Thursday, December 15, 2016

China Dumps Treasuries: Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A Record $403 Billion In US Paper

It is official: Trump or no Trump, foreign central banks, wealth funds, and virtually every other official institution in possession of US paper is liquidating their Treasury holdings at a record pace, amounting to an unprecedented $400 billion in the past 12 months.

Clinton Investigation Back On: FBI Agents In NY Ordered To Continue Foundation Probe

According to an exclusive report from the Daily Caller, senior officials at FBI headquarters in Washington DC have instructed agents in its New York field office to continue their investigation of the Clinton Foundation.

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British Ambassador Who is now a WikiLeaks Operative Claims Russia did NOT Provide Clinton Emails – They Were Handed Over to Him at a D.C. Park by an Intermediary for ‘Disgusted’ Democratic Whistleblowers

by Alana goodman, Daily Mail:
A Wikileaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails in Washington D.C. after they were leaked by ‘disgusted’ whisteblowers – and not hacked by Russia.
Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September.
‘Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,’ said Murray in an interview with on Tuesday. ‘The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.’
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The Exiling of Risk

Lunch is served, but it is really free?

The History Of Global Crises Through The Eyes Of The US Dollar Redux

What will they call this "crisis"?

There's A Smart Way To Resist Trump & A Very Stupid Way (Democrats Chose The Latter)

That said, if you want to effectively push back against the real risks Trump presents, it’s important you live in reality.

"You Haven't Succeeded Once": State Department Slammed By AP Reporter Over Failure In Syria

In a war of words, AP reporter Brad Klapper asked State Dept spox John Kirby why the US was “laying all the blame” for developments in Aleppo on Russia, while also questioning what Washington was doing different than Moscow. The US, Klapper said, “failed repeatedly, doing the same thing over and over again” but continued to accuse Russia of war crimes when things go badly. "You haven’t succeeded once."

What's Driving Rates?

While the bump in rates has been fastened to the recent election of Donald Trump, due to hopes of a deficit expansion program (read: more debt) and infrastructure spending which should foster economic growth and inflation, it doesn’t explain the global selling of U.S. Treasuries.

"Bullet In The Mouth" - Trump Electors Flooded With Death Threats

As we draw closer to the December 19th Electoral College vote, the pressure on electors to switch their votes is ramping up with reports of harrassing emails, phone calls and death threats surfacing in Republican states all around the country.

Dip-Buyers Bid Banks & Long Bonds But Batter Barbarous Relics

Senator Lindsey Graham Says Russia Hacked His Presidential Campaign Account

"It’s bigger than that. They’re trying to break the backs of democracies. They’re doing worse things in other countries. They’re trying to get us to fight among ourselves and here’s what we should do: We should tell the Russians in no uncertain terms, you interfered in our elections, we don’t care why, we’re going to hit you and hit you hard."

Donald Trump Is Already The Greatest President Ever (For Stocks)

Since Donald Trump's election on November 8th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 8%, the greatest stock market gain in the first five weeks for any president since 1900...

Kremlin Responds To Hacking Accusations: "Laughable Nonsense"

"It's not the general public who's being manipulated," Zakharova said. "The general public nowadays can distinguish the truth. It's the mass media that is manipulating themselves."

Mark Spitznagel: "The Big, Fat, Ugly Stock Bubble" Is Now The Greatest Risk For Trump

"If the bubble bursts soon, the pain will correctly be understood to be the result of monetary manipulations during the Obama years. But if it persists and the US economy manages to further postpone its long-overdue recession, Trump’s ostensibly “free-market” policies will unfairly bear the blame."

"They Are Standing Strong By The Will Of Our Voters" - GOP Crushes Democrats' Hopes, Confirms Electors Back Trump

"There is a better chance of Hillary Clinton telling the truth about something than any of our 29 electoral votes going for anyone other than Donald Trump."

Brexit Summarized (In A 10 Second Clip From The EU Summit Today)


Mexican Central Bank Hikes Overnight Rate To 5.75%, More Than Expected: Peso Spikes

Moments ago Banxico surprised market watchers who had expected a mere 25 bps hike from 5.25% to 5.50% in the overnight rate, by doubling the tightening, and setting the overnight rate at 5.75%. The immediate result has been a spike in the Mexican Peso, which is trying to offset all the losses suffered after the Fed announcement.

Nassim Taleb: The Syrian War Condensed (For Almost Dummies)

"In the end I never imagined seeing the “left” siding with the AlQaeda of Sept 11, mourning the fighters of Aleppo and, aside from such independent journalists as Robert Fisk, spreading all manner of concoctions."

Facebook Launches Campaign To Combat "Fake News"

One month after Facebook revealed a seven point plan to eradicate "fake news", Mark Zuckerberg has made good on his promise to strip Facebook of fake news stories, starting with a tool that allows users to flag anything they consider a hoax.

Majority Of Americans Don't Think "Russian Hacking" Influenced Election, New Poll Finds

As the mainstream media and disaffected democrats continue to assert, ever more forcefully by the day, that Russia "hacked" the 2016 election a new poll reveals that Americans just aren't buying it.

Forget 20k - This Is The Stock Market Level To Watch

An approaching level in a lesser-known stock index is, in our view, much more consequential than the widely anticipated Dow 20,000 mark.

Meet Donald Trump's New Press Secretary (Maybe)

Meet Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who as The Hill reports, is a contender to be Donald Trump's White House press secretary.

The World’s Biggest Financial Bubble Is Coming to an End… Here’s How to Keep Your Money Safe

by Justin Spittler, Casey Research:
Doug’s absolutely right. The bond market isn’t safe.
Yesterday, we shared a recent essay by Casey Research founder Doug Casey. In it, Doug discussed how a Donald Trump presidency could impact global financial markets. He also offered actionable advice.
He said investors should lighten up on property. He said they should be careful about what stocks they own. And he encouraged investors to own gold and silver before piling into conventional investments.
Most importantly, Doug urged readers to get out of bonds. According to Doug, the bond market is in the biggest financial bubble in history, and it’s about to pop.
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SHE MADE IT UP: NYPD Arrests Muslim Girl Who Claimed Attack by Trump Supporters

by William Hicks, Heat St:
New York City college student Yasmin Seweid who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters is under arrest and charged with filing a false report, a police source told The New York Daily News.
The 18-year-old Seweid caused quite the media stir with her sensationalized account of Trump supporters attacking her on the subway. She claimed three men attempted to pull off her hijab while calling her a terrorist and yelling Trump’s name. All this happened, she said, while New Yorkers sat idly by and watched her get assaulted.
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Why Liberals Can’t Handle the Truth About Russia Hacking the Election

by Caleb Stephen, Intellihub:
Liberals can’t handle the truth because they are butthurt
Donald J. Trump won the U.S. election by a landslide but butthurt, sore liberal losers are not having any of it.
Instead, as we’ve seen, they’ve turned to malevolent tactics in an effort to express their disapproval of the democratically elected billionaire real estate tycoon.
First they tried rioting and that didn’t work. Then they tried sending death threats to electoral college members and that failed. The ‘fake news’ narrative also failed. Jill Stein’s recount was an epic fail, but not after she had carted away $6.3 million dollars from the gullible voters she scammed as part of her election recount campaign
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War on Cash Spreads to India

by John Browne, Euro Pacific Capital:
Over the past year, central banks, commercial bankers and prominent economists have expressed the view that digital money and transfers should replace large denomination cash and cash transactions. This dramatic transition has been fostered under the guise of the public interest in an effort to curb terrorism, tax evasion and criminal activity. Many observers contemplate more sinister motives that involve increased government control of economic activity. The latest country to engage in this ‘war on cash’ is India.
In a TV announcement on November 8th, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the Reserve Bank of India’s large denomination 500 and 1,000 rupee bank notes, worth some $7.5 and $15 respectively, would lose their status as legal tender on midnight on December 31, 2016. That meant holders of those notes (which represent 86 per cent of the value of all outstanding rupee notes) had less than two months to exchange the notes for smaller new notes, or lose out completely. The government also mandated than any large exchanges had to be accompanied by tax returns in order to prove that the cash generated had already been taxed.
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The Silver Tsunami

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver Coin Investor:
At this point in the cycle, the silver market should be relatively easy for the average person to enter. Prices are beginning to move back toward natural supply and demand equilibrium, as large disruptions are occurring between the positioning of dominant futures speculators that have kept futures prices entrapped for nearly 6 years.
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Trump Michigan Elector: Democrats Threatened to Put a Bullet in My Head (Video)

by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:
Mike Banerian, a GOP Electoral College voter in Michigan, says he has received several death threats from Democrat voters.
The Electoral College voters are meeting on December 19 to cast their vote for president.
Mike says he has contacted police and was threatened to be shot in the head if he cast his vote for Trump.
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KEEP BEATING THOSE WAR DRUMS: British MP Say Russia Probably Hacked Brexit Vote

by Carol Adl, YourNewsWire:
Whenever a scapegoat is needed….just blame the Russians.
The latest Russian hack has now been exposed thanks to British Labour member of parliament Ben Bradshaw who claims that it is “highly probable” that Russia interfered in the UK’s Brexit referendum.
He said that Moscow’s interference in the vote would fit a pattern of meddling in other nations’ affairs, following the CIA’s accusation that Russian hackers tried to influence the recent US elections.
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Jobs will be filled by Jack Booted Thugs...You can bet on it...

Entire Town’s Police Dept Quits Because Officials Kept Asking them to “Do Illegal, Immoral Things”

by Claire Bernish, The Free Thought Project:

One Indiana town is without a police force after every officer resigned because, they say, the town council repeatedly asked them to “do illegal, unethical, and immoral things.”
“We have had issues with the town board and there are some activities there where I felt like they were serving their own agenda,” former Bunker Hill Town Marshal Michael Thomison told a local Fox News affiliate.
Thomison and the other four officers who comprised the entire police force in Bunker Hill — population 888, according to the 2010 census — decided they’d had enough of the town council’s demands, and on Monday night tendered letters of resignation.
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Dems Employ Full Bore Mafia Tactics To STEAL Election: “Bullet In The Mouth” – Trump Electors Flooded With Death Threats

RELATED: Majority Of Americans Don’t Think “Russian Hacking” Influenced Election, New Poll Finds
from Zero Hedge:
As we draw closer to the December 19th Electoral College vote, the pressure on electors to switch their votes is ramping up with reports of harrassing emails, phone calls and death threats surfacing in Republican states all around the country.
Electors around the country are being harassed with a barrage of emails, phone calls, letters and even death threats, in an effort to block Donald Trump from being voted in as president by the Electoral College on Monday.  Of course, with the mainstream media and democrats pushing the dangerous narrative that Putin basically usurped our democracy, it’s no wonder that disaffected Hillary snowflakes are growing more “triggered” with each passing day. Read More

The 7 Most Dangerous Vaccines Injected Into Humans and Exactly Why They Cause More Harm Than Good

by S.D. Wells, Natural News:
Oh, the theory of vaccines sounds great. Inject a tiny bit of the live virus into your blood so you can build antibodies and thus immunity against the “real deal” later. If that’s all there was to it, it could actually work. Then there’s the fear mongering that’s thoroughly “inflamed” and propagated by the press, pharma, and the medical doctors of quack Western medicine. This is where the real money is made. If you get measles you could die! If you get polio you’ll surely be paralyzed for life! If you get Zika, your baby’s head will be shrunken and deformed!
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