Thursday, October 15, 2015

ISIS In "Retreat" As Russia Destroys 32 Targets While Putin Trolls Obama As "Weak With No Strategy"

Man verse Fruit...If you don't know who is who...Please leave now, your not worth saving...

The Fog Of "Everything": Why America's Eternally Caught Off Guard In The Middle East

Whatever the efforts of that expansive corps of intelligence analysts (and the vast intelligence edifice behind it), when anything happens in the Greater Middle East, you can essentially assume that the official American reaction, military and political, will be “surprise” and that policymakers will be left “scrambling” in a quagmire of ignorance to rescue American policy from the unexpected. The evidence, after all, is largely in.  In these years, for what now must be approaching three-quarters of a trillion dollars, the national security state and the military seem to have created an un-intelligence system.  Welcome to the fog of everything.

China Says Military Will "Stand Up And Use Force" If US Sends Warships To Islands

"China mustn't tolerate rampant US violations of China's adjacent waters and the skies over those expanding islands. If the US encroaches on China's core interests, the Chinese military will stand up and use force to stop it."

The Latest Evidence That Global Trade Has Collapsed: India's Exports/Imports Plunge By 25%

If you needed further evidence that global growth and trade are in a veritable tailspin, look no further than the latest trade data from India, which shows that both exports and imports fell by 25% in September. That's ok though, we're sure it's nothing another rate cut can't fix...

There Goes The Final Pillar Of The US "Recovery": The Loan-Growth Paradox Explained

One year ago we reported that companies were using secured bank debt to repurchase stock: a stunning, foolhardy development. It so unbelievable we promptly forgot this bizarre tangent into "use of loan funds"... Until today when we found that it was, indeed, all a lie and that the banks themselves had become complicit in perpetuating not only the worst possible capital misallocation, but being an accessory to the US stagnation, soon to be replaced with full-blown recession.

Nevada Shuts Down Fantasy Sports Sites: Apply For A Gaming License Or Face A Decade In Prison

As AP reports, "the state's Gaming Control Board issued a notice Thursday saying the sites must stop offering their contests to Nevada residents effective immediately. Operators face felony fines and 10 years in prison." Of course with a federal investigation looming, this is just the start of what, in sports terms, is likely to be a prolonged and deep slump for the industry - you can bet on that. 

Be Very Afraid: "The 3 EM Debacles" Loom, HSBC Warns

"In many ways, EM is showing similar symptoms to its DM counterparts of weak economic performance and over- reliance on credit. The outcome is what we call the three EM debacles: de-leveraging, depreciation (or devaluation even de-pegging) and downgrades of credit ratings."

Sanders And His Followers Are Not Outliers

Depending on one’s point of view, Bernie Sanders either held his own or boosted his chances against perceived front-runner Hillary Clinton in Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate. Regardless of whether Sanders ultimately secures the nomination, the size and energy of the Bernie phenomenon should not be underestimated. If anything, libertarians consistently misjudge the degree to which socialist thought is deeply rooted in the American psyche.

Tomorrow Is OpEx: What Happens Next?

Presented with little comment aside to say "Fool me once, shame on you" but fool me eight times...

'New Snowden' Reveals Obama's Secret Drone Assassination Program

The reason these articles are so important, is not because they are based on intel leaked by an additional whistleblower (i.e., not Snowden), but because you can’t read the information without concluding quite simply that the U.S. empire is completely and totally out of control. That the plethora of American military adventures overseas are not only not making us safer, but are in fact making us far more vulnerable.

Over 5 Million Non-Existent Jobs: How $1.3 Trillion In Student Debt Broke The "Birth/Death Adjustment" Model

One of the main reasons why the BLS has been massively overstimating job creation ever since great financial crisis, is due to the well-known birth-death adjustment, aka the CES Net Birth/Death Model, which quantitatively is shown on the chart below, has resulted in the "addition" of some 5.3 million jobs, that don't actually exist, but are merely modelled by the BLS which continues to assume the same new business creation/destruction dynamics that existed before the crisis. The is a big problem with this fundamental assumption: it is dead wrong. Here's why...

Mapping An Ungoverned World

BlackRock Warns Of "Land Mines" As Benefits Of Lower Yields For Corporate Issuers Fades

As we have warned numerous times - and any trader old enough to have actually lived through a credit cycle can attest to - there is only so much releveraging shareholder-friendly exuberance firms can do before the company's balance sheet becomes questionable. That inflection point has come for US equities. The deterioration of balance-sheet health is "increasingly alarming" and will only worsen if earnings growth continues to stall amid a global economic slowdown, according to Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan's Eric Beinstein warns "the benefit of lower yields for corporate issuers is fading." The weakness is widespread as BlackRock fears "you’ll continue to see some land mines out there."

What Happens When You Attach A GoPro Cam To A Russian Warplane

For those who revel in watching Russia fly warplanes over Syria, you’re in luck, because The Russian Defense Ministry has just taken it up a notch by attaching a GoPro to a Su-25... No, really.

Dismal Data & FUBAR Fed Spark Stock-Buying-Panic; Banks, Biotechs & Black Gold Bounce

The Economic Doomsday Clock Is Closer To Midnight

Central banks are fearful and unwilling to normalize but artificially high valuations across asset classes cannot be sustained indefinitely absent fundamental global growth. Central banks are in a prison of their own design and we are trapped with them. The next great crash will occur when we collectively realize that the institutions that we trusted to remove risk are actually the source of it. The truth is that global central banks cannot remove extraordinary monetary accommodation without risking a complete collapse of the system, but the longer they wait the more they risk their own credibility, and the worse that inevitable collapse will be. In the Prisoner’s Dilemma, global central banks have set up the greatest volatility trade in history.

Schlumberger: This Is "The Most Severe Downturn For Decades", "The Recovery Now Appears To Be Delayed"

"The business environment deteriorated further in the third quarter. However, the cost reduction actions we took in previous quarters and the acceleration of our transformation program enabled us to protect our financial performance in what is shaping up to be the most severe downturn in the industry for decades.... In light of conservative customer budgets for next year, we are therefore entering another period during which we will continually adjust resources in line with activity, as the recovery now appears to be delayed."

How To Massively Outperform The Market In Just 10 Minutes An Hour

Forget 6-Second-Abs. In just two 5-minute periods per hour, you too can become a billionaire guru "investing" expert, laud over your peers, and demand respect from every business media anchor. The trick is in our patent-pending "know when to buy 'em and sell 'em" timing model...

Your Future...

Hyperinflating Argentina Forces Government To Increase Banknote Denomination

For the first time in years, as PanAm Post reports, lawmakers from Argentina’s ruling Front for Victory coalition have proposed upping the size of the country’s largest denomination banknote to AR$200. While some 42% of Argentineans deemed it necessary in a 2014 survey the Cristina Kirchner administration has ignored repeated requests by economists, banks, and other financial institutions to issue larger-denomination bills. Indeed, Congressman Carlos Kunkel, author of the current bill initiative, claims the measure has nothing to do with inflation, but would "reduce the cost of printing and circulating money."

EU Committee Wants to Demolish Existing Law Allowing Member States to Ban GMOs

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:
Stating a concern that the proposed law would lead to the reintroduction of border controls between GM and non-GMO-growing countries, the European Parliament news service reported that Members of the Environment Committee shot down a draft EU law that would allow member states to restrict or prohibit sales of genetically modified crops.
This vote goes against numerous EU states that have made it clear in recent months that they plan to instate total bans on GM crops. A total of 19 EU countries have sent letters to the EP saying that they plan GM bans, citing concern over spoiling agricultural markets, and also the desire to provide their citizens with organic food.
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Economic Drug Dealing

from Economic Noise:
This is some economic recovery. At least that’s what the ruling class and their minions in the media would have you believe. A form of economic drug dealing is the tool being used.
What is being reported as economic recovery and success is not. All economic news is being spun and manipulated by government and the media. There is no recovery and there cannot be one. Arguably, our economy has been one of smoke and mirrors since the 1980s. Debt has been the means of providing the smoke and mirrors.
GDP has been subjected to the drug of debt. Government has become a junkie and engages in economic drug dealing to hook the public.
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Silver as money

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:
Gold is money, admittedly not often circulating as such today. Fiat currencies issued by governments have driven gold out of circulation. But where does this leave silver?
Money-substitutes, bank notes and bank deposits, were originally backed by physical silver, and were switched in favour of gold-backed money-substitutes over the last two centuries. It was a process that happened first in England, starting with Isaac Newton’s declaration in 1717 that silver would be exchanged at the Royal Mint in the ratio of fifteen and a half ounces to one of gold. While Newton was a towering genius in physical science, he didn’t understand markets, and that an inflexible bimetallic standard not adjusting for the subjectivity of prices would be problematic.
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Gold Was “Fixed” At The London A.M. Price Fix

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

They often “fix” the price of gold at the London a.m. price fix – that’s for sure. Although the LBMA London gold fix mechanism was supposedly cleaned up and reformed, those of us who have studied the gold market for at least the last 14 years know that the London “fix” is still the same old corrupt price-fix scheme.
Last night was particularly blatant, as gold was threatening to break over the key 200 day moving average technical level ($1,176 on the continuous contract basis) – note: the x-axis is Mountain Standard Time, all references are in EST – click to enlarge:
As you can see from the graph above, the price of gold was moving laterally during most of Asian/Indian trading hours. Not shown is the $9 gap up in the price of gold about an hour in to the Globex system trading session (9:10 p.m EST) when China devalued the yuan.
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Prominent heart surgeon confesses to role in heart disease scam selling harmful drugs to Americans at a huge profit

by Jennifer Lea Reynolds, Natural News:
In a refreshing change of pace, an established doctor has shed light on the fact that many mainstream medical approaches designed to improve health aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. In fact, they’re downright ineffective.
While this hardly comes as a surprise when you consider the plethora of side effects that come with pharmaceuticals, and that they alter the minds of those who take them, what is surprising is that a medical professional has boldly dared to come forward to publicly expose a medical scam.
Dr. Dwight Lundell, a heart surgeon and retired Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Banner Heart Hospital in Mesa, Arizona, has made no qualms about pharmaceuticals’ ineffectiveness and the need to let go of commonly held medical beliefs. In particular, he’s put statins in the spotlight, saying that the cholesterol-lowering drugs wreak havoc on health.(1)
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Department of Justice Shifting Focus from International Terrorism to Domestic Extremists

from Off Grid Survival:

According to The United States Justice Department, the threat of Radical Islam pales in comparison to homegrown extremists – specifically white anti-government types and right-wing extremists.
In an effort to combat what the DOJ is calling “homegrown terror threats,” the federal agency has created a new national security position that will focus on extremism inside the United States – unfortunately, this position will not be looking into Islamic extremism, because apparently the Obama administration doesn’t see it as a major threat.
John Carlin, head of the DOJ national security division, announced the new Domestic Terrorism Counsel at a speech Wednesday at George Washington University.
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The Death Of Hopium

from Peak Prosperity:
As many readers know, I spent 13 years living and working in Silicon Valley before partnering up with Chris to start Peak Prosperity.
I got my MBA at Stanford in 1999 when the dot-com bubble was at its zenith, and worked for both a VC-funded start-up as well as one of the biggest Internet juggernauts (Yahoo!). I lived in Palo Alto, the central core of the tech scene.
As a result, I have a pretty good read on how Silicon Valley works. Many of the folks I worked and went to school with are now in leadership positions at the big operating companies, VC firms and hedge funds in that ecosystem — so I have personal knowledge of who’s making the decisions.
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Study Reveals Ginger May Be Stronger than Chemo for Fighting Cancer

from Ready Nutrition:

We all know that ginger is a healthy addition to any meal, and that it can reduce nausea and inflammation in the human body. It’s a food with curative powers that have been highly regarded for centuries, though science is still unlocking its secrets. Coincidentally, three researchers from the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in India may have just stumbled upon one of those secrets, and it will likely have far-reaching implications for the cancer treatment field.
They’ve found that there is a chemical in ginger called 6-shogaolwhich has an impressive effect against breast cancer cells. It also targets cancer stem cells in particular, which are largely responsible for spreading cancer throughout the body, as well spurring the growth of tumors that have been previously treated with chemo or surgery.
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