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The U.S. is Headed for Currency Collapse — Peter Schiff

from Greg Hunter:

Marc Faber: China Has Credit Bubble of Epic Proportions

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[Thanks to Your CRIMINAL Senate…] CISA Passes

from EFF:
CISA passed the Senate today in a 74-21 vote. The bill is fundamentally flawed due to its broad immunity clauses, vague definitions, and aggressive spying authorities. The bill now moves to a conference committee despite its inability to address problems that caused recent highly publicized computer data breaches, like unencrypted filespoor computer architectureun-updated servers, and employees (or contractors) clicking malware links.
The conference committee between the House of Representatives and the Senate will determine the bill’s final language. But no amount of changes in conference could fix the fact that CISA doesn’t address the real cybersecurity problems that caused computer data breaches like Target and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).
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US is Losing Control in the Middle East as More Countries Turn Towards Russia

from X22Report:

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Clinton Crime Family: Hillary Will Want To Bury & Suppress This Interview

Hillary Clinton Will Stop At Nothing To Bury & Suppress This Interview
from Pete Santilli Show:

This is an highlighted excerpt of a bombshell interview with Robert Morrow – co-author of “The Clinton’s War On Women” Listen as Robert Morrow exposes truth after truth about the rape and sexual assaults of 30 documented women, and how Hillary Clinton enabled her man to maintain political office while committing these heinous acts all the way to and in the White House.

See the new smoke stacks in the distance...

Hundreds Of Refugees In Germany "Mysteriously Disappear"; Local Authorities Clueless Where They Are

In the latest, and perhaps most unexpected, twist in Europe's refugee crisis, at least seven hundred of the roughly 4,000 asylum-seekers who had initially been accomodated by the German state of Lower Saxony have "mysteriously disappeared" according to a survey in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ).

Crude, Stocks, & Bond Yields "Suddenly" Spike

Did someone leak the Fed statement (again)?

Gold & Silver Are Spiking As 2015 Rate-Hike Odds Plunge

Ferrari's China Sales Tumble

Earlier today, Ferrari reported a great quarter. There was just one problem: Ferrari announced that while sales across the rest of the world were solid, rising by 114 and 159 units in Europe and America, to 815 and 682 units respectively, unexpectedly sales in China tumbled by 24% in the third quarter, or down 50 units Y/Y to 157

Icahn Reveals Latest "No Brainer" Idea: Urges AIG To Split, Sees 66% Share Upside To $100

It has been a while since Icahn, who is still looking for a $200+ print on AAPL stock courtesy of corporate buybacks, issued a "no brainer" investment alert. He did that moments ago, when he revealed a "large position" in AIG, whom he is now urging to follow John Paulson's advise in order to hit a $100/share price, by doing two things: "Pursue tax free separations of both its life and mortgage insurance subsidiaries to create three independent public companies" and to "embark on a much needed cost control program to close the gap with peers."

Record Swarm Of California Earthquakes Continues A Series Of Unusual Events That Began In Late September

First it was wildfires, then it was unprecedented flooding, and now it is earthquakes.  In the past two weeks alone, more than 400 earthquakes have shaken San Ramon – a small city that sits approximately 45 miles east of San Francisco.  Never before have so many earthquakes been recorded in that area in such a short span of time.

EUR Jumps After ECB Talks Back December Q€, But Market Already "All In"

With EURUSD having crashed to a 1.09 handle, some would say Draghi's work is done (in terms of crushing US corporate revenues) but there is a bigger problem for the ECB head. The market has already entirely priced-in a cut in the ECB Deposit Rate (in fact is already pricing in even more - at -35bps, from -20bps) which may be an issue as two ECB governors have come out today, jawboning investors not to expect more easing soon. This has sparked a reversal in EURUSD and risk assets are rolling over...

As FOMC Looms, Silver & Gold Back Above Key Technical Level

With a 4.5% chance of rate hike priced into the markets at today's FOMC meeting, it is unlikely that anything exciting will happen today. However, with China outflows, BoJ easing expectations, and Draghi still promising moar, it appears precious metals are once again bid. Both Gold & Silver have broken back above their 200-day moving-averages this morning...

Frontrunning: October 28

  • Global shares rise as Riksbank helps ease Fed wait (Reuters)
  • Asian Stocks Retreat Before Fed as Material Shares Lead Losses (BBG)
  • For Fed, a Rates Puzzle Looms (WSJ)
  • What the Superforecasters Say About When the Fed Will Lift Rates (BBG)
  • U.S. Looks at Proposals to Step Up Fight Against Islamic State (WSJ)
  • China Steel Head Says Demand Slumping at Unprecedented Speed (BBG)
  • VW slumps to first quarterly loss in at least 15 years (Reuters)

Sweden Launches MOAR QE, As Krugman Paradise Quadruples Down After Dovish Draghi

Fearing the size of Mario Draghi's bazooka (so to speak), Sweden's Riksbank has just expanded QE by SEK65 billion, marking the fourth expansion in nine months and serving notice that the beggar-thy-neighbor, monetary madness gripping DM central banks isn't likely to dissipate anytime soon.

Markets On Hold Awaiting The Fed's Non-Announcement As Central Banks Ramp Up Currency Wars

We would say today's main event is the culmination of the Fed's two-day meeting and the announcement slated for 2 pm this afternoon, however with the 90 economists polled by Bloomberg all expecting no rate hike, today's Fed decision also happens to be the least anticipated in years (which may be just the time for the Fed to prove it is not driven by market considerations and shock everybody, alas that will not happen). And considering how bad the economic data has gone in recent months, not to mention the recent easing, hints of easing, and outright return to currency war by other banks, the Fed is once again trapped and may not be able to hike in December or perhaps ever, now that the USD is again surging not due to its actions but due to what other central banks are doing.

Texas Teacher Forced 7th Graders To Deny That God Is Real Or Get Failing Grade

[Ed. Note: Common core, liberal atheism and public schooling. Welcome to Mao’s China.]
from Western Journalism:

A Katy, Texas middle school student, Jordan Wooley, testified at a school board meeting about an assignment that questioned the existence of God.

How Grocery Inflation Is Being Covered Up

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Lets hear your examples of what you have seen in the grocery stores – the things that they are doing to effectively increase the cost of your foods and supplies while doing their best to disguise it…
Here are a few examples: I first saw this on zerohedge which was sourced from (under the umbrella of ‘Consumer Reports’), and it is a perfect example of one technique being used today:
As part of a redesign of its proprietary line of flavoring syrups (SodaStream), the bottles are now smaller.
How much smaller? The old version made 50 servings of flavored drink, and the new versions make only 29. Why 29? Why not 30? Such are the mysteries of the Grocery Shrink Ray.
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The Circle of Gold

by Gary Christenson, Gold Silver Worlds:
A – 1913: Gold was money in the United States. Double eagles ($20.00), Eagles ($10.00), and Half-Eagles ($5.00) circulated freely. Silver dollars and smaller coins were common and used for commerce. And then the bankers created “The Federal Reserve.”
B – 1933: President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 and forbid US citizens from owning gold. They received paper money in exchange. One $20.00 Double Eagle (0.9675 ounces gold) was exchanged for a $20.00 paper certificate. Gold was therefore valued at $20.67 per ounce. Soon thereafter President Roosevelt devalued the dollar so that gold was valued at $35.00 per ounce. And gold was illegal for US citizens to own.
C – 1971: President Nixon was faced with a tidal wave of dollars returning from the rest of the world (excessive spending and debt) that the US was obligated to exchange for gold. Official US gold reserves had already been reduced from over 20,000 tons to about 8,000 tons. President Nixon thereafter refused to honor the Bretton Wood Agreement and allowed the dollar to sink in value compared to gold. He blamed speculators instead of Government deficit spending and Federal Reserve policies and assured everyone it was only “temporary.” And then came massive consumer price inflation, devalued dollars, and uncontrolled debt increases.
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China’s Artificial Islands in Before-and-After Photos

by Karen Friar, Market Watch:

The U.S. has sent a warship into waters close to artificial islands claimed by China, turning up the temperature in a long-simmering dispute over Beijing’s ambitions in the South China Sea.
Since at least 2013, China has been carrying out a project to build artificial islands and military bases in those waters, on a huge scale and a fast pace. By June, China had constructed or reclaimed 2,900 acres of land, The Wall Street Journal reported; three months earlier, the figure stood at 2,000 acres.
The areas of development are hundreds of miles off China’s coast, in what the U.S. considers international waters. But Beijing has laid claim to almost all of the South China Sea, despite opposition from countries like the Philippines. International observers have been tracking Beijing’s empire-building in those waters. For a look at the scope of China’s land reclamation, and a sense of its ambitions, check out these images.
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Revealed: Fed Rescuing Global Financial System — Proof in This Chart

from TheMoneyGPS:

Yes, A New Crisis is Coming – And Here’s Why

by Dembik Christopher, Trading Floor:
The oracles predicting an impending new global crisis are countless. Over the last two decades, economic cycles have been shortened due to deregulation, the financialisation of the economy, trade globalisation, and the acceleration of innovation cycles. During the last 25 years, the US economy has experienced three recessions: in 1991, 2001 and 2009. The outbreak of a new crisis in the coming years is inevitable. To forecast it amounts to acknowledging that capitalism now moves in cycles shorter than 10 years. There is no glory in that.
Here are four macroeconomic scenarios for 2016:
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Chaffetz Introduces Resolution to Impeach IRS Commissioner

by Melanie Hunter CNSnews:
House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and 18 other members of the House of Representatives introduced a resolution on Tuesday to introduce impeachment proceedings against Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen.
According to Chaffetz, “Koskinen violated the public trust” and “failed to comply with a congressionally issued subpoena.” Also, “documents were destroyed on his watch, and the public was consistently misled.”
“Impeachment is the appropriate tool to restore public confidence in the IRS and to protect the institutional interests of Congress,” Chaffetz said in introducing the resolution. “This action will demonstrate to the American people that the IRS is under repair, and signal that Executive Branch officials who violate the public trust will be held accountable.”
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More WWIII Posturing: Now the Pentagon Is Openly Picking a Fight with China

from Truth Stream Media:

Top 10 Jobs Most Likely to be Replaced by Robots

by Heather Callaghan, Activist Post:
When there is talk of jobs replaced by robots, many people picture actual, old movie robots like in Lost in Space trying to handle things with hook arms. The world of automation, however, is far beyond that point now.
Jobs being replaced by robots means people being replaced by robots. And robots mean any form of automation that doesn’t require human assistance. This could be machinery, nanotech bots and other self-assembling or self-replicators, drones, software or just voice-activated recordings.
In an ideal world, this would be a great help to humanity, but the sudden introduction of automation in an already broken world economy leads humanity down the road of a cashless, one-world order.
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The Pre-Public Cure to Spoofing Madness

from The Daily Bell:
Spoofing trial to shine light on secret world of high-frequency trading … In less time than it takes you to read this sentence, Michael Coscia could make more money than most Americans earn in an 8-hour day. If you blinked, you miss it. But if you slowed down time … you’d see the unmistakable evidence of a sophisticated criminal at work, the feds say. That’s because Coscia, 53, was allegedly a “spoofer,” a high-frequency trader who used computer algorithms to rip off rivals in markets where business is conducted at the speed of light. His scam using huge spoof orders for commodities futures contracts to goose prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange netted him $1.6 million in just three months, according to a federal indictment, helping fund an anonymous but comfortable lifestyle that included a waterfront New Jersey mansion. Coscia, of Rumson, N.J., is due to find himself thrust into the public eye Monday when he becomes the first criminal defendant tried under anti-spoofing legislation included in the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act. – Chicago Tribune
Dominant Social Theme: Let’s remove these criminals from the greatest markets in the world.
Free-Market Analysis: Here we go again. The sanctity of US markets is at risk. The free market has to be protected at any cost from the barbarians that seek to cause market failure.
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First Senate Agricultural Committee Meeting in 10 Years Cheers GMOs, Ignores Dangers

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

The U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry held a biotechnology hearing for the first time in 10 years last week to discuss the future of food technology as the industry responds to increased demand, production challenges, and consumers’ calls for a safe and transparent food supply. But the meeting came up short on transparency and carried on more like a Monsanto share-holders meeting than an unbiased inquiry into the pros and cons of biotechnology where it concerns the food supply.
Senator after senator praised biotechnology and genetically modified foods, claiming they had ‘come a long way’ in ten years. Pamela Bailey, president and CEO of the Grocery Manufacturers Association said:
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Does This ‘Elite’ Magazine Cover Predict A Major Global Event For November?

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:
Last week highly acclaimed cyclical analyst Bo Polny warned of an imminent failure in stocks that could lead to a complete meltdown in world markets in November. As Michael Snyder recently noted, Polny has accurately predicted market movements over the last three months, suggesting that his current cycle theory may be worth considering:
In recent months he has correctly predicted that U.S. stocks would begin to drop in July, that there would be a huge plunge in August and that that the month of September would be rather uneventful.  Now he is saying that he expects “November to be a complete meltdown on the U.S. and world markets”.  Just because he has been right in the past does not guarantee that he will be correct this time around, but lots of people (like me) are starting to pay attention.
Though the Fall of 2015 was forecast to be rocky for the global economy and financial markets, we have yet to see the full-on collapse that many expected. This has, in many cases, left the impression that the U.S. economy remains on solid footing. But those who follow economic news and recent financial reports from some of the world’s leading companies know different.
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Population Control has Begun – TPP Agreement Makes Generic Drugs Too Expensive for the Sick and Already Dying

by S. D. Wells, Natural News:
How did Hitler kill so many Jews in WWII and keep it quiet for so long? Answer: Experimental drugs, toxic vaccines, fluoridated water, experimental brain surgery, two bullets to the head, and of course, Zyklon B – the main chemical ingredient of the pesticide used for the gas chambers, which just so happens to be the same ingredient combination (add 2-4D and Glyphosate) infused in and sprayed onto US crops like corn, soy, canola and cottonseed. They call it GMO.
The most effective and efficient technique developed for killing the Jews at Auschwitz depended on the same pesticide that was used to kill the lice in prisoners’ clothing. Thanks to I.G. Farben, the disinfectant, sold under the trade name of Zyklon B, was in plentiful supply. Hitler and his Nazis (National Socialist Party) killed about three million Jews with pesticide. How many innocent people has “Agent Orange” genetically modified and pesticide-laden food killed? Since cancer in the U.S. kills about 750 thousand people per year, you might start referring to chemical agriculture (biotechnology) as the modern day Nazi party. Now let’s get to the topic of the “TPP” Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, or better names for it would be the “Depopulation” and “Genetically Modified Only” deal.
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Austrian Women Buying Up Guns As Migrant Rapists Invade Country

by Kit Daniels, Infowars:
Private gun sales are exploding in Austria as women prepare to defend themselves against migrant rapists.
“All long guns are currently completely sold out,” a Czech TV station reported. “Those arming themselves are primarily women.”
“The huge demand has its roots in fears generated by social changes.”
The news outlet also said “more potential customers are entering the market than ever before” and that prior to the current migrant crisis, most gun purchasers were “sport shooters or rangers.”
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Americans Renouncing US Citizenship Soars to Yet ANOTHER Record High…

from Sovereign Man:
1,426. That’s the number of Americans who renounced their US citizenship last quarter according to the US government’s report just released this morning.
That’s a record high for a single quarter, easily beating the last record high set earlier this year, which beat the previous record high set in 2013. This is clearly a trend on the rise, and it certainly raises the question: why?
What is it about the United States that drives so many citizens to leave?
Two main reasons:
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‘Trident Juncture': NATO Holds Military Exercises across Northern Spain

from RT:

The Military Industrial Complex Unicorn – Former NSA Chief Raises $32.5 Million for Startup Company

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Former head of the NSA, Keith Alexander, has been a busy guy since he left government. Having avoided any accountability whatsoever despite systematically using the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper, Mr. Alexander is doing what every government official does upon leaving office. He’s trying to grab as much money as possible.
Liberty Blitzkrieg readers will recall the 2014 post, Ex-NSA Chief Keith Alexander is Now Pimping Advice to Wall Street Banks for $1 Million a Month, in which I introduced his firm, IronNet Cybersecurity Inc. Fast forward a year, and Silicon Valley is chomping at the bit to embrace a company headed by a man who by all accounts should be in prison.
From the Wall Street Journal:
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The Modern-Day Implementation of the Brezhnev Doctrine – UKIP Leader Nigel Farage

from europarl:


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