Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mole Reveals Terrorist Group’s Violent Plans For Donald Trump’s Inauguration

by Michael DePinto, Freedom OutPost:
For anyone who hasn’t already heard, several different far-left activist groups including but not limited to Rising Tide North America, Showing up For Racial Justice, and of course the ever-popular Black Lives Matter are actively engaged at this very moment in various stages of planning for a violent uprising on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.
In a recent article that can be found at, President-elect Trump’s close friend Roger Stone confirmed precisely what I’ve been warning about since at least this past June. Stone says that one of his undercover operatives was recently able to infiltrate a J-20 Committee planning session, which is the committee responsible for helping the #DisruptJ20 movement “create a sense of crisis” both in Washington D.C., and elsewhere around the country during the President-Elect’s Inauguration. So far, the operative has revealed the following:
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US-Backed ‘Rebels’ Beg for Anti-air Missiles in Syria

from TRU News:
US-backed Syrian ‘rebels’ are lobbying for anti-aircraft missiles to ‘protect’ against ‘future enemies’ without outright naming Russia.
(BEIRUT, LEBANON) A U.S.-backed alliance of militias claiming to be fighting ISIS hopes a U.S. decision to ease some restrictions on arming groups in Syria will lead to them getting anti-aircraft missiles, its spokesman said on Tuesday.
Although ISIS does not have warplanes, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance wants shoulder-fired anti-aircraft systems to protect its forces from potential future enemies, spokesman Talal Silo told Reuters.
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Putin: The ‘New World Order’ Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West

by Baxter Dmitry, Your News Wire:
Vladimir Putin has used his annual Christmas press conference to accuse Western liberal elites of abandoning the traditional values that made their countries great. Instead of building a future based on solid Christian values, Western elites have created a culture of “excessive, exaggerated political correctness” that is so destructive it will lead to the downfall of Western civilization if it is not arrested.
In a nearly four-hour question and answer session, the Russian president held forth on the state of his country and the world, saying that there is an international push for a New World Order that will “remove national sovereignty” and “destroy identity and of God-created diversity.”
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Bank Bailout Balloons, Tab for Italian Banking Crisis Soars

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:
Monte dei Paschi di Siena sinks deeper into the mire.
Over the Christmas holidays, when no one was supposed to pay attention, and when the markets were closed, the bailout costs of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the third largest bank in Italy, and the center of the Italian banking crisis, suddenly jumped by 75% to €8.8 billion ($9.2 billion)!
Just how immense the black hole inside of a bank really is remains unknown until the bank collapses entirely and the pieces are sorted out. No one wants to know, especially not bank regulators. But when banks are teetering, and a bank bailout, or rather a bondholder bailout is being discussed, the aspects of that hole begin to emerge, and the hole keeps getting bigger the longer someone looks at it.
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Nassim Taleb Explains "How To Go Bankrupt & Be Loved By The Many"

"The detractors of Donald Trump failed to realize that, by advertising his episode of bankruptcy and his personal losses of close to a billion dollars, they removed the resentment one may have towards him. There is something respectable in losing a billion dollars, provided it is your own money... your 'skin in the game'."

Trump Slams Obama "Inflammatory Statements", Tells Israel To "Stay Strong, Jan 20 Is Fast Approaching"

"Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks... We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect..Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!"

Another PR Fiasco For Obama: Russia, Turkey Agree On Syria Ceasefire Plan, Snub Washington

Turkey and Russia have agreed on a proposal toward a general ceasefire in Syria, Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency said on Wednesday, and will aim to put it into effect by midnight. Anadolu, citing sources, said the two countries have reached a consensus that will be presented to participants in the conflict on expanding the ceasefire that was established in Aleppo earlier this month.

California Man Arrested, Charged With Driving Under The Influence... Of Caffeine

38-year-old Joseph Schwab has been fighting a DUI for over a year, despite the fact that he was not under the influence of any illegal drugs at the time, he did, however, test positive for caffeine.

Which Comes First - Dow 20k Or $1000 Bitcoin?

Which comes first - the greed of Dow 20,000 or the fear of $1000 Bitcoin?

Magnitude 5.9 Quake Strikes Japan, In Proximity To Fukushima

A 5.9 magnitude quake has struck northeastern Japan, 18km NNE of Daigo, and in close proximity to the infamous Fukushima nuclear power plant the US Geological Survey reported; no tsunami warning has been issued.

A Market Update From JPM, And A Warning

"It is a very quiet morning so far w/sparse news as markets wind down for the year.... there appears to be stark differences between investor expectations and the likely reality (esp. as it pertains to corporate taxes and infrastructure spending) and this  represents a major equity risk during the opening months of 2017."

Delta Scraps $4 Billion Order For 18 Boeing 787 Dreamliners As Airbus Cuts A380 Production

Delta Air Lines scrapped an order for 18 Boeing widebody Dreamliner jets valued at $4 billion at list prices, a commitment that was inherited with the company’s 2008 merger with Northwest Airlines, and an indication of the challenges facing the airline industry as demand appears to be sharply cooling off.

Trump Tweets "Thanks Donald" For Highest Consumer Confidence In 15 Years

Toshiba Falls By Limit 20%, CDS Soar By Most On Record As Full Extent Of Damage Revealed

One day after Toshiba's new CEO, Satoshi Tsunakawa, pulled a page from the book of his ill-fated predecessor Hisao Tanaka who presided over the biggest accounting fraud scandal in the company's history, and bowed down during a press conference to apologize to investors, the company's stock crashed by the limit 20%, bringing its two day loss to 32% and wiping out $5 billion in market cap in two d

Global Stocks Rise, Dow Flirts With 20,000 As London Reopens; Oil In Longest Winning Streak In 7 Years

Global markets continued their levitation with the UK returning from vacation, pushing the MSCI Asia Pacific Index higher for the first time in seven days, while oil headed for the longest winning streak in almost seven years ahead of the promised OPEC production cut which is set to begin in just days. The USDJPY rose for a second day, pushing US equity futures higher and the DJIA is once again teasing with the 20,000 mark.

Would make a great roll of toilet paper...

Here's Who Democrats Say Are The Top 15 Presidential Candidates For 2020

Who Wants To Keep Gas Flowing Through Ukraine And Why?

It is hard to see the position being taken by Poland - and by those in solidarity with Warsaw over this matter (or who are clearly urging that country to embark on such initiatives) - as anything but a deliberate attempt to jeopardize Europe’s energy security...

China Rattles Sabre - Tests Prototype Fifth-Generation Stealth Fighter

As president-elect Trump plays Boeing and Lockheed off against each other, China flexed its military muscles once again - after sending its aircraft carrier Liaoning into the western Pacific - by testing the latest version of its fifth-generation stealth fighter, state media reported on Monday, as it tries to end the West’s monopoly on the world’s most advanced warplanes.

Scientist Warns That Gene Editing Could Wipe Out Future Generations Of Geniuses

While the development of new genome-editing technology that could one day ensure that children do not inherit unwanted diseases and disorders sounds like a magnificent breakthrough, one scientist is warning that the latest technology runs the risk of eliminating future geniuses like Thomas Edison and Stephen Hawking.

Erdogan Says He Has "Confirmed Evidence" The US Supports ISIS

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said he has evidence that U.S.-led coalition forces give support to terrorist groups including the Islamic State and Kurdish militant groups YPG and PYD, he said on Tuesday. "We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and videos."

Europe Proposes Confiscating Gold In Crackdown On "Terrorist Financing"

Hot on the heels of China gold import restrictions, and India's demonetization and gold confiscations, The European Commission proposed tightening controls on cash and precious metals transfers from outside the EU under the guise of shutting down one route for funding of militant attacks on the continent, following the Berlin Christmas attack.


from Harvey Organ:
In silver, the total open interest ROSE by 681 contracts UP to 161,953 with respect to FRIDAY’S TRADING. In ounces, the OI is still represented by just less THAN 1 BILLION oz i.e. .810 BILLION TO BE EXACT or 116% of annual global silver production (ex Russia & ex China).
In gold, the total comex gold ROSE BY 4,682 contracts AS WE HAD A RISE IN THE PRICE GOLD ($3.10 with FRIDAY’S trading ).The total gold OI stands at 407,673 contracts. We are very close to the bottom with respect to OI. Generally 390,000 should do it.
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by Michael Salla, Exopolitics:

A secret space program run by the U.S. Air Force with the support of the National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, has concluded that Corey Goode’s testimony of multiple secret space programs with interstellar spacecraft using temporal drive technologies is not disinformation. This is among the most recent claims of Goode in a December 11 update about information he recently acquired as a result of his abduction and interrogation by what he describes as a Military Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC-SSP) comprising the above U.S. military intelligence entities. Read More…

Eight Years After an Epic Banking Crash, America’s Biggest Threat Is Still Its Banks

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade:
In 1934 the U.S. had 14,146 commercial banks holding insured deposits. By 1985, that number had barely budged, standing at 14,417. Then came the Bill Clinton administration in the 1990s and its reckless and unprecedented banking deregulation which allowed the giant Wall Street banks to swallow up, or drive out of business, thousands of banks across America. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), as of December 22 of this year, there are only 5,927 FDIC insured banks left in the U.S., a stunning decline of 59 percent from 1985.
But those numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. Banking concentration in the U.S. has reached an unprecedented crisis level when it comes to deposits. Out of the dramatically shrunken base of 5,927 FDIC insured banks which were holding a total of $11.2 trillion in total deposits (insured and uninsured deposits) as of September 30, 2016, just four banks hold 44.6 percent of all deposits. Those four banks are JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. with $1.486 trillion in total deposits; Bank of America N.A. with $1.3 trillion in total deposits; Wells Fargo Bank N.A. with $1.3 trillion in total deposits; and Citibank N.A. with total deposits of $947.8 billion. (Deposit figures are as of September 30, 2016. The source is the FDIC.)
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The mainstream media lies about vaccines just like they lied about Donald Trump

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:
One of the “mainstream” media’s narratives since President-elect Donald J. Trump “unexpectedly” defeated their chosen candidate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has been that the former was aided by “fake news” supplied to hundreds of legitimate news websites (including this one) by the Russian government.
That massive lie has since been exposed as fake news in and of itself, as Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, noted this week when he pointed out that the Washington Post, which originally published the story, has now backed away from the allegations.
“In other words, the same Washington Post that relied heavily on the discredited fake news group ‘PropOrNot’ as its primary source for the story is now admitting PropOrNot can’t be trusted at all,” Adams wrote.
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