Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jim Sinclair-Financial Pressure Cooker Bomb Cooking Now

from Greg Hunter:

Renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair says, “You have a pressure cooker bomb cooking like the terrorists use. It’s cooking, and it makes gold a storehouse of value and not a currency. It’s just a storehouse of value. It turns it into a savings account. The only one that will work. The only one without a counter-party.

Something Strange Is Taking Place In The Mediterranean

NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale...

Fake Out: A Rally Built On 'Hot Air'

One of the most fascinating aspects of market psychology is participants’ tendency to get bullish at new highs, especially in light of the fact that in recent years every major rally, especially those producing new highs, have set up for a sizable trade to the short side.

ISIS Victim's Family Sues Twitter, Facebook For Profiting From Terrorism

The family of a woman killed in the 2015 Paris attacks by ISIS claims in a lawsuit that Twitter, Facebook, and Google profit from targeted advertising linked to terrorist propaganda promoting violence.

The Most Important Market In The World (That You've Never Heard Of)

That so few investors know about this enormous market, its importance, and relevance is frankly pretty shocking. Understanding it goes a long way to understanding why, despite the greatest monetary intervention we’ve ever seen by central banks, we’ve remained in a contractionary environment.

Angry Dems Play The Blame Game Over Hillary Loss As the Infighting Escalates

So who/what was most to blame for Hillary's loss?  Was it Bernie Sanders, Putin, James Comey, "Fake News", Julian Assange, White Supremecists, The Electoral College, Jill Stein...certainly it wasn't Hillary.

Meet The Competitors In Italy's Referendum

Whether or not the referendum fails and subsequent early elections are held, the possibility that the Five Star Movement will eventually triumph at the national level cannot be discounted, because more and more Italians have grown weary of traditional political parties after decades of mismanagement and corruption.

Putin Says Trump Is "A Smart Man", Will Adapt To Responsibilities As "Unipolar World Model Fails"

“The fact that Trump managed to achieve success in business, suggests that he is a smart man,” Putin said in the NTV channel.  “And as he is smart, that means he will fully and quite quickly be aware of a different level of responsibility.... Attempts to create a unipolar world have not succeeded. We are living in a different dimension."

Freedom Party's Hofer Defeated By Greens' Van der Bellen In Austria's Presidential Election

Austria voted against the anti-immigrant Freedom Party candidate Hofer in today's presidential election race which became the latest test of rising anti-establishment forces in Europe.  A mapped breakdown shows that most of Austria voted for Hofer, however it was the big cities that again came to Van der Bellen's aid.

Turkey Proposes Trade With China, Russia And Iran In Local Currencies

Turkey is taking steps to allow commerce with China, Russia and Iran to be conducted in local currencies, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday, the government's latest effort to shore up the tumbling lira.

In Tweetstorm, Trump Threatens "Retribution" For Companies That Leave The US

The tweetstorm also suggests that far from moderating his stance on protectionism, Trump is only getting started.

"Meanwhile In Europe..." - The Big Day Arrives

Less than a month after the "shocking" election of Donald Trump as US president, the world prepares for another day of political shockwaves, this time out of Europe, when on Sunday all eyes will be on Italy and, to a slightly lesser extent, Austria.

This Is The "Most Dangerous Moment In Human History," Stephen Hawking Warns

"The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes..."

Tomorrow's Vote In Italy Will Be A "Wide-Ranging F**k Off", And It's Just The Start...

"It's crazy. This is the explosion of an era. It's the apocalypse of the media, TV, the big newspapers, the intellectuals, the journalists… This is a wide-ranging F*** off." Italy is the next flashpoint. A “No” vote in Italy is virtually assured at this point. But it won’t be the end of the anti-elite surge. Voters in Europe’s biggest countries could soon throw out their “mainstream” parties in favor of populist and Eurosceptic alternatives...

A Very Concise Explanation Of Why The Democrats Lost (And Will Keep Losing)

"Think of the arrogance of their mindset - vote for our candidate because she is not good, but less bad than the other fellow, and once again you really have no other choice... They blame racism, the Russians, sexism, Bernie bros, hackers, the 'deplorables' in a bit of an ironic twist on the Romney moment, the electoral college, and even the roots of democratic process itself. They and their strategy failed. Spectacularly."

Trump's Appointments - What Do They Mean?

Commentators of all stripes are making a mistake to damn in advance the only government that campaigned on peace with Russia, restoring middle class jobs, and respect for the country’s borders. We should seize on these promises and hold the Trump administration to them.

5 Stories The Mainstream Media Reported As Real, But They Were Fake

by Melissa Dykes, Activist Post:
Fake. Definition: a thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham. Also known as a fraud or a hoax.
There’s actually a lot more than five; this video could probably go on all day. There’s a reason Secretary of State John Kerry said the Internet is making it harder to govern … because people have a lot more information at their fingertips and no longer have to rely solely on the mainstream media’s establishment propaganda machine.
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Why PizzaGate Is Not Going Away Despite The Mainstream Media’s Desire [To Bury It]


It becomes more amazing by the day as I surf through the media to find shocking stories not fully covered or hidden.  If you read my last article The Problem Is, PizzaGate Is Possible, you would think this topic would be making daily headlines.  It isn’t among the giants of the mainstream media.  When PizzaGate is discussed, it is to paint the alternate media as dangerous.  They even reached the point of creating a “fake news” list that includes real journalism like Breitbart and Info Wars.  The mainstream media wants to blind America from a possible Satanic sex trafficking ring involving the nation’s political elite.  The alternate media refuses to yield and continues to investigate what is known as PizzaGate.  They then share their articles on social media like Twitter and Gab. This is why PizzaGate is not going away despite the mainstream media’s desire.
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Syrian Army Success in Aleppo Vividly Indicates the End of ‘Triumph of the West’

from Sputnik News:
As Syrian government forces advance in east Aleppo, liberating 50 percent of the area from the jihadists, Western journalists are calling it the “end of the Western dominance,” namely that of the US, on the international arena; meanwhile Russian Middle East experts warn against connecting the success in Syria with the political changes in the US.
Syrian army spokesman Brigadier General Samir Suleiman announced that the military has regained control of 45 to 50 percent of east Aleppo, as the government forces continue to advance in the besieged city.
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Report: Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Nevada

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Massive voter fraud in the 2016 Presidential election has been uncovered in Nevada. Megan Barth from Newsmax said
Well it appears Nevada, which has voted for the winner of the Presidency for the past 108 years may have been stolen and must be investigated by the Feds. Not Obama feds but incoming Attorney General Jeff Session must investigate this issue.
Barth interviewed Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan, who had actual proof of the massive voter fraud in his Clark County district. A total number of 17,086 votes were cast in the District for both Republican and Democrat candidates. However, when confirmation letters were sent to the voters in the District, the US postal service returned mail from 9,200 of these voters.
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London-Based Nutritionist Reveals 8 Foods That All Men Should Be Eating

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:
You can’t really go wrong if you eat a healthy diet, but there are certain foods that men in particular should be focusing on if they want to boost their health. It’s always sensible to eat a lot of organic fruit and vegetables and lean protein, regardless of your gender, but men have different needs when it comes to certain vitamins and minerals.
When you consider the fact that one out of every six men in the U.S. is affected by prostate cancer at some time in their life, the need to manage lifestyle factors like diet to help curb your risk is clear. A study published in the Cancer Prevention Research journal showed that high-fiber diets can help control prostate cancer progression.
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OPEC Out! This Week’s Meeting Was Really a Bust!

by David Haggith, The Great Recession Blog:
In May, I wrote an article titled “The OPEC Epoch is Over,” which pronounced OPEC officially dead and predicted oil prices would plunge again. So far, I’ve been wrong about a second perilous plunge in oil prices. However, even as market heavyweights herald this week’s OPEC meeting for pumping up oil prices, a few voices join this lightweight in saying this meeting proves OPEC is over.
The Financial Times says, “Oil Output-Cut Pact Spells ‘the Beginning of the End’ for OPEC.”
The recent OPEC oil output-cut deal “will come to symbolize the passing of one of the world’s most powerful cartels,” the Financial Times predicts…. “After 50 years in control of the oil price, OPEC has submitted to the economic power of a much-changed global market. The deal represents the recognition of their own impotence by a group of countries that once held unchallenged power,” writes Nick Butler, a visiting professor and chair of the Kings Policy Institute, London. (Newsmax)
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McCarthyism Is Breaking Out All Over — Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:
Seasoned journalist, White House official, and historian Pat Buchanan has responded to the Washington Post’s fake news about the independent journalists on the 200 List being Russian agents by reminding us that the US government has always been a major disseminator of fake news.
No one knows who is behind the newly created PropOrNot website that came up with the list of 200 “Russian agents,” but it is as likely as not the State Department funded National Endowment for Democracy, which has been peddling propaganda as fake news since its inception. Indeed, it was created for the purpose of destabilizing the Soviet Union. Of course the CIA could be involved, or Israel, or George Soros, or some neoconservative group, or some new government funded organization as a tool of the propaganda war that the Obama regime has vowed to fight.
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