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ALL Major Banks Are Insolvent! Banking System CAN’T Avoid Systemic Meltdown!

from The Money GPS:

Washington Post Owner Receives $600 Million Contract From the CIA

from Hang The Bankers:
Editor’s note: The Washington Post was the first to run the story of the CIA’s claim that Russia hacked the US election, of which there is absolutely no evidence.
It’s been a rough couple days for The Washington Post. Word emerged that hackers invaded its internal system—for a few days, no less—all of its staffers had to change their passwords as the company tried to figure out how much data had been compromised.
Meanwhile, a petition campaign was launched related to news that Amazon, under the Post’s new owner, Jeff Bezos, recently secured a $600 million contract from the CIA. That’s at least twice what Bezos paid for the Post this year. Bezos recently disclosed that the company’s Web-services business is building a “private cloud” for the CIA to use for its data needs.
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NOT RUSSIA!! Georgia Secretary of State Seeks Trump’s Help in Alleged DHS Election Hack

After an attack in November, the Secretary of State’s office was able to trace the breach to the Department of Homeland Security, which has denied it tried to break through the state’s computer firewall.
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp on Wednesday asked President-elect Donald Trump to investigate the Department of Homeland Security’s apparent attempt to access his office’s computer system.
In a letter to Trump, Kemp asked that the president-elect to act once he is sworn in to office in January. Kemp said he is not satisfied with the response from current DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.
“Since contacting DHS with these concerns, we have collaborated with the agency and provided extensive, additional information,” Kemp wrote.
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Fantastic news...

Trump Bump: Canada Sees 5x Surge In Applications For Politcal Refugee Status From Americans

While none of the celebrities and political figures who vowed to move to Canada if Trump won the Presidency have followed through on their pledges, to our great disappointment, apparently many other disaffected, Hillary-supporting snowflakes have...

Ukraine Nationalizes Its Largest Bank, Which Holds 36% Of All Domestic Deposits

The Ukrainian government announced on Sunday night it would nationalize PrivatBank, the country's biggest bank which holds over a third of the nation's total deposits, in one of the biggest shake-ups of the banking system since the country plunged into political and economic turmoil two years ago.

Were Democrats Beaten By Their Own "War Of Narratives"?

With a president and leader, who holds a belief that the “war of narratives” is all that matters, Democrats have slipped into a very narrow (albeit progressive) world view. Is this starting to make some sense now? From this perch, you ignore what is going on around you and it is your job and the job of your party to push any given issue through the filter of a given narrative.

Chinese Interbank Lending Freezes, Forcing Massive Intervention By China's Central Bank

China's central bank stepped in with record liquidity injections last week, and "urged" major commercial banks to lend to non-bank financial institutions after many suspended cross funding operations as interbank lending froze amid tight liquidity conditions.

The 'Real' Question: What's Facebook's True Valuation Without "Fake"?

If "fake" news was so wide-spread, and so devoured on Facebook that it had the ability to not only influence, but rather, to overturn political norms and ruin the election of what everyone in media on down believed was merely a formality. That would mean Facebook now has to alienate millions of now current users (by not delivering "news" these people wanted to see). What does that imply to their now "real" metrics going forward?

Everyone's Bullish: Barron's Best Guessers Say Buy Banks, Sell Staples In 2017

Trump Slams Clinton Supporters' Hypocrisy Ahead Of Electoral Vote

"If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names!"

US Shale Gas Industry: Countdown To Disaster

The countdown has started as the demise of the great U.S. shale gas industry has begun.  This will have a disastrous impact on the U.S. economy as shale gas production declines in a big way.  Unfortunately, very few Americans understand how sickly the domestic shale gas industry truly is, because they have been brainwashed to believe the United States is heading towards energy independence.

Why Did Hillary Lose?

Trick question?

Markets Award Trump Nobel Prize In Economics

It took only nine days in office for President Obama to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Likewise, the markets seem to have prematurely greeted Trumponomics as an outstanding success. There’s just one thing: Trump hasn’t done anything yet. We’re still weeks away from his inauguration, and details of his economic plans remain scarce.

Caught On Tape: China's Currency Rigging

With the Yuan at its weakest against the Dollar since May 2008, it's becoming harder and harder (and more and more expensive) for China to hide/defend its devaluation strategy (CNH down over 13% since the 'one-off' Aug 2015 devaluation)... "It’s not normal for this to be taking place.” Simply put, the rate spikes and contorted yield curves are symptoms of a dysfunctional, manipulated market.

"Fake News" Is the New "Weapons Of Mass Destruction"

The corporate owned media and their partners in government are working overtime to spread the 'fake news' meme. This meme is designed to limit, and ultimately destroy, the independent and alternative media by censoring anti-establishment viewpoints.

Hedge Fund CIO To Michelle Obama: 22x Trailing Earnings Is What Hope Really Feels Like

“Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like,” lamented America’s First Lady to Oprah, as another hopeful stock picker paid 22-times trailing earnings for the S&P 500.

A Bearish David Rosenberg Re-Emerges: "Fade This Rally" As "Trump Will Engineer A Return To Deflation"

"There are strong grounds to fade this current rally... I believe that moving against the herd mentality, will likely bear fruit in what is probably going to be an even more intense roller coaster ride than what we witnessed in 2016." - David Rosenberg

Judge Jeanine Slams "Hopeless" Michelle: "Americans Rejected You And Everything You Stand For"

"Michelle, you may not realize it, but Americans rejected you and everything you stand for.  They know what hope is.  Hope is when people, 30,000 at a time, stand in line, in the cold, with their children, hoping to get the glimpse of a man they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and "Mr. Hope & Change" have put them on."

Coup Or No Coup: What To Watch For As The Electoral College Votes Tomorrow

At this point it's looking more and more likely that the coup attempted by Harvard's Larry Lessig will fail when the Electoral College votes tomorrow.  That said, anything is possible and, as such, here are a couple of things you should be on the look out for as electors get set to cast their ballots.

Yet Another Trump “Hate Crime” Found to be a Hoax

by Daisy Luther, Freedom OutPost:
Hate crimes do occur, but now, those claims will seem a little less valid because a girl in New York City decided to make up a story blaming Trump supporters when she missed her curfew.
Yasmin Sewed, 18, claimed she was harassed and called a terrorist by Trump followers in a “hate attack” while using the subway in New York on December 1.
NBC reports she initially told police the men had said:
“Get out of this country” and to “Get the f****** hijab off your head!”
She stated that they had tried to tear off her headscarf and that no bystanders had intervened during the alleged incident. She also said that one of the men had grabbed her bag, breaking the strap.
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Trump Responds to Michelle Obama, Slams ‘Demented’ Paul Krugman at Alabama ‘Thank You’ Tour Finale

by Jeff Poor, Breitbart:
MOBILE, Alabama — Despite on-and-off rain, President-elect Donald Trump returned to Ladd-Peebles Stadium Saturday, declaring Mobile the place “where it all” began.
Indeed, 485 days ago, Trump hosted his first major rally of the cycle at Ladd-Peebles. This time, the former candidate returned to offer his thanks and take a victory lap before a crowd of some 15,000 supporters.
Trump deviated from his usual rally walkout music, Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to Be an American,” for Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.”
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from The Daily Sheeple:
With so much vitriol flying in every direction these days about fake news, Russian propaganda, misinfo and disinfo, it’s crucial to acknowledge and understand the fact that there is a definitive science to distorting reality and manufacturing public consent. Many of the deliberate techniques of this form of social mind control are well-documented, having been revealed by industry insiders, experts, and content manufacturers.
In the Beginning
Known as the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays was the original pioneer of social engineering via mass media. In the early 20th century Bernays laid the foundation for cultural programming at the whole-society level by helping to transform a mostly rural agrarian based society into a homogenized culture of consumers and devout statists.
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2016 and The Descent Into Chaos

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:
“Now this is not the end,” goes the famous quote from false flag conspirator and Rothschild family friend Winston Churchill. “It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
Churchill’s quotation, of course, comes from a speech entitled “The Bright Gleam of Victory” and signaled the note of optimism the British were feeling as the tide of the Second World War began to turn in their favor. Fast forward 74 years and it’s hard not to think that it is an apt description of the situation we find ourselves in today in our own struggle for liberty. However it would be hard to utter those words in a spirit of optimism today.
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Snopes, Which Will Be Fact-Checking For Facebook, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively

by Alex Pfeiffer and Peter Hasson, The Daily Caller:
Snopes, which will now have the power to declare what news is or is not legitimate on the world’s largest online platform, almost exclusively employs leftists.
Facebook announced Thursday that mythbusting website Snopes will be one of a few fact-checking organizations allowed to label stories as “fake news.”
Almost all of the writers churning out fact checks for Snopes have a liberal background, and many of them have expressed contempt for Republican voters. The Daily Caller could not identify a single Snopes fact-checker who comes from a conservative background. Snopes did not respond to a list of questions from TheDC regarding the site’s ideological leaning.
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