Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump Mocks CNN, NBC; Praises Putin: "Great Move On Delay - I Always Knew He Was Very Smart"


Obama trying to start WWIII before Jan. 20; feds “probe” Drudge Report with DDoS attack; NaturalNews and InfoWars targeted for cyber attack take downs

by Mike Adams, Natural News:
Excuse the brevity of this entry, but there’s not enough time to detail all the evil that’s unfolding right now. Suffice it to say that Obama is right now attempting to start a raging war before he leaves office. There are two types of attempts he’s making: 1) War with Russia, and 2) War against the American people. He’s also hoping to be part of a successful Marxist coup on January 20, but that’s very unlikely to go anywhere.

Obama is trying to start World War III before Jan. 20

Check and to stay up to speed on this. Paul Craig Roberts also has extremely important insight on what’s shaping up (he was part of the Reagan administration), and my own contacts inside the bureaucracy are signaling that Obama is “setting landmines across the bureaucracy” to function as sabotage trip wires that will blow up in President Trump’s face.
Barack Obama — who is quite literally a “sleeper cell” agent who has been trying to destroy America from day one — is now attempting to provoke Russia into military conflict. He has now begun expelling Russian diplomats from the USA as a cover story for the democrats’ completely fabricated “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory regarding the hacking of email accounts belonging to Jon Podesta and the DNC. (It was actually an inside job achieved by a Bernie Sanders supporter.)
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Sweden's Infamous "Bikini Cop" Quits Amid Growing Police Crisis

"The main reason is that I've not felt comfortable with the recent [police] reorganization. I do not think that personnel are being treated fairly, as they should."

Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful drug. It makes otherwise-very-intelligent people goofy and incoherent in their thinking and blinds them to certain realities that they should normally see right in front of their noses. You’ll hear hundreds of theories and rationalizations on Trump’s miraculous victory, but a reason you will almost never hear is also the most likely one: Trump won the election because he serves the interests of the establishment.

How Musicians Die

The passing of George Michael this week reminded many of the seemingly short life expectancy of musicians (and performers in general). In fact, as on study found, while blues, jazz, and country singers typically live as long as the average American; rock, techno, punk, metal, rap, and hip hop stars die significantly sooner.

Why Politicians Are To Blame For Most Terrorist Attacks

In over-reacting, governments and media play into the hands of the terrorists who want to create fear and demonstrate their strength, but whose greatest gains come when they provoke an exaggerated self-destructive response. There is a dangerous disconnect in the minds of governments and news organisations between what happens in the war in Iraq and Syria and the long-term consequences this has on the streets of Europe.

These Are The Most Expensive Zip Codes In America

Sagaponack’s 11962 (in the Hamptons) and Atherton’s 94027 retain their top positions as the most expensive ZIPs in the country, despite seeing a considerable drop in median sale prices, but California isn't getting any cheaper! Out of the 100 priciest ZIP codes, an impressive total of 72 are located in CA. NY trails behind, with a total of 21 ZIP codes, half of which are located in New York City.

Eric Zuesse: America’s Secret Planned Conquest Of Russia

The U.S. government’s plan to conquer Russia is based upon a belief in, and the fundamental plan to establish, “Nuclear Primacy” against Russia — an American ability to win a nuclear war against, and so conquer, Russia.

The Political Left's Shmoo Theory Of Education

“Uneducated” is the favorite insult and excuse of the political left. In the past year alone, for example, a lack of education among voters has been used to explain each of the left’s electoral failures, as well as to dismiss criticisms of its people, policies, and institutions. These defenses are dubious to say the least.

Obama Heads To The Hill To Strategize With Dems On Fighting Obamacare Repeal

Fearing his single crowning peice of legislation is in jeopardy, Obama has summoned House and Senate Dems to a meeting next week to "share his perspective about the dangers posed by Congressional Republicans’ stated strategy to repeal the [Affordable Care Act]."

Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous New State Laws That Will Take Effect January 1st - Happy New Year!

From spear fishing for catfish to regulating cow farts, here is what your state legislators spent their time on this year...

Bilderberg Website Taken Over By Anonymous Hackers

Italy Urges Europe To Begin Censoring Free Speech On The Internet

“Post-truth in politics is one of the drivers of populism and it is one of the threats to our democracies,” Pitruzzella told the FT. “We have reached a fork in the road: we have to choose whether to leave the internet like it is, the wild west, or whether it needs rules that appreciate the way communication has changed. I think we need to set those rules and this is the role of the public sector.”

Israel First Or America First

Having America publicly reassert herself as Israel’s best friend, with “no daylight” between us, could have us ending up as Israel’s only friend - and Israel as our only friend in the Middle East. Bibi’s Israel First policy must one day collide with America First.

Minimum Wage Hikes: Here's A List Of States Where A Lot Of Fast Food Workers Will Be Fired In 2017

From the 24% minimum wage hike in Arizona to the 20% spike in Maine, here is a list of states where misinformed politicians will cost a lot of low-income workers their jobs in 2017.

Cyber Security Professional says Obama’s DHS FBI report on Russian hackers is joke


15,479 Syrian Refugees Have Been Admitted This Year – 606% More Than 2015; 98.8% Are Muslims

by Patrick Goodenough, CNSnews:
In its last full month in office, the Obama administration has admitted 1,307 more Syrian refugees – pushing the 2016 calendar year total to 15,479, a 606.1 percent increase from the numbers resettled in the U.S. in 2015.
Of the 15,479 Syrian refugees admitted by the end of Thursday:
–15,302 (98.8 percent) are Muslims – 15,134 Sunnis, 29 Shi’a, and 139 other Muslims
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Israel’s Descent Into a Moral Abyss

by Henry Makow, Ph.D., Henry Makow:
The Zionist agenda has always been a “Greater Israel.” The West Bank settlements must be seen in this context.
On May 24, 1948, David Ben Gurion confided in his diary: “We will establish a Christian state in Lebanon, the southern border of which will be the Litani river. We will break Transjordan, bomb Amman and destroy its army, and then Syria falls, and if Egypt will still continue to fight, we will bombard Port Said, Alexandria and Cairo.”
Mightier than the nuclear bomb, the lie is Satan’s most powerful weapon. The bomb merely devastates. The lie steals souls. It enlists millions of naive people to Satan’s cause.
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Infographic — All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization

from visualcapitalist:
How much money exists in the world?
Strangely enough, there are multiple answers to this question, and the amount of money that exists changes depending on how we define it. The more abstract definition of money we use, the higher the number is.
In this data visualization of the world’s total money supply, we wanted to not only compare the different definitions of money, but to also show powerful context for this information. That’s why we’ve also added in recognizable benchmarks such as the wealth of the richest people in the world, the market capitalizations of the largest publicly-traded companies, the value of all stock markets, and the total of all global debt.
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Goldman to Trump: Situation Assessment, Government Bail-ins and the Precious Metals Threat

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:
A guest post from Stewart Dougherty. Stewart included some thoughts in his email to me that I thought should be shared as a preface to his essay:
Hi Dave:
Some pretty heady stuff, particularly the part about the Fed’s balance sheet being a lie. (I am 100% convinced of this, but cannot prove it, at least not yet.) And remember, Bernanke was caught issuing $10 trillion in swaps to foreign banks, all of which was supposed to remain a complete secret. It is not as if they haven’t been caught doing what I am saying they are still doing, to an even larger degree.
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Brutal Reality Check Coming To Most Of America The First Week Of 2017 – More Proof Emerges The American People Are Being Lied To In A HUGE Way!

by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:
The new story from The Weather Channel tells us that a brutal reality check is coming for much of America during the first week of 2017. With temperatures once again expected to be dropping way below normal with single digit temps to well below zero across much of America by the end of the first week of 2017, this ‘roller coaster’ ride we’ve noticed recently of warmer temperatures quickly leading to brutally cold ones will continue. As this new Weather Channel video reports, brutally cold air is returning for the new year.
According to Rory Spencer PHd in his latest forecast, single digit temperatures could push as far south as Florida by the end of next week with temperatures going down to 30 degrees below zero or colder in parts of the US. As seen in the GFS model forecast for Friday, January 6th below, by next week, another frigid blast of winter will have arrived across America.
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Aluminum in vaccines linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions

by Robert Jonathan, Natural News:
British researchers claim they have confirmed that aluminum plays a strong role in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are now the leading causes of death around the world, superseding heart disease. More than 5 million persons in the U.S., where it is the sixth leading cause of death, have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association; in the U.K., 850,000 people are living with the brain disorder.
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A Tale of Two Housing Markets: Hot and Not So Hot

by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:
If we had to guess which areas will likely experience the smallest declines in prices and recover the soonest, which markets would you bet on?
Though housing statistics such as average sales price are typically lumped into one national number, this is extremely misleading: there are two completely different housing markets in the U.S. One is hot, one is not so hot.
Just as importantly, one may stay relatively hot while the other may stagnate or decline.
All real estate is local, of course; there are thousands of housing markets if we consider neighborhoods, hundreds if we look at counties, cities and towns and dozens if we look at multi-city metro regions.
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Trump to Meet With Intelligence Officials to Clarify Russian Spying Accusations

from Sputnik News:
“In the interest of our country and its great people,” Trump promised to meet with members of the FBI, DHS, and other intelligence agencies “to be updated on the facts of this situation,” according to a statement from the transition team.
The US slapped sanctions on Russia Thursday as part of retaliation for accusations that Russian intelligence services interfered with US elections. 35 Russian diplomats and their families were ordered to exit the country within 72 hours.
The US must “move on to bigger and better things,” Trump’s team said, but in order to uphold the American people’s interests he will consult with the intelligence community about their recent findings.
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Clooney and the “White Helmets,” Dupe or Dope?

by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook:
George Clooney, one of Hollywood’s biggest box office names, a man with pretentions for the presidency for sure and sworn enemy of President-elect Donald Trump, has announced plans to make a film honoring Syria’s White Helmets. To the much of the public subjected to fake and censored news, the White Helmets are heroes. Always in areas controlled by “moderate opposition” or, quite frankly outright terrorists like ISIS and the group formerly named Jabat al Nusra, this organization has been lauded as the savior of the Syrian people from the beastly depredations of the “regime” and its “brutal dictator,” Assad.
The truth is something a bit different, a truth it would have taken Clooney only a few moments on the internet to discover, that or the most minimal research, which he either did or didn’t do. If he didn’t do the research, he is a dupe, meaning he has been fooled into supporting a terrorist group against a legitimate democratically elected government for purposes of protecting and supporting paid mercenary murders. Sound harsh? Probably not harsh enough as we will get into shortly.
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US Left Out As Russia And Turkey Broker Nationwide Syrian Ceasefire

by Darius Shahtahmasebi, The Anti Media:
The United States’ self-appointed position of peace broker in the Middle East has been steadily diminishing over the last few years. The superpower’s ability to waltz into a nation with its sophisticated military — proceeding to call the shots — has also seemingly disappeared.
Just hours ago, the Syrian government and opposition groups on the ground agreed to a nationwide ceasefire aimed at ending the bloody conflict. Despite the fact the United States military is on the ground in Syria, the United States had no hand in the ceasefire whatsoever; it was reached courtesy of regional powers Turkey, Russia, and Iran. Despite the fact Russia and Turkey have both openly supported polar opposite sides of the conflict, they have promised to act as guarantors of the ceasefire.
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