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Putin Vs. Obama: Shall We Compare The Two Leaders Or Will That Be Too Embarrassing For America?

by Michael Snyder, End of the American Dream:

Have you noticed that the United States and Russia are heading in two very different directions?  United behind a very strong leader with an 89.9 percent approval rating, Russia is stunning the world with the efficiency with which it is striking ISIS in Syria.  Of course Vladimir Putin is far from perfect, and there are real questions about what Russia’s true motives in Syria and elsewhere are, but this is a leader and a country that have shown that they can get things done.  In the U.S., on the other hand, we are being led by a weak, ineffective con man in the White House that has just a 45.3 percent approval rating.  Under Obama, the federal government seems to be inept at just about everything, and this is especially true when it comes to foreign policy.
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Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan

We Now Have An ETA When The Biggest Bond Bubble In The World Will Burst

"On the current trajectory, we doubt the market can stay stable beyond a few quarters, especially if some SOE and/or LGFV bonds indeed default."
- Bank of America

Has The Market Trend Shifted From Bull To Bear?

Equity markets have not priced a meaningful slowdown in global corporate earnings. They are still pricing in central banker commentary... for now. History teaches us that equity turbulence accompanied by meaningful economic softness often marks the turn from a secular bull market in to a bear market.

Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “America & It’s Allies: Partnerships For Murder”

from TrendsJournal:

5 Questions For Bernie Sanders Supporters

If you are seeking more freedom and prosperity, ask yourself if that is what you will get by voting for any of the current candidates. If you are seeking to reclaim the moral high ground the United States may have once had, ask yourself if these policies will do just that. Remember, not everyone is an idiot, a Republican, or an apathetic sheeple. Some of us simply disagree with Bernie’s economics and solutions.

You Know It's Bad When...

...more Venzuelans than Americans believe their children's financial futures will be more secure than their own...

Icelandic Bankers Are Not Too Big To Jail: Face 74 Years In Prison As US Bankers Bask In Bailouts

Like medical chemotherapy, Iceland's economic chemotherapy was horrible, but the cancer of debt-deflation was eradicated and the system made whole.

Russia Releases Dramatic Assessment Of ISIS Strikes, As US Sees "Little Green Men" In Syria

How The U.S. Government "Covers Up" 72% Inflation Before Your Very Eyes

Dear Bureau of Labor Statistics: please pay careful attention to this case study of how your CPI "inflation" gauge, hedonically, seasonally-adjusted or otherwise, is completely inaccurate, and how what you record as 0% inflation is really 72%!

KRANZLER & THE DOC: “The Mother of All Short Squeezes is Coming”

from Silver Doctors:

Dave Kranzler Warns: 1. “Glencore is FAR From Over, Central Banks Are Working Furiously Behind the Scenes!”
2. Fed Reverse Repos Go Parabolic: “Something Blew Up in the Financial System“ 3. Hurricane Patricia Slams Mexico- Potential Impact on Fresnillo/Junior Mining Shares & Silver Supply 4. IsThe Mother of All Short Squeezes is Coming?

Rick Rule, Doug Casey: “Severe But Survivable” Reckoning Ahead For The U.S.

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:
I had the chance to sit down recently with Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, and Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research. It was a fascinating interview.
Speaking to their long-time business friendship, Rick explained that, “[Doug and I] have spoken at conferences together all over the world…We’ve seen lots of preposterous companies. We’ve lost some money together and we’ve made a lot of money together. It has been a great ride for three decades.”
When asked about the habits that create wealth, Rick added that, “[To generate wealth], as Doug says—you [first] have to save. You have to create more wealth for other people than you consume.”
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Gold And Silver – Elite’s NWO Secretly Operates In The Open.

by Michael Noonan, Edge Trader Plus:

There are far bigger concerns about which Americans remain woefully unaware, even within the Precious Metals community. How much demand there is for silver coins, how low is the supply for silver in contradistinction to an insatiable demand, China supposedly to set the price for physical gold to reflect reality once the Shanghai gold exchange got up and running, which it has been, etc, etc, etc, are not the most relevant factors, right now.
Almost all of the so-called PM experts/bloggers who report detailed information, and many available articles on the web focused on gold and silver, have collectively been untimely as to expectations in the ‘meteoric’ rise in prices that are supposed to reflect the realities of actual supply and demand. China will not be the country [even including the BRICS nations collectively] to rescue gold from the fiat-driven Western global elites who do whatever possible to make gold economically irrelevant on the world economic stage.
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Dr. Joseph Salerno: Another Major Bust Coming Soon

from WallStForMainSt:

Physical Silver being rationed by governments

from Truth in Gold:
The U.S. Mint and others are controlling the distribution of silver coins.
Silver bullion coins are so scarce that certain countries have set limits on the amount they distribute, but prices for the metal haven’t budged much from their recent six-year low.
Silver is experiencing an “unprecedented industrywide phenomenon,” with strong demand for the physical metal prompting mints in certain countries to put silver bullion coins on allocation, according to The Silver Institute. In recent history, allocations have only been put into practice occasionally by the U.S. Mint.
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Wal-Mart Symbol Of Economic Condition

from The Sleuth Journal:

Whether you love it or hate it, Wal-Mart is a goliath among giants. It employs 1.4 Million Americans or 1% of the work force. As a gauge of economic activity, financial analyses weigh the performance, sales and consumer attitudes closely. So with the historic stock crash of 10% in one trading day and 22% overall, quite a lot of attention was reported. Most noteworthy comes from The Street; Did Wal-Mart’s CEO Just Drop a Major Bombshell?
“CEO Doug McMillon may be preparing to take drastic action to reverse the giant retailer’s slumping stock price and pressured profits.
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Donald Trump Responded To Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony In The Perfect Way

from Western Journalism:

Donald Trump characterized some of what he had seen and heard of Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the Benghazi Committee as “unbelievable” and “not good” in an interview on Thursday.
Conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt had Trump as a guest on his program, while the hearing was still ongoing.
“I have not been hearing positive things. How is she doing?” Trump asked Hewitt. “Terribly,” the talk show host responded.
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SMOKING GUN! FOX Analyst Reports on Smoking Gun Evidence That Sinks Hillary Clinton

from jim hoft:

Draghi Speaks, Euro Falls Off Chart

from Wolf Street:

There has been a litany of layoff announcements recently: Biogen said yesterday that it would axe 11% of its people. ESPN would lay off 4% of its people. Twitter a couple of days ago said it would slash its workforce by 8%. Microsoft and HP are currently very busy shedding tens of thousands of workers.
Caterpillar announced over 10,000 layoffs last month. Intuit kicked off a new round of layoffs this summer. Permanently troubled former highflyer Groupon is laying of 1,100 folks. Even startups. Zomato, based in India, is laying of 300 folks, many of them in the US. Flipagram laid off 20% of its workers. And on and on. Even Snapchat.
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10 Critical Things to Consider When Consuming Mainstream News

from Zen Gardner:

It’s no secret that 90% of American media is owned by just 6 corporate conglomerates, and it’s also no secret that the media is used by political and corporate propagandists as a tool to reach deep into the hearts and minds of the masses. Mainstream newscasts are a staged version of reality, and as world events continue to rise in pitch and fervor, so will the propaganda, so it’s imperative to brush up on critical thinking skills as a defense against falling into group-thinkand mass-hysteria.
The great irony here, though, is that it is precisely through the power of media that people will awaken to the deceit happening in the media. By and large the programming that makes it to our eyes and ears is produced to support an agenda, but, even amongst the corporate programs there are genuine voices of reason and truth.
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Court Ruling Paves Way For MASS CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS in America

by Alex Thomas, Intellihub:
In a ruling that directly paves the way for mass confiscation of firearms in America, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in a much-anticipated decision, has upheld the constitutionality of the New York SAFE Act of 2013.
Shockingly, the court ruled that nearly all of the most drastic gun control law in the history of the United States did not violate the Second Amendment and is therefore constitutional.
That’s right, a law passed in the wake of Sandy Hook that included and paved the way for confiscation of millions of legally purchased firearms has been ruled “constitutional” with proponents already calling for a similar law to be enacted at the federal level.
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US Government Surpressing Oil Prices To Keep The Economy From Collapsing

from X22 Report:

The Girl Who Cried ‘Exit Strategy’

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:
For readers with functional memories; they will recall that at the end of 2008, B.S. Bernanke (aka The Boy Who Cried ‘Exit Strategy’) promised to “normalize interest rates”, immediately, in early 2009. This was his supposed Exit Strategy from the most-extreme, monetary insanity ever contemplated. This promise was echoed by the equally trustworthy mouthpieces of the other central banks of the Western bloc.
After that, every few months, the Boy would “promise” he was going to raise the U.S. interest rate (from 0% all the way to 0.25%). And all the mainstream media talking-heads would echo that promise, treating it as the Gospel, and (strangely) never remembering any of the previous, broken promises.
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Red Meat, Processed Meats “Probably Carcinogenic”

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:
Summertime cookouts are about to look a lot different to many people who will undoubtedly switch out brats, burgers, and steaks for chicken, pork, or even portabella mushrooms. The World Health Organization (WHO) is reportedly planning to classify red meat, bacon, sausages and other processed meats as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”
That means that some of the world’s favorite foods will soon be in the same classification as cigarettes, alcohol, and asbestos. Red meat is likely to be ranked as only slightly less hazardous than preserved meats. [1]
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Back to Supreme Court? Several States Launch New Lawsuit Against Obamacare

by Hans von Spakovsky, CNSnews:
Thought the litigation battle over Obamacare was over? Think again. Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana are about to file a new lawsuit against Obamacare, claiming that a fee being imposed by the IRS as a condition of states continuing to receive Medicaid funds is both unconstitutional and a violation of federal law. And they are in discussions with more than a dozen other states about joining this new lawsuit.
The complaint, which Texas plans to file in federal court in the Northern District of Texas on Wednesday, explains that all fifty states use managed care organizations to provide a portion of their Medicaid services. Medicaid is the federal program that provides health coverage for low-income families, children (the Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP), and the disabled, among others.
The states pay those organizations a monthly rate, like an insurance premium, for every Medicaid enrollee they cover. Because Medicaid is an entitlement program, states cannot limit the number of eligible people who can enroll, and they have to pay for all services covered under the Medicaid program.
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When Gold Manipulations Fails, It Will be Explosive – Bill Murphy Interview

from VictoryIndependence:

Is America the Greatest Country in the World?

from Sovereign Man:
I’m in New Haven today to attend the funeral of Irwin Schiff, who unfortunately passed away last weekend.
If you’ve never heard of Irwin, he was one of the original “tax protestors”.
He believed not only that paying federal income was unconstitutional, but actually went so far as to stop paying tax altogether.
And he spent years of his life in prison as a result.
Now, you may not agree with his philosophy or its legal basis.
But I hope we can agree that keeping an 87-year old terminally ill cancer patient handcuffed to a hospital bed for failing to file taxes is a disgusting reflection of modern America.
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Iceland Has Now Sent 26 Corrupt Bankers To Prison

by Steve Watson, Infowars:
In a story not reported on at all by any Western mainstream media source, Iceland just sentenced another five high level bankers to prison for directly contributing to the collapse of the country’s economy in 2008.
This brings the total to 26 bankers now behind bars in Iceland, with most being CEOs of large financial institutions, rather than low level traders.
Most of those jailed will serve terms of two to five years, according to a report by Iceland Magazine, which notes that three executives at Landsbankinn and two at KaupĆ¾ing, along with one prominent investor, have been prosecuted.
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National Geographic now conspires with poison-pushing corporations to destroy the very planet it once photographed

by Julie Wilson, Natural News:
What was once considered an excellent resource for educating young minds about science and the environment is now aggressively promoting industry-backed “science,” including the claim that water fluoridation is completely safe and anyone who questions it is a disreputable conspiracy theorist.
In operation since 1888, the National Geographic Society is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world, educating minds about geography, archaeology and natural science, as well promoting environmental and historical conservation. While that may have once been the case, the largely influential scientific nonprofit is now dedicated to pushing the agenda of corporations poisoning and destroying the planet.
For those of us who are science-literate, Nat Geo’s March 2015 cover is shocking.
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