Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Man Who Stole $1.6 Million Bucket Full Of Gold In Midtown Manhattan Has Been Identified

Police have identified the quick-moving crook who brazenly stole a bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 million from an armored truck in midtown Manhattan and ran off with it, crossing the entire US to avoid the police.

Paul Craig Roberts Warns "As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises"

The use of the presstitute media to deny Trump the Republican presidential nomination failed. The use of the presstitute media to deny Trump victory in the presidential election failed. The vote recount failed. The effort to sway the Electoral College failed. But the effort continues...

San Fran Billionaire Luanches Plan To House Homeless In Shipping Containers

Billionaire California real estate developer John Sobrato is looking to convert 200 steel shipping containers into micro apartments that can be rented out homeless and low-income families...but wealthy Santa Clara residents have already started a petition confirming that they're all for subsidized housing for the homeless so long as it's not in their neighborhood.

Mass Deception

The point in highlighting these examples is to remind you that people’s opinions, especially those with a vested interest in a certain outcome, may not always be trustworthy. We simply urge you to examine the facts and data before blindly relying on others.

Goldman Warns "China Remains A Key Risk", Sees Yuan Downside Accelerating

With Bitcoin at 3 year highs, China’s renewed efforts to curb declines in its currency are doing little to stop yuan bears who have sent forward devaluation expectations to record highs and options positioning to six-month lows. And judging by Goldman Sachs' outlook - a potential resurgence in Chinese growth fears early next year, but more broadly, a continued bumpy deceleration - things are not getting better anytime soon.

College Student Earns 4.0 GPA, Then Drops Out: "You Are Being Scammed!"

"Now that I’ve finished my first semester I think it’s safe to say… FUCK COLLEGE... You are being scammed. You may not see it today or tomorrow, but you will see it some day. Heck you may have already seen it if you’ve been through college. You are being put thousands into debt to learn things you will never even use. Wasting 4 years of your life to be stuck at a paycheck that grows slower than the rate of inflation..."

Mysterious Military Flyover Above Manhattan Was A Trump "Emergency Relocation Drill"

A military C-130 airplane and two Pave Hawk helicopters doing loops over Midtown last week were conducting an “emergency relocation” planning mission in case they needed to extract President-elect Donald Trump during an emergency or attack.

Baby Boomers Increasingly Having Social Security Checks Garnished To Cover Student Loan Payments

The federal government is increasingly garnishing the social security benefits of retirees to cover unpaid student loan debt, a practice the Elizabeth Warren has predictably blasted as "predatory."

CalPERS Board Votes To Maintain Ponzi Scheme With Only 50bps Reduction Of Discount Rate

A few weeks ago we asked whether CalPERS would rely on sound financial judgement and math to set their rate of return expectations going forward or whether they would cave to political pressure to maintain artificially high return hurdles that they'll never meet but help to maintain their ponzi scheme a little longer...Well, the Board has now voted and: Ponzi scheme it is.

Illinois Is Losing 1 Resident Every 4.6 Minutes

Imagine the entire population of Peoria, Illinois’ seventh-largest city, all picking up and moving across state lines in one year, never to work, pay taxes or create jobs in Illinois again. That’s equivalent to what happened to Illinois over the past year...

Nearly 3,000 US Communities Have Lead Levels Higher Than Flint

A Reuters investigation this week uncovered nearly 3,000 different communities across the U.S. with lead levels higher than those found in Flint, Michigan, which has been the center of an ongoing water contamination crisis since 2014. The investigation found that many of the hot-spots are receiving little attention or funding.

Japan Slashes 2017 Bond Issuance By 5% In Implicit Boost To QE; First Reduction In 10Y JGBs Since 1998

Japan's Ministry of Finance said Thursday that it plans to sell Y154.0 trillion of government bonds in fiscal 2017, a steep 5%, or Y8.2 trillion drop, from an initial Y162.2 trillion for the current fiscal year, as demand for debt is falling amid continued very low to  negative interest rates.  The reduction of 10-year bonds is the first since fiscal 1998.

Artist's Impression Of Obama's War On Terrorism

From "big man on campus" to J.V...

Trump Appoints "Death By China" Author Peter Navarro To Head Trade Office, Hints At Trade War With Beijing

Another day, another shot across the bow from Donald Trump aimed squarely at China.

Chinese Multibillionaire Defaults On Retail Bonds Due To "Severe Cash Crunch"

Chinese multi-billionaire Wu Ruilin, Chairman of Cosun Group, has defaulted on bonds worth a paltry 100 million yuan ($14.4 million) that he raised from retail investors, citing tight cash flow. "Either he was building his business on high leverage, or he is determined to count on the insurer, but it is for sure he really has a severe cash crunch."

Clinton Attorney Blasts James Comey's "Extraordinary Impropriety" In Seeking Warrant

As predicted, Clinton and other angry democrats, after first pursuing a failed recount effort and then a failed effort to flip the Electoral College, are now setting their sites on James Comey in a renewed effort to, at best, delegitimize a Trump presidency and, at worst, nullify an election.

Is Saudi Arabia Funding Extremist Islamist Groups In Germany?

newly-leaked German intelligence report states Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar are funding extremist Islamic groups in Germany.

Mexican Ambassador To U.S. Urges Illegals To Apply For Citizenship Before Trump Takes Office

"It's one of the very important protection actions to become citizens, because then they're no longer subject to deportation processes and on the other hand, they don't lose Mexican citizenship."

Meet The NY Pension "Strategist" Who Traded Allocations For "Hookers And Blow"

According to a complaint filed by U.S. prosecutors earlier today, Navnoor Kang, the former Director of Fixed Income and Head Portfolio Strategist at the New York State Common Retirement Fund, steered $2 billion worth of allocations to two "preferred brokers" in exchange for $100,000 worth of bribes in the form of the universal currency of "hookers and blow."

Black Man Arrested In "Vote Trump" Arson Of Mississippi Black Church

A black, Mississippi man was arrested in the burning of a black African-American Mississippi church that was spray-painted with the words "Vote Trump" one week before the election. The man is a member of the same church congregation. He has been charged with first degree arson.

Denzel Washington on Media: If You Read The Newspaper, ‘You’re Misinformed’

by Michael W. Chapman, CNS News:

Commenting on the topic of “fake news,” Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington criticized the so-called mainstream media by saying if you read the newspaper, then “you’re misinformed,” and added that in a world where there is too much information the media strive to be first and not to be truthful, no matter who it hurts. “Anything you practice you’ll get good at — including BS,” said Washington.
At a screening for Washington’s new movie, Fences, at the African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, D.C., a reporter asked Washington what he thought of “fake news” and its effect.
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California secession organizers say they’ve opened an embassy — in Moscow

by John Myers, L.A. Times:
California gained an embassy in Russia last weekend, at least in the eyes of those who have promised to seek a statewide vote on secession, nicknamed “Calexit,” in 2018.
Louis Marinelli, a San Diego resident who is the leader of the group promoting an effort to turn the state into an independent country , organized the Moscow event that was publicized on social media.
“We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now,” he said in an email Monday.
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How Did a Nation Crippled by Wall Street Billionaires End Up With Them Running the Country?

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
Donald Trump is increasingly looking like Wall Street’s back up plan in the event that the Wall Street Democrats didn’t triumph in the 2016 election. Trump has appointed two Goldman Sachs alumni and the current President of Goldman Sachs to top posts in his administration. On Monday, Trump announced that Vincent Viola, a billionaire who spent the bulk of his adult life trading oil and gas futures on Wall Street, would become Secretary of the Army – at a time when tens of thousands of service members rely on food pantries to get by. Forbes reports this about how Viola gets by: “Viola owns a 20,000-square-foot townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, near Central Park. In December 2013 he listed the home — complete with a giant red bow tied across its facade — for a staggering $114 million. He later quietly reduced the price to $98 million before pulling it from the market.”
Curiously, the New York Times called Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, a “retired Army Major.” That phrasing suggests Viola had a long military career including battle experience. In fact, Viola achieved his rank of Major in the reserves. Shortly after graduating West Point nearly 40 years ago, the Wall Street Journal reports that Viola only served “several years” of active duty in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
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What Future Does Legal Marijuana Have Under a Trump Presidency?

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:
Marijuana legalization won out big time on election day. California, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized recreational weed, and Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota voted to legalize medical marijuana. Some form of pot use is now legal in the majority of U.S. states, but what will marijuana legalization efforts look like under a Trump presidency?
As many Americans cheered the growing acceptance of the medicinal herb, many were shocked – and many were dismayed – to learn that Donald Trump is the new President-elect. People who favor an end to marijuana prohibition are worried that Trump’s presidency could set the movement back, or halt its spread.
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Following Hitlers lead...Step one...Disarm the population...

EU Pushes Gun Control in Response to Islamic Terrorism

by Clifford Cunningham , InfoWars:
The 28 member states of the European Union have reached a preliminary agreement to implement a near-total ban on semi-automatic firearms, claiming it is a necessary step to reduce the likelihood of terror attacks.
The European Commission announced a political agreement between the European Parliament and the 28 member states of the European Union to tighten already stringent gun control laws by banning “high-capacity firearms.”
The debate on additional gun control measures began in 2015 following the terrorist attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead.
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NY Daily News Columnist Justifies Killing of Russian Ambassador by Comparing Putin to Hitler

by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:
As such, the media still can’t let the election go. In its obsession with “fake news” and Russia, the U.S. press is once again betraying the public trust. It is once again demonstrating that the primary purpose of American mass media is a perpetuation of the status quo narrative. The media can’t let the election go, because any acknowledgment that Trump’s victory was a reflection of public unease indicts the media for failing to validate and report on the extent of this unease and its causes. After all, it’s so much easier to just call 63 million Americans racists, misogynists and Putin stooges. Which brings me to the final point.
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Cash Confiscation and the Case for Gold

from Sovereign Investor Daily:
Imagine a U.S. president making a surprise TV address one night:
“As of midnight, I am banning all $100 bills currently in circulation. You have eight weeks to comply. After that, they’re worthless.”
No advance warning. No leaks to the press. No “phasing in” of the ban.
Can’t happen here, you say?
It happened in India last month — a country a lot more dependent on paper cash than the U.S. (In India, somewhere between 70% and 95% of all transactions are cash-based. In the U.S., that figure is closer to 40%.)
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Berlin’s Christmas Market Incident a Likely False Flag

by Stephen Lendman, Stephen Lendman Blogspot:
Discount ISIS claiming responsibility. Germany along with America, other NATO nations and Middle East partners support the terrorist group. Why would it bite the hand feeding it? Makes no sense!
Claims of responsibility lack credibility without verifiable proof. None so far exists. What’s known about Monday’s incident suggests false flag responsibility.
They’re identifiable the way fingerprints ID people. They’re strategically timed for an intended purpose. They’re designed to capture world headlines, conceal responsibility of the perpetrator, and point fingers at a convenient patsy or patsies.
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‘A Cruel Joke’: Hundreds, Including Police, Arrested for Looting in Venezuela

by Frances Martel, Breitbart:
Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro has announced he will allow Venezuelans to continue using the 100 bolívar bill — outlawed last week because of inflation — until January.
The decision follows reports of hundreds of arrests in Venezuela, including the arrests of police officers, for looting groceries, markets, and pharmacies in the nation’s most impoverished communities.
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