Guard troops have been deployed and hundreds more are currently on standby as curfews have been ordered.
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With Call For ‘Political Revolution,’ Bernie Sanders Goes Big In Boston

by Nadia Prupis, The News Doctors:

Sen. Bernie Sanders drew overflowing crowds to his Boston, Massachusetts presidential campaign rally Saturday night as he called for political revolution, racial justice, and gun law reform, among other progressive issues.
Tens of thousands of supporters turned out at the Boston Convention Center to see Sanders speak—skyrocketing numbers that are now typical for the senator from Vermont whose run at the White House for 2016 once seemed like a long shot.
According to campaign staffers, an additional 4,000 people joined an overflow room at the convention center after the main venue filled to its 25,000-person capacity, while others braved the cold to watch his speech outside on a Jumbotron. One attendee tweeted that at least 32,000 people had shown up to #FeelTheBern:
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