Sunday, October 25, 2015

Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse

"What do we do as a business so that we would be prepared when the next crash happens. One thing that we do that is fairly unique: we have about $10 million in gold, mostly the small button-sized coins, that we keep outside of the banking system. We expect that when there is a financial crisis there will be a banking holiday. I don't know if it will be 2 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months. We also happen to have three months of food supply for every employee that we can live on."

Bernie Sanders, Don't Kid Yourself!

If Bernie Sanders really believes that socialism is the solution, then he is misguided – even though his criticism of oligarchic cronyism is justified. Socialists believe that the society is just one “organic body” and as with all such entities resources are used indiscriminately by the organism so as to support its various functions, organs, faculties, etc., never mind who produces and who consumes the resources; those are for the whole system to use as is needed: “From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her need!” Trouble is some of the people will have to decide about all this.  It is not automatic, contrary to what Marxists think. And here is where the politicians and their appointed bureaucrats enter the picture.

Tony Blair Admits Iraq War Led To Rise Of ISIS, Apologizes For "Mistakes"

"Our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you removed the regime. Of course, you can't say that those of us who removed Saddam in 2003 bear no responsibility for the situation in 2015."

6 Months Later, The Australian Crack Shack Sells For $60,000 More

Yesterday Doi and Gina were back at 7 Little Bloomfield Street, Surry Hills. Their fingers crossed for greater fools because Doi was keen to offload his March purchase. The reason? Like most of us who've bought $800k crack shacks, Doi had a healthy dose of buyers' regret and came to his senses "after realising just how small the property was he decided to sell." How lucky was Doi? This is Australia! Doi found a plumber willing to go 60k higher than he'd paid six months earlier

Einsteinian Insanity: US, Saudi Arabia Pledge To Provide More Guns, Ammo To Syrian Proxy Armies

You have to hand it to Washington. When it comes to foreign policy blunders, the US certainly isn’t afraid to double and triple down. With the West and its regional allies in full panic mode as the effort to bring about regime change in Syria continues to crumble under pressure from Russian airstrikes and Iranian ground forces, the US and Saudi Arabia have agreed to step up their support for the various proxy armies battling to oust Bashar al-Assad.

Individualism Vs Sacrificial Collectivism

The philosophy of individualism is the foundation of a free society; it is the basis of a community of men that does not require or demand the sacrifice or enslavement of some for the one-sided benefits of others. Individualism is the premise of a morality for mankind that recognizes and respects the liberty and dignity of every human being. It is the ethical philosophy of freedom.

Things Fall Apart

The powers that be have lost control. After almost a century of playing the Wizard of Oz, the curtain is disintegrating. Institutions to ensure control, stability and prosperity are failing. People and markets were not to be trusted and most of these institutions were established to protect against such freedom. Bureaucrats, central planners and big governments were to be the answers for a better world. The damage of nearly a century of this nonsense is suddenly becoming evident. Things fall apart is characterized by institutions that no longer are trusted or believed in.

Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan

The Fed's Inconvenient Truth (In 1 Hope-Crushing Chart)

Year after year, economic growth collapses from "hope" to "nope."

Reality Check: Obama Pushes Perpetual War In Seven Countries

from Truth In Media:
President Obama says that if the GOP had their way they would force him to conduct wars in seven different countries. Is that true? And is that something only the GOP wants? How many wars is President Obama conducting?
“Right now, if I was taking the advice of some of the members of Congress who holler all the time, we’d be in, like, seven wars right now,” Obama said. “I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been counting. We’d be in military actions in seven places around the world.”
That was Obama speaking to a small group of veterans and Gold Star mothers of slain U.S. military personnel, explaining how if it were up to Republicans the United States would be in military actions in seven places around the world.
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America’s Hidden Gold, Here is the Guy Who Can Find It….

from VisionVictory:

Hillary’s True Agenda: Confiscation Of Guns From Law Abiding Americans

from Western Journalism:

Hillary Clinton finally has exposed her true agenda: confiscation of guns in America from law-abiding citizens. Both she and Obama have stated that they’ll use executive action if necessary to ensure gun control is accomplished. But now she’s begun speaking publicly about using the Australian model as a template for American gun control. By discussing the Australian “buyback,” what she’s making clear is that it’s not just the run-of-the-mill gun control that she’s after. She wants confiscation, too. The left seems to be in a race to see who can push this issue farthest and fastest since Obama made reference to the Australian gun grab a year ago, praising the move.
Calling the legislation passed in Australia a “buyback” is deceptive. It was forced confiscation, with a “modest cash reimbursement to soften the blow.”
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Why Is Wealth/Income Inequality Soaring?

from Washington’s Blog:

Why is wealth/income inequality soaring? The easy answer is of course the infinite greed of Wall Street fat-cats and the politicos they buy/own.
But greed can’t be the only factor, for greed is hardly unknown in the bottom 90%. The only difference between the guy who took out a liar loan to buy a house he couldn’t afford so he could flip it for a fat profit and the mortgage broker who instructed him on how to scam the system and the crooked banker dumping toxic mortgage-backed securities on the Widows and Orphans Fund of Norway is the scale of the scam.
The difference isn’t greed, it’s the ability to avoid the consequences or have the taxpayers eat the losses, i.e. moral hazard. The bottom 90%er with the liar loan mortgage and the flip-this-house strategy eventually suffered the consequences when Housing Bubble 1.0 blew up in spectacular fashion.
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Report: Iraq Authorizes Russia to Strike ISIS Convoys

by Jason Ditz, Huffington Post:

Federal agents who illegally detain, interrogate and torture American citizens abroad can’t be held accountable for violating the Constitution.
A divided federal appeals court on Friday tossed the lawsuit of a U.S. citizen who claimed the FBI trampled his rights for four months across three African countries while he was traveling overseas.
In so many words, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that the man, Amir Meshal, couldn’t sue the federal government for such violations, and punted the issue to someone else.
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An excerpt from Al Franken’s bestselling book Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair And Balanced Look At The Right (Dutton Publishing; 2003):

[Ed. Note – When will you be told enough lies that you are willing to stand up and say “I am being lied to!” –Michael Rivero]
from Sitcoms Online:

Six months after 9/11, the Gallup Poll of Islamic Countries found that an overwhelming majority of those surveyed believed the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had not been the works of Arabs. Well-educated Egyptians and Saudis believed that the Israelis were behind the murder of three thousand innocents on 9/11, in large part because of articles in their countries’ official state newspapers. One of the widely disseminated stories was that no Jews died in the collapse of the Trade Towers because they had received calls telling them not to go to work that day.
To tell you the truth, I got the Jew call. I had an office in the Trade Center where I used to do most of my writing. The call came from former New York mayor Ed Koch. “Al,” he told me, “don’t go to work on the twenty-third day of Elul.”
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from ron johnson:

Two new black sites have been discovered by investigative journalists. WARNING – these images may upset some viewers.

Why Investors Should Take “Lower For Longer” Seriously

from Wolf Street:

There have been some interesting outcroppings from the long down-cycle in oil prices. The weakening of oil companies and their shift in focus from maximizing volumes and profits to hunkering down and just surviving has spurred a lot of what look, on their face, like real environmentalist victories.
CEOs now speak in dark, muted tones about the future ‘challenges’ the industry faces, as Schlumberger CEO Paul Kibsgaard did in his recent conference call Friday. Banks reassess the creditworthiness of the marginal exploration & production clients, as companies like Halcon (HK) frantically restructure their debt – in sometimes very “interesting” ways.
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Underground Explosion Sparks Fire at Nevada Radioactive Waste Facility

from DAHBOO:


by John Nolte, Breitbart:
On September 11, 2012, by 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the attack by a terrorist group associated with al-Qaeda was still underway against our consulate and CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya. By this time the whereabouts of Ambassador Chris Stevens were unknown, but the State Department had been informed of the attack and that Sean Smith had been found dead.
The following is a verified timeline of what then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the White House and various administration agencies knew, when they knew it, and the now-verifiable lies told by all concerned for more than a week afterwards.
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Same Judge who Covered Up CIA Torture Dismisses Suit Against NSA Surveillance

by Andrew Emett, Activist Post:

Responsible for helping cover up the CIA’s torture program, the same judge dismissed a lawsuit on Friday filed by the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Wikipedia, and other organizations accusing the NSA of conducting mass surveillance. Although it is now common knowledge that the NSA can retroactively access phone records, text messages, emails, Internet activity, GPS locations, and metadata, the judge dismissed the suit because the NSA refuses to admit that they are incessantly violating our constitutional rights.
“The NSA’s mass surveillance violates our clients’ constitutional rights to privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom of association, and it poses a grave threat to a free internet and a free society,” asserted Ashley Gorski, a staff attorney with the ACLU national security project. “The private communications of innocent people don’t belong in government hands.”
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Why You Can’t Separate GMOs from their Biotech Chemicals

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:
A glaring omission from almost all biotech discussions of genetically engineered crops is the fact that not one, but a host of chemicals is required to grow them. Perhaps the word ‘required’ is overwrought with cynicism, but “over 75 percent of GMO crops are engineered to tolerate being sprayed with herbicide.” This means that if one were to honestly and accurately portray the safety of GM crops, they would also have to prove that the herbicides and pesticides used to grow them were also safe – at least generally speaking, with the GMOs we have today. They are manufactured, and marketed to be used in synergy.
When the biotech industry discusses new gene altering-techniques, not to be confused with traditional plant breeding, they rarely mention that DNA cloning, transgenic alteration, and even gene editing still don’t negate the industry reliance on dicamba, glyphosate, 2,4-D, Agent Orange, Paraquat, Atrazine, and tons more herbicides marketed under different names.
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Another Government Ponzi Scheme Starts to Crack – Do You Depend on It?

by Nick Giambruno, Activist Post:

Government employees get to do a lot of things that would land an ordinary citizen in prison.
For example, it’s legal for them to threaten and commit offensive, rather than defensive, violence. They can take property from others without their consent. They spy on anyone’s email and bank accounts whenever they please. They go into trillions of dollars in debt and then stick the unborn with the bill. They counterfeit the currency. They lie with misleading statistics and use accounting wizardry no business could get away. And this just scratches the surface…
The U.S. government also gets to run a special type of Ponzi scheme.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary a Ponzi scheme is:
[A]n investment swindle in which some early investors are paid off with money put up by later ones in order to encourage more and bigger risks.
In the private sector, people who run Ponzi schemes are rightly punished for their fraud. But when the government runs a Ponzi scheme, something very different happens.
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